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  1. The Oracle says: Jeroen Krabbe has a Bacon number of 2. Jeroen Krabbe was in Fugitive, The (1993) with Eddie Bo Smith Jr. Eddie Bo Smith Jr. was in Novocaine (2001) with Kevin Bacon So I know I guy that knows Jeroen Krabbe, does that make me a 3 or a 4?? A 4 I guess.
  2. Babylon


    I want to go even further, don't get the temperature below 20 degrees Celcius. No snow, no rain. After the summer just go directly to spring. I hate the fall and winter. Bloody hate it.
  3. Christianity was dirived from Judaism. Islam was dirived from Chrisianity, Judaism and a few other minor believes. Thats what I have learned :)
  4. I guess you've seen Armageddon. In the movy the captain?? gets a gun out of a locker, everybody is amazed. Weapons are not allowed in space due to strict regulations. Men doesn't trust men :)
  5. In theory there are a few engines that can make travelling to the nearest star possible. An anti-matter engine is designed (we need 5 kilo anti-matter (1 microgram anti-matter costs us 5 billion $ to create and is stable for 1 micro second :))). But a lot more duable is an Nuke engine, we have a design for contained nuclear explosions for propulsion which will get a space ship to the nearest star within 30 years. But due to international conventions, no nuclear weapons (any weapon for that matter), isn't allowed in space. But as Andrew said, look at the technological advance over the last 100 years and where we stand here. As long as we want to, we will be able to. Over population and interstellar/planitaire war are 2 very good reasons to start developing. As allways war is a perfect way to increase technology.
  6. Once again this isn't about Iraq, it's about France and the US.
  7. January the 1st the European government allmost makes me stop cold-turkey. No more smoking in the trains and no more smoking at work. This means no cigarette for 12 hours a day :O. The horror. I've been smoking for 9 years now and had 3 stop attempts. The only thing I'm sure of: You have to want it. Stopping for your girlfriend, because your low on money or because you can't smoke anymore is not the way. If the situation changes you can go back to your old situation. Oh and another thing: Your physical addiction is gone in 2 weeks, after that your body doesn't need nicotine anymore. The mental addiction, now thats another thing..
  8. The US also had a lot of ties with Iraq, not only financial. Fighting an enemy? In what way has Iraq attacked the US? EVER? But this isn't about Iraq and the US, it's about the US and France. They think excactly the same about the US. "US motives for invading Iraq are hazy" So what makes the US right and France, Germany and Russia wrong? Same thing the other way around, other nations aren't obligated to do everything the US wants.
  9. From their point of view France is telling the US that they are being stupid for invading Iraq. This is not betraying your ally, it is helping your ally with what they think is good advice. If you where my friend and you wanted to kill a guy because he raped your sister and I told you that I think that killing that guy is a bad idea, it's not betraying you. If you then call me a traitor and a coward for not helping you killing that guy, then you are the stupid one. A major asshole infact and you would be the one guilty of ending the friendship. Just as much as the US is placing all the build friendships at risk by continueing their ongoing warmongering, not listining to others and blaming them for not helping the US.
  10. I know what an ally is. But once again, an ally doesn't have to follow the other one's lead blindly. Next thing that you will say is that if the US tries to conquer the whole of South America and Africa and the rest of NATO doesn't join, they aren't allies anymore. (Just blowing things up, to clearify my perspective)
  11. Ok, it came in handy that they could fight the Brittish by saying it was to help the Americans. But that didn't change the fact that their help, helped a lot. The British where way stronger then the rebels. So have the Dutch, British, Portugees, Belgiums and Spanish. They all had a lot of colonies and now have allmost none left, but you don't go calling them cowards. The whole thing is: France is against the US invading Iraq and US citizens blame them for not agreeing with US government. I have even seen as far as an American calling France an enemy of the US. Bush and his administration is loving it. "As long as they blame the French, they won't blame us."
  12. Wauw! I didn't know that, they don't teach history on school here...
  13. But being once allie doesn't mean you have to support the other one's oppinion now matter how stupid you think it is! France doesn't think the US is acting very smart (I agree with France here, incase you didn't notice), allies can think that of eachother. If your friend doesn't want you to jump of a bridge no matter how much you want to jump of it, it doesn't mean he isn't your friend anymore. (Unless you start calling him a coward that is ::))
  14. France is not happy with the way US handles things in the Middle-East to say the least. But I see a lot of anger directed to the French because of that. And everyone is bringing up the two world wars. Then saying France should be gratefull for that and shouldn't bitch on the US so much, because the US did save them. (Just like Caid did just now). I think France has no obligation to the US for saving them, if it wasn't for the French the US independence war against Brittain would have taken a lot longer, that is IF they could win that without the French. And the Statue of Liberty was a gift.
  15. I've been reading the jokes thread and have been wondering about this for a while now. What's with the US hating the France, calling them cowards and all. Those guys helped you become a nation you know. They've send you the statue of liberty. Is the average US mind only capable of thinking 60 years or less in the past? Calling oneself gracefull...
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