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  1. Well, I observed that the tools within D2K+ toolkit and Dune 2000 Gruntmods edition are not up to date. I downloaded Gruntmods edition (apparently the latest available version from https://gruntmods.com/dune_2000_gruntmods_edition/ the first download link) and there are tools included, but I found out that for example D2kEditor version 1.0 is included there, which is pretty outdated version that should not be there. Such old version might only confuse people and steal them off the latest features from recent version. Also, the D2K+ toolkit (https://d2kplus.com/d2k-toolkit/) is VERY outdated, there's D2kEditor version 0.3 and not all tools are included there. It has the most downloads, but it is actually pretty useless. Within the tools available on https://d2kplus.com/ there are some outdated/pointless tools that are no longer needed, for example Map Renderer, Mission Editor, and even Tile Attribute Editor (this one will get obsolete after release of D2kEditor 1.4). It would be good to remove the from there and move them into something like "outdated tools archive", where would be download for older versions of tools for historical purposes. Contrarily, I noticed the Resource Editor is completely missing from D2K+ page. And by the way, the most recent string table editor that you talked about, is available for download here: https://d2kplus.com/ui-table-editor/ @Gruntlord6 any thoughts about doing some revision and update of tools included in D2K+ and Gruntmods edition?
  2. I would actually like to have the D2k Mapping Manual as a simple and short document that primarily explains how to use the editor, and some basic mapping mechanics. I want to distribute it bundled with D2kEditor, so that anyone who downloads the editor can read how the program should used - it's supposed to be like a (printed) manual that comes with commercial software or goods. So I would prefer to keep it as it is and not to go into much deep detail. Regarding more advanced knowledge and modding tips, and some "hacks" that Cm_blast mentioned several times, it would be good to have some knowledge base here, ideally something like a Wiki. I remember that, in past, there used to be a Wiki on D2k+ website where was some useful information about various Dune 2000 file formats and other advanced modding stuff. The Wiki seems to be gone and no longer exists, unfortunately, no idea why. @Gruntlord6 any ideas about the old lost Wiki? But still, I found this Wiki archived, here you can see what was on the Wiki, might be useful: https://web.archive.org/web/20140110155910/http://d2kplus.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page Lot of knowledge seems to be scattered around this forum, there were many topics made through the years where various things were discussed about modding and stuff, something like recently, I posted there some new research about tilesets and tile attributes. The information and knowledge is here, but one must go through the forum and find the information, which is not much sorted or organized in any way. Althrough we do not have a Wiki where this information could be organized and maintained, I suggest to add some "knowledge index" on this forum that would contain links to all threads where any useful information about modding was mentioned and discussed. Pretty much something like index of all finished mods and tools that's already there. The reason why it sometimes does not work for you is, that the program is performing a check whether such "run-once" flag already exists and won't let you add another one if there is already one. Simply said, there's fool-proof mechanism not letting you press F4 multiple times. Unfortunately the check is not too much "intelligent" and it does not do much deep detailed check - basically all it does, it checks if event has any "not flag" condition in its condition list (in your case, the offending one is [x2]Flag()). For any such "not flag" condition it thinks it is "run-once" flag. It's not that easy to fix, as I would need to implement much more complicated logic to check existence of run-once flag. The other option is to remove this check completely and let you press F4 repeatedly, which is less fool-proof, but would fix your issue. You can also work around it by temporarily turning off the negation checkbox, add run-once flag, and then add it back.
  3. I would rather leave it as it is, meaning H sign only for reinforcement with one unit, and that one unit being a harvester. If you make reinforcement with 2 harvesters, there will be R but you can see the list of units by moving mouse cursor on it.
  4. Well, I would not personally complicate the manual too much. What you say is some more advanced hacky modding stuff, which I even personally did not know was possible. I want the manual to be rather basic stuff for beginners that are going to create maps for Dune 2000 for their first time, so I'm trying to point out the basic mechanics, how things work the "normal" way. If someone wants ro do more advanced stuff like this, probably this knowledge should be available here on the forum or in some more "advanced" documentation. But thanks for pointing out anyway, there are many things I still do not know. Well, the current logic behind H marker is that it is supposed to mark events that bring exactly one harvester in case player loses all his harvesters. Back in the very old times, before we ever knew how events and scripting in Dune 2000 worked, I believed, that harvester replacement was not achieved via scripting, being a specific case of reinforcement event that is scripted to appear under specific conditions and bring you one harvester. But I thought there were just coordinates X, Y stored somewhere that say "on this place, a player always gets new harvester when he loses all of them". So the H marker is made primarily for vanilla maps where harvester replacement is scripted the usual way. If mappers do some other stuff in their maps, like harvester replacement bringing more than one harvester, or reinforcement that brings one harvester but not as a "harvester replacement" event, then, well, I cannot assume the editor would display those events in "right" way. I would have to add much more complicated logic to detect whether a mapper meant this event to be a harvester replacement or not, but I'm not going to do that.
  5. Thank you all for your feedback. I created new version of D2k Mapping Manual, which you can download here: D2k Mapping Manual.docx Thanks for spotting this, I fixed it. I added this, and also added information about limitation of 30 spice blooms in map. I hope I'm right. I added a note that you can place some specific special values for advanced modding purposes. I added a note that it's possible to have buildings in multiplayer maps with use of advanced modding and hacks. I added whole new chapter about Campaign Missions and Multiplayer Maps and the difference. You are right. I just checked, and when I created a modded TILEDATA.BIN in order to allow placing whatever building/unit type for whatever side back in the day, I added special values for DH missile, Sandworm and Frigate for each side as well. I did not make them available in the editor (because they would not be useful anyway and they would only cause confusion), but they are there "just in case" for any crazy modding possibilities. As before, I would like to ask you for reading through the manual and giving me your feedback. I'm going to include the manual with D2kEditor 1.4 release. Note that so far I did some more minor changes to D2kEditor 1.4, so expect another release candidate soon.
  6. Hello there, I have always been lazy when it comes to writing any sort of documentations or manuals. For D2kEditor I never wrote any proper manual and rather relied on people figuring things themselves, or letting others advise and explain new users how things are done with the Editor. I myself do not usually read through manuals, since many times I even do not have any at hand, and this way I can miss some really useful information that can change things really lot. Due to the fact a new member came into our community recently and he struggled with missing knowledge of some mapping mechanics, and seeing how he was asking here in forum and you spent so much effort explaining things to him, I finally decided to write up a Mapping manual, which should cover all needed information about how to create maps in D2kEditor. I strongly recommend to read through it, because you could still find some useful information you possibly did not know for all the years. And also, I'd like to see your review and opinion, you can point out something what I forgot about and what I forgot to mention, or possibly, you could find any information that is not right. EDIT: Uploaded a new version of manual: https://forum.dune2k.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=4259
  7. Alright, thanks for confirming! I do not remember who exactly (@Cm_blast or @Fey) told me this misconception regarding use of AI on Sandworm side, but at least we know all 8 sides (7 AIs + player) can be used in one mission. Which is very useful for for example Heighliner tileset, where I noticed map creators very like splitting AI of a single enemy base into multiple (2 - 3) sides for more distinct build queues and attacks,
  8. Sometimes I heard opinion from mission creators, that the Sandworm (8th) player/side cannot be used as a regular side with working AI that acts its role in a mission, because even if you configure valid and active AI for this side in .MIS file, this will not work. Therefore you can only use separate 6 AIs in a mission + 1 side you play as + Sandworm just for... yeah, sandworm. However, yesterday I just tried this, I mean configuring a Practice AI for Sandworm side, and not surprisingly, it worked. The Sandworm player acted just as a regular side with working AI. What I also noticed, that the sandworms (placed on a map) dit not start moving and acting at all. So probably activating AI would deactivate sandworms. Which is a trade-off. But still, if you do not want to have sandworms in your map (in some specific tilesets it even does not make sense to have them) you can utilize Sandworm side and have 7 different working AIs in your missions. Could you please comment on this and confirm if I'm right? I did not examine all existing custom missions whether Sandworm was used there with AI, but I'm curious. And in case this has been just a misconception for all the time, then I probably opened new possibilities for all of you.
  9. Here I came up with quite simple and straightforward solution. Take a look: The Mission Fail will trigger, if you do not have any buildings (Base Destroyed) AND do not have any MCV unit at the same time. However, when you deploy MCV, then there's a very short while (probably just a single tick) when the MCV does not exist, but Construction Yard does not count yet at the same time and you would fail your mission even if you should not. Here the third condition (Flag) comes into game. At the time you start a mission, all flag conditions are False by default. So at the time you deploy MCV, the Flag 2 is false and Mission Fail event won't trigger. But here you have the Set Flag (2 = True) event, which triggers when you do not have MCV. This little trick causes one tick delay in condition evaluation. So the first tick when you deploy a MCV, you do not have MCV AND do not have construction yard, BUT Flag 2 is False. The second tick, the Flag 2 is True, BUT your construction yard already counts, and you would not fail mission. (Note that this setup would fail, if you deploy your starting MCV and build some base, then build a new MCV, sell all your buildings and deploy your new MCV again. This scenario is rather not probable, but just in case you want to count with that, you would add a third event, Set Flag (2 = False) and the condition would be [x0]Base Destroyed (Atreides), so the Flag condition gets reset once you have any building) The tick on condition means Negation. The event would trigger, if the condition is false. I think Cm already explained it.
  10. Hello there, finalyl I got into checking what's going on in this thread, and tried out the first released Redzani mission. I must say, it was pretty good and fun to play! The mission flew pretty well and won it at first try. I found a way around the Harkonnen outpost, so I sneaked without losing any units encountering Harkonnen base or trike. In the end, only my Sardaukar survived and I used it to kill the thumper infantry. I did not notice three additional reinforced units at first so did not use it. The terrain design was nice too, many narrow passages I needed to sneak through, and you used extraordinarily large amount of "sand specials" everywhere, which is ok for this kind of mission design. I noticed lot of tile errors and misplaced tiles, but as discussed here, you would eventually become more cautious to spot and fix them. My only concern here is configuration of events, namely use of run-once flags for events which are triggered by "Tile revealed" condition. As far as I know, the "Tile revealed" condition triggers only once on its own already, so it is pointless (and waste of event slots you might get short of) to yet add flag condition to make it run only once. Or am I wrong?
  11. Nope, I did not do any experimenting with AI involved during my attributes research. You can do this experimenting yourself, if you want. I'm expecting, that AI would consider the pre-placed concrete as their own concrete (provided you set "concrete owner side" attributes properly). Best would be to use practice AI and watch where the AI would or would not build.
  12. You could still add "Concrete" and "Concrete owner side" attributes to Dune 2 tileset, so that the concrete really behaves as concrete (can be destroyed, buildings won't damage on it). Currently you made the concrete buildable, but it's only visual, you still need to place concrete over the tiles to make it real concrete. I allowed three different ways to specify block preset in .ini file. 1. continuous block, the old way ( for backwards compatibility, so old tileset .ini files would still work without rewriting everything 2. continuous block, the new way (2.2.260) where the number is tile index, you can use Preset Helper feature to automatically generate the numbers 3. custom block (-2.- where width and height are negative, following list of individual tile indexes. You can use Preset Helper feature to automatically generate the numbers Well, let's add it to index and to D2K+ side for download once I release the very final 1.4 version. The version I released is not the very final, I told I'll still be doing some small changes based on recent experience. You can keep older versions, but rather only for historical purposes. People should use the latest version, as it provides the best features and bug fixes from the previous versions.
  13. I may help you, but I was quite busy last days. It would be good if you can understand the changes in .ini file and how things are working, for example by looking into the Warcraft 2 tileset configuration I posted there. Then you can do some changes yourself. I already took a look into Dune 2 tileset, and unfortunately, making auto-smooth feature working with this tileset would not be easily possible because the edges in Dune 2 tileset work in completely different way from Dune2000 and other tilesets (I hope you understand what I mean). It is possible to make concrete per house, but probably this is not strictly needed. Basically you use pre-placed concrete in enemy bases, however, the enemy is not building any new buildings (it's not practice mode) so for the enemy it does not matter which side the concrete belongs to. For the "Concrete" paint button I usually use the 3 concrete tiles located in tileset used by game, and give them "Concrete + Concrete owner side = Sandworm" attributes. Which means it's a "Generic" concrete which belongs to Sandworm, and no side can build on it unless their own building is located near. The "Generic" concrete could be used in enemy bases, the whole purpose is only that you can build on it once you manage to build a construction yard in enemy base or capture enemy building. In case you as player have pre-built base with concrete in it, then yes, it might be useful to have "Your" concrete. Same answer - I can help, but try what you can. Yes, that is right. Maybe you could read through the changelog of D2kEditor 1.4, there I tried to summarize all things.
  14. Hi again, I'm done with another tileset ready to use with D2kEditor 1.4. The Warcraft 2 snowy tileset was basically the main reason what inspired me to even start making version 1.4, and which also made me want to play the original Warcraft 2 again after many years. I spent my best effort optimizing this tileset .ini configuration so that creating maps with this tileset would become very funny and piece of cake. Here it is: Warcraft2_Snowy_Tileset.zip As usually, here is list of changes I made: - Configured 8 paint groups for 8 different terrain types (Snow, Dark snow, Thick ice, Thin ice, Water, Deep water, Trees, Rocks) + 4 common groups (Cut trees, Cut trees dense, Concrete and Void). - Made the auto-smooth edges feature (Shift+click) working for all 8 terrain types - Added Water/Deep water presets (which were previously missing) under In.Ice/Ck.Ice preset group - Added Editor attributes on most of tiles so that auto-smooth edges feature can work correctly, these attributes are used in minimap color rules and fill area rules as well - Updated minimap color rules. Changed the colors a bit for more contrast, added special colors to special structures (i.e. gold mine is yellow, magic circle is light red etc.) - Updated fill area rules and added names to area types - Updated TILEATRC.bin, added attributes on special structures, updated a few snow tiles to be infantry-only (there were missing infantry-only tiles apart from ice) - Reorganized Trees and Rocks block presets more logically and in same pattern as other block presets were organized, creating trees and rocks is much easier So just try it out, and with the auto-smooth edges feature, you can pretty much create a good-looking map in a few minutes! While I was working on this tileset configuration during last days, I found some missing functionality and bugs in the editor 1.4 which I released there recently in other thread, and I made some additional changes in the editor. Most importantly, on the auto-smooth edges feature, I added support for those "diagonal" tiles which are specific for Warcraft 2 tileset (if you don't know what I'm talking about, these are presets for S, D and F keys). I'm going to re-release updated version of D2kEditor 1.4, which can work even better with this tileset. Heighlinet and Warcraft 2 tilesets were my highest priority for D2kEditor 1.4 optimization. I may help with updating configuration for other tilesets as well, but it would be good if you could at least partially understand the changes in .ini file and how things are working. And yes, I made definition of custom blocks easier, just look how it is made in .ini file, you won'T find the separate [Custom_Blocks] section anymore, and you can try out the "Preset helper" feature too.
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