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Happy New Year 2006


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...and a happy new year.

Don't forget that we now leave the Year of the Chicken and enter the Year of the Dog. We can also expect movies like Mission: Impossible 3, The Da Vinci Code and Star Wars VII: Return of the Emperor (starring Aschton Kutcher as the emperor).

Oh, and don't forget: now it's only 6 years before the End of the World (which will be in 2012)!

That's about it, I think...

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Heh, yeah. How strange, isn't it? I mean, what are we really celebrating? More hardships, more problems, more work. To tell the truth 2005 was a bad year for me (too). Let's really hope 2006 is a lot better... Anyways, happy holidays...

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Happy New Year everyone.  For a whole hour and 11 minutes already here.

Holy crap I'm tired.

Oh, wait, resolution...


I resolve to...


Anyone have a spare resolution?  I can't think of anything clever.

In fact, I can't think of much of anything at all.

Good night.  Er, morning.

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Just got home from a the mountains. I greeted the new year with some friends. Here are the photos:






I hope the new year will bring you all that you wish for.

*I'm sorry for the low quality of the pictures but in all the madness around there I just couldn't stay still  ;D

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And 'ere we go.

First there are two pictures from the table end:

This one has me in the foreground


While I am hidden behind someone here


Here follows two pictures of a good mate of mine, Jakob, who has drank the bear forth  ;)



And now two pictures of me, more or less:

Fristly me with all the essentials of life, a "hue", a beer and a fair lass


And me, Casten and the lass, at 1-2ish


And finaly, two pictures that made a mate ask "What the devil was Christiane (the lass) doing on your back?"


By the looks of it, she was hitching a ride to her beerstockpile


That abouts sums it up :)

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Happy New Year! Went to a great club but now I feel like death. :(

heh t'was a good night. Got a few pics and videos, nothing great tho, all taken by a phone camera.

2manydjs played from 00:00 to 02:00 in one room...


few video techs for that room:



They then joined the main room, so that there were literally too many djs...



You can't see it clearly but the guy to the right of the tree has a '118118' headband on.. ::)


Few videos... (use Quicktime/RealPlayer/VLC)




And here is a... errm.. cowboy dancing on a table. :-X


And this is an angel! :P


Over and over and over and over...


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