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Hey Alex,Acriku,and Scytale---


Yopu're all active,right?

Also,other people join!

Davidu and Dunenewt would be good additions,too.

I suppose Lowzeewee could be allowed there-I mean,he does come up with good fanfics,really detailed,etc.HE would be a good addition if he learned how to use the modify button once in a while ;)

(No offence,Low)

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do the words bite and me make any sense to you van?

hehe i know its not perfect thats probebly why i stoped.

I planned to do some of it through whats her names eyes and part through the guy I was already doing(its been so long i dont even reamber character names hehe)

have then fight ect. maybe a love intrest..... ;D

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For all of you people who think you are hallucinating: You may be, but not about this.

I am alive.

Dang, it's been so long since I've been able to type for pleasure, I keep making typos. Anyway, I've still got about a month left. An essay or two, a speech...and finals. Hopefully I will be back somewhere around the middle of May. In the meantime, Ex, O45, you guys keep carrying the torch.

BTW, nice av, Ex.

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The GTA thread is great. When it eventually dies out or something like that i will eventually start one up just like it. I am having tons of fun on that thread. Shame only 3 people are constant posters. I thought we had Blades but he never replied again. GTA thread is really good fan fic, prob my favorite of all time. LOL ex dident you enter but you never replied either. You should join up. Helpin out the mafia ofcourse. ;)

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