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No, not with Anubis - Egyptian mythology has never been my strong point. Would've gone with Kahless to Sto-Vo-Kor, but the option wasn't open ;) . I told you guys I'd be back around the middle of May.

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i have many, many fans, but lately no one has been making fan fictions about me.

so i encourage any of you who have the urge to make all the fan fictions about me that you want to. in the past they were pretty funny. a good read

this board needs More Nav Fiction

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Nav, please stay out of fanfiction :) that would be great!

Now, now Sard...he says he wants more Nav fiction. He doesn't specify non Nav killing fiction... *shoots a glance at everyone with a reason to not like Nav* So you could give him more Nav fics...

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hers a idea i had while playing unreal.

its a matrix fan fic

its set right before the fall if xion

he human concoul aproves a plan

1 ship

is going to get out

and infect the matrix

with a virus, the virus dosnt effect the computers

it effects the poeple

changes them into zombies, vampires. ect

the crews mission is to protect the first few from the agents untill it can spread.

the idea is, if Xion falls the machines fall. As the machines can not survive with out human batteries. Scorched earth.

Sound like a good plot?

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