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  1. On a quite night, my mother father and i were sitting in the living room watching T.V. as a window smashed. we all instinctively ducked, but their was something not right. there were other windows break, and holes popped in the wall. due to the fear and shock, it took a second to click in. Gunfire. I was gunfire! suddenly the same noise came from the back of the house. the only other exit. except for the basement. suddenly it was quite. reload time. my dad harshly whispered for us to make a move to the basement, him being the man of the family he bravely peaked out from behind cover and opened
  2. Chapter 3. School was fine at first. and then the news started spreading out "feeds" as they cal them on news from the home country. slowly people drifted apart. After 2 months, things came to a head. a brutally sharp head. Friends drifted away from me, even teachers seemed to not even care of my existence. The administrative staff showed respect, of course forced by law less a law suit. in my 16 years of life i have never once felt so miserable. It was as if i was alone. sure i had some friends, but having moved, made friends and had them disappear in the blink of an eye hurts ones pride li
  3. This community is like a resemblance of the Stepford Community. Everyone is alike, perfect (in their own minds). Wives home at all times, fathers working all the time. Differences arent welcomely accepted, more or less feared. with much dread my parents moved us out here into this gated hell. Moving along through these houses people watched us come in, and in proper neighborly fashion they came over and welcomed us, friendly at first. Only at first... Then with that look of dawning reconization, Their attitudes were like wet clothes. once they found out, they shed these attitudes and changed
  4. o okay ill join in if thers more people that join
  5. How do you take screenshots and videos when your playing the Punisher. im trying to make an AMV out of some of the clips and that would be really helpful
  6. what do you mean by state were you get your resources? do you mean like "My workers are chopping down trees and digging in the gold mines" ??
  7. hey, do you know how to take the coding out of a video, and leave it as just a music file? such as a you tube video, and you take the video coding out and make it so that the file can be put on a regular ipod? n e ones help would be great
  8. i don't do drugs lol. Eric O your advice is pretty good. Only thing is that if I'm told to go some where in the army i will have to. unless i want 20 years in the brig for insubordination. early promotions are not a guaranteed thing.
  9. i dont think about it during the day or before i go to sleep. its usually after i wake up i think about it. But joining the Armed forces wer a dream of mine.. i was gonna do coast guard cuz my mom really did not want me to be in the Army . but since the coast gaurd fell out of my reach she said i could do the army. Lowzeewee or how ever u spell it, the army gaureentees me in my future career choice. i want to be a police officer. Im going to the army to be a Military Policeman, and after my term of service im joining the police force. The army offers me money for when i sign up, a pay every ce
  10. it wanst a future self. it was a dream. kinda like that movie final destiny or w.e. as for the comment made first to this post ur not funny.
  11. One thing that i kno i wanted to do with all my heart was to join the coast gaurd right.. buti started having these wierd dreams were i was in a desrt place right, in full army uniform in a iraqi/pakistani type village . On my uniform was the rank of seargent(remember this cuz this ties in later). and as i was directing my squad in what to do and give them ther orders a group of rebl soldiers come out firing, i get shot in the leg and a few times in the chest, and i slump down against a humvee and then it fades to black and wakes up.. this happens everytime. nd i havnt been able to figure out
  12. continued: The two men grabbed the 9mm pistols from the back of their belts were they kep them tucked under the shirt. "Ight man get ya hands up, you bout to be jacked!" Ronbby exclaimed as he aimed the gun at the mans chest. "I said get yo hands up out yo pocket and get em up." "No, i believe what you said first was "'Ight, man get ya hands up, you bout to be jacked,'" replied the man in a sarcastic tone. "Not only are you a low life thug but your memory sucks. Anyways are you sure you want me to take my hand out of my pockets cause.." Before the man could finish his sentence And
  13. i liek it just fine. Its better then socom and call of duty. Yea its missing some features the ps2 does but there fun just the same
  14. no they shouldnt. Pc games have better graphics and more stuff in them then a console game. In battlefield 2 for the ps2 they dont have jets and they only have 3 different coutnries. America, China and the MEC. The computer game has more. I have the computer game but neither of my computers can handle the game. So i gotta wait until i get a better computer. Plus the medic for the pc game has shock paddles. The ps2 version, the medic has a syringe
  15. Do any of you guys play battlefield 2 online for the ps2?
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