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  1. Hey guys, Dato is hosting a 1v1 tournament on 22nd Dec 2015, so it is a good idea to have the format that most people will agree on. As I can see Dato is not experienced with making polls, so I thought I would create it to help everyone decide on the tournament format. The tournament will be held on CNCNET. If you come up with other ideas / alternatives than are in the choices, comment on the section below. Please vote only people who plan to participate. The tournament is single elimination.
  2. Well, the installer for Msvbvm50 is called VB Runtime and doesn't contain the file Galaxy is talking about.
  3. Hey Gala, I remembered of you when we were thinking about editing maps :D Btw, what about that file? It's not on my PC and doesn't look like i could find any downloads for that either.
  4. So you can open Shai-Hulud fine, but when you try to load the map, it doesn't show any error, but gets stuck and doesn't load anything? If that's the case and you got Win 7, then maybe it has something to do with Windows update. Maybe some DLL's got changed. That's the only explanation that comes to my mind. That would complicate the editing.
  5. So here are my suggested changes. Apart from these, I'd also remove or replace the little spots in the sand that belong to building area. I think it would be a good multiplayer map if these are done. 1 - Create small spot that cannot deploy MCV + put all spawn points there. 2 - Move this island a bit more north so it is on the same level as the others. 3 - Make this island bigger. 4 - More spice for this location while keeping the spot size symmetrical with the others. 5 - Make these areas impassable. 6 - Make these areas passable only for infantry. The rocks should be all a size of the rock
  6. Funky: Doesn't look like a downloadable picture I could edit.
  7. Feda: Can you send a link to the map image? My Shai-Hulud doesn't seem to be working.
  8. Funky: I think that would take a lot of work. The map is quite asymmetric, it would be either imbalanced or take too much work. Might as well make new map. Or use parts of Habbanya on another map. Though it is true that TM and TR spots would make a good allied team, but would need to make roughly the same area on BL. Also it is currently an issue to set the teams right like this. Feda: So would that mean you are up to edit it a little bit? It would need to be a lot more closed. But other than that I think it's useable for 3v3's and 2v2's.
  9. Hey guys, I'm looking for someone with experience of making maps for Dune who could help create one or possibly more 2v2 maps for Cncnet. The map (or maps) should be XL or L sized and address an issue where allies are too far away from each other on existing maps. This can allow to play defensively and tech up to combat tanks or IX units without dying to quad rushes. Some of the design could be inspired by Starcraft 2 maps that all have close positions of allies for easier cooperation. If interested, PM me or reply to this thread.
  10. I know it's long and other normal RTS games don't have that, but any attempts to get rid of this rule have been declined by others. They go like "let's play standard 8 min".
  11. That was in regards to myself. I could possibly still deal with someone who uses it if I don't, but it would matter in a sense that it would require less skill to play good. I'm not that important though since there are no people who could compete with me. With others, they will have countless units they will not know how to use. Games could then take literally hours. People would have to stop playing 8 min no rush, but I'm not sure if they are ready for that. Also, in RA there are hundreds of players who are fine without the queues and take it as part of the skill.
  12. What kind of micro? We can play a game and I will show you :P To name a few - positioning, engaging in favorable situations, reducing units lost in unfavorable situations, attacking on multiple locations (or bases) to gain map control or throw the other off the track, putting units constantly on guarding so they all keep hitting and not just some of them to basically have more units doing damage than the other party, putting infantry in front when engaging army without antiinfantry to reduce tank losses to minimum, attacking army from multiple locations to do more damage per second and avoid i
  13. It's not about spamming clicks though. It's not beneficial to have full infantry production. What is needed most is the heavy factory, then some quads and couple troopers. And that is about constant production rather than as fast as possible. And to be good at any RTS, you gotta click fast anyway, it's for the purpose of fast and efficient unit control (micro). Even game like Warcraft 3 requires overall fast clicking. Dune has unlimited cash at some point, so it makes completely no sense to have automatic production. People will have crapload of units they will not know how to use. There is no
  14. Well that's some epic fail, mvi. This should have never happened and it cannot be taken back.
  15. Hey guys, tried this in multiplayer, but it goes OOS (tested 2 games), then deleted dune2k.com and played with same player again, no OOS. Btw the hotkeys are contagious, played with the D & F for 10 minutes and then I couldn't properly play anymore when I put them back :D
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