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  1. Hi again there, I see there's some discussion about the random map generators. I'm sorry to say that, a few days or weeks after releasing the first preview version of my random map generator, I discontinued its further development. Things were actually going pretty well and I did not get stuck at some blind point, but I rather realized how much work, personal time and effort I would need to put into the project in order to make it good and usable. I just wonder whether devoting that much work would make me satisfied - i.e. it would be utilizable and used by enough people (nowadays there are still people actively making Dune2000 maps and campaigns, but it's not really many people, like something up to 10). The second reason is that I'm actively working person and work with computers during my everyday job, so I prefer doing something else than again programming in my free time. Still, I wonder whether you found the preview version interesting and useful and experimented with it, or even used it for making any actual maps. You may experiment with the .ini file configuration, like modifying some absolute weights of different types of blocks in order to change the appearance of terrain it generates. Since the preview version release I made some improvements, most importantly ability to undo whole area which you can generate with Shift + Num+, and ability to place blocks on rock and do "substractive" generation. I wanted to post another preview version once I make some more significant progress.
  2. Oh yes, that's exactly it! I even did not know it's called like this or did not read any theory before implementing it. I came up with all the ideas myself. And yes, I already saw your attempt for a random map generator. I agree with you. But as I said, I still have plenty of ideas how to improve it, so it will hopefully get much better. This is just the first version I came up with which is creating valid terrain (by valid terrain I mean that all areas - sand, rock - are properly enclosed and there are no tile errors). It just generates the terrain in blind way, not considering anything like size of rock area and other things. This is purely random, only based on fixed probability weight of certain block types (i.e. straight rock cliff block has 10 times more chance to generate than rock-to-sand cliff transition block, but there is no context and surrounding tiles considered). Anyway, I will provide a preview version of the editor, so you can look how exactly it works and better understand the algorithm and possibly give some suggestions: D2kEditor_randomgen_v1.zip Copy BLOXBGBS.ini into Tilesets folder before starting the program. Then create a new empty map and make sure to select BLOXBGBS tileset. Go to terrain editing mode and select any block preset (for example some rock cliff block). Place the block on map. By placing the block you place a "seed" block, which will then extend to more terrain in next steps. You can run manual single step by pressing "Num +" key. You can forcefully undo last step by pressing "Num -", then next step will generate a different block. If you place a block while holding Shift key, it will automatically run until it ends up by generating whole terrain. Press "Num *" to reset internal structures, so that clean map will be rendered without those crosses and marks. Have fun!
  3. Hey there! Here are some first reasonable results. I have still plenty of improvement ideas! You may guess which principle and algorithm I am using here.
  4. @Gruntlord6 I uploaded the new version of editor to D2K+ site. Will you please update the existing download page with new version? Or is there anyone else who has rights to do that? Thank you!
  5. Uh, well, to be honest, that is actually what I specifically *like* about the tileset and maps! I can imagine that inside a big star ship like Heighliner, there are all narrow corridors and tunnels, connecting some not-so-much wide open spaces. So everything pretty naturally feels cramped and claustrophobic, like when you watch some film which takes place in a space ship, for example Star Trek or something like this. When I was playing the maps, I was getting the feeling I would expect. On the other hand, making wider corridors or bigger open spaces like what you showed in your screenshots, is not specifically bad and would be probably better for gameplay, but it's not something I strictly demand. I was just happy about how the maps were. There's "Mark buildable tiles" feature in the map editor, you can use it to see which tiles you can build on.
  6. Thank you for creating and providing the mini-campaign based on your new tileset! I played through it and it was really fun. It was completely new style of gameplay, different from what we had so far, so I really appreciate new gameplay elements, strategy and objectives. Those maps very reminded me of the inside-building missions from Red Alert 1. Althrough I rather disliked thore missions specifically, I'm looking forward to see something similar made for Dune with use of your tileset. And I'm really looking forward to play more missions similar to those 4 from your campaign, so I hope either you or someone else will come up with some more content!
  7. Do you know what parameter is that? Is it one of the "unknown" parameters in AI?
  8. Sorry for a very little off-topic question, but I just checked the map of H7V1, and found out that the left-most Atreides building (rocket turret at 66, 56) is actually outside the right-most border of player's island, so what you said is kinda not true. So how it actually is?
  9. What a shame, I discovered a cosmetic bug. In tiliset .ini file you define this: ThinSpice.name=Supplies ThickSpice.name=MD Pads But the editor will ignore it and still will display "Thin spice" and "Thick spice" when selecting respective button on terrain editing page. EDIT: Actually not a bug, such thing was not implemented and is not even in the template. But would be a nice tiny feature.
  10. So, will this be finally the final release? D2kEditorv13.zip That's taking so long, but I'm really happy we're trying hard to address all (even small and unnoticeable) errors, and do various improvements and tuning up! Finally I came up with a README file which is now included in the download archive and explains how to properly install the program and provides a few useful tips! Why I did't come up with that earlier? I hope you will enjoy this, and I would like to ask to update this on D2K+ site. Thank you!
  11. Ok, so here are additional minor/cosmetic changes I did so far: - Fixed BLOXBAT configuration, added missing tiles to new "Sand stains" group - Added informative message when program is started for the first time. Is it ok? Let me know - Mitigated limitation of 64 block presets per group (which Fey encountered). There are still 8 * 64 = 512 slots, which can now be distributed freely among groups (for example in one group you can have 200 presets and remaining 312 can be distributed among others). That was very simple change. So those all were rather small things and the editor should be ready to go! (uh, this release takes time). One small unrelated idea. The BLOXXMAS tileset is missing corner bridge tiles, so you cannot make curved bridges (only straight ones). What if you add those corner tiles (there are at least 8 free unused tiles in tileset) to make that possible? Like new tileset BLOXXMA2 which could be useful for some interesting bridge-themed map. I was also thinking about Dune 2000 tilesets and I think they were not definitely used into their full potential. See, all tilesets look the same, the only differences are tileset-specific tiles (which is quite small part of the tileset) and some pixels here and there. I think they could have made better if they distinguished different areas on Arrakis more visually. That means there could be more significant visual differences among tilesets, something like temperate, snowy, jungle etc. tileset in Red Alert. There is some uniqueness about BLOXICE (as there are ice areas in it) but that's all what is really notable, the other tilesets are not that much different and could be merged into one with all the special tiles available in it. What do you think? What about making some more distinctive tilesets that would make various Arrakis places look more unique?
  12. Oh well, I found out what's going on. There is actually a limit of max 64 presets per preset group, and you exceeded that limit by 4 presets. And by chance, the presets for :<>? keys are loaded last and were skipped during loading. I recommend to use more different preset groups and move some presets from "Decorations" to some other group. (Btw, the limitation of 64 presets per group is some sort of design flaw). And now I see the tileset BLOXHILN is really non-standard and complicated one! Not something I was counting with when designing the editor. So it's quite a challenge to make a working configuration for it!
  13. Wouldn't you mind if you send me your tileset .ini file? Will need to check what's exactly happening.
  14. Thanks for info, so I'll fix that. If you look carefully into the .ini files, you find section called [Custom_Blocks] in the end of file. There are defined blocks, which are not stored continuously in the tileset image. It's defined as width and height, and then as many tile indexes which compose the whole block. Then in block preset sections, you directly refer to a custom block by its number. Well, this is already present here from the beginning. Press middle mouse button on the preset window and it will show the keys. (I thought I already mentioned this in help)
  15. If you don't know, TileAtr editor has a feature called "Check block preset coverage" which helped me see which tiles were included in any key preset and which I missed. So I can easily see which tiles in BLOXBAT are not part of any preset. You are right about the reason that I ran out of available slots. I remember, when back in the past I was creating presets for each tileset, I considered those missed tiles being not that interesting and important to be included. But now I have idea to include them in the 8th free preset group, and call it something like "Sand stains".
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