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um its sorta imposbile me having all of cyrpus and you being forced out to sea ::)

how many troops did i have on the island? over 50,000 . how many did dunc have? 20,000. How many did you have left? not many.

I still would have one, i just would have taken more lives which in the end is alwas better :)

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After splitting or deleting roughly a dozen posts yelling at each other over a dead thread, I thought you all would get the message. Its over. If you want to complain to each other about how the other cheated you, do it over IM.

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I would like if the average Fanfic poster is a little less selfish (and I include myself in this, make no mistake) in that they might post comments and/or contribute to threads other than their own and/or outside their regular fields of interest.

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Thank you very much. :)

This is to let whoever posts the 515th reply in The God Emperor's Dune know that they have allowed it to become one of the longest threads ever! (see the stats, at time of posting the 10th longest thread is Evolution and Creation at 514 replies)

[Note: Useful posts from members of the thread only please. No spam.]

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