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  1. This is likely because the Audio Converter is a wrapper for for the AUD Conversion Utilities written in 1998. I'd be surprised if any of the C# code (which the wrapper and most my tools are written in) no longer works as it's only six years old (which is relatively recent in terms of OS support). The author of those utilities has written an explanation of the AUD file format which could be used to write new conversion tools
  2. mvi


    Thanks for the offers Gobalopper and Gruntlord, as Gruntlord has been involved in maintaining D2K+ it makes sense to move the site to his server, I'll message you about it :)
  3. mvi


    Hi all, As you will have gathered I'm no longer involved in Dune 2000 reverse engineering and no longer have time to run the d2kplus.com website. I'm looking for someone to take over the site, and I can provide you with both the domain and the existing files/database. You would need a server with PHP/MySQL support. I will also be able to help you with the integration of files to your hosting if needed. Beyond the downloads, there are also some useful resources on D2K+ such as the Images section which has probably one of the most comprehensive collections of D2K related images, the Modding Wiki which has a lot of information on Dune formats and an interview with one of the Dune 2000 artists which includes interesting pre-production details. How you want to structure and present the website is up to you. You could build on what's already there, pull it into a new site or integrate the content into an existing site. The only requirement is that all the actual content is preserved and that you believe you'll be able to operate the site long term. Thanks, mvi
  4. There is no requirement for you to download this patch...
  5. Dune 2000 Build Queues Patch Version 1 After about a month of development, I'm pleased to release Version 1 of the Build Queues Patch. This patch introduces queuing for units when you're already building a unit from that building. So if you click light infantry 5 times then 5 troopers it will build all 10 of them sequentially. This patch works for both single player modes (campaign and practice). I've spent much of the last week removing bugs from it, so it should be quite stable. But if you find any bugs please post. In Version 1.0 there is no facility to cancel queued orders (you have to cancel them when they begin production), I've not found this to be a major issue but if it does become a problem we can add something in. Special thanks to FunkyFr3sh, Sonarpulse, Hifi for the patching framework and invaluable help on IRC CCHyper and D2k Sardaukar for variable/function symbols Gruntlord6 for testing the alpha builds Download Version 1.0 at D2K+
  6. I've ported it to the new patcher now - https://github.com/mvi/dune2k/commit/62b903bc2e3f33f74621a35f38fcbb42c23dab95
  7. Thanks, added the SVG to the Misc section.
  8. I've added the images that are new or are of higher quality to the D2K+ Images page For the curious, here is a zip of the images I added
  9. Nice, will add them when I get a chance.
  10. Have a PNG <-> TGA Converter Images are saved in the same folder as the original with the same name but different extension. If anyone wants to do anything fancier with it, i.e. drag and drop or CLI then the source code is at https://gist.github.com/mvi/284fa3b6fa9422da8297 Full source code zip is at https://www.dropbox.com/s/3us76ubmd8uhg0e/TGAConverter.7z
  11. If people want one I can put together one quickly enough
  12. It's 15 bit, the 16th bit is just padding. The code I posted should work fine if you have raw pixel buffers. Photoshop supports editing these files without any issues. Alternatively a PNG<->15 bit TGA convertor should be trivial to code.
  13. That's cool, perhaps you could add a brief outline of what the macros do and how to use them :) I've started putting together a list of useful variable locations and functions. The sym.asm file looks like a good idea, but it doesn't mention data types (or size) or function signatures which is what I've been putting in my list. Maybe it could be extended or used with a C file, so that we can build up a list of variable and function pointers.
  14. Not sure if this is been posted before, I think CCHyper and D2k Sardaukar have looked into it before. But I've just written a quick patch to try out the patching system, which allows you to toggle the debug mode on and off using the Q key:
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