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  1. So is it possible to dl the files needed to run EBFD (solo/multiplayer) here? I have the original install disks, however, my PC has no disk drive. Go figure. ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)
  2. I do recall the Fedaykin Elite Warriors clan and scorpion too. "Should auld acquaintance be forgot And never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot And days of auld lang syne?"
  3. DjCiD

    Dune (2021)

    Shivering with antica.......PATION!
  4. I'm playing Rivals, but disgruntled. Are they referring to the tabletop board game (simulator)? I have that and it has a lot of tabletop games available to play online with others. That would be really great; but perhaps they have to make the physical one before porting it to the simulator. One of my favorites is the Cryptozoic DC deck building game.
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  10. That was so strange :O I was reading this really garbled message in the Emp:BFD Support forum and I had a /random thought of the Doctor. Jumped forums and look what I found. ^-^ Hope all is well~
  11. Really, do Emp:BFD players talk smack? Maybe six or seven years ago I could see it happening... but still?! ??? Hurry up and gear up Tourney-II; It seems a challenge for the chalice has been made! ^-^
  12. Well I just saw Dark Knight for the third time and I have to agree that Ledger does a justice to the role of The Joker. My only gripe if any at all was that he wasn't insanely comical enough for me. I know it was a darker take on the story line so they wouldn't focus on his comic relief as much. If I haven't already mentioned it my favorite scene of his is his vanishing pencil trick. :D More of that style of The Joker would have been double two dd(~.^)bb thumbs up in my book, cause double two thumbs up is two times the thumb. :P
  13. according to this you were logged into RA server around 13:30 this afternoon; so I'd say you got that part right and it was just no one else was online. You can bookmark that address to check and see if anyone is on and there is also the EmpBot that simulates a login and it will notify you when others login/host. If you haven't already, check out these threads: Server/Game Info Useful/Informative Links. Getting Online Guide Title says it. Emperor Essentials Simply put Updated Messenger List Active players and the messenger to reach them on. Now regarding your Deploy key leading to a crash could be the result of a few things. Is it all deployable units: mortar troops/IX Duplicators/Cobra Tank/Saboteurs or just the ConYard/EITS/IXInf? Recently? So you never experienced this problem before, then it started happening? If so that sounds like a game file was modded recently, not 100% sure though. Hope this helps ~CiD
  14. I hate the summer heat~ there I said it. I'm much more of a cold weather man myself. The way I see it is you can always put on more clothes to stay warm. Although you can only shed so many layers of clothing before you get arrested for trying to stay cool. ^-^ Then again the seasons and months haven't been matching up like they used to round here. Back when I was young winter came round October till January. Now a days it doesn't really start till January and last till April even. ???
  15. Dude, Onsympatico... chill out. There is no need to flame. You say it plays too fast for you on LAN; the members of this forum who regularly play online and not LAN have given you their suggestions. Rather than flame and call people names, regardless of if it is the right solution to your exact problem, why don't you thank them for offering up their advice and be one your way since your problem seems unable to be rectified here. No one had to click your topic nor did they have hit reply and offer you suggestions. Thanks and enjoy the rest of your stay at Fed2k.
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