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  1. [Release] D2kx

    Been a long time I looked into it this. First of all, what you change won't work online! This program only works with this version: https://d2kplus.com/sub-houses-fix/ (you can apply high resolution patch on top of it, but NO gruntlord or funkyfresh stuff) Extract the program in your game folder (the folder with dune2000.dat and dune2000.exe files) Start the program and in 'memory addresses' tab load on the right 'production queue' go to 'trigger on key' tab and click under 'keyname/keycode' and press the key 'q'. next select in the drop down menu right of the key 'Atreides Queue 3 Item (Barracks)'. set the Operator to '=' and the value to '1' click on 'Patch!' and click on 'Play' This should work! :)
  2. D2k Background Music

    I have been working 2 years non-stop on it. :P Nah, I haven't worked on it, other stuff has higher priority, besides it takes many years to get good at making music, time I don't have. I never really played EBfD. The movie Interstellar also has some amazing (space) music, it however does not fit Dune 2000 I think.
  3. Trainer or Saved game editor

    You can try my editor, you can change anything you want, but I haven't checked if it works with the latest dune 2000 from Grunt. link to editor topic: http://forum.dune2k.com/topic/26507-release-d2kx/?p=386853 On the "Trigger on Key" tab you can add anything you want to change with the press of a key, but only the stuff you add in the "memory addresses" tab.
  4. D2k Background Music

    I made another background song in 2013 but never finished it, I might as well share what I got. :) Remember it's background music for in the game, it's not supposed to be extremely melodic and happy and all. :P Troubled Sand.mp3
  5. D2K+ Site Redesign

    Guys, Windows XP is not safe when you're connected to the internet. One wrong visited website and your PC could be breached, especially if you use Internet Explorer!
  6. d2kplus.com

  7. Adding some more music...

    You seem to making progress with making a mod, could you perhaps share your experience, steps and hurdles into one topic or even better in multiple pages, like here: http://d2kplus.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page Perhaps also cooperate with Gruntlord, Fedyakin, dato 2000 etc? I'm probably forgetting some mod creators. One location with all the modding information would be a great addition to the dune 2000 modding community. :D
  8. Creating a board game based on RTS games.

    Good to hear that it was fun, one of the best motivators there is. :) Map looks nice on the (small) photos.
  9. Family issues with Dune (!)

    Perhaps Funkyfr3sh could program it such a way that the 'unit lost' sound only plays when the unit is not in sight?
  10. Creating a board game based on RTS games.

    I would go for nice clear contrast. Quite a few people, mainly men, are colour-blind or some equivalent thing. :P
  11. Creating a board game based on RTS games.

    The finger?
  12. Creating a board game based on RTS games.

    Automatically is kinda hard, but you could just use a 'rough' brush on the edges to clone or erase (depending on layers). There are some rough brushes in Gimp like, Acrylic, Charcoal and Sponge. Try different sizes and just erase (or clone other parts) on the edges. I tried this on some edges in the image below.
  13. Creating a board game based on RTS games.

    I'm afraid that if you want this game to go big (mass production), those bleeding zones are going to be needed. Why not work them into your during design now? To be honest, again :), I have not read enough to understand how your game exactly works, but in my board game experience a map that is random is more fun. This is because people who played the game before don't have an advantage by knowing the good spots. Keeps the game more fair. I think it's a better idea to keep the terrain types (and so also colours) rather simple and low. Like just 4 or 5 colours/terrains. Too much will confuse starting players. Keep in mind that most people can only remember a few things in short memory. Dune 2000 also only has 4-5 terrain types (sand, wobbly sand, rock, spice and concrete (ignoring ice)) For the real game die-hards you can make expansions packs with more colours, terrain etc. I would suggest keeping the base game simple (but challenging of course) and use expansion packs to make it harder. Of course this completely depends on your focus group. I can imagine there are also board game players out there that love massive amount of rules, but they are a minority. Edit: I'm also kinda a big fan of changing map during gameplay. Kinda like in Dune 2000 you can still discover new terrain during gameplay and so also ways to attack. Perhaps in corporate an event card that makes the map bigger or smaller by removing or adding tiles.
  14. Creating a board game based on RTS games.

    It was 2,5 cm. I resized the image of the map to fit A5 (the size of my paper). 4cm sounds like better size to handle and see all the details. Bleeding zone is a good idea. Making the maps simple just because it saves you some time in production is not the greatest design philosophy.
  15. Creating a board game based on RTS games.

    Most boardgames have carton map tiles, perhaps because of this reason or perhaps just the cheapest. Making the pieces goes rather fast on the machine, the biggest time consumption is designing the cut layout. My layout was not perfect some edges are not nice and perhaps adding a border for errors is also useful. Here is an image of a cut test with not very thick paper. (200g it says on package... if that means something) Edit: If you are gonna make a lot of the same shapes, perhaps a simple cutter-press-machine is useful? Like a dough-cutter under a big press with large lever.