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  1. We have moar polish Dune websites: http://thelandsraad.net - The Landsraad.
  2. Poland is never up-to-date, didn't you know that?
  3. I am reffering to me in different manner. :-
  4. I was starting with the second Tomb Raider and I am huge fan of TR: The Last Revelation. As for Angel of Darkness, it was only game by Core that I didn't like, Chronicles was very good for me. I am too rooted in old TRs to like the new way of portaiting Lara and her adventures. True, the graphics are better and the heroine is full of life but it hasn't the same atmosphere as the old ones.
  5. I am adding this post to share my thoughts about this game after beating it. It took me some time but I menaged to do it, even if I had better things to do than gaming. For me it's a good, even great game, though it cannot be compared to Emperor. After Tomb Raider Legend, I used to controls that were pissing me off and decided to "be Paul once in a lifetime". Classic action game, without too many exercises and puzzles but action is the one strong point of this Dune game. The sabotages and plotting is way too fun to call this game poor, even if a lot of people were telling me that. I like also the RPG addition - talking with others to get some informations. Core were trying put it into Angel of Darkness but they failed and it was good thing, find it in Dune related game. I like Frank Herbert's Dune and I think I will be playing it more often. ...and this music from miniseries...
  6. I am in Dungeons&Dragons spree and I must say I must add Neverwinter Nights and Icewind Dale to my one and only pantheon of greatest games ever. Previously I RPGing very often but didn't play such games. Now I am in awe. And Tomb Raider. Though the older ones were a way better than Crystal Dynamics' productions.
  7. I miss the light persona of Sardauker Kirov. ;D (this is a joke, don't beat me until I will be almost dead and bleeding from open wounds).
  8. You remember the Nonsense Thread (the one and only). You had stupid argues with Jacob Douds about torturing Atreides (it was pain, the ROYAL pain, I say you, mostly becouse of my n00bness in 2002).
  9. We haven't this game in Poland yet, it will be in shops about 25th March. But I am buying new computer and I am hungry already for this game. It has everything that I like in games- a lot of action, great adventures, interesting plot and beautiful graphics. I don't know - do you have this in your countries? If yes, how about it? Or maybe you are ready to buy it?
  10. Bene Tleilax music seems to me more arabian (fremen-like). If we think about their relligion, it would be pretty fitting. If no, some eastern music. Ix...electronic, since they are machines builders. Maybe not as sinister as Ordos but still. More optimistic, maybe some voices as interludes.
  11. I think the thread stopped so I will start with these replies. Thank you guys for your answers. If you want you can bring your favorite games characters too. They would be in separated group of game personas.
  12. O, yeah, I am one of those who don't know what wiki is. ;) Nice turn, I am greatful. Now I must go and buy some, I am in my pirate phase now...
  13. I agree with you. I don't like Paul and I don't really like Leto II too. I found myself deep into badass characters as Feyd-Rautha and Baron. Alia is cool too and I think she is my favorite Atreides as well.
  14. MrFlibble, you are cunning folk who knows how to achieve his ends. ;)
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