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    Well, here I am. I'll post more shortly but Hi!
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    A rather major update on this: the new updated jukebox on Frank Klepacki's new website contains pretty much all the Dune II music, most likely straight from the original hardware it was composed on. This also means that we now have official track names for all of the music! And best of all: you can simply right-click middle-mouse click the tracks to save them. https://www.frankklepacki.com/ost/vg/dune2 This also officially confirms that the mysterious track we found in the files was meant to be played on the houses selection screen. Besides that, it also has two medleys, one of which was already released previously under "rare tracks" on the old jukebox. An interesting detail these medleys seem to indicate is that the tracks generally called "ambient" were seen as "wander" tracks by Frank, a designation which I find quite fitting for a Dune game. On to missing things: there are no "lose" tracks in there. Though, these were only 8 seconds long, so I can understand them not being seen as real "music" by Frank. On the other hand, the Lion King soundtrack on the site does have the game's 7-second death theme. More worrying is the lack of the 'plotting' music of the interlude with the Emperor talking to the enemy mentats, the music of the final cutscene for each house, and the original credits music. There is a remix of the credits theme, which starts with that mystery theme now identified as the house selection music, but the original is not there. Another thing that is quite different is the map theme: it has an intro of about 45 seconds before getting to the familiar 42-second piece used in the actual game. After the known piece it continues a bit more, and then goes on into the same tune as Battle 2 (Epic War). Then at 2:28 it goes on to a completely new tune. Anyway, here is the full sorted list as I got it now: 01. Introduction.mp3 02. Menu - Hope Fades.mp3 03. Choose Your House.mp3 04. Atreides Mentat - The Council.mp3 05. Harkonnen Mentat.mp3 06. Ordos Mentat - Disturbed Thoughts.mp3 07. Map Theme.mp3 08. Wander 1 - The Building of a Dynasty.mp3 09. Wander 2 - Dark Technology.mp3 10. Wander 3 - Rulers Of Arrakis.mp3 11. Wander 4 - Desert of Doom.mp3 12. Wander 5 - Faithful Warriors.mp3 13. Wander 6 - Spice Melange.mp3 14. Wander 7 - The Prophecy part 1.mp3 15. Wander 8 - The Prophecy part 2.mp3 16. Wander 9 - For Those Fallen.mp3 17. Battle 1 - Into The Heat.mp3 18. Battle 2 - Epic War.mp3 19. Battle 3 - Humans Fall.mp3 20. Battle 4 - Adrenaline Rush.mp3 21. Battle 5 - Only The Strongest Survives.mp3 22. Battle 6 - Marching Towards The End.mp3 23. Atreides Victory.mp3 24. Harkonnen Victory.mp3 25. Ordos Victory - Abuse.mp3 26. Credits Theme Unreleased Funk Jazz Version.mp3 27. Dune 2 Battle Theme Medley.mp3 28. Dune 2 Wander Theme Medley.mp3
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    The Camelback is the correct choice, but the routing was not correct to make 16 stops, and you need to maximize the engines speed. I can see from your screenshot you did not do this. First, the route: 01. Cheyenne 02. Rock Springs 03. Pocatello 04. Twin Falls 05. Boise 06. Pasco 07. Portland 08. Salem 09. Eugene 10. Bellingham 11. Seattle 12. Tacoma 13. Spokane 14. Missoula 15. Helena 16. Great Falls Forget about the offer early on from Missoula about the firebox. Don't fall for it. To max the train speed (this will increase the chances of a breakdown so I recommend saving each day when you haven't had a breakdown) go to the consist/routing screen at the very beginning of the scenario. Above and to the right of the water level indicater is the throttle. You need to click on it, maybe several times and put the needle to the bottom of the red instead of where it is just at the bottom of the black. If you do end up having a breakdown just reload your last save and try again from there.
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    Howdy, y'all. For those of y'all who've followed my Heighliner tileset WIP thread (https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27842-wip-heighliner-tileset/), here's the end of it. This release makes it officially done. Take it, map with it, and have fun! Here's a comprehensive list of the features of this tileset: - Built for compatibility. No game modding required, no files need to be overwritten and later replaced with the original versions, no nothin' like that. - Many colorful combinations of platform edge, wall, and base can come together to form interesting aesthetic designs. - Create maps taking place either in the confines of a superstructure or in a massive space-based Heighliner! - Use the hybrid resources system of Supply Depots and Mass Deposits to innovate exciting gameplay! - Tell an expanded story by taking your campaign to new heights, figuratively and literally! Special thanks goes out to: Cm_blast, for his awesome help all along the way. All the testing, feedback, and encouragement is sincerely and greatly appreciated, my friend! Klofkac, for his awesome editor. I couldn't have configured the tileset or mapped with it without you, mate! Many thanks. D2k Sardaukar, for the original sprite I edited to create the Launch Pad. It's a critical part of this tileset. Thank you! Shaokhan, for his feedback on using this tileset for multiplayer maps. I give you my sincerest thanks! Helkor Duner, for further encouragement. I appreciate that very much, so thank you! Before you begin mapping with this tileset, you may wish to try out the mini-campaign to get a feel for how maps using it might play out. Here are details on the mini-campaign's four maps: HTTMC01: Lift-Off! - Reclaim the spaceport on Arrakis from the Ordos and prepare to assault the Heighliner itself! HTTMC02: Boarding Action - The Harkonnen are here to cut your invasion off as it lands. Break their base. HTTMC03: LAV Liquidation - Roll over the enemy Trikes, Raiders and Quads with a battalion of Combat Tanks. HTTMC04: Fight With Flight - Trapped in the center of the Heighliner, you must defeat all the remaining enemy forces to achieve final victory. Whatever design mistakes I've made in this simple test campaign, such as unit pathing and resource distribution, learn from them to improve your own maps in style and gameplay. Maybe you'll make your bridges shorter and wider, add two pads to your Mass Deposits, or add more incidental Guild buildings for atmosphere like what I did on HTTMC04. This campaign is mostly here to give y'all ideas since, being unlike Arrakis maps, it needs different designs to shine. Download link: Heighliner Tileset.zip Check out the README for more info on installation. And, if you're wondering how it looks in the editor, here are a couple of screenshots from v13: https://i.imgur.com/oZ65dBa.png https://i.imgur.com/CPC18hq.png You can use the middle mouse button to pull up the hotkeys in the Block Preset Selection window. These can be used to quickly cycle through tiles. For anything else, hit the "Open tileset" button and have a look around! And remember to enable Infinite Spice in the .ini settings for Mass Deposits to work. Without that, the MD pads will turn into crates and then disappear entirely. That should be all. Have fun.
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    I have finished 1898. I have more than $1.3B in cash. I stopped the dividends so as not to create an overflow, but my cash is increasing by more than $1M per year. What am I missing? Wealth tax? Was that a mechanism to overcome the lack of corporate income-taxes in the game? In any case, I own my railroad outright and have effectively neutered my AI opponents. But what lies ahead? It was depressing playing through a three-to-four year depression (though I loved the interest payments), so I am hardly looking forward to the Great Depression (my dad telling me about it growing up was depressing enough, back when it was just "the depression"). Also, my war industries never fired up, and the SpAm War never happened, not even in the papers.
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    Here you go. And one more thing, just started making a built-in mission launcher.
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    If I had to guess it got lost in the forum conversion as the new software doesn't support having a limited selection of avatars. Oh, and what were you a moderator of? Fan Fiction?
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    Wow, I am not much into skirmish, but the moments I was I wish I had this kind of stuff, I used to play with a friend using hamachi some years ago. New colors and more money would be an interesting way to play.
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    Good news for you: Release Candidate 2 released! I made some new changes and additions, mostly based on your comments, suggestions and bug reports since I released the first 1.4 release candidate. This is most likely not going to be the very final release, as you will still get change to provide more suggestions and bug reports, because I want to make 1.4 a good and stable version that would again last for some longer time (or forever, who knows if there will even be v1.5 in future). I still have some ideas what more to into the editor, but I just wanted you not to wait for too long time for some very important requested changes and bug fixes. Here you go: D2kEditorv1.4rc2.zip. Here is changelog (only changes from previous release, full 1.4 changelog included in zip file): Added: Scrolling map with arrows will always work in Terrain mode. In Structures mode, use Up/Down keys to select building/unit in a list, and Left/Right keys to switch between Misc Objects, Building and Unit lists Added: Named tilesets. You can give tileset a user-friendly name which will display on tileset selection dialog. Changed: Editor will ask for saving changes to your map upon closing program instead of only confirming exiting program. This works for map and events modifications, does not work for mission properties and AI modificatios. Added: When starting editor for first time and it can't detect your game location automatically, it will prompt you to navigate to game location manually with a file open dialog Added: Editor checks for more map errors that when saving map or launching map. It checks additionally for: - Spice blooms limit (30 max) - Total structures limit (1000 max) - 0 credits or tech level on player with active AI - Reinforcement or Starport delivery events with 0 units Added: Tile Attribute Editor will warn and ask you when you attempt to save over original game's TILEATRx.BIN file Fixed: Event and Condition notes will move position accordingly when you reorganize, delete or add events/conditions Added: Buttons to move units and conditions up and down in event's unit and condition list Added: New Deploy action "Stay" for Reinforcement and Unit Spawn events, renamed other deploy actions Added: Show key shortcuts option in Event grid and Condition grid popup menu Added: Auto-smooth edges feature: Added support for two double-corner tiles used in Warcraft 2 tilesets Fixed: It is again possible to select block of unlimited side from tileset (not only 8*8) Added: Included D2k Mapping Manual in zip I strongly recommend you to go through every change I mentioned there, and trying it out yourself to make sure it is working as intended and get familiar with it. I tried to take into account all comments you wrote into various threads on this forum, but it's still possible I forgot or overlooked someting, in that case just let me know. Well, I would not mind adding this feature to the editor, but there are some implementation difficulties: implementing random map for Rock tiles does not go well with the implementation and system of the Paint mode, especially after I added better support for custom tilesets and defining tiles used by maint mode in tilieset .ini file. Addition of random map would complicate this system (it's a random map only for rock? What about other terrain types, especially those in custom tilesets). But I will still think about it.
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    Let's see if this works. Going to ping the top 20 posters of all time. Those with checks have visited recently. @Andrew✔️ @Acriku @Dunenewt ✔️ @Gobalopper ✔️ @Edric O ✔️ @nemafakei @Dante @Caid Ivik ✔️ @Anathema @exatreide ✔️ @lowzeewee @TMA_1 @Timenn @Terror @Mahdi @Inoculator9 @Nyarlathotep @emprworm @erjin999 ✔️ @gryphon ✔️ We'll see how many people still check their email accounts they had 10 years ago. 😂
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    Y'all are gonna dig this. First, lemme mention that I updated the editor and grabbed the new ini from the other thread, and that issue from before is totally fixed. Definitely forgot to do that sooner lol Now I'll get on with the new features. I added some stars already, and the concrete, y'all saw that, and I did some touch-ups on a bunch of tiles, but there are some more new things. Like, certain celestial objects that might be neat to put in a campaign, like Caladan, Giedi Prime, Draconis IV, and Arrakis of course... We also make use of the behavior Klofkac recently discovered to make a vehicle-only pathway. Behold! As a side note, there is some new artwork for my mod thanks in whole to the new guy, @AZ-Stalker So, big thanks to you, mate! That's all for now. Uhh... but, due to the changes to the tileset, the tile presets do need some re-adjustments. @Klofkac, you let me know to ask you if I wanted an assist, and I absolutely wouldn't refuse! In the zip below is the updated mod, tileset, and an example map built in the style of a 1v1 skirmish. You are playing as the Imperials, fighting the Atreides. WiH.zip NOTE: This map is balanced around a standard skirmish game against a "hard mode" AI. That is, an AI that begins with 40k credits. Although because this is a campaign map, and the AI will therefore build using normal build speeds instead of easy mode build speeds like they do in multiplayer, I recommend playing on easy! You'll have the most comfortable economy that way. This is built like a skirmish map, so the economy is designed with that in mind. Besides the six Mass Deposits around the map, your main Supply Depot has 15k in expendable Mass, your natural expansion has 25k, and the center of the map only has 12k. I have an actual multiplayer version of the map that perhaps I should share instead. It could be loaded via C&Cnet, and the AI would act more authentically. I'll see what I can do... Anyway, this map doesn't have any RFGs (Repulsion Field Generators), but they can be seen in the tileset and placed on the map through the editor if you want to check those out! They just didn't seem right for this particular map, so I didn't include them, but Caladan and Delta Pavonis can be seen. Also, if you want to build Flame Tanks, you'll need an upgraded Light Factory and a High Tech Factory. Use Combat Tanks to soak some fire (haha) for them while they clear out enemy infrastructure. For anyone unfamiliar: To install, merge the data folder in the zip with the data folder in your D2k directory. To uninstall, do the same with the data folder under the backup folder in the zip. Ez pz. Enjoy!
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    Has there been any thought to having folks post new dune news to www.dune2k.com? right now it just directs to www.dune2k.com/duniverse and a blank page. I know you're busy these days, but I'm sure some folks would be interested in helping out.
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    Ok, I will tell you how the AI works, because it's totally a problem most of newcomers find. The AI, to define which area he should protect, he draws a rectangle from the building at the top, bottom, left and right. It does matter the distance, he consider the area he draw as "my base it's under attack". This is the imagen: This is your minimap, and the red rectangle it's the area the AI consider it's his base, which cover 80% of your map; so, doesnt' matter where you are, his base is "that big", and for that reason, anything he build he send it to attack, ¡He is not attacking, just defending himself! If you want to avoid that, theree are two solutions, one it's using different Ais. 1 AI to the base at top, and you can use another for the ref to the right, another to the base to the left (or 1 for the others since they don't produce anything). Or, as an alternative, you can use "defenses areas". This is H4v1 map, to the fremen, the defense area makes the units to wander around this area but ignoring where the other buildings are, you can create a defense area at the base at the top while keeping the ones to the bottom and they will group units much better. These are the values you need to change. "DefenceAreas" need to change into 1 if you need 1 area of those, 2 if you need a second, Fey sais that with more than 2 game may crash, I cannot confirm but I trust his word. MinX - MaX - MinY - MaxY are the position, the editor at the bottom tells you X and Y coordinates, so it is easy to know the position (unlike events, here you need to write it manually). The first unknown it's unknown, we always use 255 because that's how the original games were, feel free to try other values, I never tried anything else. Strenght controls how many units will wander around that defense area. The strenght it's base on the HP of the unit; On the manual I made a list with values, you can check that; Quad it's 1100, harkonnen tank it's around 2500 or something like that... so based on which units you plan to have wandering pick your value. For example, 5000 will be filled with 5 quads, the quad number 6 will be used to group for the next attack. The start delay it's the time the AI wait until the unit starts wander, for example, AI builds a quad, and will wait 40 seconds (in game) before that unit starts moving around that such defense area, if you change that into "1" he won't wait at all. The last unknown it's just like the first, we have no idea what means so we keep using that value. Don't forget to turn this value to 0; otherwise, your units will keep thinking that his base it's the big red rectangle I paint early. Of course, if you make those secondary bases as owner by the Emperor AI (even if later you make them to be Harkonnen) defenses areas are not needed, that's up to you. That's a good thing. My first campaign, "A new house" just reuses original maps, some from the campaign, some from the skirmish-practice one. And my second campaign, "The emperor return", if you open the maps most of them are 80% sand with barely details. 1 big rock area around the enemy or player bases and that's it, the remaining it's mostly sand/spice. Today tools make it so easy that every newcomer that comes to do a mod already surpass my first 3-4 campaigns ever done, and that's a good thing. I like that design; sometimes I force myself to do weird set ups or not just always the same "rock for the base, a few rifts and that's it", like that, you have the entrance and in the inner section sand and a piece of mountain there, I like that. Ps: on the second mission there is a wrong tile under the trike.
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    Hey mate! Sounds like that AI doesn't have the skirmish mode enabled that makes it build new structures from scratch. It's an easy fix. Do you have the D2k editor? You can ignore the .mis message, but that can be unassigned too if you really want it gone. I think. I haven't really explored what happens to the AI if the .mis is unassigned, but it should be okay.
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    Hey everyone! Randomly had the thought to check in on the old forum (entering 6th week of lockdown here in the, relatively, unscathed Czech Republic) and it's great to see so many of the old guard. Can't believe it's been so long since meeting @Dunenewt and @Edric O for our museum jaunt. Still the only internet meet up I've ever attended. Hope you all are doing well, since then I moved to Czech and now am over in the US (or would be had I not gotten caught in Czech during a visit back), almost got married but It didn't work out (no her name wasn't Crystal)
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    Some scripts, if they are really complicated, can be painfull. I remember once I tried a map with a very elaborated script envolving having less than 1000, bewteen 1000 and 1500, bewteen 1000 and 7000, bewteen 6500 and 7000, and over 7000. It turns out to be imposible, but even the basic version and the multi-triggers (if it reach <1000 - 1000-7000 or > 7000 multiple times triggering multiple times BUT also having in consideration another building without overlapping 2 messages at once. Took me really a long long time to make it work. So I understand you. Oh yeah, I notice this thing too. Write this part here, he will read it and add it if possible. https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/28587-map-and-mission-editor-v14-release-candidate-full-of-improvements-and-new-features/ I rarely use it, although maybe one reason was for the notes not sticking to an specific condition; but if you know you are going to use it right now often tell him. Yeah, the "no MCV - No base/building" it's something I encounter a few times, sometimes even for enemies. You can slighy alter (or maybe you can't) your map by adding other units like an infantry or, if it is about non-combat units, an eengineer, pretty harmless. you add "no MCV" = you loose. unit destroyed + based destroyed = you loose, so the engineer should be alive preventing the loose. To chain events; were have been using reinforcements working this way. Imagine you step into tile revealed number 1; you tied a "area to deploy discovered..." line, and at the same time you drop a combat tank, an infantry, a missile tank or whatever unit for the player or the AI, one that doesn't exist on your map (and you are sure the AI cannot build it). The carryall will take 5-10-20 seconds (depending on the position on the map) to drop that unit. So you add a new condition "combat tank exist". so, you add another event that ask for this combat tank, when this combat tank exist, a new line triggers "...now use your MCV and build a base". If you need a third line it's the same event, make a new unit, a siege tank for example, to appear. Sometimes I make it "offscreen" with an AI that it is not present. I make sure they are far enough to nobody to fight them, like this. Unreachable area, Any AI present it's ally with them, so that active AI will don't try to attack it (and that group can be neutral, so they don't move), and, because the fog or war, player won't ever know they were units there. On this imagen I set 5 chained messages, but you can make any other kind of chained triggers. I don't know if this help with your problem. That screenshots it's from "The origin of the mercenaries - mission 1" if you want to check yourself; on that map on the first message the Harkonnen tells you to "stop moving", because they are still enemy, after the 3º message, they agree for you to work with them and turn ally, but again, that happen at the third message, not as soon as you step into the specific tile. MCV trigger too, I just did it. Keep in mind that the MCV only has a very small sight. if the specific tile it is not revealed the thing won't work. if the area your MCV enter it is 5 tile wide, you may need to adad 3 tile revealed, then you can for example make a flag true and showing the message based on the flag (to avoid the same message multiple times). This way: Notice the tile revealed are separated by only 2 tiles, so those 3 are to cover 1 entrance. When an unit reveal either of those 3 (because if it was a small sight radious you can miss it, so this way you cover a 7 tile wide entrance), any of them, whatever you reveal first, makes flag number 3 as true And if flag number 3 it's true, then the message triggers (only once). <-- tested right now and works. so this set up totally works. Message, reinforcements or whatever you need. Note: this won't work: The message will pop up 3 times, if the 3 tiles are revealed. For multiple entrances, you may use different flags to be true. Like this: 2 first "tile revealed" are covering the bottom part of the entrance. if you unit goes there, flag nº 4 goes true, so it triggers "Bottom part discovered" message. If later (or first) you go from the right area, you will step into tile 38-3 or 38-7, flag 6 will turn true, and that will trigger "right side discovered". Now, if you want to only trigger the one you step first "bottom or right", but not the other, you need yet another flag., but I won't enter there unless you really need it. Just remember, the MCV has a very low sight, if you create an entrance like this, you will need several tile revealed ones, or you can miss it. with a 2 wide vision you need to place as many if you want to be 100% sure that the MCV will reveal at least one of them, (well, I think even with 3 well situated you can still do it, or you can even place a piece of rock just to force the MCV to move 1 tile to the left, enough to be impossible for him to miss the mark). I hope all of this helps you.
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    Wow, so many old friends! It's great to see you again, @Dunenewt, @Vanguard3000, @Caid Ivik and @rebelliousplatypus (I hope you don't mind if I still call you exatreides). Now I'm curious: What brought you all here at the same time? Did all of us just literally have the same idea to come back here at the same time after several years, or were you already checking the Fed2k forum regularly but without posting? Also, according to my profile, today marks precisely 20 years since I registered my account here. And to think, I once thought that being around for seven years made me an "old timer"...
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    Hello there, I have always been lazy when it comes to writing any sort of documentations or manuals. For D2kEditor I never wrote any proper manual and rather relied on people figuring things themselves, or letting others advise and explain new users how things are done with the Editor. I myself do not usually read through manuals, since many times I even do not have any at hand, and this way I can miss some really useful information that can change things really lot. Due to the fact a new member came into our community recently and he struggled with missing knowledge of some mapping mechanics, and seeing how he was asking here in forum and you spent so much effort explaining things to him, I finally decided to write up a Mapping manual, which should cover all needed information about how to create maps in D2kEditor. I strongly recommend to read through it, because you could still find some useful information you possibly did not know for all the years. And also, I'd like to see your review and opinion, you can point out something what I forgot about and what I forgot to mention, or possibly, you could find any information that is not right. EDIT: Uploaded a new version of manual: https://forum.dune2k.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=4259
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    Welcome to the forum. People having trouble with the game will get a good help with your videos. I saw you play the game at the regular speed; I hope at some point you do the same with the many custom campaigns, some people struggle due how hard some of them are.
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    I installed Emperor Battle For Dune on my PC (Windows 10 64 bit), patched it to 1.09, then followed every single tutorial here how to make my game to NOT need CD, but when I chose campaign - keeps asking me "Insert disk". I still keep the 4 ISO files - If I move them to the game directory - will that help? As I said - I tried every tutorial here step by step, but nothing helped. Tried also all kind of No-CD FIX - again nothing. Cracks doesn't help. What should I do with the ISO files?
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    Hello there, finalyl I got into checking what's going on in this thread, and tried out the first released Redzani mission. I must say, it was pretty good and fun to play! The mission flew pretty well and won it at first try. I found a way around the Harkonnen outpost, so I sneaked without losing any units encountering Harkonnen base or trike. In the end, only my Sardaukar survived and I used it to kill the thumper infantry. I did not notice three additional reinforced units at first so did not use it. The terrain design was nice too, many narrow passages I needed to sneak through, and you used extraordinarily large amount of "sand specials" everywhere, which is ok for this kind of mission design. I noticed lot of tile errors and misplaced tiles, but as discussed here, you would eventually become more cautious to spot and fix them. My only concern here is configuration of events, namely use of run-once flags for events which are triggered by "Tile revealed" condition. As far as I know, the "Tile revealed" condition triggers only once on its own already, so it is pointless (and waste of event slots you might get short of) to yet add flag condition to make it run only once. Or am I wrong?
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    An Update: The turn counter is quite efficient and is on its third rewrite and this time its pretty clean and straightforward. I have begun the process of implementing stats for each house. Of whom each house now has a script. What we do now is --> if its a Houses turn their script is receiving +1 diplomacy point. If it has been a full revolution of turns -- and a full turn cycle is complete --> which is currently -> (Faction.Count / GameSpeed) Then all houses will receive HomeWorldIncome in Credits from their homeworld. HomeWorldIncome is defined on each house script; and is specific to each house. I'm going to go ahead and create production system for Buildings; and hopefully copy and paste this for all other productions.
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    Hello all, most probably you already know something about tile attributes and those TILEATRx.BIN files. Tile attributes are defining the behavior of each tile, i.e. whether vehices and infantry can move on this tile, whether buildings can be placed on that tile, whether your units move slowly etc. Each TILEATRx.BIN file contains 800 entries (one entry for each tile, there are 800 tiles in tileset), each entry has 32 bits. 32 bits means there can be 32 different attributes for each tile (a bit can have two values: 0 or 1, off or on). In the original TILEATRx.BIN files shipped with the game, only 7 out of 32 attributes are used. Which leaves 25 attributes unused. Because the editor needs some extra information about tiles, which cannot be determined from existing attributes used by game, I decided to use 8 more bits (from those 25 unused bits) to store "Editor Attributes". These extra attributes tell the editor which tiles are sand tiles, rock tiles or dunes tiles, or the respective areas, so some of the features like fill area can work. I was assuming that using those 8 extra bits, which were not used in any of original TILEATRx.BIN files, would not affect the game behavior at all, but still, to be 100% safe, I decided to use two separate versions of same TILEATRx.BIN file: The original one for game, and the modified one (with extra attributes added into it) for the editor. However, later it turned out, that those extra "editor" attributes, which I thought were not used it game, are in fact used by the game, and are affecting game behavior. So if you take the TILEATRx.BIN file shipped with editor, and copy it into game folder, strange things will start happening, for example your units cannot move on tiles where they should normally be able to move. So I made some research in order to find out what's going on. And I discovered, that all those extra 25 attributes are game's internal attributes, which are added/removed from tiles by game logic during gameplay. These attributes were not meant by game authors to be used directly in TILEATRx.BIN files, however, you can exploit them to alter game behavior and have more modding possibilities. For example, you can place a real working concrete on you map! Here is the complete list of all those 32 attributes and their meanings. Attributes marked with * are those 7 attributes which are used in original TILEATRx.BIN files. 01: Building/Unit owner side (bit1) 02: Building/Unit owner side (bit2) 03: Building/Unit owner side (bit3) 04: Occupied by Unit 05: Occupied by Building 06: Occupied by Infantry (middle) 07: Occupied by Infantry (top-right) 08: Occupied by Infantry (down-right) 09: Occupied by Infantry (down-left) 10: Occupied by Infantry (top-left) 11: Wall 12: Concrete 13: Non-buildable 14: * Vehicles can pass 15: * Infantry can pass 16: * Buildings can be placed, Rock craters 17: * Sandworm can pass, Sand craters 18: Concrete owner side (bit 1) 19: Concrete owner side (bit 2) 20: Concrete owner side (bit 3) 21: Spice amount (bit 1) 22: Spice amount (bit 2) 23: Spice amount (bit 3) 24: Unknown/Unused 25: Unknown/Unused 26: Unknown (side bit 1) 27: Unknown (side bit 2) 28: Unknown (side bit 3) 29: Unknown/Unused 30: * Rock (wheeled +10% speed) 31: * Dunes (wheeled -50%, other -20% sp.) 32: * Rough Rock (all -50% speed) Now let's try to explain them. 05: Occupied by Building: Units cannot move on this tile and buildings cannot be placed. Cursor changes to "select" cursor when moved over this tile, like when cursor moves over a building or unit, but clicking will not do anything. The color of this tile on minimap changes to color of respective side, which this "building" belongs to (blue for Atreides, red for Harkonnen etc). The side who owns this "building" is defined by first three attributes: 01: Building/Unit owner side (bit1), 02: Building/Unit owner side (bit2), 03: Building/Unit owner side (bit3). Set those attributes to following possible combinations (0 = attribute not set, 1 = attribute set): 000 = Atreides 100 = Harkonnen 010 = Ordos 110 = Emperor 001 = Fremen 101 = Smugglers 011 = Mercenaries 111 = Sandworm If the owner is your side, you can place buildings near this tile, like when there was standing your own building. And same for the other AI players. 04: Occupied by Unit: Units cannot move on this tile and buildings cannot be placed. If you place any unit on a tile with this attribute with the Map and Mission Editor, the game will crash with error message "Tile already occupied by unit". Again, use first three attributes to define which side this "unit" belongs to. If the unit belongs to your side, cursor changes to "select" cursor when moved over this tile. Minimap is not affected by this attribute. 06 - 10: Occupied by Infantry: The tile behaves like there was infantry standing on the tile at one the 5 respective positions. I.e. if you use all 5 attributes, infantry is standing on all 5 positions. Again, use first three attributes to define which side the "infantry" belongs to. If the infantry belongs to your side, cursor changes to "select" cursor when moved over this tile. If you do not use all 5 attributes and the owner side is you, you can move your infantry on this tile, but they will be able to stand only on the "free" positions. If the owner side is not you, you cannot move your infantry on this tile even if there are free positions (like you cannot group your and enemy's infantry on same tile), but you can move heavy vehicles on this tile (i.e. tank, harvester etc.), like they were crushing enemy infantry, if the owner side is your enemy. And most importantly, your stealth units will get revealed when standing next to tile with this attribute whose owner is not you. 11: Wall: The tile behaves like a wall or turret. When you place a wall or turret next to a tile with this attribute, it will visually link to that tile, like when there was built a wall (but you can build and move units on this tile). 12: Concrete: The tile behaves like concrete. You cannot build concrete on this tile, but placing other buildings on it, they will not damage over time like they were built on a concrete. The tile is destructible, so when you shoot it, it will turn into rock tile and lose its effect (then you can build concrete on it). The side who owns the "concrete" is defined by these three attributes: 18: Concrete owner side (bit 1), 19: Concrete owner side (bit 2), 20: Concrete owner side (bit 3). Use same combination of values, like for buildings and units. If the concrete belongs to you, you can build on it even if no other your building is near, and you can place buildings near it too. 13: Non-buildable: You cannot place buildings on this tile, even if "Buildings can be placed" attribute is set. Apparently this attribute is internally used on tiles below buildings where you can move units but not place other buildings. 21 - 23: Spice amount: If all three are not set, the tile behaves normally. But if you set any combination of these attributes, the tile will graphically change to thin or thick spice, and will behave like spice, i.e. Harvester can harvest it and it will disappear once fully harvested. Possible combinations: 100 = Thin spice, can be harvested only once, then disappears 010 = Thin spice, can be harvested twice, then disappears 110 = Thick spice, can be harvested only once, then turns into thin spice (can be harvested 3 times total) 001 = Thick spice, can be harvested twice, then turns into thin spice (can be harvested 4 times total) Other combinations = Thick spice, cannot be harvested 26 - 28: Unknown: To be used with combination with "Occupied by Infantry" attribute. If you run over enemy infantry (meaning tile with "Occupied by Infantry" attribute) with a heavy vehicle, then owner of that infantry becomes the side defined by these three attributes. Meaning, if you are for example Fremen and set attributes 26-28 to combination of 001, and attributes 1-3 are some other value (enemy) and you move your heavy vehicle on this tile, the tile changes its behavior like it was your infantry - you can no longer move heavy units on it but can move infantry on free positions. Other function of these attributes was not discovered yet. So, here are a few examples what useful things you can do with these attributes: - Place real working concrete on map, and you can use any tile for it, not necessarily the concrete tiles in tileset. If you do not want you or enemy or other player to be able to build on it or next to it if no other building is near (i.e. the concrete is placed on separated rock area and you must only use MCV to reach it), make Sandworm as owner of the concrete. - Make some tiles appear on minimap in specific side's color, like it belonged to that side. Useful for some static structures and buildings, which are part of tileset graphics. (not confirmed if it affects AI behavior) - Make "narrow infantry passage", like a very narrow tunnel where only 1 infantry can walk through. Or make that infantry can stand only on specific positions on specific tile. The big disadvantage is that this works only for one side, who is defined as owner of the infantry attribute. - Make "heavy vehicle only" passage, exploiting the "Occupied by infantry" behavior - Place thin spice which can be harvested only once, or thick spice which can be harvested 3 times total - Make spice you can place buildings on, or after harvesting it (if you combine "Buildings can be placed" and "Spice amount" attributes) I'm currently working on improved version of "Tile Attributes editor" and integrating it into "Map and Mission editor", so it will no longer be a separate program. Here is a preview incomplete version I'm working on. For example editor attributes are not working yet. After it's fully finished I will release it as Map and Mission editor v1.4. You can use it and play around with the extra attributes, and possibly discover some new things! Download: https://www90.zippyshare.com/v/IruQNN0N/file.html
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    Hello, as I already mentioned recently, I'm working on new version (v1.4) of Dune2000 Map and Mission Editor. Right now I have two most important new features complete: built-in tile attribute editor, and newly: Smooth Spice rendering! No longer ugly blocky spice, but now it looks exactly like how it is drawn in game. It's so fun and satisfying to place spice on a map and see how the tiles prettily connect to each other! I still have a couple of minor improvement ideas to implement: just stay tuned, I'm going to publish a pre-release version soon. Feel free to give me any more ideas for features, bug fixes and improvements if you have any. As you may notice, my primary aim for new features in v1.4 is easier custom tileset creation. So while implementing smooth spice rendering feature, I also did some new research about some special tiles and how the game handles them. By special tiles I mean those tiles, which the game uses internally during gameplay to alter the map based on player's actions (building, harvesting spice etc). These tiles are used to draw for example concrete, basement of buildings, thin spice and thick spice, and most importantly, the tiles which game will draw on a place where spice has been harvested, or where building or concrete was removed/destroyed. This information may be very useful and valuable for custom tileset creators, and this also influences the limitations of custom tilesets. For my research, I used a modified version of tileset BLOXBGBS. I wrote numbers on some special tiles, and those numbers would show in-game so that I can better see which exact tiles the game uses. I marked some tiles with red color, which means, those tiles would never be used by game. Here it is: The most important is, that you can safely replace the red-marked tiles by whatever custom tiles you want, without breaking the game. Only 8 sand tiles (marked 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9) are drawn by game on tiles where you harvest spice, and only 8 rock tiles (marked 1-8) are drawn by game on tiles where you destroy/remove a building or concrete. The 3x3 building basement is not used by any building. Only three tiles are used to draw concrete in game (marked 1,2,3) and the others (4,5,6) are unused. And the very first two full-spice tiles are not used as well, and finally, tile 795 either. Which, in result, gives you 33 extra tiles you can use, and which you previously mostly left intact to be safe and not break the game. Here you can see some in-game screens to see how it works: Only 3 different tiles are used for concrete. Only 8 different rock tiles are used on place where you destroy concrete or remove a building. Only 8 different spice tiles are used on place where you harvest spice. And the last, most interesting finding: The game draws thick spice in the same exact pattern always in all maps. The pattern is 8x8 tiles and repeats. I hope you found this information interesting and useful. Happy modding!
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    I honestly never thought I'd get my hands on this CD. It's like, super-rare. I had put a notification alert on a search for "Spice Opera" on ebay, so I got mailed when one appeared. Since it was an auction, though, I had no idea if I'd win it. But I got it The original Spice Opera, by Stéphane Picq and Philippe Ulrich: (oh and the EBFD soundtrack. Also pretty neat )
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    Once you have a post approved, which you do now :), you should be able to attach files to your posts.
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    I have been playing RT2 on and off for a long time, but only just recently found this site. I hadn't necessarily noticed the errors that remain in the latest official patch, but as an engineer I like things to be correct when possible. Using data from the 'Modding RT2' and 'Historical RT2 Mod' threads, I started a few small projects. And a huge thanks to everyone who contributed on those threads, particularly JeffryFisher and jcco. JeffryFisher created his historically patched exe which corrected the data errors, but also made changes specific for his US History scenario, or for historical accuracy. I could not find anywhere that someone had corrected the errors without additional changes. I therefore created this patch (replacement exe for RT2_PLAT.exe) to fix the errors without further changes. Since it builds on the official 1.56 patch, I called it 1.57ddh, with the ddh suffix to distinguish it from anyone else's 1.57. The version is changed internal to the file as well and the Main Menu properly reports 1.57ddh. Versions added for GoG.com platinum installations (1.57gog) and Gold CD installations (1.57gld). The content of the readme follows: Note: From my recent experience, guests can download from the download area, but cannot download files within forum posts. If you then create an account to question or comment on this, you'll notice that you can download from forum posts once you have an account. RT2_PLAT 1.57ddh.zip for standard CD installations of Railroad Tycoon II - Platinum RT2_PLAT 1.57 GoG.zip for GoG.com installations of Railroad Tycoon II - Platinum RT2_Gold 1.57.zip for standard CD installations of Railroad Tycoon II - Gold
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    Apologies for not getting back here sooner. I downloaded 1.57ddh and installed it in my game prolly soon after it was created and on this site for DL. But I never got around to playing the game again until just recently. Everything seems to work fine, by that I mean the game plays just fine as this updated version. I don't play scenarios often enough that require a good usage of ports, but it is nice to know I have the update when I may need it. Thanks again to all.
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    Currently there are some tileset released throughout the forum. These tilesets lacks a ".ini" file which can help map creators to do maps more easily, grouping tiles and separated them so it's more easy to see, but also assigning a key on the keyboard to place these tiles withouth needing to open the whole tileset at all. Keep in mind that I am not the owner of the tileset itself; I am not changing any tile from that tileset or the attributes (if you can walk over that tile, build and so on), this is a non-invasive add-on to help modders. My plan goes to do it with all the old tileset that lacks such file: BLOXSNOW: Snow Cliff : Water Cliffs: Rivers: Coasts: Roads: Other details: BLOXTD: Ground Cliff: River: Coast: Road: Other specials: BLOXTEM: Ground cliff: Water Cliff: Rivers: Coast: Road: Other specials: BLOXINT: Gray Walls: Red Walls: Yellow Lines: (both version, ground and metal) Red lines: Other specials: Floor Shadows: (for this last one I am not sure fi some of these are suppose to be attached into another tile, just in case I place all of them separated). Now the custom .ini will show new colors on the minimap (only while modding): Here, the same map using 2 different tilesets: BLOXSNOW: BLOXTEM: Files: Todos Tilesets Personalizados.rar<-- This include all the .ini, all the bin and all the .r16 files needed. This file includes: BLOXBAT2: Luminar's night mission based on Bloxbat; I fixed the grey stuff from the spice so now the spice won't look weird. Normal spice. BLOXBGP: A Giedi Prime based. Normal spice. BLOXCRFT: Wacraft 2 winter tileset. Chopped trees as spice. BLOXHILN: A Heighliner tileset, to create the interior of a big Dune ship. box-crates as thin spice and "mini-repair-pad" as thick spice. BLOXINT: The interior of a building. Gold as thin spice, gems as thick spice. BLOXRETR: Dune 2 graphics tileset. Normal spice. BLOXSNOW: Snowdy map with rifts, rivers and roads. The spice it's gems. BLOXTD: Green land, rifts, water and roads. the spice it's tiberiun. BLOXTEM: Green land, rifts, water and roads. the spice it's gold. To make these tilesetes to appear you need the ".r16" files (same name) into the game's data folder; you can get these files by executing cncnet.exe or downloading the file I upload earlier, that have all needed to work with. If you have them already, place these ".ini" files into the folder "/tilesets" from the editor's path; the program should reconice then auto. Keep in mind you also need the "*.bin" files that are part of the tileset. Update: The new ".ini" will allow any modder to place spice directly into your map withouth switching into another tilesets.
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    You can now save games: Other notable changes in Release 20191117 Significantly improved behavior for harvesters, attack-move, and unit repair Aircraft-based support powers can be given an attack direction The Death Hand missile now works like the original game Fixed various issues with left-click mouse controls
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    Update - started a new game with the 1.57ddh patch in place, but with no modification to the default port supply/demand setting. Upon the first delivery of autos to Toledo with its port, demand went to zero and stayed there - did not recover. Like it always used to be. Goods demand also went to zero on first delivery, but then recovered....slowly. That's not exactly as I remember it, but my memory could easily be off on that point. Goods demand going immediately to zero didn't seem quite right, but at least it was starting to recover. First to 1, then to 2. I didn't continue to play long after that to see how far it would go., as the main purpose was to test the port mod effect on autos. So my test removed any doubt about the effect of rearranging the port supply/demand positions as I previously outlined. Again, Jeffry, thank you for that tip. The summation of these changes in the patch and now in the port mod will increase revenue and make game goals easier to achieve. That's wonderful, but will almost necessitate an asterisk with new record games when compared against the harder, pre-patch game records.
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    Eh. It was a point that hadn't specifically been mentioned back then. Can't help it this place is kinda dead in general Blame the C&C Remasters project; it got me looking into Dune Dynasty again since the scope of both projects is really similar.
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    The difference is actually that Dune Dynasty is not a remake of Dune II at all. It's an actual upgrade of the original game. If you play Dune Dynasty, you really are playing the original Dune II, only, enhanced. Unlike remakes, it will act and feel exactly like the original game.
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    Hi Go to configure settings in the Gruntsmod launcher, then Video Options and tick 'Cutscene Change Resolution.'
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    Would be interesting to be able to add custom things also, but I don't know if he ever will finish the proyect. Klofkack it's also doing a random map generator, so you can ask him as well if you want.
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    Well, since I just linked to the midi files recorded from original hardware by the actual composer, I'm not sure if this is still useful 😛 We do have information from the .exe that gives some hints to what music is which track is which in the actual game files. Though do note, the actual track identifications (the sections between [brackets]) are done from personal identification by testing them in-game. Also note that according to the information on Frank Klepacki's website, the tracks generally called "ambient" (indicated as "idle" here) were apparently officially called "wander" instead. This is from a dump made by the Dune II Editor. [None (0)] Filename string ref. = <no reference> Track in this file = 0 [Bonus] Filename string ref. = dune1 Track in this file = 2 [Lose Ordos] Filename string ref. = dune1 Track in this file = 3 [Lose Harkonnen] Filename string ref. = dune1 Track in this file = 4 [Lose Atreides] Filename string ref. = dune1 Track in this file = 5 [Win Ordos] Filename string ref. = dune17 Track in this file = 4 [Win Harkonnen] Filename string ref. = dune8 Track in this file = 3 [Win Atreides] Filename string ref. = dune8 Track in this file = 2 [Idle 1] Filename string ref. = dune1 Track in this file = 6 [Idle 2] Filename string ref. = dune2 Track in this file = 6 [Idle 3] Filename string ref. = dune3 Track in this file = 6 [Idle 4] Filename string ref. = dune4 Track in this file = 6 [Idle 5] Filename string ref. = dune5 Track in this file = 6 [Idle 6] Filename string ref. = dune6 Track in this file = 6 [Idle 7] Filename string ref. = dune9 Track in this file = 4 [Idle 8] Filename string ref. = dune9 Track in this file = 5 [Idle 9] Filename string ref. = dune18 Track in this file = 6 [Attack 1] Filename string ref. = dune10 Track in this file = 7 [Attack 2] Filename string ref. = dune11 Track in this file = 7 [Attack 3] Filename string ref. = dune12 Track in this file = 7 [Attack 4] Filename string ref. = dune13 Track in this file = 7 [Attack 5] Filename string ref. = dune14 Track in this file = 7 [Attack 6] Filename string ref. = dune15 Track in this file = 7 [23] Filename string ref. = dune1 Track in this file = 8 [Brief Harkonnen] Filename string ref. = dune7 Track in this file = 2 [Brief Atreides] Filename string ref. = dune7 Track in this file = 3 [Brief Ordos] Filename string ref. = dune7 Track in this file = 4 [Intro] Filename string ref. = dune0 Track in this file = 2 [Menu] Filename string ref. = dune7 Track in this file = 6 [Conquest] Filename string ref. = dune16 Track in this file = 7 [Finale Harkonnen] Filename string ref. = dune19 Track in this file = 4 [Finale Atreides] Filename string ref. = dune19 Track in this file = 2 [Finale Ordos] Filename string ref. = dune19 Track in this file = 3 [Credits] Filename string ref. = dune20 Track in this file = 2 [Cutscene] Filename string ref. = dune16 Track in this file = 8 [35] Filename string ref. = dune0 Track in this file = 3 [Logos] Filename string ref. = dune0 Track in this file = 4 [37] Filename string ref. = dune0 Track in this file = 5 [edit] Okay, so, I matched all your midis to the official names: DUNE2-01.MID - Choose Your House (unused in-game) DUNE2-02.MID - Wander 1 - The Building of a Dynasty DUNE2-03.MID - Wander 2 - Dark Technology DUNE2-04.MID - Wander 3 - Rulers Of Arrakis.mp3 DUNE2-05.MID - Wander 4 - Desert of Doom DUNE2-06.MID - Wander 5 - Faithful Warriors DUNE2-07.MID - Wander 6 - Spice Melange DUNE2-08.MID - Harkonnen Mentat DUNE2-09.MID - Atreides Mentat - The Council DUNE2-10.MID - Ordos Mentat - Disturbed Thoughts DUNE2-11.MID - Menu - Hope Fades DUNE2-12.MID - Atreides Victory DUNE2-13.MID - Harkonnen Victory DUNE2-14.MID - Wander 7 - The Prophecy part 1 DUNE2-15.MID - Wander 8 - The Prophecy part 2 DUNE2-16.MID - Battle 2 - Epic War DUNE2-17.MID - Battle 3 - Humans Fall DUNE2-18.MID - Battle 4 - Adrenaline Rush DUNE2-19.MID - Battle 5 - Only The Strongest Survives DUNE2-20.MID - Battle 6 - Marching Towards The End DUNE2-21.MID - Map Theme DUNE2-22.MID - [Interlude track: Plotting (not on Frank's site)] DUNE2-23.MID - Ordos Victory - Abuse DUNE2-24.MID - Wander 9 - For Those Fallen DUNE2-25.MID - [Atreides Ending Cutscene (not on Frank's site)] DUNE2-26.MID - [Ordos Ending Cutscene (not on Frank's site)] DUNE2-27.MID - [Haronnen Ending Cutscene (not on Frank's site)] Not accounted for: Game intro Battle 1 - Into The Heat Credits theme All three "Lose" themes (thought they're only 8 second clips) Note that the midi files are available here: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=33823&start=42 These seem identical to yours, only the pack has all of them. The unused "Choose Your House" theme is misidentified as "Ambient 1" though.
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    Hey, new mapper! Cm's a mapping monster. And he's awesome. Wassap fam? If you need help getting a certain function working in your map, let us know!
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    My Sonic Tank would be either like the original. Weak when alone. Indeed defeated by 3 Quads. But strong when in a massive group. But I also like the one shot, kill version of EbfD. Long range is a pre. A lot of splash is a pre. PS. Atreides have a little bit of stealth in EbfD. And I guess, you could count the Fremen (dune2000)? Even if they are not really a part of the Atreides. Atreides have more stealth than the Harkonnen for sure.
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    this shows better By the way, I don't know how to quote one line to reply ...
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    The deviation mission: After you capture one vehicle, you need to send it to repair pad immediately; that's what carryalls use for! When it reaches the repair pad, you can try using hotkey "S" to stop it ON one of the four points of the pad, then it won't transfer, unless you move it or the repair pad is destroyed! the four points are (let's see if I can draw something ):
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    What is "strange" about the two not having custom campaigns? They were created to add modern niceties to Dune II, not new content.
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    Hi, guys! I originally wanted to upload all my missions, but found adding information to the MissionLauncher using D2kEditorv12 took much time. So this is the first part, Atreides missions. Please read ReadMe text first. Enjoy! ***** I found Cm_blast's Smuggler's campaign (the 4 mini ones posted long ago) very difficult. Are my mission too easy? Glory_Awaits_AT_By MattBaker.zip
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    My tool was actually completely broken... But not anymore! http://downloads.cncnet.org/Games/Dune2000/ColoursBinEditor.exe
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    In case anybody still reads this forum! I've made a few comparisons between the rolling demo mentioned in this topic and the DOS floppy version of Dune on TCRF. I actually started on it when that topic was new, but it's only now that I've really looked into the text. The differences on that page certainly aren't exhaustive, but it's interesting seeing the little ways the game changed in the months before its release. I'm curious as to whether anyone's found anything related to the debug stuff - if there's anything left of it in the final game apart from a few strings. And on the game's main page I mention the game's demo recording feature. I'm sure someone must have come across it before, but I only came across it whlie looking into all this other stuff. I haven't really tested it, but it records all your clicks and menu choices, so if you record yourself saving and loading games, the playback saves and loads games too. It's great learning new things about decades-old games!
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    For anyone super curious, the first byte of column F in John2022's sietch structure is used to determine when a sietch can be discovered. For example, Tuono-Tabr is set to 02, so when the game stage variable is 02 (which it is when Leto orders you to find the stillsuit maker), the sietch becomes discoverable. The game stage only goes up to C8 (I think), so those locations set to FF are revealed through other events.
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    Welcome. I think many must have been introduced to Dune by it's by products. I believe for me it was the David Lynch movie first, I was VERY Impressed as a teenager, then I got a hold of the games Dune, then Dune 2, and the rest was history.
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    !!ATTENTION!! People of dune, I am hosting a tournament that will be broadcasted on twitch. The tournament will be 1v1 or 2v2s depending on how many participate. I will be broadcasting on twitch, link will be below. Of course game is multiplayer on the gruntmods edition. Tech level will be 7 and game speed of 4. Tournament will begin 4/24/16 2:00pm pacific time. Please message for more or to join.
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    I just spent 50 minutes replacing 700 trains. At around 500 I noticed that I could speed the process up by double-clicking on the new engine, a little quicker than moving down to the buy button. Then I had a look at the engine list view where you can see 5 (I originally incorrectly said 6) trains on a screen. There is a nice little replace button on each one! So I replaced the last 50 in under 2 minutes. At that pace I could have replaced 700 in less than 15 minutes! Maybe this is common practice for some of the experienced players here, but I am putting it out there for those who don't know. Hope this saves some time, so there's more time to have fun! PS. I wanted to insert an image to demonstrate, but I have NoScript in Firefox and I think there is conflict with the Posting system on here.
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    There are different versions of the savegame. I tested this with the CD-version and the lists looked correctly. I made this page to collect all the info I could find, its on google pages - in the hope that spot will never vanish.. http://sites.google.com/site/duneeditor/savegame-editing Will have to add this excellent editor! It would be nice if would share the source code, I think there is still more to discover in the savegame, for example the ecology. As it seems the savegame 0 - is the data for starting the game, maybe it would be possible to create a different scenario for Dune. raising the difficulty, without changing the actual game code.
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