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Edric O

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Heheh. That means Erjin is a chick :P

I like to think so ;)

I had no internet connection for about a month. There are some threads I want to reply to at the moment, but I can't summon up the time to give them the full treatment.

Once you view a thread, its no longer in your New Replies section, and then you have to manually hunt for it, right ? I find that annoying. If I cant reply now and want to reply later, I usually wait for someone to reply so it again ends up in my New Replies section...

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It's strange to be "old-timer". I feel sooo old. Most of people who are now on board I don't know and they don't know me. I was active in 2002 and 2003 (but someone said he missed me and I ran ;))

This borad is my first board ever I joined. I had my first computer and decided to show my love for Emperor. I don't post messages because this board is different than this I used to post.

But sometimes I read your stuff, guys and think about good old times. About "War!" times and wooden baron.

I was child when I joined this board. And when I am lookin at my first posts I am in deep deep depression.  ;)

So I wanted to let you know I still look at you. So beware. I can still post something. Somewhere...

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Yes. I remember how Emperor Strategy was on the top. I still play Emperor like maniac. ;) It survived! Now I study and have no time for games but for Dune related games - of course. I am more Dune fanatic than previous (and I must admit I was Dune freak then).

I remember you too quite well. I remember most of old members pretty good.

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Dante is reasonably active. DustScout is missing though  ::) I think I will always know him by that name for some strange reason... :'(

It's a nicer name. Comes from a nicer product. I've already decided when I'll change it back; problem is it's not a time specification, I'm waiting for something to happen.

Although I admit, it is tempting to rename myself for a day or two just to upset Andrew. ;)

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Seriously, does anyone know what happened to Frodo? He changed his nick to Salvatore the last period, and then he went inactive.

He was a really good guy, and I just wonder why he went missing without saying anything, not even coming back once to say hi.

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"I'm waiting for something to happen"

There are a number of possibilities, but let me assure you:

- Frank Herbert's real notes will never be published.

- Foldspace travel will not be discovered in your lifetime.

- It won't be long before the North Pole will stop freezing over, so you can forget about hell.

- Navaros is not coming back. No matter how much you speak of him.

- Gobalopper is not considering you as a replacement for Mahdi at his right hand. Damn Timenn and his scheming.

- We mods do not do have the power to do things like renaming other users and arbitrarily replacing all instances of "Dante" with "Dust Scout", and anyone suggesting it will immediately become an unperson.

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War! was fanfiction thread. A couple of board members decided to brake every rule and fight each other using treat and weapons. I remember I was Main Ass Kicker (lol) and Gryphon was our enemy. It was fun, at least at the beginning. Later someone spoiled it, I don't remember who.

Now the thread is deleted or is in Gob's Dungeon (is Gob's Dungeon is still on board?)...


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"Tell us new people what War! was about"

Wow, you really make us sound like old-timers!

"Later someone spoiled it, I don't remember who."

Must have been the Americans. They're always coming in late and spoiling things just as we get comfy in our trenches.

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