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Sedermia is well written, but I'm not gonna try and open that for a long time as it didnt go anywheres the last time I tried to start it.

But My recomendation would be Cyborg's thread The land of Junigard - A D&D RPG as it looks like a good adventure type RPG, and it has maps!!!! (Which I adore)

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Anyone want to mark on their calender for the new year to start Sedermia? (anyone want to participate in it at the start of next year?)

Lots of maps and stuff. ;)




December 7 and 9, 2003: Did a spellcheck of the website and found some spelling errors and fixed them. Still unsure of what to do with crystals.

Did the headers of each page over and added id tags to them.

November 2, 2003: Added 5 Diamond Crystals to 5 towns/cities, that span across 5 Kingdoms.

September 23, 2003: Updated Elementals statistics to all add up to 50. Playing with the Sedermia Distances, and added a link from each territory to each territories respective Distance page.

Does anyone find the website backgrounds too colorful? I've heard the comment once, just wondering if it is a problem or not.

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Looks like our hard drive on the server is messing up. We lost a bunch of messages because of it, I think since Sunday of last week.

We should be getting a new hard drive soon but the server will be up and down until its fixed.

Sorry everyone, but that means a lot of stuff has been lost. I know that one of my threads in General is gone, and a lot of threads are missing their most recent replies (Just look at Dragoon's Signet Spheres thread if you don't believe me). Hot War Scenario, as far as I can ascertain, is gone. It will have to be started again.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this saves some awkward questions.

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You guys are writing a novel? Sounds great :) I'm actually writing one myself. It's called: "Twilight of Empire" and I've all ready gotten some extremely positive feedback on what I've written so far ;)

Good luck to you both, and if you ever feel the unbearably desire to reveal your progress to me... go with the flow ;)

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Hey guys, I just got back (see my post in "Coming and Going"), and I would like to join fanfic ASAP.  However, ASAP will probably not be for another month, as I get re-aclimated to this whole internet-fangled thing ;)

  Either way, I'll start coming up with some ideas.  Does anyone have any suggestions for another Kanly?  Would anyone like to see/play another Kanly?

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