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  1. ''I wouldn't be so sure about the usefulness of pure marxist dichotomy in this problem. The problem with Greece seems to me to be in consumption, not in government's unproductive investments.'' The problem is Greece's consumption? What part of Edric O's post did you read exactly, apparently it was the imaginary part that speaks about unproductive government investments. Seems like you're just speaking random nonsense to me. ''It borrowed on the EU market, but couldn't produce wares capable of competition there.'' ''Yet, what does actually Greece produce? Baklava? You get it ten-times cheaper a
  2. What does any of that have to do with the average Greek? I doubt the average Greek would mind a downsizing of their army as opposed to an economic crisis or massive public cuts. Of course, if your going to play the ''modern democracy is representative'' card then its different I suppose. If we're just speaking about the government being terrible, well most likely I'd be liable to agree, since in terms of serving its people I've very rarely (if ever) been impressed with any government. p.s: Wow, both Edric O and Wolf. I'm very surprised that anybody was still watching. I guess the will to maint
  3. The article does not strike me as being of quality: ''He’s open, friendly, fresh-faced, and clean-shaven, and like many people at the top of the new Greek government, he comes across less as Greek than as Anglo—indeed, almost American.'' I can see how this would come across as racist. Some people may get the idea that he is trying to paint who he considers to be the good guys as non-Greeks. I also like the picture he paints on the last page (sarcasm). The men of the west ''Spartan warriors''**, outnumbered and courageously defending against Sauron's evil hordes ''the mob''**. Apparently Greeks
  4. ''The retirement age for Greeks is 55 for men; 50 for women'' This at least would appear to be verifiably false. According to the OECD*, the ''normal retirement age'' (I assume that refers to an average or some such) of Greeks is 65. *http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retirement#Retirement_in_specific_countries
  5. ``In canada it was 61% turnout.`` Whoops, I was thinking of the ontario provincial election. Sorry about that. (edit: posting from a cellphone is horrible)
  6. ''1. We just had a federal election, if people wanted change they could have done it then. '' Less than half the enfranchised populace voted. It is possible they have no interest in any of the parties or their policies.
  7. Sneakgab

    Gulf Oil Spill

    Well I get you about news being shitty nowadays. No doubt about that. That they prefer making money to making news is the problem. Well, isn't all the shouting and talking already an effect? Since BP doesn't want it's image ruined it provides discouragement for further such acts... OK, let's be realistic BP won't give a shit. But now let's be even more realistic: There isn't anything the public can do about much of anything, short of changing government. Some would say that the truth being revealed is in itself useful, but if you're going to ask for much more than that for legitimizing news, t
  8. Sneakgab

    Gulf Oil Spill

    Patently absurd. No offense, but perhaps you would like to reconsider taking the stance that most supports the status quo on every occasion. This ''Noise'' is what news is. People getting information. It is also necessary in some cases for a person or group to suffer some consequences for his ill deeds (as typical civilized society deems necessary). As for people getting sick... give me a break. Talk about stretching it. Do I seriously need to even say anything? ''In the end people love to scream about problems but got no solutions to offer, that is why BP is asking for ideas from the public.
  9. ''Palestinian official Raed Fattouh, who coordinates the flow of goods into Gaza with Israel, said SODA, juice, jam, spices, shaving cream, potato chips, cookies and candy were now permitted.'' Soda?...SODA!? OH SHIT! GET OUT OF ISRAEL NOW BEFORE THE BOTTLE ROCKET STORM!!!! It's NOT good! another rocket strike OH SHIT THEY GOT IT RIGHT THIS TIME! RUN!! RUN BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!
  10. Sneakgab

    Gulf Oil Spill

    The police quickly assist with giving the roundabout and preventing media access in general after the oil incident. Quick, organized, and efficient. When hurricane Katrina came around, service was decidedly slower and of less quality. Heh, I guess they were too busy doing corporate dirty business to actually do their jobs. :D
  11. I'm trying to burn at 4x (or lower) with Nero. I could with a CD-RW, but the option isn't coming up with CD-R. (I need to burn at low speeds to *ahem* ''back up some old PS1 games'' as it were. Yes... back up some old PS1 games) (edit: Wow this post was actually made. I thought my dinky computer's crash had prevented it)
  12. In general, that wealth is concentrated into fewer and fewer hands (or rather, a smaller proportion of population perhaps), is a nigh indisputable rule of Capitalism. All history has shown this (as far as I know).
  13. The aim is to have local voting on local issues, not on national ones. Even if Marxists simply just wanted more local power, it doesn't mean they'll be happy about it regardless of the form it comes in and the scenario it is placed in. You might like meat, but that doesn't mean you'll want to eat it in puree form, or right after you just filled yourself to the brim with dinner.
  14. *Dragoon Knight posts refutation of 100 stupid points* And so, Dragoon Knight's dirty little secret was revealed to the world: Masochism. Wolf: Make green profitable. Nothing new. However, relying on legislation is useless: ''On January 24th, the US Supreme Court, by a 5-4 decision, ruled to remove the remaining spending limits on corporate involvement in elections.'' I don't think I need to say much more on that. Modifying the state may help (things like reversing the above decision for example), but in the end, power corrupts. So then there is the issue of technology. Well, saying let's make
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