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What is your earliest gaming memory?

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Me and my brother got a NES for Christmas one year when it was first out.

Came with the gun for Duckhunt and also Super Mario 1.

NES was the good old days.

Games now don't seem to be able to entertain me for more than month. While Nes games did for years.

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X-com: Ufo the enemy unknown (or something like that, I'm not sure about the title.. :-[ ) when I was five or six.

I still have that game found it at a bargin maybe three years ago it came in a collector's edition double CD good game.

@Gunwounds I do not remember how old I was when I started playing Asteriods but neither you or me are spring chickens at the quarter of a century mark.

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Do you mean video games,then it was the first console of Phillips,hehe way back.

I did play pinball at the age of 4,anyone remember ataris TEMPEST ?,my uncle did use to take me to the local El Tordos Game facility.From there it was over to com 64,nintendo(first machine Blades of steel and track and field ,atari 500(Sensible soccer best soccer game ever), sega16 bit(HAng on),then to pc at my friends house all the NHL versions,dune 2000.So my own pc Emperor.....I could go on and on hehe.well here it goes,lol I just found my ATARI ANNIVERSARY EDITION Cd-rom,hehe here they are all of them :


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Hmm for me the earliest gaming memory was the MSX computer, though i don't know the names of those games anymore. But that was truly dated.

First memory of PC games:




Lost Vikings

Wacky Wheels

other stuff by apogee mainly, forgot many of the names

i was like about 9 years old then or so. Not sure

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hah text based adventures. They still exist. Though not great in number they are usually quite big but hard to manage. They do have a certain own funny style because it leaves it all up to your imagination. But it is indeed with commands like.. move south, attack troll, steal key.. etc. etc. .. usually you have to find the commands out yourself. That takes time.

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I remember the first computer game I played: Star Trek 25th Anniversary. Still have it.

First game ever? I don't really remember. I do, however, remember that I played a lot of Super Mario World, I used to hire the SNES and a game for some days, and wow, it was really great.

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Playing Sonic 1 on the Sega MegaDrive (Sega Genesis to all you Americans / any other country that applies).  I must have been about five or six... the MegaDrive was pretty new, so about 1991 or 1992.  I set the console up in my dining room, and started playing.  And playing.  Didn't stop playing until dinner time.  It was Christmas, and there was no way I was missing out on Christmas dinner.  So about 7 solid hours of 16-bit goodness.

Of course, I sucked at first.  Got stuck on that thrice-damned Labyrinth Zone.  Is it just me, or was Robotnik in Act 3 one of the most annoying bosses in the entire game?  You know, when you have to hit him 8 times while constantly jumping ever upwards to avoid being drowned by the rising water?  And there's spikes and blocks everywhere, trying to block your way and kill you?

I still hate that zone...

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