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    Hello, me and SQDeviator have purchased a Hamachi Network for Dune 2000 which supports up to 32 people. Anyone who likes this game and can be a nice guy can join to play with us, the network already got 9 members in only a few days. Join us if you like to play Dune 2000 for fun, free of drama! Network ID: dune2000.my1.ru password: 0
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    Launcher has been updated, special thanks to Grand_Leo for making this awesome background image !
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    well all fed2k forumers work on their own blood and sweat to publicly help everyone who want help and not give any conditions for anything.. What you were researching now and not disclosing will be done by someone who is lyk the rest of us and will be available to all.. If you really wanted help on samp you should have said please and not talk like a gangster saying I'll give you this if you do this.. If you would have asked politely without saying anything about misai file research I or anyone would have helped you.. What you did now made everyone angry.. We had a great mind in our midst who helped us in modding Dune 2000.. For free he did.. MVI was his name.. The rest of us follow in his footsteps and completing the mission he started.. Try to understand the anger when we saw that post you posted.. Step into our shoes Luminar.. You did a good job.. But with great power comes great responsibility..
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    From now on i am going to post all new features inside of this thread, else it is getting out of control if i create 100million threads :D High res patch is now included in my patch, you can change the resolution via dune2000.ini "GameWidth=" and "GameHeight="
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    Not sure if this is been posted before, I think CCHyper and D2k Sardaukar have looked into it before. But I've just written a quick patch to try out the patching system, which allows you to toggle the debug mode on and off using the Q key:
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    I don't really know what is this file, but I have found some things related to the units. The problem this is not the full dune2000.dat: #error "There were 15 decompilation failure(s) on 1723 function(s)" Now I understand how units are working. All of them have an id inside the dat file. Units without id will not appear ingame. Another problem: The decompilation wasn't full, so some of the units are missing from this file. The biggest problem: Recompiling the dat file is impossible with missing parts from it. Now we only need a decompiler that can fully decompile the dat file, then we will be able to add new units!
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    Ew, vb. Use c#, man :P
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    Neither do I for the moment. LOL! So to compensate, let me link to this nice image of Nili Patera an active Dune Field on Mars by NASA: http://www.nasa.gov/content/active-dune-field-on-mars/#.U2QbtoZd_-s
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    After some more testing I accidentally found that making a block 00 40 10 40 instead of 00 40 01 40 makes a block that only infantry can go on and slows them down, BUT it turns into spice as well, so it seems that a block has 4 characteristics instead of just 2. EDIT Making it 00 E0 00 00 makes it buildable, but it is still black (The second block on BLOXBASE, the one I use for testing), so it seems the third changes how it looks, it seems that anything between 01 and 0F makes it it's normal appearance, and anything above 0F makes it into spice . So, it seems that the first and third byte change the looks and the second and fourth changes if it can be built on/what units can go on it. Interestingly, making the first byte 4B made the game crash with a "Two units are on one block" error. The crash was because I had units on the blocks I'm editing, but when I removed them it turns into spice, BUT the courser says that units can go on it, but they can't. Also, when a stealth Fremen walks right up to it, it uncloaks which I think is something they do when they walk up to an enemy. In the map editor spice is treated like a unit, so I guess it can be spawned like one too. Changing the second byte also seems to change if the crater is sand, dirt or nothing. The locations of the spice in the tileset seems to be hardcoded, because changing all their values in both sections to FFFFFFFF did not affect the harvesters AI.
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    Well it seems the game does a check exactly when the carryall touches the ground, and then decides whether or not to drop the full reinforcement load. In survival, the absolute minimum that will spawn at the 5 minute intervals is 3 Ordos Light Infantry, 3 Troopers, 3 trikes and 3 quads, but on easy it drops 2 trikes, 1 quad, 2 light infantry and 1 trooper instead. Medium and Hard seem to behave the same so far. Edit: In the 1st Wave another carryall normally delivers 2 Combat Tanks, 1 Trike, 1 Quad, 1 Missile Tank and 1 Sonic Tank. On easy it delivers 1 Sonic Tank, 1 Combat Tank and a Trike.
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    Will also have an option of showing the unit and structure shadows at their 50% translucency:
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    It took longer than expected but finally a new version of Dune Legacy is released. Main changes: Full-featured map editor with support of Dune2-compatible maps as well as the extended map formatIntegration of OpenSuperDune (a replacement to the original SuperDune)Unit/Structure stats and the techtree is read from a config fileUsed scaler (Nearest Neighbor or Scale2x) is configurable (default = Scale2x)Game completely localizable (except helping menu)Harvesters now have a return commandTrying to place a structure on a tile which is already occupied by (your own) units orders them to move awayAdd support for multiple different AI implementationsImproved AI: Base is now built up faster and more compactNew single and multiplayer mapsFurther changes:Determine username automatically upon first start upPressing an assigned number twice centers the screen on the selected unitsDestroyed units might spawn a soldier (Probability depends on the type of unit)Quad, Trike and Infantry units have a bumpy moving style when moving over rocks, mountains and thick spiceIdling units randomly turn aroundBullets now have an explosion animation when hittingSpice blooms have now their own animationFull Harvesters move 40% slower than empty onesUnits are defined badly damaged (smoke, only one weapon) if < 50% max. health (instead of 30%)Sardaukar Troopers and Fremen Troopers are no unit types on its own anymore (just normal Troopers)Deviation chance is now house specificStarport prices are now normal distributed (instead of uniform)Limiting number of palaces to one is now optional (default = off)As in Dune II killed sandworms no longer respawn; old behavior is now an option (default = off)New game option: Sandworms drop spice when killed (default = off)Changes to game speed: Globally configurable; saved to and loaded from savegame; configurable before start of a multiplayer gameUpdate enet to version 1.3.6Code was refactored in order to have a more consistent styleBugfix: Sand damage was using the wrong graphicsBugfix: Make it possible to order any type of unit from the starport if specified in the CHOAM sectionBugfix: Build with SDL 1.2.14 on Mac OS X for Lion compatibilityBugfix: Allow special units to be delivered by reinforcementsBugfix: Correct order of houses is Harkonnen, Atreides, Ordos, Fremen, Sardaukar, Mercenary as in the color paletteBugfix: Minimap was not updated correctly when playing with fog-of-war enabledBugfix: Stopping a unit that was awaiting pickup could "freeze" the carryallBugfix: It was possible to exceed the spice storage limit (it's still possible to circumvent the limit but it's more complex)Bugfix: Harvester returns after the last tile of spice on the map is clearedBugfix: Playing xmi music on Windows was brokenBugfix: Various fixes to the correct handling of music and sfx volume changesKnown issues:Multiplayer games still have a rare chance of getting out of syncGet it from the Dune Legacy Website. I'm curious to see what maps you create. hf
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    Hi guys, Yesterday I was very surprised to learn that in a standard 8-min no-rush game, an Ordos player is allowed to place his stealth raider right inside an ennemy's refinnery so that harvesters can no longer deliver spice. With all due respects, I would appreciate an explanation about that. I'll try to convince you why it should not be allowed. First of all, why do the 8-min rule exists? Please tell me if I'm wrong, but I came to understand it's fun when each player has the opportunity to develop a strong economy at the beginning of a game. During the 8-min period, we can't attack base or harvesters because it's good to focus on refs and 3 heavy factories so that we develop our economy fast. Here I'm really puzzled at how do we prohibit attacking harvesters, but allow a stealth raider to stop just inside an opponent's refinery. In my opinion, positionning a stealth raider at that precise spot is just as harmful to the opponent's economy as directly attacking his harversters. Maybe even more, because when "Harversters [are] under attack", there is a warning. There is no warning against a stealth raider denying you to use a refinery. How can you defend against this "strategy" in an 8-min no-rush game? One single infantry can't hold a raider so I suppose you must build quickly a barrack in order to position at least 4 infantry (or troopers) near each of your refineries. Or else, you keep your starting units inside your base to deal with stealth raiders and don't scout the map. One way or the other, don't you think it gives the Ordos player a tremendous advantage? Consider also the fact that while we can scout everywhere, we can't stop units inside an ennemy's base in the no-rush period. Because besides automatically firing at units in range (I acknowledge stealth raiders don't ) , it's also harmful because you can't place your new buildings wherever you want. How many times have you played and someone says "Yo blue, move this trike, tnx." "Yo yellow, move units outside of base." etc. So the other question is this: why do we allow a stealth raider to stop inside an opponent's base during the no-rush periode while no other units can? You know, I don't care that much about the no-rush rule. Actually we could try to play no rules on Erg 3 , we could see some creative strategies and build orders. But let's be coherent about what is a "rush". A stealth raider stoping inside a refinery makes this refinery unworkable, in fact if the other player doesn't realize this instantly, it can doom his/her economy. It's great harrasment so I'm curious to know how you don't consider this a "rush" . Best regards and have a good one! :-)
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    http://www.openra.net/news/playtest-20150118/ adds Sandworms and Carryalls: also includes a lot of performance improvements and bug fixes. Happy testing!
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    Hey every one. I just finished a full campaign: 'Smugglers - Sands for the taking'. Ive play tested each mission and have not run into any problems, but please let me know if you do so. This is a full 9 mission campaign, im pretty sure most of you know what you need, and how to install it, if not, its all in the readme. Please let me know how it is and post any feed back you have here. Enjoy. Smuggler Campaign - Sands for the taking.rar
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    Hello, i added a section about Dune II fangames (http://dune.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Dune_II_fangames) in the Dune Wiki (http://dune.wikia.com). I hope it helps to let people know about those good works that keep the great Dune II alive. Note that i didn't mean to add "everything" (such as minor or non working projects), since it is an encyclopedia, not a resource for developers.
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    You must be having a laugh? Having no build queues is shit. Good work MVI
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    yes i been talking about the Title.tga etc, i found the function which loads the UIL files and modified it to adjust the X Y for all uil files with just a few lines of code :D here it is: @HACK 0x004827D8, AlignUI mov ecx, dword[esp+0x1C] cmp byte[_HighResPatchEnabled], 1 jnz .out add edx, dword[_HighResUIAlignY] add ecx, dword[_HighResUIAlignX] .out: mov dword[ebp+0x0C], edx mov edx, dword[esp+0x2C] mov dword[ebp+0x8], ecx jmp 0x004827E6 @ENDHACK yea i noticed that problem in the sidebar when you go to the startport menu, the game doesnt redraw this area :/ are you sure this is related to ui_eng file? i thought it was caused by uibb.r16 i tested the uinew.tga code and the game reads the files fine (see my post above)
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    my idea was to create campagin harkonnen extravaganza and example challenges would be' - destroying specific house before other house destroys another. (example mission completed after killing atreides, mission failed if ordos kill emperor) - harvester racing - you have 20 harvesters and opponent will throw at you infantry you have to keep crushing the infantry for 15 minutes then mission completed mission failed if you lose all harvesters, use carryals to move between spice fields - bridge of war .- you only have 40 tanks 20 quads/trikes 10 troopers few repair pads you haveto destroy turrets on thin land and ldont lose all units kill all turrets to complete mission (no siege tanks,missile tanks) -hills have eyes only infantry , destroy as many stealth fremens as you can find you have 15minutes to kill them otherwise mission fails - one way ticket. mission completes after you destroy atreides base, try to not agress other houses once this done army they produce will directly send to you - sandworm challenge . you have 10 MCV'S you must find stable place to build base and destroy fremen camp next to you warning alot of slow sand and alot of worms .(lets say 50 worms) also scattered hostile forces . -the war - find way to start war between 5 houses (they are all bot neutral to themselves) you will have base and tanks, but find way without getting involved. mission completes when ordos is destroyed - the wall well this is only survival , you have to move harvesters, mcv's throught maze filed with turrets evry minute opponent will get 1 trike/raider and your amount of troops slowly decrease - survive or find way to build base in 10 minutes - the assault. this is final mission and you release friendly base from blockade, release their harvesters and let them build base, mission ends in hour or fails if friendly base is destroyed oh and you fighting 5 fortified enemies no reinforcements , no harevster replacement for you. ================================= problem is simple without 8th ai i cannot start to work on this the 8th ai could screw you with additional opponent to fight. looking for some help. at the moment any work isnot yet started.
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    Doing the campaign now.. Fixing map bugs like stupid tilesets.. Multiplayer will be done later.. I know about the zero player base for demo.. I expect it.. I'm making a list on excel and fixing all maps manually one by one so that it'll be playable.. My major mistake was in Atriedes Mission 1 where we have to mine a lot of spice but unfortunately forgot to put in spice blooms and as a result spice dried up fast.. And most maps i made are kinda small.. :P I'm doing the best i can so that after the incident i can do it as fast as i can.... :(
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    Fail at menu render. It's more work than I thought. Will probably not finish this, but I learned a lot about VB.NET.
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    I've succeeded in making a Dune 2000 expansion blank shell to make mods for the game with vanilla binaries without overwriting the original files.. I'll be releasing a stable version once i've completed emperor chronicles as i've implemented this blank shell into it.. Features Can make missions for Dune 2000 vanilla without overwriting previous or original files.. Separate music, missions & video folder for adding new stuff into it.. Separate ui data folder to modify interface.. Updated launchers customized for your use.. This is a product of dat file binary editing.. I'll post the different versions soon..
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    Its a useful concept when you want to see whats happening from the AIs prospective in mission design.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K40AdLVjvJI The tutorial ^
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    Dune will never die.. it'll just evolve.. Almost all the forumers are going to keep the legacy awake..
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    Some people in Ro declared war on China. Nr1: -We will attack and destroy China!! // Applause Nr2: -Sir, they're over!!! Nr1: -Man, you're right!!! We are we going to bury all of them??? P.S. Simply a joke: don't judge it.
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    It worked, thanks for the info! Hires patch added on d2kplus.com: LINK Btw tried to install the DOS resolutions for fun but it didn't work :D
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    Fixed starport mouse movement crash below starport area. Fixed starport right mouse button crash below starport area. Fixed tooltip display below starport area (nothing displayed). Tested only on 1024x768. Please test on higher resolutions and let me know if something comes up. I hope this is final! :) D2K-HRpatch-1.0.zip
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    New Python script that can patch to any resolution. Below is an example of 1920x1080. The UI needs to be cleaned up a little, it shows options button twice (second one is no button). The up/down buttons for scrolling don't give a crash strangely enough, but for 1024 they did during programming.... Still need to figure out the bmp files for the world map before I release the script. I looked at Pillow to edit the bmp files, but got a little confused at Python 3 support ... so I stopped working on it. Example: N.Kindt, what is different in your 0.8.1 version and the very first version?
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    Nope, they still have the same issue as before. There was an issue with how I saved the R16, which produced some artifacts you saw in the above image. I've now reused the R16 saving code from my tile site editor instead, which has resolved it. (Compare the globe and the left side of the money amount holder on this image and my previous one) I have now attached my new 1024x768 UIBB files (.R8 and .R16): UIBB1024Versions.zip
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    contributers (people who helped me) :: [aka]Fedaykin (a whole tech tree, and most factors in the game) Vota dc(idea for gla unit from c&c:generals) Hawker(idea for a futuristic gui) X3M(for idea of tank crushing) Criver(for pointers on game making) TeamWolf(his awsome mod gave me a few ideas)
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    I have changed some of ingame sounds with adobe soundbooth CS5 & mvi's sound effect tool .Hope thats it could give a new fell of the game (they are just the orginals files with some changes only KILLGUY3 & EXPLLG3 was impossible to change because thats making them more then 64ko who crash the game.Sorry for my fault I am not english xD) http://www.mediafire...t63kcg1pn9ifih8 EDIT:I forgot to tell you thats you have to place replace the orginal one by this file in dune2000folderDataGAMESFX
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    It has occurred to me that you might find a certain feature from another game interesting or useful for your Grand Strategy mode. In Eador: Genesis, the player obtains new technologies by discovering them during scenarios. On the global conquest map, you can preview what technologies can be discovered in a territory (well, "shard" according to the game plot, but essentially it's the same thing), what the starting bonuses are etc. Thus the players can plan out their tech tree enhancements as they progress through the game. The difference is that, because of the aforementioned game plot situation, the player has a bit more freedom in selecting a territory to invade and conquer. However, I think this is still a viable idea to a certain extent.
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    As a first note. I started this campaign before my "New House" Campaign, but this was on hold because I had some issues with size map and the IA sending units one by one. But now is endend and fully tested, so I want to share with all of you. This is a new campaign for the Atreides, My own tribute to the Dune 2 game, trying to copy the basic and the essence of that game. Here are the main points. Maps: The Maps are like in Dune 2: Just rocks, sand, dunes and spice (and that type of tile only walkable by soldiers, but not always there will be). So the enemy can come for any direction and you can attack for almost any direction. Some maps are very similar comparing to the original level, others are recognizable but I have taken the liberty to add or remove my free will. Just 2 examples Level 2: Very similar to the original map. Level 3: much less similar to the original map. IA: The IA I used is the same for every level and enemy. He build fast and attack quick (comparing to others IAs), but his attacks are weak (He barely send more than 10 units, counting 2-3 heavy vehicles, 2-3 light vehicle and 2-3 soldiers <-- this number can increase when the IA have a Starport. At first this seems easy, but later with 2 and 3 enemies stronger attacks can overwhelm you (considering the fact the map is flat, so can be hard make bottlenecks). Enemy behaviour: In Dune 2 when the enemy have 2 heavy factorys and 2 light factorys he can build 4 vehicles at the same time. In this campaign the same will happen. In levels when the enemy have 2 barracks/factorys will be 2 players building together. In levels with 2 players building as one only 1 CY is there, so half of their buildings are lost forever if you destroy them. Attacking: In Dune 2, because the unit limit and the way you only can give ordes one by one, attacking for the front can be a bad choise. Instead, going for behind you can destroy lots of building avoiding almost the turrets. For this campaign, this is very similar. In early levels doesn't matter, but later is very diferent. Usually the enemy have more turrets and more units in area guard mode (plus the units he build to defence itself) than going for behind. Of course. In dune 2 the CY is a high priority building to destroy. Here you can target the windtraps first, so they turrets stop working and win. Resources: The spice is limited. There isn't any Spice bloom in the game. The money is enough to create several strong attacks before running out. But isn't infinite, so don't waste it building 5 VCM and, in levels with a starport, is better wait for a 580 credits for a tank and a 310 credits for a Quad. Is a bargain! In Dune 2000 isn't needed exploring the map too much because the harvesters go automatically to the spice, but in this campaign the spice is more spread than in normal campaigns, so is better if you explore the area around your base so you can build your refineries near the spice. (Usually is better place your 2 or 3 refineries separated instead totheter, although later you have carry alls). Reinforcements: Like in the Dune 2 game, the enemy will send carryalls in your base and you will recieve reinforcements as well. The timers are the same as in Dune 2, but the enemies are doubled (2 tanks in Dune 2 can melt your 3 troopers, but in Dune 2000 is the opposite) In Dune 2000 the carry all can drop the units away from your sight. You can react in time if he drops 3 light infantry or 2 trikes, but if he drops 3 troopers or 1 siege tanks you will lost the building before have enough time to defend it. Because this the text.uib have a "enemy unit aproaching" text. Feels like the original game and gives you the warning to look for the airplane and prepare yourself your units to fight back. --- As a personal point. I can guarantee the last level is challeging. Your starting money being so poor, their attacks are mostly weaks but 3 on 1 can overwhelming you. The Death Hand destroyed me some buildings, including the heavy factory when I didn't have the light factory yet. The saboteur destroy me some buildings (and a turret several times) too, plus all the enemy reinforcements all over my base was really hard to defend all. But like the original game, when the time increase, the enemies build more slowly and you can counter-attack and destroy windtraps and his refinery to shut-down the enemy. Pack campaña estilo Dune 2.rar
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    Someone who goes under Glukv48 hacked ugorden's VQA encoder to allow 800x600; http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=38148
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    Good news everyone, we are no longer dependant on hamachi, just open your loader and it will apply the new update, we chat in dune chat now, hope to see yall there.
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    Internally hosted site is now working. A beta ladder was added too and seems to work fine. Dune 2000 Channel Alman is working again! I asked some people to add a time counter to the game too. Someone did it, don't know exactly who was but its very usefull. Many thanks to Griffin, DLAriotttt, Funkyfr3, Fedaykin, Morphosis and many other players for support overtime. Dune 2000 lives! Come by and see by yourself. :D
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    Yes, they are stuck to the left. Score screen is also stuck to the left. I tried to fix it, but I don't know where to look and I don't find it that important, because the actual gameplay works in high resolution. Here is a quick try at a steam grid view banner:
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    http://open-ra.org/news/playtest-20131209/ is probably good news for all Dune nostalgics here: We now support most of the Dune II file formats. This is a screenshot from an unofficial fan project showing off our new asset browser and SHP(D2) sprites. The soft edges in Dune 2000 spice tiles are now rendered properly.
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    Problem solved using the Dxtory application and setting the fps limit to 30!
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    Found something that allows you to build everywhere, but not on the normal build ground, lol. Not that it's much use, but this is how you get it: Change at hex location 00044519 the value from 74 into 75 (in DUNE2000.DAT). You can use XVI32 for this.
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    and a small video review by aKaFedaYkin. To answer his questions:The Ordos deviator owner change is permanent.Search Wikipedia/Google to find about what "ports" are. If you are behind a router that supports UPnP go to settings and check [x] "Enable Network Discovery (UPnP)", restart, "Create Game" and check [x] "Automatic port forwarding" to allow people to connect to your game. Otherwise http://portforward.com is your friend.Hint: the AI is producing very effectively, but it will mindlessly throw everything it got towards your base after it amassed an army. Use long-range weapons like artillery and turrets against it. Don't let it grow strong as it builds and fires super weapons.
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    Better not start this subject again I'd be very grateful to the guy who would manage to enable events, conditions and other .mis stuff for skirmish/LAN/online. That would be really a HUGE step.
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    we had captcha on as well, meaning spammers are paying humans to solve the puzzles :/
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    Here's a WIP project that very clearly copies Dune II without openly acknowledging it: Battle of the Sands What can be seen on the screenshots is very clearly based off Dune II (including the flag graphics and some very clear similarities of the factory structure).
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    I've resumed development on my Resource Editor, for those who haven't seen what it looks like, here's a screenshot:
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    Ops i misunderstood what you said and thought you were going to cancle this opperation There is no need to warry about overwhelming attacks of infantry because i have that taken cared of. The Turrets are the best thing to remove of such an enemy but first ill explain of the infantry that cost nothing. The fremen can no longer turn invisible for that would be like cheating if you can just call invisible soldiers at your disposal And the snipers take much longer to build...This also makes mission 4 on the atradies hard because they cannot be trained from the fremen sietch. The snipers can attack air crafts The sardukar are powerful too slower and cost nothing...the fremen are their only weakness...other houses must pay exept the Harkonnen and the Emperor. All tho these units are very strong agiants vehicles. Harkonnen sardukar are stronger and have more hitpoints along with more fire power The Sardukar Where chosen by my self to be a unit that can withstand explosions because of the design of their armour The sabators can destroy devastator tank and anything within the radius witch makes this unit dangerous...they are free and can be called just by 1 click The ordos has no air strike nor any death hand...so i gaved them an advantage too witch is invisible strikers that are great for assassinations. These can easyly be killed with turrets... In my version infantry are the easyest thing to repel agiants your base Harkonnen have flame turrets and gun turrets for air defence Ordos have walls with sub machine guns and gun turrets along with missile turrets The atradies have a Long distance machine gun turret that fires sniper bullets along with a missile luncher And the only file used to create these are with my TibEd editor all tho i would like to learn how to increase healing rates so i can decrease the hp of the devastator by alot so it could heal....very fast. It ill be like a shield generator it condences Oh and the palaces are no longer training facilities. I made them to be as the ones like in Emperor's battle for dune witch i never got to play The atradies does not summon a giant bird hologram that frightens the enemy But it will be a reqiurment for the new Owl Tank witch is the best repelant agiants infantry and combat tanks...All tho TibEd does not allouw adding of units so that wont be possible unless i find out a way how to add it. The ordos palace is now known as the Chaos Beam Cannon that takes control of any unit in its radius...It cannot be built but it is only available druin the story mode. The enemy will be a hell of an attack at the last level when they relentlessly attack your base with air strikes and death hand missiles. The advice to anyone who plays that level is to destroy harkonnen palace first for it is very...very expensive. Changed the Ordos Ix center to an Tesla Turret The Harkonnen palace never really summoned any units other than the death hand missiles so i will leave it as that exept it would be able to use it at any time...5 death hand missiles hit my base...direct impact at my factory...If that isent hard then your the most powerful player i know
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