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Did you guys know the first Night of the Living Dead movie was one of the main reasons for the organization of the MPAA: Motion Picture Association of America? MPAA is the organization that rates movies: PG, PG13, R, etc.

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Just like to make a comment on ExAtreides's thread: "Night of the living dead"

That is some of the most intense material I've ever had the pleasure of reading. It's good to know that imagination and vocabulary are being used in a creative, humourous fashion. Keep up the good work. ;)

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Not many posters here these days it seems...

Many new threads coming up but most don't seem to have many people joining them

Of course their are the ''good olds'' that have been running for awhile such as FED2k but I don't really feel like joining them due to the time it would take to read through before joining...

BTW, would someone PLEASE join ancient races II

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