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  1. Wow I didn't think anyone would remember that Thanks a lot I understand now how it works. So many possibilities... By the way your newest campaign looks great! I have to play that too
  2. Hello, great to see how far the modding community has come. I haven't been here in a long time and it seems like I missed a lot. Noob question: I want to edit something with the structures editor for a campaign I'm working on. Which files are actually edited and how can I make it that it's only changed for a specific mission and not the entire game (with the new mission launcher)?
  3. Some more info: We both have Windows 7 We both have the same version of the game (1.04) We can see and join our games in LAN mode. It just doesnt work online. Hopefully someone has an idea :)
  4. Hey all, I read on the internet that you can play a coop campaign in online mode. Somehow I never noticed that in all those years :D Well, I told a friend about that and of course we wanted to try it out. We were both able to login and we can chat with each other in online mode. But when one of us creates a game, the other can't see it. So my question is, does anyone know what we have to do to see our games and play together?
  5. Impressive! Didn't visit the forum for some time, now I have to try out all the great you new stuff you guys are doing :D
  6. Just noticed I forgot to answer here. It really looks like you don't have the 1.06 patch. I suggest you to download and re-install the patch from here: http://www.d2kplus.com/106patch.php lol Seems I should avoid the bloxxmas tileset in the campaign I'm currently working on.
  7. You did a great job here! :) I'm currently at mission 5 (those nasty worms...) and until now the missions are very well designed (landscape, events, objectives). You had some very original ideas, I like that :) The campaign is also pretty challenging imo.
  8. That's really weird. ??? Ok then download this file and place it in the data folder. It's the tileset the game is looking for but somehow doesn't find, it seems. It should work this way. BLOXXMAS.zip
  9. First, thank you for playing my campaign :) Hope you like it. About that error message, I have no idea why you get that. I tested it on version 1.06 and it worked without any problems in 16 bit.
  10. Oh thanks, next time I'll give everyone at least 1 building. @dato 2000 That was intentional, because the humans should work together. In the beginning player 1 is stronger and has to defend both. Later player 2 might become stronger because he has a construction yard and more space to expand.
  11. Here's another one. You need 2 humans and 4 AIs. It was intended that player 1 plays the mercenaries (ordos) and player 2 the harkonnen. Btw. I saw that you can play the real mercenaries in practice by changing PlayerSide to 6 in the dune2000.ini Unfortunately that doesn't work when other human players are involved. Coop mission.zip
  12. Again the question how did you do the co-op thing? I mean what do I have to do if I want to start a game like this?
  13. If it can't be used online, where is the problem? Training infantry on the highest game speed without building queues is imo super annoying (especially without the high resolution patch) and the only thing I don't like about this game. No one is forced to use this, but for those who like it, this patch is imo a great addition and mvi did a very good job. (Else you could call the high-res patch a cheat as well).
  14. Impressive! How did you do that? If co-op is possible that would be awesome :)
  15. You need version 1.06 to play it.
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