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    Updated Dune 2000 with Compatibility fixes for all versions of windows + linux + macOS If you got any kind of problems running the game, do the following: 1. Download the latest dune2000.exe and place it into your game folder http://downloads.cncnet.org/Games/Dune2000/dune2000.exe 2. Download the latest Dune2000Config.exe and place it into your game folder http://downloads.cncnet.org/Games/Dune2000/Dune2000Config.exe 3. Start the new Dune2000Config and set your renderer to "Automatic" 4. Make sure you DO NOT have any kind of compatibility modes enabled for dune2000.exe and dune2000-spawn.exe 5 Download dplayx.dll and place it into your game folder: https://github.com/CnCNet/dummy-dplayx/releases 6. Start the game and have fun! Notes: You can now use Alt+Enter to switch between windowed and fullscreen mode. Use Ctrl+Tab to unlock your cursor. The window can be resized during runtime, but you might not see a resize cursor (just try until you found the right spot!) Supports new features such as Shaders, check ddraw.ini for all details. (See Shaders/readme.txt for more details about shaders). Example Shader usage for ddraw.ini: renderer=opengl shader=Shaders\crt-lottes-fast-no-warp.glsl
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    Hello all! It's been almost 3 years since I released the last version of the Map and Mission editor without any update. Once I made a topic (https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27429-reviewing-map-and-mission-editor/) where I asked you for some ideas what to add to the editor. I was planning to do some updates based on your suggestions, but then unfortunately got disinderedted in development and never implemented the ideas... until now. Finally I kicked myself to finish off some missing and useful features to the editor, which I think should really be there, and the editor will feel more complete with them. It's just a small update (not having so many additions like previous releases) and it's not an official release, but just a preview. I wanted to make sure all the new features work correctly and there's not any serious bug. So I'd like to ask you to test it and give me some feedback and ideas. But I want to say that I'm not going to implement anything big, just probably some minor additions like I made in this version and bug fixes. Download (EDIT: new version from 2018-12-02): https://forum.dune2k.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=3885 Changelog: Fixed: Size preset buttons in Tileset window were off by one position Added: Find object feature Changed: Some options (i.e. Show grid) are now toggle buttons below minimap instead of Settings menu items Removed: Draw concrete option (now is always on) Added: Play Sound event: now provides dropdown list of sound names (loaded from samples.uib) Added: Play Music event: now provides dropdown list of music names (list of existing .AUD files in Data\Music folder) Fixed: Set Attack Building Rate event: value is named "Arrack rate" instead of "Unknown" Fixed: Casualties condition: "Flags?" value renamed to "Proportion" and changed to floating-point number type Added: When temporary TESTMAP.MAP file is saved, the map name in ini file is renamed to "TESTMAP" in order to avoid duplicate entry in mission launcher Added: Open recent files feature Fixed: Editing marker (i.e. building marker, current block) not showing when Mission settings or Events/Conditions window is open and is on background or minimized Added: "MissionsPath" setting in .ini file. It can be changed in case game loads maps/mission files from different location Fixed: The UI components now should not be messed up on systems where scaling is set to different value than 100% Here are come comments to the ideas you gave me previously: Cannot reproduce, need more information Not feasible to easily implement. Would require very significant changes in code, or some hacks. Also writing text to map (i.e. event markers) would not work. Theoretically possible, but I think drawing a shape od placed building is enough and not feeling for spending time implementing this. I'm rendering the structures how exactly they are rendered in game, and in game they are not differentiated. The structures graphics file (shipped with the editor) was made by taking screenshots from game. So if anyone from you would want to help, you could somehow modify the graphics file, like adding colored tint to walls or marking somehow modified outpost. I'm not a graphician. Theoretically possible, but probably I would need to fiddle with CIRCLES.BIN file to load what the revealed areas should be. I don't even know if format of this file was ever reverse-engineered. So not feeling for adding this feature. Uh, yes, that's a problem. For some reason (don't remember if it was originally me or Mission launcher creator) we chose "_" as line break in ini files. So this character cannot be used itself in ini file. It could be worked-around by replacing "_" to some other character before saving into ini, but we would need to choose a character to sacrifice. Also changes in Mission launcher would need to be done. So enjoy the new preview release and once again, thank you all for your support! PS: Looking forward to see what you will come up with the Play Sound feature
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    @3371-Alpha Ahhaha. Sorry, I rarely document stuff in there, but I can help you with these two mystery files. The d2te_0-based_hacks.txt text is a piece of assembler code (you'll see more of that stuff in the Command & Conquer related folders on the site), and it details a bug fix I made on the exe file of the Dune 2 Tile Editor you'll find in the folder. You will notice there are two versions; one is marked as "zerobased". I did this fix because the indices used in the tiles editor started from "1", whereas the references to these tile indices I found used in the exe file itself actually started from 0. So all the numbers in the tiles editor were off by one compared to the real data. That's why I quickly hacked the exe file of the tiles editor and fixed that. There's another tool with a similar hack on the site, namely the Ingame Strings Editor in instr212_0based.zip located in the /tools/ folder on the site. The second file is actually referenced here on the forum, in the Dune Dynasty thread: So yeah, that's all that is; Me being silly with a microphone ten years ago and making custom house selection voice clips for the game I'm not sure if the clips work outside of a .pak file on the original game, though. But it works on Dune Dynasty. I have all releases of the game on my site. Whose lawyers, though? Nobody is even sure who owns the rights to sell Dune II. The game rights are probably owned by EA, but even if they are they can't sell it because the licensing from the Dino De Laurentiis company for the game has long expired. It's a large mess and it'd take an army of lawyers just to figure out which lawyer would have the right to sue me. It's uploaded on several abandonware sites, including Abandonia, which is pretty strict on its rules of what is considered "abandonware". Also, I'm pretty confident that if the rights indeed belong to EA, they won't care. They rarely do, unless it's costing them money. They didn't mind me uploading the expansion packs of Command & Conquer and Red Alert after they made the base games freeware, and the community managers have even given me several games for free as thanks/help for my patching work on C&C.
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    @Gruntlord6 I uploaded the new version of editor to D2K+ site. Will you please update the existing download page with new version? Or is there anyone else who has rights to do that? Thank you!
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    So, will this be finally the final release? D2kEditorv13.zip That's taking so long, but I'm really happy we're trying hard to address all (even small and unnoticeable) errors, and do various improvements and tuning up! Finally I came up with a README file which is now included in the download archive and explains how to properly install the program and provides a few useful tips! Why I did't come up with that earlier? I hope you will enjoy this, and I would like to ask to update this on D2K+ site. Thank you!
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    Yooo, sick, dude! 😮 You just draw those? I agree about the DHM, that should be laid on its side or buried diagonally in the sand. I really like the wrecked Devastator, that's pretty cool.
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    The .exe alone don't work, either you download the full program from this specific post: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27824-map-and-mission-editor-finally-a-small-update-after-all/?do=findComment&comment=396256 Or if you download the .exe you just need to move it where you have the editor. When I do that I usually rename the original exe before moving the new so I can have both just in case.
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    A lot of people are having problems with Vista and Windows 7 running the installer, or cracker due to being 64 bit or some other problem. I have solved this problem by preparing an installer which SHOULD be compatible with all systems. The only thing I didn`t do is digitally sign it, so while its not Officially Windows 7/Vista compatible, it should still work perfect. It has all of the Westwood patches, has all the movies, and the cd check has been removed. I switched over to the NSIS installer, so I had a lot of flexibility in deploying the game this time. I have also ensured the installer is windows 8/8.1 compatible. Download the Dune 2000: Gruntmods Edition version Installer: Download Link Please note, D2K+ requires .net framework 3.5, which can be downloaded here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=25150 The best way to contact me for support, is by filling out a support ticket at our support page (click here) You can view a list of all GruntMods Edition updates here
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    Hello Richard, The best tip I could offer you is to use the Pause Game (or lower game speed to "0") early and often. There are so many things that occur in this game in the seeming "blink of an eye" while the game clock is running if one is not paying close attention to the details. and I, for one, don't like to miss anything. Almost ANYTHING you might want to do in the game is worth doing with the game clock paused. Plan your work, then work your plan...and then restart the game clock. I am probably quite anal when it comes to this matter, but this is how I get enjoyment from playing this great game. I used to just be concerned with what I was doing during a scenario or campaign, but I eventually broadened my horizon by watching everything and everybody. What joy!! It is as if a story is being played out right before your eyes, so why miss any of the pages and/or scenes. As an added bonus, I guarantee this game will make you laugh out loud when you least expected it would. And you will remember these moments the most, I am thinking. Long after you will have forgotten about a certain achievement or attained medal, these moments will stick with you. A most amazing and satisfying experience for anyone, indeed.....don't miss any of them. I will relate two such personal experiences, hoping you will not mind my sharing of them. The first one occurred when I finally learned how to really make some money by using the Stock Market. Following many of the good people's advice in these threads, I was able to successfully manipulate my company's share price down to $1....yes ONE DOLLAR....I laughed so hard I nearly spilled my beverage. And I bought every share that was available (with the game paused of course) before anyone else had the chance. I owned every share of stock available and was 100% owner of my RR. I roared with glee yet again, when my next train pulled into it's next station, as the share price soared into the $300+ range. Timing can sometimes be everything in this game, and the pause mode sure aids us in that regard. The second experience occurred when, as a result of attaining a majority of an AI opponent's shares, I attempted and succeeded in merging our two companies. In itself, this is not very noteworthy; happens all of the time. What happened after was what I remember the most. The Chairman of the dissolved Company decided to start another railroad, again quite typical. It was when he chose to name it Conrail that I nearly fell out of my seat. This is an amazing game.....and you will have some amazing moments ahead I am sure. Main thing is...find a "style" of gameplay you enjoy, and do just that.....ENJOY!! Watch and be amazed!
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    I just added this feature! I hopefully fixed that too. Hmm, I just wonder, whether this option is available in mission ini file (where mission name, author, briefing etc. is stored). What I mean, if the game will use the given TEXT.UIB file, when that mission is started from mission launcher. If the game doesn't support this option, then it would be useless, as this could be used only if map is launched from the editor, not from mission launcher. Maybe @FunkyFr3sh could answer that. Yeah, those are the commandline parameters passed to game executable (Dune2000.exe) when running it to launch a mission. I cannot recall if there are any useful parameters, I just added this for potential future use. Anyway, I added one more small thing into the editor: Now you can directly see and edit the tileset and attributes name in Mission file: Those fields are automatically updated when you change a tileset using Tileset menu. Otherwise, when you for example load a map with unknown tileset, the editor loads graphics for default tileset (BLOXBGBS) but those fields as well as tileset information in .MIS file will remain unchanged when you save the map. And tileset name is now case insensitive when opening a map. So, those are basically the last changes I made before I officially release a new version of the editor. You still have opportunity to spot any bugs or give some ideas for (not very difficult or complicated, rather simple) new features! I also have an idea to put the AI values manual (this: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27803-d2k-ai-manual/ ) into the editor .zip file which will get released, so that anyone who download and uses the editor have it easily on hand. What you think?
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    I wrote this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to help people that are getting problems by using The Map and Mission Editor by Klofkac; I pick up the questions that are usually asked; I hope this info will help fixing any future problems people may encounter. *What is it Dune 2000 Map and Mission Editor? It’s a tool that allows creating and editing custom maps for both Campaign and Multiplayer maps through designing the terrain, placing units/buildings for any factions, setting specific behaviors to the different CPU controlled enemy and scripting events that will trigger when specific cases happens during the game. Current version it's v1.2, but soon v1.3 will be release with new features. *It works for the original Dune 2000 or only with Gruntmods Dune 2000? It’s compatible with either of the two. *Where I can download it? From the d2kplus site here or from the forum here. *Error: “cannot find game executable”. Open the file D2kEditor.ini with any text editor and check at the “[paths]” section. Change the path on the “GameExecutable” line to match the current path that you have Dune 2000 installed. *Error: “cannot find “Testmap.map”. Same as above, but modifying the “MissionsPath” line to match the current path of your game. *Error: “Invalid filename.”. Try deleting the D2kEditor.ini file and then open the editor. That will create a new fresh D2kEditor.ini that may fix the problem. *Error: “Trying to access side out of range (127)”. This may happen if you have too many buildings and units on your map. Remove some buildings/units. *Error: “Invalid blockTo, since already occupied by X of same side”. One side has the wrong diplomacy by being enemy of himself. Change the diplomacy on the Mission Setting (F10). *Error: “AI not initialized correctly for side X. Tech X. Cash X”. Any active CPU controlled side need to have a “tech level” and “starting money” of 1 or more even if it is not present on the map. Change this on the Mission Settings (F10). *Adding music to play on my map. On the Mission Setting window (F10) write the name of the file on the “music” box, including the extension of the file (.aud) or write a “*” to play one track randomly. Version 1.3 of the editor allow to select a music with a deployable menu. *CPU controlled enemies don’t build or attack. The AI for that faction it’s disabled. On the Mission Settings (F10), at the top right check the tab for the faction desired to be controlled by the CPU and change the value of the “AI enable” line to 1 or import a preexisted AI using the “import” button and load any “*.misai” file. Se of AI’s to import here. *My own units are controlled by the CPU. That faction has an AI enabled. On the Mission Settings (F10), at the top right check the tab for the faction you want to play, change the value of the “AI enable” line to 0. *I can’t write a briefing. On the mission settings window (F10) mark the option “Use .ini file for additional mission settings”. Map name, Map author, briefing... will be available. *Can be placed units, buildings and trigger events for multiplayer maps? Yes, you can, including new conditions for both victory and defeat instead the default ones. *Can I set on my multiplayer map to spawn the initial MCVs in a prefixed position? No, but you can preset the MCV using the editor and then editing the “.ini” file that it’s created when saving the map and add the line “StartWithMCV=No” and "UnitCount=0". *My multiplayer map has some specific options, but has no effect while playing it. The options selected on the skirmish menu have priority over the ones you set on the editor, but it’s possible to add a few lines on the “.ini” file that it’s created when saving the map to create some limitations like, for example: StartWithMCV=No; UnitCount=X; TechLevel=X; Credits=X or Worms=X. *I must play with a Sandworm present? Yes, the game needs at least one of them of the map. However, if you don’t want to show any sandworm on your map, place it on top of any rock area. *How I play my map when I am done with it? Use the mission Launcher. Download it from the forum here. The Launcher will show all the maps that are on the "Missions" Folder. *What to do with the Events and Conditions window (F11). Check these video tutorials by aKaFeda to get more info. Tutorial: Terrain & Buildings showcase Tutorial: Mission Settings & Scripting Tutorial: Main overview of the AI functions *I don’t know what all the values on the faction tabs do. Those control the behaviour of the CPU controlled enemies like setting how fast/slow builds, how often attacks, what units/buildings the AI will produce... More in deep info on the manual here. Or you can import a preexisted AI from here. *Why I can’t place a Deviator for the Atreides or a Raider for the Harkonnen? You are using an old version of the editor; download the newer version here. *Placing a Deviator for Atreides or a Raider for Harkonnen and playing my map those units don’t appear. You need to copy the file “TILEDATA.BIN” that it’s in the editor’s “config” folder and overwrite the original on your game’s path “Dune 2000\data\bin”. This won’t mod your game. *I copied the TILEDATA.BIN but grenadiers, St.Raiders or Sardaukar still don’t appear on the map when I play it. Probably you are playing the Dune 2000 version 1.02; which those units don’t exist. Download and apply the official Westwood 1.06 patch from the forum here. *Error: “My Version Of Unit didn’t find a unit”. On Dune 2000 version 1.02 the grenadiers, St.Raider and MP Sardaukar don’t exist. Download and apply the official Westwood 1.06 patch from here. *Deploying a MCV show the error: “Cannot find correct construction yard”. Sandworm side (and others higher index) will always trigger that error. You still can add a Construction Yard directly with the editor without any problem. Another option will be modding the game directly using TibEd to give the Sandworm side the ownership of any Construction Yard. *Adding a new custom tileset on the editor (only on v1.2) Place your tileset with “.bmp“ format and your custom “.bin“ file (if you have any) into the path: “D2kEditorv12\tilesets”. Then edit the “tilesets.ini” from the “D2kEditorv12\config” path and add a new entry. You can create a new “.bin” file with the Tile Atribute editor here. The Map and mission editor 1.3 version will load the graphics directly from the .R8 and .R16 files (see below). Note: your “.bin” file must be 8 letters or less long. *Making a new custom tileset to appear in the game. Place your custom “.bin” (if you have any) on the path: “Dune 2000\data\bin” Place your “.R8” and “.R16” files on the path “Dune 2000\data”. You can create both “.R8” and “.R16” files with the tile set editor here. Note: your “.bin” file must be 8 letters or less long. *Tools to complement with the Map and Mission Editor. Tileset editor: Creates “.R8” and “.r16” files, needed for load the graphics from a custom tileset into the game. Tile Atribute editor: Creates “.bin” files, needed to set on which tiles can be builded or can't be crossed by vehicles, among others. Random map generator: Creates new maps at random (only terrain). Note: Faq done based on the version 1.2 of the editor. Once the 1.3 version it's fully release links and info will be updated. Faq attached here - FAQ Map and Mission Editor.docx I admit suggestions, adding or removing any (un)necessary parts or correcting any wrong info.
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    No prob, mate! If ya need anything else, there's the AI manual: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27803-d2k-ai-manual/ Or ya could always ask me. I helped Cm_blast write it.
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    Hey there! The value to prevent the AI from making Engineers is in the UnitBuildPriority. Set this to 0.000: https://prnt.sc/mj8pw2 That will make the AI never train Engineers. The UBPs can be customized to make the AI use a specific combination of units. In that AI, the Missile Tank is set to 0.010, so the AI will make sure to have at most one Missile Tank among its forces at any time - and that's all. It's impossible to prevent the AI from attacking buildings unless you make those buildings belong to a side friendly to that AI, but setting all "AttackBuildingPriority" entries to 0.000 will cause the AI to attack the nearest target, not specific buildings (note: this will break special weapons like Saboteurs). You can also set their Morale AttackBuilding and MinMorale to 0, though they may send at least one attack before never doing it again. Also, make sure EnablePractice is set to 0 unless you want the AI to build new structures beyond what you place on the map for them. Among other weird things "practice AIs" tend to do, like build MCVs. Hope that helps!
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    I forgot something. From the moddb.com webpage somebody uploaded "Changed dune", modding the game: the list on the spoiler contain the changes he did; just in case you want new ideas or something. Those modifications are suppose to be as part of the main game, but on top of a slighly edited original maps he also included a few new maps. I arrange those maps to work with the mission launcher without needing to overwrite the original game; in case you would like to have a try of that specific mod (or just seeing how the changes behave in game) you can test it on the three new maps the guy added or just any other map; from here: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27422-updating-and-rearranging-missionscampaigns-from-d2k/ It's at the botton as stand alone file. It's always interesting seeing stuff like a quad using a machine gun or the Devastator having an insane splash damage and things like that. Also there is the Luminar Fremen campaign that add Fremen, grenadiers and building sietchs; I don't remember right now if there were more changes done into the game. Keep in mind that post it's just a recopilation of other people creation. I did some fixes and the update to work with mission launcher, but none of those maps and campaigns posted there are mine in any way.
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    Oh hey dude! Yeah man, I gotchu. On some of that stuff, anyway. D2k's an old game, it can be limited in places, but we can still make some really cool shit. You seem to want to change the behavior of certain special units, so to affect that, there's a section in TibEd for it, but it will unfortunately demand sacrifices to implement certain changes. That's just how it works. Although I did see that Dune 5000 thread... I'm curious about that, too. Anyway, I'll answer with what I do know in the meantime: About Ornithopters: About Deviators: About Saboteurs: Those are some tough milestones to reach, and maybe you can't after all, but I still wish you the best of luck and hope you keep trying. As Cm said, I've been working on my own mod with some crazy milestones passed as well! Perhaps that's motivating. As he said, I did in fact create a new tileset for the game allowing it to take place on a Heighliner. I also added a new structure to the game. I'll go over the specs of the mega-turret since you're also a modder; maybe it'll answer some other questions about turret projectiles for you. First, if you want to check out the tileset, here's the thread. Please note, they are overtuned! So, no worries about playing on easy or something, I'll re-tune them for the final release thread. Which is the only thing not really made yet, the latest version of the tileset is 100% done and is ready to be mapped with. https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27842-wip-heighliner-tileset/ There's also a video of me playing through the second test map linked in the OP. It's very short, only like eight minutes, and you can get a good look at it without installing anything. The tileset is built for maximum compatability, so unlike another idea to get rid of the rock / sand craters (which would require .r16 editing and affect an entire campaign), a Heighliner map can be placed in the middle of normal desert maps without any editing at all. The only downside is that there are no shortcuts in the editor for, like, auto-fill or specific setpieces, so that needs to be found in the tileset until I can figure out how to make those quick-fills work and stuff. Or maybe Klofkac could help with it... Anyway, you're also welcome to use the mega-turret sprites I did, if you wish. It doesn't even have to be a mega-turret - maybe it's a power plant or something. Here are some images of that: Storm Lasher w/ attack: https://prnt.sc/l44lv2 Storm Lasher damaged: https://prnt.sc/l44x62 Storm Lasher attack range: https://i.imgur.com/zlamRyn.png Storm Lasher blast radius: https://i.imgur.com/17PyVv1.png Storm Lasher in blue: https://prnt.sc/l4043n Storm Lasher prototype: https://i.imgur.com/Lxlqpj3.png The attack range is 14 tiles from the top-left Silo. It instantly strikes targets over long distance with a powerful area-effect blast. If you want to see one in action, here's the unlisted prototype test which I integrated into S15: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvXPULNk6hE If you want a more intimate look, the now-complete 15th level (24th mission) in the smugglers campaign has a special introduction for it. Here's a link to the post for the latest version of that map in the WIP thread: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27783-wip-smugglers-campaign-2/?do=findComment&comment=395913 Under the strategy section in the map details is an outline of how its introduction begins: Regarding the technical process behind its design: If you're interested in more spritework, I've also been editing Combat Tank bodies and trying to come up with a better alternative than the Shock Raider as a miniature version of the Storm Lasher. Here's some other random spritework: Combat Tanks / Spark Darters, black & red: https://prnt.sc/l6jm6y Combat Tanks, 8 directions: https://prnt.sc/l6197k Duelist Tank sidebar icon: https://prnt.sc/l3d672 The Duelist Tank is another unit added for the Ordos and smugglers exclusively in my mod. They appear on S14V1 and V2 if I remember correctly, but their purpose as a damage soaker is already fulfilled by the strong merc Combat Tanks. Which Summers begins using in the second half of the campaign. So, I only gave them to the Ordos on those maps. You can at least see them on the map! They have tough armor and can win a 1v1 against almost any other unit, but they are slow and have a short range. The other new units, the RPG Quad and Shock Raider, appear on S14V1 and S15 respectively. I'll give you a list of some other stuff I changed for my mod since Cm summoned me for that. Pretty minor stuff after the above, but it all comes together to make the whole thing: And some more stuff aside from all that. Ya know, little tweaks here and there, slowly balancing it better... It's really nice to see other modders around. I hope to see some of your work sometime soon, and I hope my rambling has given you some ideas for your own mod!
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    I used TibEd to do stuff for my campaigns, never editing too much the original values, but at some point I started to create "new units". My campaign called "The Emperor Return" make use of a few editions, like the sardaukar being the only unit the player (as imperial) can be trained from your barracks. Later, on the last stage, building the Imperial Palace give you access to both the Devastator and the Saboteur (this will spawn from a barracks). A simple imagen here: https://forum.dune2k.com/uploads/monthly_2016_04/571b69522ab60_EmperorReturn0.PNG.d02394d9193b55fabaaf0027922b8ae1.PNG Sardaukar available, but not infantry or trooper. My single map "IX: The technology is ours" present 1 "new" combat tank for the Ixian faction. This "new" combat tank it's a mix between the other three, both in stats and visually, while the three main factions (present on the map) still make use of his original tanks. You can look the tank here: https://forum.dune2k.com/uploads/monthly_2016_10/57f3b6a8c1207_Ix1.PNG.8af03563aa01729961bc1995be35ad21.PNG On a plus note: the St.Raider now it's more expensive, slower to build but make use of the Fremen weapons. Later, taking from that previous single map I created the campaign "IX: Master of Tecnology"; besides several changes (like showcasing the tank and St.Raider I said before), the most stronger changes was removing the light factory from the build tech and instead adding a second heavy factory, like this: https://forum.dune2k.com/uploads/monthly_2017_04/58eaabbcbf2fe_IxTechnology3.PNG.6bf63776ac1dea758ee0e7493626a342.PNG The second heavy factory let the player to produce the three special vehicles, but not only that, but doing it into a separated queue, allowing the production of a missile tank and a Devastator at the same time. And of course, it's illegal to crush people during this campaign, so Siege tanks has their purpose here. And finally, my stronger edition ever done with Tibed was on my trio of single maps based on the final map from the Dune Emperor game. The player has the traditional tecnology plus Fremen and Sardaukar (just as the original game), but here the St.Raider, besides being more expensive and much more slower movement, now has no weapons and instead self destruct, just like the original Ix vehicle. For enemies the changes are much more bigger: The grenadier now it's a close combat unit with the ability to insta kill any infantry and the Raider transformed into a more fragile but very strong unit (with very slow bullet); those two are being trained from a Sietch (since I made the sietch to be able to train units without requiring something more). Also a "tleilaxu Turret" that it's only a normal turret with no cannon, different bullet; imagen here: https://forum.dune2k.com/uploads/monthly_2018_04/Tleilaxu.png.a251010d813480bb24d57f08887af188.png There is other 2 new spacing guild units, but those are "secret" for the good of surprising people; they are combination of other vehicles and other weapons. On top of that, Fey gave instructions how to make a building to no present concrete under the building while still having 100% HP that not decay; with this, the Tleilaxu turrets I made are on the pure rock withouth concrete, thus now they are truly a "living creature" (same for the Emperor Worm). And then, we have Fey, which it's creating plenty of stuff like new units and toons of balanced for his smuggler campaigns, but I will let him to tell you about all the crazyness he is doing, including a totally new tileset: Calling for @Fey to report with the full info. Yes, we have been busy these years xD. In case you are interested to check any of those works, just search on the index. https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27756-all-completed-mods-and-tools-index-dune-2000/ At the very bottom there is a link to the edited raw files so at any moment you can load on Tibed any of my editions and check for yourself what I did. From the last time I tried; it's not possible. Tanks and infantry has like 2 propierties: "I am a vehicle" or "I am an infantry"; you can make a infantry to change to "vehicle", but then the game won't use the 12 animations (or whatever number) of that unit walking, instead, it will move on the ground withouth moving the feet (and crashing if you try to attack, I think); so no, you can't do that.
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    When that happen? And just in case, try to save your map; just any name and then try the test option; maybe that trigger another error with more info.
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    On your editor open the file d2keditor.ini (with wordpad or any text editor); there is a section called "[Paths]". There will appear some lines, if they are wrong you need to write the path where you have the game. In my case I have it this way. GameExecutable=D:\Juegos\Gruntmods Studios\Dune 2000\DUNE2000.EXE That's the route the editor will try to execute the game; probably you have the game in a folder but the editor has a different path. Check the other three lines too. I am going to copy-paste what I have on my .ini for reference. GamePath=D:\Juegos\Gruntmods Studios\Dune 2000\ GameExecutable=D:\Juegos\Gruntmods Studios\Dune 2000\DUNE2000.EXE TextUIBPath=D:\Juegos\Gruntmods Studios\Dune 2000\data\UI_DATA\Text.UIB MissionsPath=D:\Juegos\Gruntmods Studios\Dune 2000\Missions\ Maybe the last line, "missionspath" don't appear on your .ini; but don't worry about that. I think this line appears to me now that I downloaded the .exe provided in this post and after executing the line it's created. In any case, write the correct path for the lines that appear in your .ini
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    Hi, guys! I originally wanted to upload all my missions, but found adding information to the MissionLauncher using D2kEditorv12 took much time. So this is the first part, Atreides missions. Please read ReadMe text first. Enjoy! ***** I found Cm_blast's Smuggler's campaign (the 4 mini ones posted long ago) very difficult. Are my mission too easy? Glory_Awaits_AT_By MattBaker.zip
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    Dune 2000 should work on Windows 10. Did you already try this version: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/26661-dune-2000-106p-game-patching-bug-fixes-new-features/ You need to replace the dune2000.exe file with the one in the topic above. You can also try the dune2000config.exe tool (put it same folder as dune2000.exe) to change resolution and set max fps. No... latest version of tool you cannot change that, but perhaps it set standard at max 60fps.
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    Some more compatibility updates... I made a dummy dplayx.dll that can be used to start the game without the need to install DirectPlay. DirectPlay is deprecated not included with windows anymore, hence why there have been problems starting the game. Normally windows 10 offers you to automatically install it, but this doesn't work all the time. To workaround the problem, download dplayx.dll and place it into your game folder: https://github.com/CnCNet/dummy-dplayx/releases The cool thing is, your game will be starting a lot faster now! So even if your game is already working you can still download the file and gain an advantage from it This is what you probably have seen if you tried to play the game without having DirectPlay installed: The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000022). Click OK to close the application.
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    Hey! Another tiny update is here! Download: D2kEditorv13pre2.zip Changelog: Fixed: Editing marker (i.e. building marker, current block) not showing when Mission settings or Events/Conditions window is open and is on background or minimized Added: "MissionsPath" setting in .ini file. It can be changed in case game loads maps/mission files from different location Fixed: The UI components now should not be messed up on systems where scaling is set to different value than 100% Music can be selected from a dropdown list in the Mission settings window as well (like in Play music event). Fixed the last unit in unit selection list not shown. Thank you all for your comments and helping me making this editor better. Well, I have an idea how that can be worked around. You can create one additional Flag condition, which will be there just for temporarily disabling your events. If you want to disable an event, just add this condition into its condition list. As the condition is always evaluated false, the event will never happen. Hmm, I actually made a Red Alert tileset for Dune 2000 myself in the past: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27109-release-new-dune-2000-tilesets/?do=findComment&comment=391645 Not sure how popular/spread it got, and it looks like the attachment does not work anymore. I can reupload if you want. I don't think I ever downloaded or used the resource editor. About TILEDATA.BIN editor, I posted it in this thread: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27065-release-tiledata-editor/?tab=comments#comment-390973 but looks like attachment is broken there as well. Here's reupload: TileDataEditor.zip
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    Updated Dune2000Config once more, I added most of the missing options! There are still a few options left that were not added, but those can be configured via ddraw.ini (Shaders/Stretching). I also added a option to disable the new renderer and use the old original one instead, it's named "DirectDraw". There are also quite a few new resolutions in the list, make sure you scroll down to see them. Those resolutions are nomally not possible in fullscreen, but the new renderer supports automatic scaling for unsupported resolutions, that means you can use any resolution in fullscreen now. You can also click on the resolution combobox and hit backspace, then type in a custom one.
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    You may have thought I died, but I'm still alive and kicking! (Just very tied down by real life.) There is a new version of the game installer available. The changes include: Support for installing the cutscenes in the additional languages of French, German and Italian Support for installing when the existing version is already installed (Although it is highly recommended you uninstall any existing versions) Fixed the issue with the English cutscenes not downloading correctly Please note, the launcher has not been updated as I’m still working on reprogramming it with lots of new features. As such the update functionality will not work at this time. If you want to install this version please use the full installer. You can download the installer form the download page: https://gruntmods.com/dune_2000_gruntmods_edition/
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    EDIT: Did you know your ports were broken? The built-in map editor always sets the port demand level to 0 when it writes the port data. This results in demand dropping to zero after a single delivery if playing the expert industry model. Many maps exhibit this error, since the only way to fix it, is to directly manipulate the binary data of the map file. As noted in my other thread for 1.57, I tend to like things to be 'right' even if it doesn't really affect the gameplay too much. I also needed a little programming project so I created a little command line tool to display / fix / edit the RT2 ports. It will display in hex, decimal, or words. The fix option will set the demand to 5.0. This value was selected for two reasons, the first is that in most scenario maps, port entry 1 has demand set to 5.0 even if the demand is unneeded for that entry, like a raw producer. The second reason is that according to the strategy guide, demand level 5.0 is the level that pays 100% in the expert industrial model. If one wants to use a different value, the tool will allow you to edit to any reasonable value that you'd like. Just to be explicit for those who didn't realize, ports are not defined in the exe file like other building production data, ports are defined in the map, and once a game is started, the map is copied into your save file. So to fix a port, the map file is modified, and if one wants to fix a port in an ongoing game, then the save file must be modified. Generally, RT2 is installed under C:\Program Files or c:\Program Files (x86) in modern Windows, and this is a protected area, so one can view the port data without privileges, but to make fixes or edits then the shell should be 'Run as Administrator'. As noted in the help option, the program will accept wildcards, but a Microsoft bug causes the first match to be truncated to the first character. Multiple map files may also be specified individually on the same line. As an example if I wanted to look and all the Second Century scenarios in my install, and I type 'RT2_Port maps\#e*' (without the single quotes) then I would get a file error for maps\# then I would get data for all the Second Century maps other than #e01camp.mp2. As a workaround I would type 'RT2_Port maps\#e01camp.mp2 maps\#e*'. You still get the error which can be ignored, but now one gets all the data since the missing file was individually specified. (The above path presumes the RT2_Port.exe file was placed in the main RT2 directory.) Help will be printed if the program is run with -h or -? or any illegal option. I developed the tool for map files and it works with *.map and *.mp2 files. Game files seem to put the data in the same location and so it seems to also work with *.gm2 game files though I didn't test the game files extensively. Note any file names with spaces must be enclosed within double quotes, so the name is recognized as a single token. RT2_Port.zip includes just the RT2_Port.exe file which I recommend putting in the same directory as RT2_Plat.exe for simplicity, but it can go anywhere. Fixed RT2_Plat Maps.zip contains updated maps for a subset of the standard 36 scenarios with the only change being the ports, and a readme file. Note: From my recent experience, guests can download from the download area, but cannot download files within forum posts. If you then create an account to question or comment on this, you'll notice that you can download from forum posts once you have an account. Questions and comments welcome. RT2_Port.zip Fixed RT2_Plat Maps.zip
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    Also beware of "efficiency" dilemmas: You might think you are perfecting your routes by micro-managing pickups, but if you spam your mainlines with new trains, you could lose more to traffic jams than you gained in your stations. Finally, I enjoy seeing a map evolve over many decades as cities grow and tech advances. If I micro-manage, then that takes too long. If I create too many trains, then the engine-replacement years are too painful. So I give up some business opportunities in order to make the game more entertaining. I know, it's an act of will for anyone with OCD, but I make it happen because I know the payoff.
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    Micro- can give best profits, I played for years that way. But, finally I managed to relax my play a bit more and dabble in automation. Simplification was how I went about it. For express traffic I look for pairs of cities. These should be of about equal size and as far apart as practically possible, connected by as straight track as practically possible with no grades on the turns. I will go for max carriages, mix of mail and passengers. Wait to fill 4. For 4-house towns it will be wait for 3 out of 5. For freight, it's better not to mix cargoes. Highest revenue is achieved by dumping a full trainload of one cargo type. At this moment I would summarize 3 overall strategies for set-and-forget freight. 1. Use it just to provide volume to push city growth. Long distance express revenue is so much higher. Best use in the 19th century. Rising running costs and rot factor make this less practical for a modern game. 2. Industrialize. Buy the factories, and run as short and cheap service, both resource in and finished good out, with the maximum of volume. Focus on the industries. Industrial profits are perhaps a little less, but more stable over an economic cycle. 3. Work the chains as Jeffry suggested. The money maker is hauling finished goods a moderate distance. Manage those end-product demands as first priority. You are in control of supply via how many resources you hook up. Resource hauls should be as short as possible, minimize costs. This is the place to use wait-till-full trains. Then when converted you have a full trainload of say Grain -> Food. Often I will repeat the resource section, but alternate destinations. Food -> City A followed by Food -> City B. This gives time for demand to recover. The typical map has heaps of resources that are just for eye candy. Automation is accepting this is ok and for #3 to ignore even more of them. I have a plan for distribution ahead of time before connecting a new resource. A rare few cargoes*, including Food can work as long distance. But said journeys in the 20th century are best if not dead-headed on the way back. That means combining with a different chain. This makes the route more complex, but after a bit of practice it can be setup without headache. *There is some confusion in the documentation about distance factor. https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/23923-cargo-data-for-v156-ripped-from-exe-file/?do=findComment&comment=395629 At the moment the figures I trust most are in the data included with the download of Jeffry's US History map. PS. Sorry to say I haven't found time and/or worked out how to do the check I mentioned in the link.
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    Thanks @FedaYkin for that extensive advice, it's super helpful. What's a "normal" number of trains for you to have midgame? I'm playing the Great Divide and am up to 60 now. I've gotten a lot better at managing them (rather, managing them less and just letting them run). Not stressing anymore about cleaning out all the waiting passengers was a game-changer. Now I aim to keep the backlog at around 2-5 in cities on my main lines, and don't worry about adding capacity 'till it creeps above that. I've spread out my passenger routes more strategically to avoid exhausting supply at individual cities - especially those lucrative ones at the edges of the map. I mainly reserve those passengers for the longest-distance connections, then set up routes between my other cities (matching up cities by size and ensuring routes are reasonably long). I do keep a few shorter-distance routes around to supplement cashflow while waiting for the long-distance cash cows to arrive (e.g. between Toronto, Montreal and Quebec). For the moment I'm reloading if the economy crashes, to give myself time to learn how to nurture a more automated game. I've also avoided venturing too much into other types of cargo for now, until all these passenger routes are running smoothly. It's 1875 on this map and Vancouver is connected. There's a big bottleneck through the pass from Quebec to Fredericton due to track laid before I learned about the "grading tool" ;-). All in all the game is starting to get more fun again. Is there a hotkey to expand / collapse the train list? (I find that more helpful than the other list, which doesn't fit as many entries on the screen). I can't imagine what it would be like trying to manage hundreds of trains through these basic listboxes. Some filtering options would be nice. I actually made a spreadsheet to keep track of my routes (yeah I'm feeling like a nerd). Has anyone made any tools to pull data out of savegames and present it in a more workable format (kind of like CivAssist)?
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    Wow, lots there. First: Look through our old threads. Second: Never delete an engine. The game has bugs in it that sometimes don't handle deletions well. In my games, I micro-manage only until I have all double-track. Then I change over to twice-per-year scanning for problems (like empty trains waiting for cargo). My routes are all set-and-forget (until I see a problem). During recessions I set a few to only half-full, but I also put up with a lot of idle trains. The game has another "feature" that brings the houses within a city into sync with one another, so they tend to produce lots of passengers and mail one month, and then go dry for months (sometimes years). If you see this happen (especially several decades / economic cycles into a map), then you just have to leave trains waiting for the next flood. I tend to under-serve most routes a little bit so that my trains stay full and making money during average economic times. Except during the initial phase of a game, I resist the urge to buy all of the trains that a boom can fill. I like my pax and mail to roll fast, so I keep them short. Before the 4-6-2 Pacific, my express trains are only 2 cars. After that, they are 3. Only during boom times with later, more powerful engines do I make some longer (and after the boom, I shorten them back to 3). When cargo is left at a depot, it continues to age down to its minimum value. I no longer depot pax or mail. For industrial loads in the complex economy, I mostly have each train work a production sequence (e.g. Sugar -> Food -> [import] -> etc). At the bottom end though, I'll have some heavy, slow trains just pile on something like coal and/or ore to create a ready supply of steel for other, faster trains to transform into goods and autos as needed. I do set some routes to accumulate cargo through multiple stops (e.g. three wood sources on the way to a mill). These are usually rural, so (on most maps) there's little or no chance for an industry to pop up and intercept my cargo. However, I have been known to do this with villages that supply pax/mail without demanding them (e.g. climb the steep grade out of San Francisco with only a single carload and then add a car to be filled in Reno / Elko / Winnemucca). When those villages grow into towns, such routes are suddenly buggered.
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    Oh, heh. Sorry, But, yes, you mentioned the helipad right after it, so I thought you referred to that. Yeah, harvester is 1400, so that's indeed 600. I confused it with the price of the helicopters.
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    I did this in a non-interference manner. The modifications are in a new exe file which must be put into your installation directory so it finds all the necessary data files. This will allow people to run the regular version for standard games, and run this version for the USHistory map or others if someone else chooses to target the civil war period. I also made the new exe point to a different language file. Since the exe file extends the use of some station buildings, the language file properly reports which cargos are affected in game. Beyond the exe and lng files the zip file contains a comprehensive readme file listing all changes in reasonable detail. As compared to the EXE provided in the USHistory map collection, this file does not have changes to the housing & townhouses, changes to the locomotives, nor changes to the managers. RT2_Civil.zip for standard CD installations of Railroad Tycoon II - Platinum RT2_Civil GoG.zip for Gog.com installations of Railroad Tycoon II - Platinum If I've missed something important for play of the map, let me know.
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    I have been playing RT2 on and off for a long time, but only just recently found this site. I hadn't necessarily noticed the errors that remain in the latest official patch, but as an engineer I like things to be correct when possible. Using data from the 'Modding RT2' and 'Historical RT2 Mod' threads, I started a few small projects. And a huge thanks to everyone who contributed on those threads, particularly JeffryFisher and jcco. JeffryFisher created his historically patched exe which corrected the data errors, but also made changes specific for his US History scenario, or for historical accuracy. I could not find anywhere that someone had corrected the errors without additional changes. I therefore created this patch (replacement exe for RT2_PLAT.exe) to fix the errors without further changes. Since it builds on the official 1.56 patch, I called it 1.57ddh, with the ddh suffix to distinguish it from anyone else's 1.57. The version is changed internal to the file as well and the Main Menu properly reports 1.57ddh. Versions added for GoG.com platinum installations (1.57gog) and Gold CD installations (1.57gld). The content of the readme follows: Note: From my recent experience, guests can download from the download area, but cannot download files within forum posts. If you then create an account to question or comment on this, you'll notice that you can download from forum posts once you have an account. RT2_PLAT 1.57ddh.zip for standard CD installations of Railroad Tycoon II - Platinum RT2_PLAT 1.57 GoG.zip for GoG.com installations of Railroad Tycoon II - Platinum RT2_Gold 1.57.zip for standard CD installations of Railroad Tycoon II - Gold
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    Greeting, I'm pleased to announce that I have finally finished designing my creative Emperor Mission. This is my first time trying editing, I hope you like it Alliance; Harkonnen. Enemies; Atreides, Fremen, Ordos, Mercenaries & Smugglers. Difficulty Level; Normal. Download link: Emperor Mission by Black Pegasus - AKA Hero2233.zip Installation Steps: 1. Make sure you have the latest version of Dune 2000 Gruntmods Edition 2. Unzip files in your dune 2000 -> data -> Missions. 3. Use the Mission Launcher application to launch -> Emperor -> scroll down & select the mission. 4. Enjoy! Looking forward to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Peace out
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    I have the GoG version. Just to confirm that Silverback is correct. It reports as 1.56. I still see the bugs with Milk demand, ports etc.. I know GoG has been known to do updates that will help a game run with current generation PCs, I don't have a PC that was difficult to run the original disc version, so I have no experience whether there has been some improvements in that regard or not. I'm not a programmer. I don't know this hex stuff. I do have a simplistic free hex program. I tried a compare, but it doesn't give me a report on the % difference. The files appear to be similar length but there are at least a couple larger blocks that are showing as different as well as quite a scattering of shorter edits throughout much of the file. But as I said, I really have no idea. . . .
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    Woah, weird, SibGRem's site worked fine when I made this list :o As for the strings editor... yeah, good idea. I'm actually working on my own, but currently it can only read the simple format used in C&C, and at the moment my focus shifted to documenting the SHP formats on the Shikadi wiki. (two done, one to go!)
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    As some people probably already heard, I made a font editor to edit the font format in Command & Conquer 1. Well, happy coincidence, it turned out this works for a bunch of other games, including Dune II. But that's not all; while implementing some of the pre-Dune2 font formats on request of Tomsons23, one of my strongest supporters and researchers in this journey, I got a request (from FunkyFr3sh) to also implement Dune 2000 support. Now, as people around here most probably already know, Dune 2000 was, in fact, not made by Westwood, and as a result, the font's internals were completely different from the Westwood formats. But we figured it out anyway So, without further ado... the Westwood Font Editor: Current version: 1.5.4 (21/12/2016) The project is built on the .Net framework v3.5 Its code is licensed under the WTFPL. Download: Downloads folder Source code: (C#) Sources folder Original development thread: (at cncnet.org) https://forums.cncnet.org/index.php?topic=6810.0 * * * Note on Dune 2000 support: The text encoding dropdown list has an extra "Dune 2000 text encoding" item at the bottom. The reason for this is that the font is strangely reordered. Dune 2000 has a text encoding translation table called "FONT.BIN", apparently meant to line up the used special characters in the font without leaving gaps. (Though, strangely, this isn't used to optimize the font in any way.) For example, if you need the character "ä", that's byte 0xE4 in the text encoding used by the game (Windows-1252; standard US / Western European). If you look on address 0xE4 in FONT.BIN, you'll see the value there is 0x80. This means that character "ä" is at index 0x80 (128) in the fonts. So, in short: ä = 0xE4 ==> table index 0xE4 ==> value 0x80 => font index 0x80 (The editor actually does the reverse; going from font table index to character by looking up in which spot in the table each index value is, but you don't need to do that, since Dune 2000 text files are just in Windows-1252 encoding) If you want to add fonts for a different text encoding to the game, I advise you to get rid of this whole nonsense by replacing FONT.BIN with a 256-byte file containing a simple sequence of bytes from 00 to FF, so each character simply gets mapped onto itself. This does require re-ordering all characters on the font to actually take their correct place... but I've already done that for you guys Dune 2000 fixed fonts: http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/project_stuff/2016/WWFontEditor/resources/Dune2000FontsFixed.zip * * * Full list of supported types / games, as of v1.2.1: WWFont v1: -Wargame Construction Set -A Nightmare On Elm Street -DragonStrike -Circuit's Edge WWFont v2 -BattleTech The Crescent Hawk's Revenge -Eye of the Beholder -Eye of the Beholder II The Legend of Darkmoon WWFont v3 -The Legend of Kyrandia -Dune II -Lands of Lore The Throne of Chaos -The Legend of Kyrandia Hand of Fate -The Legend of Kyrandia Malcolm's Revenge -The Legend of Kyrandia Malcolm's Revenge Installer -Command & Conquer -Command & Conquer Installer -Command & Conquer Red Alert -Command & Conquer Red Alert Installer -Lands of Lore Guardians of Destiny -Lands of Lore Guardians of Destiny Installer -Command & Conquer Sole Survivor -Lands of Lore III WWFont v4 -Tiberian Sun -Tiberian Sun Installer -Tiberian Sun Firestorm -Tiberian Sun Firestorm Installer -Lands of Lore III Installer IGFont (Dune 2000 was made by Intelligent Games, not by Westwood) -Dune 2000
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    Hi, I like this map too, I put together a little summary that might help. Sorry it's a bit late. This map is more difficult than usual to make money on. Because of the scale and time period, revenue drops quite quickly during transit. Lines need to be as straight as possible. The way I have always played it is to have some services to make money such as the primary Eugene to New Salem express service. I accept that the strategic deliveries will run at a loss, the bugged port deliveries sort of ensure this. I know ports can be fixed, but the map was balanced this way. I go for lowest cost on the hauls. I like to retain Herbert Garatt as manager. Unconnected track is allowed, so one strategy option is to setup some secondary money making services in the east. This area is flat enough. But need to have at least 6 house towns and preferably 8 before seriously looking into bond financing. The main valley does get crowded. But hauling more Milk will earn enough track allowance to build a second line for slow freight. Depoting freight for the switch to faster trains works too. There is a realistic path through the mountains of lower than 4%. Follow the river Eugene-Lowell-Oakridge. Head a little north to find a valley with a gentle slope to climb the range. At the pass go south again before heading east into Wickup. Lastly, be patient. The map lasts 40 years. Don't over-do the bonds which are expensive, especially for the haulage that wont make a big return anyway. PS. Your shop will expand to make new engines a couple times during the game, you were almost to the second wave.
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    Is anyone interested in this topic? Characters long forgotten now reinvited with similarities to their personalities, talents and traits.
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    there is short video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngZXqkc22JI&feature=youtu.be
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    Nice! I don't speak Portuguese but translations are a lot of work so ya done good. 😮
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    CnCNet 5 now supports Dune 2000! This is the initial release supporting Online/LAN/Skirmish games, more features will be added in the coming months (e.g. Map Previews..) Have the game already? Download CnCNet 5 here! (Dune 2000 version 1.06 is required) Don't have the game yet? Our friends over at gruntmods.com have updated their game packages to support CnCNet 5 out of the box! Visit their site for more info - www.cncnet.org
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    Hi there 3371-Alpha, and welcome to the forums! Indeed there isn't a lot of activity here lately (sadly). We have accumulated quite a lot of info on Dune II over the years, I have tried to document this stuff in separate threads, but probably not in a format that makes everything immediately clear. The unofficial patch fixes many bugs and issues with v1.07, but doesn't incorporate some of the recently found fixes, including that for the bug which causes a unit to get deselected after you give it an order sometimes, or the Saboteur exploding upon reaching its destination. Some files were actually not meant for public use, or were only uploaded for current needs. It's been a long time since I messed with the GUS drivers, but I'm pretty sure you didn't need to put anything into the Dune II folder except the modified game data files, which already include the drivers that have been confirmed to work with the game and DOSBox.
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    I tried that and it didn't work for me. It was already Enabled. I disabled it, restarted my computer then re-enabled it. Still didn't work.
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    I've updated the forum software to the latest version, 4.2.1: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/invision-community-42-r1030/ If you notice anything odd let me know and I can try to fix it.
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    I've updated the forum software to the latest version. If you're curious this is all the things that have been added/changed/fixed since our last update: If you see anything broken let me know.
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    Small demonstration of edited Dune 2000 font:
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    I got the email form GOG this morning and just purchased the bundle. It looks like it also supports all modern versions of Windows too.
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    Try my AI. :D http://www.mediafire.com/download/v74eyhqe6pn5t1e/_PRAC.MIS
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    "Not so bad" scenarios not included on the Platinum CD, but which might be good candidates for an additional CD. This list is made mainly for those "players" that have not been in the game all that long and may not be that familiar with the huge library of scenarios we have available. None of my own notes on these scenarios are included. This is strictly a playlist selected from some 483 maps listed in my files.. As a group, these scenarios all have objectives except DragonIsle, which is included for the beautiful rendering of a dragon. They are not markedly better or worse, easier or harder, than the player scenarios on the Platinum CD. Nor are they any more or less devoid of errors in key events. In particular, some have to be played just because they are interesting, others are easily fixable by the player if desired. Some of the scenarios may not be immediately available, some may be on the list by accident and there are certainly scenarios missing from the list. In any case, I guess they can be found in The Terminal Map section or at Hawk & Badger . Afghanistan TSC Ben Sauer AsiaAmtrak TSC Benjamin Sauer North AmerColorz! RT2 Bill Ingram ImaginaryTasmania TSC Cam Hills AustraliaClosa 1950-1985 RT2 Darrell ImaginaryCanadian Pacific TSC David Gross North AmerPacific Northwest TSC David Masters North AmerEsquimalt & Nanaimo RT2 E. Collins North AmerAlt Baden RT2 Erwin Hiesl EuropeApple War Ooze TSC Gwizz ImaginarySeattle Street Railway TSC Gwizz North AmerScorpion Mountain TSC Hawk(dawg) ImaginaryUS History TSC Jeffry Fisher North AmerBritannia RT2 J Sylvest and GS Bales ImaginaryCanada Bound RT2 Joe Fitzpatrick North AmerKootenay to Coast TSC Joe Fitzpatrick & SM North AmerKVR251 TSC John Schwarz North AmerYosemite Valley Railroad TSC John Schwarz and Paul Bamberg North Amer20th Century Limited TSC Lars Maischak North Amer20th Century Unlimited TSC Lars Maischak North AmerBroadway Limited TSC Lars Maischak North AmerCoastline TSC Lars Maischak ImaginaryGreat Passenger Trains 3-pak TSC Lars Maischak North AmerReich Chancellor TSC Lars Maischak EuropeMason County RT2 Mike Gasaway ImaginaryCascadia TSC N. S. Bennett North AmerCascadia-sm TSC N. S. Bennett North AmerOregon and Empire TSC N. S. Bennett North AmerRenewed Zealand TSC N. S. Bennett AustraliaThat Toddlin' Town TSC N. S. Bennett North AmerMorocco TSC Paul Bamberg AfricaNew England TSC Paul Bamberg North AmerMorocco (SM version) TSC Paul Bamberg AfricaBound for South Australia, v2 TSC Peter Bennet AustraliaPilbara Iron, ver 2 TSC Peter Bennet AustraliaWesternport v2 TSC Peter Bennet AustraliaVancouver Island TSC Profish North AmerCuba (2000) RT2 Ras North AmerBen Franklin's Kite TSC Sirian ImaginaryBristol Cars RT2 Steve Banks EuropeIsrael 1952 TSC Steve Banks AsiaItaly and the Alps TSC Steve Banks EuropeManchester Sheffield TSC Steve Banks EuropePoland 1945 TSC Steve Banks EuropeThe Philippines TSC Steve Banks AsiaWoodstock RT2 Steve Banks EuropeAlaska TSC Steve Lorenz North AmerAlaska RT2 Steve Lorenz North AmerAmerican Flyer (SM fix) TSC Steve Lorenz North AmerChina TSC TSC Steve Lorenz AsiaGreat Northern TSC Steve Lorenz North AmerHawaii RT2 Steve Lorenz North AmerRail Baron V2.0 TSC Steve Lorenz North AmerHeartland Heaven TSC Steve Martineau North AmerHeartland, USA Auto Industry TSC Steve Martineau North AmerPine Valley TSC Szabla North AmerOntario Northland TSC Ted Kocyla North AmerBulvanian Petroleoum TSC Toni Ronkko ImaginaryDragonIsle RT2 Unknown Imaginary
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