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  1. well mine is as my name is here, cybopache msn is as mention before + hotmail aint it. good to see you still around, cheers cybo
  2. yo lads happy new gaming year! Has not been round for A WHILE. I dont know bout me an old timer but have been here some time. I have also been very busy promoting the band I`m manager and primus motor for. http//:www.myspace.com/obscurebergen been working a lot arranging concerts and stuff. see ya all and have a great weekend. cheers cybopache
  3. Hemispheres book II cygnus X-1 by rush. cybo
  4. Cybopache

    Battlefield 2

    yo lads and girlz,happy new gaming year! Has not beenround for A WHILE 1 ONE year since I`ve last played BF2. Going to today. I lost my account at x fire,but feel free to ibnvite me,my name is may name is my name is cybopache1. cheers cybopache
  5. Cybopache

    Battlefield 2

    hey scarface and nun! you still here /playing the bf2???? cybo
  6. Ok heres what I did !! I reinstalled the game,and whoalla, it runs like a hot knife through butter ::)for now.hehe cybo
  7. Quote "Applied for add, awaiting acceptance Good Looking web page. Should include details of on-line play though quote "end. I cant play emperor with my 8800gtx card,amy suggestion to what to do,,or shoud this be in the tech forum...?? cybo
  8. Well the strategy has been changed, QUOTE :We are very glad that our band voting is highly frequented. We i definitely proclaimed that we can ONLY accept bands from Austria and their neighbour countries for the voting slots. For all of you who do not know the neighbour countries from Austria, they are Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein! We are sorry, but we have to deactivate all band registrations from other countries. Please read the conditions BEFORE you register your band! Up from now, band registrations will be activated manually by our team after verification, means only bands that accomplish the voting conditions will be activated for voting! Quote ended. cybo
  9. I will say thx to Kalony and spazelord for voting,and to all others. thanks for
  10. if your graph card has it you have to use it. cybo
  11. hi scar face! looking at the spects of the motherboard it says: http://www.extremeoverclocking.com/reviews/motherboards/Foxconn_NF4UK8AA_4.html scroll down a bit. A standard 4pin power connector is located in the far back corner of the motherboard for aux PCIe power. Depending on the video card used, you may or may not need to plug power into this socket. I think that you don`t NEED to use this one,if you have a spare connector from your PSU you can use that one too.I thing Winfast has put it on the board due to wireing.PPL missing connectors. I think with your video card it`s ok(check spects for card,voltage,amp and stuff needed to run the card),but mine could`nt used it. If this is not correct,don`t hesitate to correct me... cybo
  12. hey friends ! Long time no see. I hope you all are feelin fine and are at good health. Me and My band really want to participate at this Summer festival and need your helt to fulfill that dream.There is a link to our myspace site if you want to check out what genre we are into. http://www.myspace.com/obscurebergen Please leave a vote for my band " OBSCURE,BERGEN "at this festival, choose your language,choose vote at top banner,scroll down to OBSCURE,BERGEN leave your vote. http://www.summer-nights.at/vote/index.php We do thank you very much for your contribution. pass it through to your friends. Hope you all are feeling fine and have a good weekend wh
  13. Cybopache

    Battlefield 2

    Please don`t leave me now!!! Hehe I`m back from the gates of Babylon,were I have dwelled too long.I will try to get online much more. I have to learn the game all over again tho heheh. Been busy with work and stuff. I GOT married this weekend, and good old viking marrige nearly. My little girl has occupied very much of my time,but winter is closing in so time to play and drink tea,hehe. cybo
  14. hey your hound dog, get your butt over to the commando central,you are enlisted to do your duty at bf2. How are you old mate,the health are ok? good to see youre alive cybogirl
  15. youre right there man take number one and off you go.Next you buy a sata dvd rom and get rid of all the ide cables,which means more air through to your components hehe cybogirl
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