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What is your earliest gaming memory?

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LOL I smached two controller in that Zone man :O

Zonic was cool tho.And we did ride the road rash cycle too.

Hehe I remember my friend had a game in the old days called Stock marked ,anyone recall?

You buy stocks in (gold,led etc.) and when the turn was over you had to see if youre stock gies up or down lol,imagine 10 ppl playing oh it took all night man.We also played at the Amiga 500

a game called PORTS OF CALL,hehe a enchanted version of Stock marked.


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Monkey Island, the first one, on an Amiga with Windows 93 (I think). There were other games before that on an even older computer, but they mostly count as 'educational,' and I can't remember them very well anyway. I can't even remember when I was playing Monkey Island. Years ago...

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I remember when we first got our first computer, which I believe was a 386 (cost my mum a pretty penny, too).  We had three games to start out with:  Duke Nukem, Commander Keen, and Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure.  I remember my being in bed, waiting for tomorrow like it was Christmas, to play the games.

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Dune II, when I was 15. I was living in Russia at the time, I just read Dune that same year. I never played a computer-game before that (couldn't really afford it and had no friends who could either) but my friend bought himself a really old DOS PC. He got Dune II, after about 3 hours of watching him play it, I understood, then I sat down on a little small table (had no chairs either, other than dinner chairs), and collected 1000 spice in about 45 minutes... :- I was terrible. But I got better throughout the week, as it was Summer, and I had not much else to do. I'd go over to my friend's apartment every day for about a week and take turns playing. The next game I played was Wolfenstein 3D, and after that, DooM.

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Can anyone remember the game that attached to your TV and you had the choice of either tennis, hockey or squash.  The graphics were very simple, a vertically moving short white line at each side of the TV and a moving white dot.  The white dot bounced around the top and bottom edges of your TV screen. (Mid to late seventies).

What about the original space invader games mounted into small tables? Pac-man and galaxy soon followed afterwards.

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When I was 9 or something, I was first introduced to the concept of killing Nazis...

Wolfenstien 3D!!!

A year later... I discovered Doom 2 was on the comp. also!!

Ahhh the DAYS!! ;D

Of course I'd played console games before that, but this was first PC game experience.

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Mine was a programme called

"nibbble the cheese"

It took me the best part of a day to programme it into my ZX 80 (1k of ram) and basically i consisted of one running the program and it showed some asteriks on the screen, in a vague shape of a segemnt of cheese (if you squinted and were on mind altering drugs).

with everykeypess, the screen would flash, and if you did not suffer from a fit of epilepsy from the awful screen refresh, part of the cheese would dissapear.

This was also when i discovered the true meaning of dissapointment.

Any zx80 owners will understand what i mean.



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My first gaming experience with Ping-Pong or Tennis.

It was on the left and right side of the screen a stripe which was supposed to be a tennis player. In the middle of the screen a vertical line which was the net. And a bal going from left to right. With the player you just had to stand there were the ball would leave the screen to hit it.

The 'joystick' was a paddle or something. It had a turning knob on top and a little push button on the side.

It was some console thing. There was also a 'gun' delivered with it. Then a light spot went moving over the black screen and you had to aim for that.

After that there was this game i forgot the name from (maybe the one they were talking before about it). I thought it was called Arkanoid. But you are a little tank on earth and there are some bunkers to hide under. In the air are all space ships in a row which you have to shoot. If there is only one spaceship left over, it would go very fast from left to right and back, and eachtime one row lower. If you would not shoot it before comming to the last line it would kill you. And there was als Frog i remember.

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