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  1. Hello, I'm still alive and looking at redoing the old filmbook in the near future. I often look in here and lurk, but am really out of touch with the DUNE universe at the moment. BUT, it looks like there is alot happening, like the new film (although its been halted by the evil Baron Herbertkonnan) so expectto see alittle bit more of me. Its good to see you chaps an chapesses. Rgds LoK
  2. Hello all I've been out of the loop for a while. I was wondering did any games ever get DUNE modded? Ive been looking at Armed Assault, but its a bit clunky, although the ofp series has got a vast amount of info on modding. I've got Bioshock waiting on me hdd and that looks like a nice engine, but turning 180 degrees round to model a dry environ may not be possible. Ive heard it uses a version of the Unreal 3 engine, and some of the UT maps got quite expansive. Oblivions engine would be perfect, but I hear its a bugger to mod and Pistols/rifles are neigh on impossible to get to work. Im at work at the mo so am not being to precise in me wording. Any info greatly appreciated. Rgds LoK
  3. orlok

    Audio D U N E

    Crikey if it is him, he doent sound like he looks :) rgds LoK
  4. orlok

    Audio D U N E

    I came across an audio version of dune in 78 (!) segements. It appears to be the enire book (except for the terminology at the end etc etc) word for word. The only thing i am unsure about is who the devil is narrating it? Anyone know this squeaky american chap? rgds OrLoK
  5. orlok


    Ta, Tma remember 1 in 4 folk are affected with "mental health" issues. Not a good terminoligy, as it has a stigma attached, but tis still true. As Long as one can chat about it, in a constructive sense i think that can help. And for some thats all that is needed. Others need guidence, or meds or other types of assistance. Me site is there to chat and angst about all that kinda stuff. And to let people know they are not alone in feeling that way. Thanks fer the feedback, as always any comments criticisms are welcomed :) rgds LoK
  6. ok, if i can interject here. moving away from the democracy/sparta thing (but feel free to continue the discussion :) ) What is the fairest and best form of government (if indeed there can be such a thing)? Has it ever been implemented? Has it worked in real life? Also ta for the heinline Info sorry to interrupt. Rgds LoK
  7. I'm not a robbie fan, but i wanted to take a sample (and i must admit was feeling a bit mischevious when i posted this), of how fed2k's fanbase thought of this guy. He is a good Performer and caters to his fans, i will give him that Im just not a fan :) rgds LoK
  8. good grief, did i say that paedophillia is not wrong or against any moral values? No, i was merely pointing towards some of the previous posts which do have an anti gay slant. Me clever? I don't see myslef saying or inferring this. I gave my opinions, without directing my thoughts toward any particular person as we all have our own beliefs. Homosexuality is neither disgusting or incorrect, it's a life choice. Its not my life choice, but i have many associates who choose to follow that path. And you cannot put homosexulaity into the same bracket as paedophillia. as you wrote : quote : I cant stand people who fancy themselves "clever" with their "live and let live" philosophy and then parade around as if they are so open-minded because they simply have no real opinion about anything. Complete rubbish. unquote: No real opinion? twaddle. live and let live? whats wrong with that, as long as it doesn't harm any one. As to starting a crusade, did i call up brothers in arms? rediculous. I'm sorry but I sometimes like to sate my mind. If Gob has a problem with my post then im happy for him to remove or edit it / but i do not believe i said anything out of context within the confines of this thread. Im suprised at you gunwounds. Anyway you have had your say and i have had my rant in response. We should leave this thread to go back to the origional topic. rgds OrLoK
  9. I dont know Heinline's view of democracy. Can anyone explain it, in simple, easy to use terms that come in an aerosol container? Not all of us are super clever :( rgds LoK
  10. In my eyes, he just lived a hedonistic lifestyle. He is obviously also an asthetic, and prefers perfect forms (ie his sexual partnes to still be unnaffected by age), as well as his penchant for plush surroundings and objects. Think of the globe of arrakis he comments on that is in his study. I think his predelictions are more toward the homosexual side, but if it was pure and pretty, i think he'd desire it. As to making him homosexual to make him appear evil, well thats just nonsense. and if you do believ homosexuality is evil i suggest you get out more often. (And no, I'm not, i just believe in live and let live). Sorry i just think bigotry is something to stamp out as we'd all be happier people if it were. rgds LoK
  11. oh good grief, took me a minute to get that! ya fruitloop. rgds LoK
  12. orlok


    I too used to keep stuff hidden, and to a massive extent i still do. but online its so much easier to angst as we are fairly faceless. So for me personally its helpful. but then again im a loony :) rgds LoK
  13. orlok


    A celebrity? but please post away. any age any prob. we welcome all oh and thanks, nema. rgds LoK
  14. A contadiction in terms surely? rgds OrLoK
  15. thanks muchcly :) but dont forget, for all your DUNE gaming/messageboard needs, FED2K is where its at. rgds LoK
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