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House KYA and House Setara War


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-houce solacia my house just to let u know-

sir we are now ready to jump to arrakis.




a guild high liener is barraging us and destroyed a 1 man scout

then shoot our defence probes out

yes sir...


...guild craft now diabled

good now lets get out of here

jumping nnnow

sir we are approching arakkis

good ok I want only a small 13 man rogue class to land and set up a beacon for some more ships ok launching now

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"Sir! We just have news that the last Major House has landed on Arrakis!", the officer quickly reported.

"Ok, good. Have you set up the atomics? We must make them non-distinctive so as not to show ourselves behind the massacre.", I said.

"Yes, sir! The command to set them off is yours. I will set up a Weather Satellite close enough to make sure the mission was a success.", the officer said.

"I always knew I chose you for a reason. Ok, now we wait for the right time...", I trailed off.

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A failed navigator enters the room occupied by Caldron. Caldron is hidden by the orange gas with in his huge gasious chamber.

"Sir, the last Major House has arrivied on Arrakis what are your orders. House Solacia are also here. (cough, cough) While in route House Solacia fired apon and disabled one of our ships. Solacia clams that they were fired apon and that we destroyed one of their one man scouts. Do we consider them hostile?" asks the failed navigator.

Caldron's reply as only his eyes are made visable through the gas mist, "What are our casualites for that ship that House Solacia attacked?"

Navigator's reply "That ship was being used as a check point for all the Houses arriving at the Arrakis Summit. They were given orders to stop ALL vessels in route to the Arrakis Summit. They were a part of the security force for the Arrakis Summit. Although the Houses that were specified to be contacted have been, all other Houses that wanted to join the Arrakis Summit were welcomed and had access to security information. "

"House Solacia was informed of the procedures of the Arrakis Summit then. Ready the Sardukar. Do not attack House Solacia inform their Leader that they are in error by attacking ANY Guild Ships from this point on if we are attacked we will consider them as hostile. Stress the point of the Arrakis Summit." Caldron replys.

The navagator leaves the room to contact House Solacia.

"The Major Houses have arrived on Arrakis for the Summit this is the way I saw it in my vision but the lines of the Nexus criss-cross several times from this point. House KYA is not going to be so easy to deal with but they have reasons for their actions. House Picara is tyring to rebuild their empire after the plague. House Setara are looking for our deceit to be shown towards them. The balance must be matained all hangs apon the threads of time."

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(well, i think this upgrade, although pretty awesome, has destroyed my Mr Jones account. oh well)

"Sir, our workers have continued their work on our secret fleet on Ix. It's now 91% completed," reported Johnson.

"Good, good. That is definitely good news. Keep it up Johnson...," I replied.

I look out at the sandy dunes of Arrakis, yet I do not find any solace there. Indeed, I do not expect any good to result from the Great Meeting of the major houses.

"Newman, announce to all of our fellow pirates/smugglers that we will began giving them a pay raise. Instead of a 9% commission on trades on the black market, raise it to 17%."

"Will do, sire," commented Newman as he left to the communcation center.

"Newman, one more thing."

"What is it, sir?"

"Actually, up their raise to 19% commission."

"Will do, sire."

"In addition, I would like to establish a formal training camp for all of our comrades in our organization. I feel an even larger war is approaching...imminently. I would like you to leave now for Tleilaxu, and set up the training centers there."

"Thank you, sire, for bestowing so much trust in me."

Newman took off with two out of 3 ships, leaving the flagship's crew and I alone in the deserts of Arrakis.

"Hmm...we should at the smuggler camps soon..." I said to myself. "I think they should be properly trained at the arts of fighting at Tleilaxu also."

I signal the smuggling center, and conveyed my plan. It was easy, and as my message was dispatched, many smuggler ships left for hyperspace towards Tleilaxu. But some left behind to continue my lucrative industry of smuggled spice. These are uncertain days, and one has to be careful as possible.

(to Moidib, hmm if you set off the atomics, you would everyone including urself. i dont think the sandworms can take the radiation, thus you will be stop the spice flow. The spice must flow...)

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Man, it's so hot here. Cannot wait until summit begins. I guess I'll go sightseeing.

My single ship flies off to the southern parts of Arrakis. Always wanted to see a sandworm live.

"Sir, for your entertainment, shall we dispatch an automated thumper below?" asked the first mate.

"Definitely, good job for thinking that up."

The first mate and another crewman ejected the automated thumper out of trash pump. A few minutes has passed, and nothing happens...

"Dam, go lower."

"Yes, sir."

Suddenly the sandworm emerges rapidly from beneath the sand. The ground shook, though it began to disappear in the wake of the sandworm.

"Ahh, we're too low, it's coming up too fast!"


Before the first mate and I was able to steer away, it was too late, the sandworm was quick and took a fat bite out of the back, destroying 3 drives out of 5 plus the hyperdrive activator.

"Everyone to the escape shuttle!!!" I cried out.

We ran as fast as possible, and good thing we all reached the escape shuttle before we crashed.

"Dang, this is certainly going to look embarrassing," I said as we speeded away from the wreckage, which is soon to be consumed by the voracious sandworm.

"Dog, now we gotta stay on Arrakis until our fleet from Ix arrives to pick us up, unless we can hitch a ride..."

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 house solicia apoligizes about the scuttle earlier we will be more careful

adamsky launch some dropships so we can set up base camp

sir general cima has arrived.

bring her in hennit

yes sir

I have come to report some fremen activity it seems they are allied with some one and since the rule the desert I would suggest not to provok him

ok ill do that and now go back to solace to oversee our new fleet of no-ships

yes sir

-my whole spade fleet is now on arrakis-

*exatreides an alliance?*

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Spacing Guild Report on Arrakis Summit

House KYA- It has come to our understanding that MoiDib gave the 4 legions of Fremen to House KYA as a "gift." Our spies tell us to expect the worst from their Leader. >:( (CLASSIFIED INFO on HOUSE KYA)

House Setera- Their leader has left to return to Setara Prime. Deal with the Seteraans with extreme caution for they have the eyes of the "witches" and it is not a bad assumtion that they are allied with House KYA also.

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"Tell the Leader of House Piacara that we want to offer an alliance to them. We understand that they need to rebuild a new home world after the destruction of the former. Also inform Duke Alejandro that we will help them with the problem of the pirates in whatever assitance they may need from the Spacing Guild in this matter. Terms of this alliance can be discussed through the proper channels [glow=red,2,300](Send Fedaykin-Sandwalker a personal message here at FED2K)[/glow] We will wait to here from House Picara our honored Allies." Caldron says from his melange chamber.

A failed navigator leaves the room to transmit the message to House Picara. Other navagators wait for their orders as Caldron prepares to give further instructions to his assitants and aides.

"Contact House Jones tell them that we wish to discuss the terms of construction on new Heighliners. Also inform House Jones that we would like to purchase some Ixian weaponery from them also. Tell House Jones to contact us through the proper channels and we look forward to doing business with them." instructs Caldron to another of the failed navigators. As the navigator leaves the room Cladron turns to yet another of his aides and begins to speak.

"We will now wait for replies from House Picara and House Jones. In the mean time I want the Leader of House Setara contacted it is time to speak with him on his defiance towards the Spacing Guild. Also increase security forces by 40%, this also means change the intervals of satellite monitoring. I want Moidib contacted to discuss the 4 legions he presented to House KYA as a "gift". Monitor the activities of all these Houses..... Setara, Jones, Solacia, KYA and our future allies the Picara. House KYA and Solacia are to be treated with caution they are potential trouble. We have been informed of a plan to use atomics here on Arrakis. Someone wants this Summit to be a failure so we will have to watch closely for "dirty hands at the table". You have your instructions." -says Caldron to his room of assitants ans aides.

As the room empties Caldron recieves T-P transmitions from the Elders of the Spacing Guild. He submerges into the orange gas to talk to the Elders.

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"We are almost at Arrakeen, sire," reported the first mate.

"Excellent," I said.

"In addition, sire, a read-only holograph-mail was sent to us via satellite about 30 minutes ago."

"Ok," I said as I began to scour through the message.

"Hey, send a message back to the elders of the spacing guild. Tell Fedaykin-Sandwalker, the leader of the elders of the spacing guild that our communication equipment is damaged, and is currently only AIM-compatible."

"Will do, sire."

30 minutes passed, and another message was delivered to us.

"Sire, would you like to open a direct communication gate with Sir Johnson on Ix?"

"Indeed," a hologram appeared, "Johnson, how is our fleet building going?"

"Extremely well sir. Your raise on salaries and general commission has raised morale dramatically. Our fleet is virtually finished, except for a single frigate."

"Forget the frigate, Johnson. Call in our best-trained and experienced pilots from our most seasoned pirate cells. Then, launch the fleet and head them towards Arrakeen. I really want to see this special project of yours. In addition, provide the workers with festivities for their hard work."

"Consider it done, sir."

Excellent. Looks like I will be spared of my embarassment.


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Attention to posters in this thread

1) If you guys had not noticed but in the far top right of the screen next to your screen-name it will tell you how many messages you have click on it to see your personal messages here at FED2K from other members. :O

2) In order to send these type messages you have to click on the members profile then click where it says send this member a personal message at the bottom of his/her profile. This is located before the place where you can view a members last number of posts.

This is a good alternative to use for people who do not have any form of Instant Message account. This way we can discuss any details of the story and have a better understanding of each other.

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"House Picara has accepted the offer of our alliance with them. They are pleased with with your handling of the matter. Duke Alejandro II has also prepared to leave for his former planet of Burlador shortly." a failed navigator reported to Caldron apon return.

Caldron's reply-"Duke Alejandro II will need assitance returing to his former homeworld suppy him with those needs may it be transportation or security forces. The Elders of the Spacing Guild will be pleased to know this outcome of the alliance with House Picara."

The navigator leaves to carry out his duties. Caldron contacts the Elders of the Spacing Guild by T-P.

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(Jones, who said I was on Arrakis? No one said I was attending the meeting... and why the hell did you leave Ordos? You don't know I planted atomics!)

"Sir, we have news that the Guild have allied with House Picara.", the officer reported.

"Very interesting, House Picara can do a lot of damage with them. Have the Guild receive our best gift in hopes to come to peace with them.", I said.

"Yes, sir! And also, sir, it is my advice we set the atomics off very soon, it is almost over.", the officer suggested.

"Yes, yes, all we do now is wait for the right time.", I said.

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"Sir, we have word that House Setara is coming back to Arrakis.", the officer reported.

"Very good, let's wait till he is in place, then initiate the explosions.", I ordered.

"Yes, sir!", the officer said.

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I listen with pride as an officer tells me the Prototype Super No Ship (mentioned who knows how many posts ago) has come out of foldpsace.  Armed with enough atomics to destroy Arrakis and all oppostion.  Now we begin the game of who pulls the trigger first.

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