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What is your earliest gaming memory?

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my earliest gaming memory was probably when my bro had a sega genisis... but i cant even remember what games we had on it i just remember playing it... :(  ... the first actual game memory is probably something along the lines of mario, but i was never a "hard-core" gamer, the more serious gaming was when my friend introduced me to worms 2... strategy game where you had a team of worms and killed each other w/ odd weapons (super banana bomb, flying suicide sheep, etc) thats actually where i got slaphapy from (one of the set character names listed was slaphappy..)  then when i got emperor, just because we upgraded our old comp, was when i got more into online gaming.  and it took off from there... i later found tribes 2, diablo 2, star craft, then now im more into UT2k4, call of duty etc. and it still continues :)

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