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  1. if it was not corrupt then Gob would not have corrected it. especially given how much he hates me as a person.
  2. actually i seem to recall Gob correcting corrupt actions you've taken on that board in regards to myself. if you need me to prove it then i'm happy to oblige
  3. mordus: you are not elite you have no idea how to deal with Minos in the late-game the *only* thing you know how to do is rush, just like all the "buddies" who you play games with all the time on newbie setts. you only play newbie setts, so you only know how to play as a newbie would play. FYI: knowing how to mass tier 1 and click them to the enemy base does not make you "elite"
  4. well jeff the thing is you *promised* not to quit, and then quit that means you lied liars have no honor.
  5. ...and the quoted-text here is a shining example of just how well that is working out ::)
  6. the time for hoping is long past now is the time for action
  7. just so my comments don't get misconstrued: number6 is not the guy who i was referring to who got to the Landsraad by butt-kissing nor did i have an issue with him being in the Landsraad
  8. Navaros

    Music Help 2

    could be Pilate - Into your Hideout ...and if that's not what you're looking for then you'll have to provide more info if that is what you're looking for then i'll accept your cash donation of thankage via paypal
  9. i'm quite sure i can counter things as ATR better than you can as ATR thank you very much yes you're right i suck with Hark and Ordos and i've always admitted that.
  10. that is true. that is why i never said that ATR sucks. only that ATR is the worst House overall
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