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  1. True. I left these forums..I thought I had abandoned me. SOmething drew me back though...it must either be that sexy abominable snowman or the ale...maybe both ;)
  2. www.newegg.com and www.tigerdirect.com are good.
  3. With $1500 you could EASILY buy an INCREDIBLY powerful computer (One usually priced at $3,500 Pre-Built) piece by piece and build it yourself.
  4. Scytale has good taste. VERY fun game indeed, and SUPERB voice acting.
  5. I'm an american, and I'm downright outraged. SOmetimes it really sucks being on the side that...sucks :(
  6. Linkin Park is a corporate band. They got some good stuff though. To compare Linkin Park and The Darkness is madness though - they may both be considered "Rock", but Rock is a very wide spectrum, both being on opposite ends. A better comparison would be say...AFI and Good Charlotte.
  7. Is there a culprit at hand? Maybe the super? Is it an apartment building? Maybe a neighbor. Setup multiple cameras and see what happens.
  8. Sleep with someone on the staff. I hear Gob has a water bed :O
  9. I'd say a dark crimson.
  10. Dear god, this is why I love these forums so much. <3
  11. Great list! IS there any chance of Firefly being redone with new episodes though? I was VERY pissed when that, and John Doe, were cancelled.
  12. I prefer Trillian Pro. Miranda IM, and a bit better. Only problem is you have to DL the various awesome plugins through Kazaa, otherwise you need to pay like $0.50 a plugin.
  13. Going to prison to visit my dad, and then I'll be spending Christmas watching TV and playing games, as well as trying to get together with my friend Jenny. Heh.
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