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  1. How i can edit .bin files - pallete.bin and colours.bin ?
  2. Problem with DATA.R16.0002-sprite What's wrong? With r8 all ok
  3. Some extra stuff from dune2k installer (if anybody need this) 1.35mb archive there
  4. All music in game not starts from beginning. I think all have this problem. This is not my video, but, after 4:57 when game starts you can hear music with this problem. In this video the same
  5. Thanks i will try this way. Music: Inrudiment - Trenching - Inrudiment - Command Post Inrudiment - Lego Tune
  6. Thanks for tutorial, but i have a problem. Music not starts from beginning, music starts maybe after 2-3 seconds. What i do wrong? Or this is normal? When music repeats after end - all ok. Not matter If i add music or replace it - the same problem Video:
  7. My first map: http://www60.zippyshare.com/v/40221875/file.html :)
  8. SH2K can't correctly extract tilesets (i don't know why) Anybody can send me correct Tilesets folder?
  9. Just photoshop "styles". I can send you .psd file file if you need it.
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