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  1. Belfan Industries was growing rapidly. The colonization of Alaris had improved their food production by at least six thousand percent. The asteroid they were mining was being used in the construction of a new fleet of warships. The System Defense Protocol (SDP) was near-invincible. Belfan Industries was having a golden age. But it would come at a high cost. to Jack Leaf: [hide] If you swear not to raid my outposts and/or trade convoys. I will also allow you usage of my shipyards. [/hide] to all: Belfan Industries will not allow any warship in-system. If a warship is found it will be destroyed!
  2. On the icy world of Aleria Prime: J'Rag, ruler of Belfan Industries, stepped out onto the balcony attached to his throne room. He was pondering what to do next for his people. He was thinking when he was interupted by his aide. "Sir, we have news about the galaxy!" "What is it?" "It seems that pirates are preying upon the other factions. Supply routes have been decimated and troops are on the move. War may come soon." "A war we cannot afford right now." J'Rag looked up into the night sky at Aleria Prime's twin planet, Alaris. Unlike Aleria Prime, Alaris was an Earth-like world that was untouched and had bountiful farmland and resources. Suddenly J'Rag got an idea. "Send a colony fleet to Alaris immeadiately! We need more planets." "Sir?" "If we take Alaris then we can increase our farms! We need more food!" "What about minerals sir?" "We have the asteroid belt to mine don't we?" "Yes we do sir." "Good. Send three ships out to the asteoid belt. Tell them to find the largest asteroid that they can move and to stick it in orbit around our sun. We can then easily harvest the minerals within it." About a week after the colony ship landed the colony was set up and running at half-efficiency. The people there immeadiately started setting up farms all over the planet. The farms would feed the growing armies and fleets of Belfan Industries. Alaris fully colonized and operational: 4 posts Asteroid in orbit around sun: 5 posts System defenses: 10% completed (+10% per post)
  3. Civilization: Belfan Industries Population: 8,000,000 Homeworld: Aliera Prime Leader: J'Rag Fleet: 2 crusiers 1 carrier 50 frigates 12 destroyers 900 fighters 98 corvettes Belfan Industries concentrates on harvesting minerals and food from their icy world. They also concentrate on technological advancement. They are currently allied with nobody.
  4. The UNAA sends some of their best scientists as well as large amounts of funding to China so as to help complete Project M. Latin America has 5 posts to break ties with Italy or be shelled. The UNAA fleets around Svalbarad have retreated to Svalbarad so as to help defend it from attacks by Great Scandinavia and/or Russia. Artillery deployment around Svalbarad is currently at 50% (complete next post). Message to Australia: [hide] Our offer still stands. Will you join us? [/hide] Operation Spot W: 30%. Project Deus Ex Machina: 25% (complete in 7 posts) Project Enhancement: 30% (done in two posts) Operation Aloha: 10% (done in 9 posts)
  5. Message to Australia: [hide] Would you like to join us against the Machine Threat? They have already attacked innocent civilians and murdered thousands in cold blood. We await your reply.[/hide]
  6. occ: ok who is with who right now because i am all confused who are my allies and who arent
  7. Following lengthy negotiations Portugal decided to join the United North American Alliance. The Portuguese decided that the machines of Zero One were malevolent and that Project Eternal Twilight was too dangerous to be on the recieveing end. to Spain: [hide]We seek an alliance with you.[/hide] to Turkey: [hide] We seek an alliance. Will you join us against the machines and those who would help them enslave humanity?[/hide]
  8. In Washington D.C. The leaders of the UNAA met in their capitol the president spoke up. "We are facing a rapidly escalating situation here my friends. The world is rapidly sliding into chaos. There is but one alternative." Suddenly the Northern President stood up. "Not Eternal Twilight!" "I'm sorry my friends but unless things improve it may be our only option."
  9. South African forces moved east, utilising their fleets the landed on and invaded Madagascar. But the natives weren't budging. Madagascar controled: 20% (25% per post)
  10. The Atlantic Ocean: The Russian Warship was sailing around the coast of Sweden when suddenly it was blown out of the water. Its burning pieces rained down from the sky. As the burning pieces of wreckage floated on the surface of the water the American 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th fleets sailed through, to land in Sweden and begin to redeem the world. And, as always, Eternal Twilight was primed and ready. American Fleets: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th: 50 frigates 20 crusiers 23 transports 14 battlecruisers 5 carriers (each has this)
  11. occ: Ak if I know my geography right isnt swaziland INSIDE south africa? so you cant really sail towards it without running into me. but i will back off my other dominations so that i will conquer all that in a couple of posts. fair? but the nigerian/egyptian/whatever army cant invade swaziland as a) it has no ports b) you have to destroy me first i believe that is fair.
  12. After the loss of Swaziland the members of the South African Armed Forces attacked the entrenched positions of the Egyptians (i think thats who u r AK). The Egyptians were ousted after barely a fight. But the war fervor was on and a campaign of southern unifacation was on. After three weeks of fighting and war all of Southern Africa (everything up to and including Zaire) was under South African control. Egypt was going to pay for its invasion. The newly created South African Dominion was preparing for war. Army: Infantry: 12,000 (+550 each post) Tanks: 9,560 (+230 each post) Powered Combat Armor: 5,030 (+170 each post) Air Force: Fighters: 12,000 (+290 each post) Bombers: 4,900 (+140 each post) Interceptors: 7,000 (+400 each post) Navy: Subs: 100 (+2 every 3 posts) Destroyers: 200 (+1 per post) Crusiers: 50 (+1 every 3 posts) Frigates: 300 (+2 per post) Battleships: 10 (+1 every 4 posts) Carriers: 7 (+1 every 5 posts)
  13. The Machine forces had been beaten back and thrown off of US soil but the President was angry. He was furious. And so he issued an order that would resound throughout history. "You ordered me here Mr. President?" "General...destroy 01." "Sir our military is about 2 weeks away from their bor-" "I meant nuke it! NUKE THE FUCKERS TO HELL!!!!!!! TEACH THEM A LESSON!!!!" The nuclear bombardment went on for a week. Thousands of nuclear bombs were rained down on 01. All that waws left were piles of glowing ash.
  14. Midnight in Miami... It was midnight and all the homes were dark, their lights shut off and everyone sleeping. It wasn't a wartie situation so the defenses of the city were not online. It was a mistake that none in Miami would live to rectify. Out of nowhere a huge fleet of aircraft came into Miami airspace and started dropping containers onto the surface. When these containers hit the ground they opened up, disgorging hundreds of war robots to attack the city. These twelve-foot war machines decimated all of Miami. The museums, the homes, all the industry was destroyed. With their delivery complete the planes turned and flew up the Florida coast, dropping explosives all up and down the coast. After the bombing the war machines came in and killed the survivors. The machines were about to invade the rest of the US when they were stopped by the 101st Battlegroup, composed of 300 exo-skeletons, 700 tanks and 1,500 heavy infantry. The Machines were turned back but they had brought the US into the war. amount of Florida destroyed: 97.8% number of Machines in Florida: 2,397 time till reinforcements come for the US troops: 2 posts reinforcements: 600 exo-skeletons, 1,400 tanks, 3,000 heavy infantry. Message to all: Last night the United States was invaded by the forces of Zero One. The cities of Miami, Orlando and Tallahasee are gone. Almost all of Florida has been destroyed. There are no humans left in Florida alive. The United States was intending to stay neutral in this affair. We didn't want to involve ourselves in matters overseas. However, our hand has been forced by the war machines of Zero One. We will not stand for this invasion! We will not stand by and fall! We were neutral! We will have our revenge! AND HEAVEN HELP THOSE IN OUR WAY!!! Armed Forces of the United States 50,000 light infantry 45,000 heavy infantry 12,000 tanks 10,000 exo-skeletons 4,000 fighter planes 1,200 bombers 120 battlecruisers 500 destroyers 200 crusiers 70 carriers Nuclear supplies 1,000 nuclear bombs Special Projects Eternal Twilight: completed Safe Haven (Zion): completed
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