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  1. Hmm. I didn't even notice that. I couldn't tell you why the exporter generated those extra "dummy" pages. The end of the text is on page 58, so you've read the whole thing. You were asking about how a House might go about enforcing justice in the general population earlier. I've given it a bit of thought, but I'm not sure I have much creative insight in that department that could add to the discussion. I suppose that I would imagine most of the security is done on a "guilty without a chance to be proven innocent" in most situations, and maybe a chance to prove innocent in some. If the popul
  2. Where the length of the knives are concerned, the novel is pretty explicit. The Kindjals, which are described with frequent use both by the nobility and infantry, are 20cm long. So are the crysknives. They are referred to both as knives and swords, providing ambiguity as to the length of other swords that have no further description. It actually makes sense if you think about how much more difficult it would be to slowly place a longer blade inside the protective barrier of a shield. A shorter blade would be more effective for the less skilled. For the length of a sword, over 70 inches would
  3. Alright, here it is. I've only looked it over once or twice, so there are probably sections that still need to attention. My apologies in advance. WarfareInDune.pdf
  4. It was written with google docs, so I can export it in a number of formats. Attaching it here in a PDF format or something should work for the thread. Tossing it to Gob might not be a bad idea; he could put it somewhere more permanent if he thinks it is worthwhile.
  5. I haven't forgot :). In fact I just finished my document. It is just over 51 pages long so I can't simply post it here. Anyone have a good idea as to where I could put it so others could read it?
  6. It's been a long time since I've been here. I saw this topic however and it of course was interesting to me... If anyone remembers, I did a lot of examining of this topic in the past and think I can contribute quite a bit to it. I actually had a pretty holistic idea of how warfare worked in the Imperium beforehand, but after recently finishing reading the book again have decided it needed significant revisions. Much of my original theories were influenced by this article as well, but I think some of those bear some revisions or expanding upon. I started writing a reply for this thread outlin
  7. I'm going to be stepping in it by replying here but... I'll start by saying that I've participated in conversations with just about everyone from both sides to some extent, and have had positive results. I've also stayed clear of conversations with many of them because they *wouldn't*. This thread is also a primary reason I don't participate in PRP. In short, while not demanding, suggesting, ordering or even requesting, might I gently advise (yep, a synonym of one of those earlier words) that this thread be moved into PRP because no one(me) in General wants to listen to this? Also... please st
  8. hahahaha Rapidly becoming non-dune oriented but much funnier.
  9. Haha nice vanguard. You should just put in another order :). I dare say I thought of the "I'm on a boat" song before I thought of the old spice comercial for this one.
  10. I assume you're probably asking since you're exploring finding some more of his books to read. I have read one or two outside his Dune series, and it is well worth it. Interestingly (probably just the ones I grabbed) I found them to be much more intense, and a more difficult read than his Dune books, so be prepared for that. One in particular, The Dosadi Experiment, I found to contain many of the same themes in Dune, but placed in a much different setting; I always thought of it as "dune on crack" as he seemed to take some of them to an extreme. One problem I always had however, was actually *
  11. I figured it ment that the Atreides were decended from a long line of thespians. Makes about as much sense as anything else in there.
  12. Tezcatlipoca

    Starcraft 2

    People are passionate and loyal to Blizzard. I get it. I was quite happy with Dune2000 when it came out, despite the fact that in any objectivable sense it was... absolutely nothing special. So far as I can tell, all SC2 has is the original game with a 2 next to it.
  13. Tezcatlipoca

    Starcraft 2

    My beta so far has been lack-luster. However, I fully admit that it is probably because I never played the first one to any extent. A friend of mine who also is beta-testing is absolutely in love (he did play the first). As far as I can tell however, it is your standard Blizzard RTS (in fact it is pretty much WCIII without heros, and without the ability to use the battlefield to your advantage). I've got to get back in there and try it a few more times, but so far it looks like they may have simply adjusted/added a few units, improved the graphics and called it a day (3 years in the making).
  14. Tezcatlipoca

    Arma 2

    I gave the demo a shot. I noticed some bugs, but not enough to make it unplayable. The voice acting on the other hand.... *shiver*. I guess I found that they tried to take the "realism" concept too far (to the point of not being realistic due to having to interface behind a screen). As they said however, it is a "similation", not a FPS. The other aspect I found displeasing was that the environmental engine was poorly done. They had very expansive landscapes, but the engine couldn't really support it (laggy). Ultimately I decided I wasn't hard-core enough for the game.
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