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In all fairness I was actually speaking to Dante and DragoonKnight on MSN and they said that I had been missed.

My exam (on Cartographic Visualisation) went well, I have another one tomorrow (Fluvial Processes) then a couple of days free (and I mean really free, the girlfriend is going home for the weekend) before Issues in Geomatics on Tuesday then I am free from Uni!!!

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So I graduate tomorrow - I really am becoming an old timer.

Then I start my job on the 20th - off destroying the world I am afraid.  I'm making the big bucks whilst doing it though!


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Greetings ^-^

Aw, you should have been here a couple of months ago, you missed the glorious posting revolution... Hehe. Welcome back!

Nice to see an old familiar face :)

Where have you been? Quick, post 8 more times! You'll get the next rank that way... We reintroduced those ranks to encourage spa-, er, posting, you know. :P

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Hi guys. Has it been almost 2 years already? Whew, 10 posts in the last 3 years... you don't need to lock yourself in your room in order to beat my postcount :S

Maybe I will hurt your feelings, ahum:P :

[hide]I'm surprised this site is still reasonably active:S[/hide]

Oh well, what happened so far? Graduated highschool... tried to get accepted in medicine, failed uptil now. Long story short: the entrance procedure to certain popular studies is messed up here in holland and I got to be one of those extra unlucky souls. I really want to study medicine but that just hasn't been possible uptil now so I study pharmacy for the moment, hmmm...

I guess I don't have anything special to say, that's why maybe I'm a big lurker ;)

[hide] On another forum that I read thoroughly everyday I have a whopping 4 posts / year postrate wooo [/hide]

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