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Hows the reviving of Kanly going Lord Johnsonius?

Or are you giving up?

Pretty well, actually, I'm probably going to post the sequel today.

BTW, be careful with your signatures...I remember a little issue considering Navaros and cookies... ;)

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Within a couple weeks I hope to have finished the Castle addition to Sedermia. At the moment I am unable to upload any files to my website as their is an error with the server, but you can view what is already there.

Then maybe we can have a fanfic about it if enough is interested. (you wouldnt beleive how long it takes to design a castle and color it etc.) Will soon work on large human castle maybe (although that will take long) and then on to other races.

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Concerning The God Emperor's Dune:

Although I am back, I would like to take some time off to get...reaquainted with the fic-writing ordeal. I probably won't continue in TGED for another couple of days in any incarnation (Leto Ghobey, Jennifer Ghobey, Baron Harkonnen, A little someting discussed between Dustie and myself, etc.) Interesting stroyline with the zombies, though. I'm looking forward to see how this turns out. :)

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no it was the other way around, chemical and nukes were banned.

i helped o45 make the rules bio weapons were allowed so you could stop human waves atacks. you can ask him if you want to. ::)

no one you sucked at it, you didnt even read the rules.

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