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Well, it would probably help considerably in TGED if the Emperor were a little less inactive... ;)

Thanks to Dustie for keeping things civil during my absence, I will probably be absent pretty often. This is a tough semester.

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I like the map of the world for war of the rabbits, but how do the rabbits swim? This fanfic kind of reminds me of the movie and then T.V. show Watership Down.(which was a good movie) about rabbits that usually fought.


and it is kinda gory movie for animation. Highly recommended. Good looking fanfic!

Seems that mapmaking for fanfics is becoming a fad. ;)

And if you liked the Sedermia map now, wait until the entire world is made. The rough draft I made in January had it 4 times the original Sedermai map, (so instaead of 3000*3000 pixels now, it would be 6000*6000 when done. :O )

And for fun I will post the rough draft I made wayyyy back when in Januray.(I know it is only 2500*2500, because that is before I resized the original Sedermia map.

I don't really like the top Islands though.

OOps, it is 500kb...., compressed it more now, only 300kb[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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Hehe...I kinda was informed of this plan when he built the super fleet...sworn to secrecy you know. Funny post Dust Scout...where did the Ambassador go? ;) Maybe its like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop, the world will never know. ;D

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