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  1. Westwood probably never thought that Dune 2000 would still be played after 10 years. And to be played on time warp machines :D
  2. Emosh74 I dont think "no cd" patches are allowed to be posted on this sight
  3. Just another thought. DLAghost was another player I used to come across in D2K. Wonder where he's hidding now?
  4. What ever happened to shygirl? She used to be very active on D2K
  5. scotsman

    Battlefield 2

    Thanks guys At the very least I will download the demo and double my ram to 1 gig, then give it a go. The system seems to run BFV very well on medium level, but when things get very busy it seems to slow a little.
  6. scotsman

    Battlefield 2

    Can anyone tell me whether battlefield 2 will play on an AMD 2500+ system with 512ram and a geforce FX5700
  7. Need to organise a time for those of us "south of the border" ie Australia, New Zealand etc Anyone within a few hours either side of my time zone (new zealand)keen for a game? Depending on daylight saving NZ is 12 - 13 hours in front of GMT.
  8. I'll have to try tonight ;D ;D ;D ;D I hope this is not a cruel joke. Thanks for keeping tabs on WOL DRFsimmsy
  9. Can D2k be played on other servers, like those Emperor are played on?
  10. Must be more than just the serial server as I tried to log on last night with Dune 2000 and could not connect. D2K does not require a serial key?
  11. Does anyone know if WOL has gone down? I tried to get on last night and got the message "Bad Password", this was for D2K and Emperor.
  12. Nefud A few questions questions. Is the disc an original? If it is, allow the disc to run it's self install when you put the disc in the drive. Are you able to copy the disc onto your HD, i.e. can you read the disc ok? The game doesn't run within a DOS shell! Most of the problems are graphics related when considering D2K and XP, compatibility usually helps then, but not with installation. What programs are you running when trying to install? Close down any virus software prior to installation. What service pack are you running? SP2 may create issues? I run D2k on XP home without the compatibility mode. No installation problems, just a few graphic issues needed sorted.
  13. use this link for the rc patches. http://www.geocities.com/dlafalcon/home I don't believe they will help with the time out issues. The rc patches only help to hold greater than 4 player games together online. The out of sync error usually happens when in multi player mode. One player has moded version of the game. All players need to have the same version, preferably no mods, otherwise it will bring the game to a halt after a period of time.
  14. Can anyone remember the game that attached to your TV and you had the choice of either tennis, hockey or squash. The graphics were very simple, a vertically moving short white line at each side of the TV and a moving white dot. The white dot bounced around the top and bottom edges of your TV screen. (Mid to late seventies). What about the original space invader games mounted into small tables? Pac-man and galaxy soon followed afterwards.
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