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  1. Update from 2024-02-13: 3) Events system 3a) General changes - Added event variables. This tremendously increases versatility of events and adds possibilities to implement new gameplay mechanics. There are now many events to work with variables and retrieve internal game data. You can use up to 256 variables which can be 32-bit integers or floats. - Added control flow events, such as loops, if-elseif-else statements and calling of blocks. This basically makes event system a full scripting language. - Added event hooks. This means your event blocks can be executed from within internal game logic, giving you possibilities to inject your own code into game logic and do your own customizations and modifications. Using event hooks and scripting you can: - Do custom action when a player presses any key on keyboard or mouse - Customize mouse cursor - Customize tooltips - Do custom unit/building/bullet/explosion update logic - Customize unit/building build speed and cost - Customize tiles where a specific unit can or cannot move 3b) Original event type changes Reinforcement: Added "Delay" and "Tag" parameter Starport Delivery: Added "Tag" parameter Show Message: Added possibility to show contents of a variable (up to 8 variables in a messages) in various formats (number, time, float, string) 3c) New event types Add Homing Bullet: Alternate version of Add Bullet, where target is unit/building instead of coordinates Set Tooltip: To be used within Handle Tooltip hook, to customize tooltip Set Bullet Property, Set Explosion Property (68, 69) Variable manipulation events (120-129) Get object count events (130-138) Get object property events (140-148) Get template property events (150-156) Get Unit Type, Get Building Type (158, 159) Get general game data events (160-165) Get side property events (166-183) Get game interface events (184-189) Positional events (190-195) Block control events (232-236) Conditional control events (237-239) Loop events (240-254) End block event (255) 3e) New condition types Variable Value: Check for specific variable value Variable Changed: Evaluates true if variable's value was changed from the previous tick 4) Bug fixes - Fixed: Crash when adding unit or building through event after side has left game (leave event) - Fixed: Crash when AI tries to place different building type from what is actually built - Fixed: Music and sound playing always at max volume on score screen - Fixed: Orders not being processed after AI on side 0 is deactivated - Fixed: Crash during Transfer Credits event - Fixed: AI not always ignoring units with flag11 (Delivering/No AI) - Fixed: Force radar side icon to redraw when using Switch My Side event - Fixed: Building max distance works for concrete as well - Fixed: MCV can be deployed on unbuildable tile if all surrounding tiles are buildable - Fixed: Crashes with stealth units - Fixed: Wrong sound played when clicking on unit with repair cursor and playing as Emperor or higher - Fixed: Enemy house not valid error on score screen - Fixed: Spice blooms exploding by timer not taking custom properties into account - Fixed: Radar not updated when terrain is changed with an event 5) Extensions and improvements - Added rule showNeutralBecomeHostileMsg to enable of disable showing of NeutralBecomeHostile message - Added new AI property AutoBerserkMode (0 = Enabled only for practice AI, 1 = Disabled, 2 = Enabled also for non-practice AI) - Added more debug information to investigate unit->pos.steps > 255 error - Added customizable radar colors (radar colors and rules are stored in .rcl file, which can be created by D2kEditor for a specific tileset) - Added custom properties for units, buildings, bullets and explosions for custom gameplay logic - Center viewport event is now Change Viewport, you can now set viewport precisely by pixels, map scrolling will be disabled if event is executed every tick 6) New messages system - Added possibility to show contents of a variable (up to 8 variables in a messages) in various formats (number, time, float, string) New D2kEditor features (v2.2): Added: Support for new game features related to events (event variables, indentation of blocks etc.) Changed: Allocation Index renamed to House ID, Player renamed to Side Added: Mission .ini file data are included in event export (in a separate .ini file) like variable names, messages etc. Fixed: Sprites having color index 0 other than magenta not being transparent Added: Produce radar color file option (for custom radar colors game feature) Added: Remap image colors and Set default palette colors option on palette view, show image color index First post edited and download link updated.
  2. Thanks for reporting the error. I fixed it. It was a coding error, as I did not test the unit spawn/add event after leave event. The fix will be part of the next release.
  3. A tiny bugfix release from 2022-06-30: Fixed: Buildings not providing build radius at all Fixed: Broken powerbar and building/unit icons after switching side Fixed: Wrong mouse cursor for engineer and saboteur on non-targetable buildings First post edited and download link updated.
  4. Unfortunately no. This is a hard limit that's not feasible to patch.
  5. Update from 2022-06-06: - Added rule "uncloakRemainingStealthUnit" to toggle this functionality - Fixed: Do not target invulnerable carryalls which bring a delivery - New messages system: Messages can have a reference ID, used to replace a message with another one with same ID or remove message. Messages with nonzero reference ID and zero duration will last forever (for zero ref. ID is 400 ticks). Messages can be positioned anywhere on screen, with defined horizontal and vertical alignment. Maximum number of messages shown in chat can be changed by "maxChatMessages" rule. Added Type-on mode: message is typed on screen letter by letter. Added colored messages: message text can be shown in one of 16 predefined colors. Multiple colors can be used within one message by changing color with special character (^) followed by number 0-9 or letter A-F to select one of 16 possible colors. A predefined color can be changed dynamically by "Set Message Color" event, which affects all messages using that color. There's support for fancy effects like gradient colors or color changing in time. Maximum total number of messages that can be shown at same time is 32. - Added unit and building terrain restrictions. That makes possible to allow placing buildings / moving units only on specific type of tiles (defined by terrain type attributes), like for example water. - Added Max Distance setting on buildings to define how far it can be built from existing side's structures. - Increased .AUD file size limit to 512 kilobytes - Added force option to Play Sound event and Show Message custom sound, prevent non-forced sounds from being lost - Fixed: Sounds with cooldown not playing after restarting or loading game New D2kEditor features (v2.11): Added: Deactivate Ctrl+X shortcut when on Briefing text box Added: Show empty lines in event/condition lists. Controlled by "EventGridShowEmptyLines" setting in D2kEditor.ini. Added: Unit and building terrain restriction fields in structures editor (new features in Dune 2000 mod) Added: New event types and rules (new features in Dune 2000 mod) First post edited and download link updated.
  6. I added this. In D2kEditor.ini there is new setting "EventGridShowEmptyLines", change it to 1 and there will be additional empty lines in list of events and conditions. I will need to find out what's behind those non-working homing weapons. This is because TibEd does not increase the number of used warheads which is located inside ARMOUR.BIN file. D2kEditor reads and uses this value, but as TibEd does not change it, D2kEditor still thinks there is vanilla number of warheads. But this can be worked around. Open up your old TibEd-modded files in D2kEditor, go directly to Armour tab, and add 4 new warheads. The numbers will be preserved, althrough the warhead names will get erased and you will need to write them again. Then once you save in D2kEditor, this will no longer be an issue. I made it so Ctrl+X shortcut is disabled when inside Briefing field, so you can use it to cut your text properly. I think this will not be needed. You just need to realize that D2kEditor works differently with modded files than what you might be used to from TibEd. So instead of backing up and restoring original game files like in TibEd, you should use campaign and mod folders. And never edit the original game files directly. So when you want to do some mod or just play around, set up some campaign and mod folder in mission settings. You do not need to create them manually, as editor can create them if not existing. Then go to structures editor and do some changes. Save, and D2kEditor will actually save the files into campaign and mod folder, instead of overwriting original game files. Then if you want to discard your changes and start over again with clean game files, change the mod folder name, and repeat. You can delete mod folders you do not want anymore.
  7. Update from 2022-05-04: 3) Events system 3a) General changes - Added "generic value operation" option to some of existing as well as new events of type "Set Something". You can not only set the property to a static value, but also add or substract from existing value. There are many different operations such as multiply, modulo, cap min/max, bit operations as well as randomization operations. - Added "generic data manipulation" events which are generalized events of type "Set Some Property". For example instead of "Set Build Rate" event you can use a generalized event "Set AI Property" where you can select any AI property you want to change from the list. - Added "object manipulation" events with "object filters". You can do specific actions on Units, Buildings, Crates and Tiles, and you can easily select which objects should get affected using filters with many different criteria. For example you can select units with the position on map, unit type, health, and many different properties. You can combine more criteria with an/or operators. - Added debug events which can show internal data in real time on screen. These are just for development and testing and are there to help understanding internal game logic and troubleshooting. For example "Show Unit Data", "Show Building Data" etc. 3b) Original event type changes Starport Delivery: Added "Delay" parameter (T minus messages will play during that time) Set Build Rate/Attack Building Rate/Tech/Cash: added generic value operation Show Timer: Changed to "Set Timer", added generic value operation Show Message: Added "Sound mode" parameter (default sound, no sound, custom sound selection) Unit Spawn: Added "Facing" and "Tag" parameter for initial direction and tag 3c) New event types Add Building Destruction: Simulates building destruction animation + spawns debris (technically adds a building and destroys it immediately) Side manipulation events (40-45): Transfer Credits, Set Building Upgrades, Set Starport Stock, Set Starport Cost, Change Starport Unit, Show Side Data AI manipulation events (46-47): Set AI Property, Show AI Data Memory manipulation events (48-49): Set Memory Data, Show Memory Data Unit manipulation events (50-59): Destroy Unit, Damage/Heal Unit, Change Unit Owner, Change Unit Type, Set Unit Flag, Set Unit Property, Select Unit, Airlift Unit, Show Unit Data Building manipulation events (60-69): Destroy Building, Damage/Heal Building, Change Building Owner, Change Building Type, Set Building Flag, Set Building Property, Select Building, Show Building Data Crate manipulation events (70-73): Remove Crate, Pickup Crate, Set Crate Property, Show Crate Data Tile manipulation events (74-79): Change Tile, Set Tile Attribute, Set Tile Damage, Reveal Tile, Hide Tile, Show Tile Data Order events (80-109): You can make orders like a player would do with mouse and keyboard input, like ordering units to move, attack etc., repair, sell buildings etc., as well as clicking on sidebar to build buildings, units, upgrades, order from starport etc. Before making some orders you need to select units/buildings you want give order to. Use in combination with "Select Unit" or "Select Building" event. When order is given, the selection can be restored, so it would not interfere with player's interface. 3d) Original condition type changes Spice Harvested: Added possibility to check for total credits, cash, spice or spice storage 3e) New condition types Diplomacy: Check for current diplomacy between any two sides Difficulty: Check for current difficulty setting (easy, normal or hard) Object/environment checking conditions: Check Units, Check Buildings, Check Crates, Check Tiles Very flexible conditions where you can use same criteria as with object manipulation events. Spice in Area: Check how much spice blobs are left in specified rectangle area in total (thin = 2, thick = 4) Damage in Area: Check for sum of total damage caused to tiles in specified rectangle area Side-related conditions: Power, Building Upgrades, Starport Stock, Starport Cost, Starport Pick, Starport Delivery, Sidebar build icon status conditions: Building Icon, Unit Icon, Upgrade Icon Stats conditions: Spice Harvested, Units Built, Buildings Built, Units Lost, Buildings Lost Units Killed, Buildings Killed Generic data conditions: AI Property, Memory Value 4) Bug fixes - Fixed: When some units are picked before placing order and starport is sold, the credits are returned twice - Fixed: Returning wrong amount of credits from cancelled second and third building upgrade - Fixed: Units keeping firing on allied sandworm even after it was killed and put on sleep - Fixed: Sleeping sandworm should not take damage - prevents turning neutral to hostile - Fixed: Tile attribures not properly set after removing buildings not requiring concrete - Fixed: AI units getting stuck on targeting a cloaked unit (when doing harvester protection) - Fixed: When tech is lowered by event, running building upgrades which are no longer possible should get cancelled - Fixed: Improper cursor over enemy building when only armed engineer/saboteur is selected - Fixed: Improper cursor (engineer/saboteur/sell) when building has infiltrated flag - Fixed: Missing check for unit type availability when ordered to build such unit type 5) Extensions and improvements - Guard mode radius can be customized by map rule "guardModeRadius" - Always show radar map if rule "alwaysShowRadar" is set to true - Made all tiles count tile damage (previously it was done only for sand and rock tiles) - Crates can be picked up by a carryall dropping a unit on them - Allow infantry to move on tile where some infantry is already standing (with Alt key) - Made top row of map buildable - Added new rules for customized cost and build speed percentage for Easy and Hard difficulty: "costPercentageEasy", "costPercentageHard", "buildSpeedPercentageEasy", "buildSpeedPercentageHard" - Increased sound size limit to 512 kilobytes 6) New D2kEditor features - Show advanced mode buildings/units special property markers (tagged, primary, no harv) - Mark events using negated condition with different color - Added marking of events and conditions of selected type First post edited and download link updated.
  8. - Get the latest D2kEditor release 2.0 from this topic: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/29391-d2keditor-20-released/ - Run it, and in main menu, go to Structures - Structures editor (or press Ctrl+X)
  9. It's not missing. Warheads can be edited under Armour tab.
  10. Hello @lovalmidas, nice to see you appearing here again after so long time. We thought you were gone for good. Actually, your short appearance and activities helped me a lot with doing many things, like loading of graphics resources in D2kEditor, implementing structures editor and more. A miracle has happened in the meantime - I got help from both FunkyFr3sh side and The Code Conqueors side regarding game patches code and decompilation of the game using IDA Pro, so I could start with heavy modding. Not sure if you saw it, but in this git repo: https://github.com/jkoncick/dune2000-sp-patches I am open-sourcing my own code, which are the bug fixes and additions, but most importantly, the complete rework of events system. You can see the events system code under src/event-system/ folder, here's how I implemented the new events, if you are interested. I'm not publishing the whole repository I'm working with, especially FunkyFr3sh's code and definitions of internal game structures and data addresses, because FunkyFr3sh asked me to keep those things private as this might interfere with the multiplayer community. So this is a compromise approach I came up with. Actually I wanted to do this earlier as well, and I already had the ideas how to implement this back then. Move the events and condition data into a new, bigger location in memory, extend MIS and game save file format to hold the extended data, and patch the MIS and game save read/write routines. It was quite easy to implement, as the event and condition system is pretily isolated logic from the rest of game code, so only minimum changes needed to be done to actual game code. Yeah, I am planning to do some generic event like "Set AI Property", where you will select which property to change and the target value. So you can change every single AI byte to whatever value you like. Generally, I am planning to implement generic events to access the internal game logic data, so you will be able to read and change them and alter the game logic. This will be some advanced stuff which would require some skills and knowledge of game logic and data, so wondering if that will be even used by mappers and modders to the full potential. Well, this looks quite complicated to me and can become quite confusing to the mappers. I'll probably not add this for now, unless someone would request it. I was already thinking and planning about adding this kind of event. Furthermore, I wanted to add event to manipulate starport prices as well. I want to keep the conditions "Building exists" and "Unit exists" untouched for vanilla compatibility, and add new, much more generic and flexible conditions that would check for existence of buildings and units according to many possible criteria (unit's location, type, health, minimum or exact amount of such units etc). This is what I am just planning as the next feature to add, it's just a bit of challenge for me and I'm not making much progress at this moment. I was thinking about adding someting like "Any House" option as well, but not sure how that would work with Spice Harvested condition. I'll add this just to conditions to check existence of units and buildings. As I said about the events, I would like to add also some generic condition that would check any side property (you specify the property, and value to compare with). I'm not planning this, as I don't see this as a big prioirity, and it would be some work.
  11. Update from 2021-11-03: Events system: General changes - Added "or" mode into event's condition list (event will trigger if at least one condition is true) - Extended limits to maximum of 1024 events and 256 conditions (needed to extend MIS file format) New event types - Activate Timer: If an "Interval", "Timer" or "Random interval" condition is set as Inactive, this event will activate it. The condition starts counting its time from the time of activation rather than from start of mission, so you can make a specific delay after some event happens. If already active condition is activated again, it resets and starts counting again from time of activation. So you can make repeatable chains of events. - Add Unit, Add Building: Added parameters which are settable in Advanced stuctures mode (initial direction, stealth, primary, tagged) Original condition type changes - Interval: Added "Inactive" property (can be activated/reset by "Activate Timer" event) Added rule "intervalsAreOffByOneTick" which is "Yes" by default to keep vanilla behavior. If set to "No", the times specified are exact times without need to substract one tick. - Timer: Added "Inactive" property (can be activated/reset by "Activate Timer" event) Added "Shift" property to be used with "%" operation (triggers always "Shift" ticks earlier) - Spice Harvested: Added possibility to specify a side to check for its credits (vanilla supports only My side) New condition types - Random Chance: Can evaluate as True or False based on randomness. Has three parameters: "Range", "Min value" and "Max value". A random number within specified range (from 1 to "Range") is generated and condition is true if the generated number falls between Min and Max value. The generated random number is shared by all "Random Chance" conditions at same time, so you can make "multiple choice" behavior with each option having its probability by using multiple conditions with adjacent ranges. The condition can work in two modes: "dynamic" and "fixed", determined by "fixed result" parameter. If it is set to 0, then each tick a different random number is generated so condition evaluates differently each tick. If it is set to a nonzero value, then the random number is generated once in the beginning of mission and condition gives always same result through whole gameplay. Different "fixed result" value uses independent fixed random number. - Random interval: Works in similar way as "Interval" condition, but instead of exact delay between runs you specify "Min delay" and "Max delay". Different delay is picked randomly within the range for each run. After "Start delay" passes, condition does not trigger, but there's also additional random delay before the first run. Can be activated/reset by "Activate Timer" event. Bug fixes: - Exploding barrel will not cause damage if it is captured by engineer New D2kEditor features - Convert structures to advanced mode option - Structures editor: Added unit upgrade type field - Export and Import Events feature First post edited and download link updated.
  12. Well, to explain this. D2kEditor 2.0 is "vanilla"-compatible version, which does NOT include my patches and additions into game, like new event types, advanced structures mode etc. So it does not include event_types.ini because that was not a thing in v2.0. After releasing 2.0 I started working on 2.1 which is basically 2.0 plus additions related to my game patches and features. This version is constantly in development and still changes over time. I make a release into this thread https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/29411-dune-2000-singleplayer-game-patching-new-features/ once I finish some stage in my development. So... 2.0 is the finalized and stable version which can safely go to D2K+ site and I'd be happy if that happened. 2.1 is under constant development and changes often, so I'd keep releasing it here in the forums. The latest available dune2000.exe along with corresponding version of editor can be found in the mentioned thread.
  13. Update from 2021-10-08: New mapping possibilities: - You can place any building (even specific version - i.e. Atreides, Harkonnen, Ordos) for any side with special values from range 8192 - 16383. The building type, side and other properties are coded in special value directly, no need to set them up in TILEDATA.BIN. D2kEditor provides GUI in the new Advanced structures mode. - You can place refinery which does not receive new harvester delivery upon starting a mission - You can place specific building as primary - For turrets, you can specify initial barrel direction (4 directions: up, right, down, left) - Tagged property: for use in events which refer to specific building(s) - You can place any unit (even specific version, i.e. Atreides, Harkonnen, Ordos tank) for any side with special values from range 16384 - 32767. The unit type, side and other properties are coded in special value directly, no need to set them up in TILEDATA.BIN. D2kEditor provides GUI in the new Advanced structures mode. - You can specify initial unit direction (8 basic directions) - You can place any unit as stealth - Tagged property: for use in events which refer to specific unit(s) - You can place static crates with special values from range 32768-65534. New GUI is available in D2kEditor Advanced structures mode. - You can directly place thin spice, thick spice and real destructible concrete for any side out of the box as a direct tile property without use of any special value or tiles with specific pre-set tile attributes. You can place any building or unit on top of them. Bug fixes: - Exploding barrel building does not deal damage when it is sold Extensions and improvements: - Added rule "buildingsAlwaysNeedPrerequisites": if turned on, a building will be available to build only when its prerequisites are present, and become unavailable when its prerequisite is destroyed or sold (like how it works for units). - Added rule "returnCreditsToSpiceStorage": if turned on, credits from cancelled builds and starport orders will be returned as spice into silo storage capacity (if not enough capacity, remaining credits will be given as cash and won't be lost). This makes the starport exploit unusable. Does not apply to selling buildings and bonus cash crates. - Added new AI property "DontFaceUnitsAwayFromConYard": if turned on, units for a side with active AI won't be set to face away from construction yard at the start of mission. First post edited and download link updated.
  14. Yes. Just copy all the files included in the package into your Dune 2000 folder, whatever version you have. I'm personally using it with Gruntmods.
  15. Update from 2021-09-13: 2) Events system 2a) General changes - Added "Auto-block" and "Blocked" event property. If "Blocked" flag is set, the event won't execute even if all conditions are true for that event. If "Auto-block" is set, then event will automatically block itself when it is executed. The "Auto-block" is basically "Execute once" behavior without using an additional "Flag" condition and "Set Flag" event, the flag is integrated into the event itself. 2b) Original event type changes Allegiance: Added "Both-sided" option so you can change diplomacy in both directions within a single event Play Sound: Can now have two types: "Global" (original behavior) and "Point" (will make sound at specific coordinates) Set Cash: Should work without crashes, added three operations: "Set", "Plus" and "Minus" Set Tech: Added option to immediately update available buildings and units Reveal map: Radius 0 (reveal whole map) will properly reveal radar map Show Message: Customizable message duration (the Unknown value is now used as duration in ticks) 2c) New event types Switch My Side: You can now change the side you play as (like the Debug feature) in the middle of mission. You can also turn off AI on side you switch to and turn on AI on side you switch from. "Reveal Base" option will also reveal tiles seen by buildings of the target side. Hide Map: Hides all map (like Hide Map crate type). If executed periodically, it can be used to simulate "Fog of War" mechanics - useful to mimic "darkness" (like inside caves). Un/block Event: Changes the "blocked" state of specific event Damage Tiles: Will cause damage to specific tile, like it was hit by specified weapon, without shooting a projectile. "Player": The side which gets score for killing buildings/units. "Pixel position": Pixel-precise target coordinates: [16 , 16] = center of tile, [0 , 0] = top-left, [31 , 31] = bottom-right "Rand. spread": Random inaccuracy (like Death Hand) in X and Y axis in pixels (32 = 1 tile) "Spread type": Random distribution in either square (rectangle) or circe (ellipse) shape "Hit explosion": Whether to show weapon's hit animation at target point Add Unit: Add a single unit at specified place. The unit can move in any direction after it is spawned: "Random": works is same way as when a building is destroyed/sold and infantry coming out of it will move in random direction Specific direction: works in same way as when a unit comes out of barracks/factory Add Building: Adds building at specified place. You can add building either with or without concrete, either instantly or with buildup animation, and also add refinery without a harvester coming with it. Add Projectile: Shoots projectile of a specific weapon from source position to target position. Source position is always center of specified tile. For target position you can specify "Pixel position" and "Rand. spread" in same way "Play sound": Whether to play weapon's firing sound from source tile Note that the distance from source to target is limited due to computation limitations to about 70 tiles. Add Explosion: Makes an animation at specified position. "Player" will specify color of deviator dust. You can specify "Pixel position" and "Rand. spread" in same way. "Play sound": Whether to play explosion's sound from the tile Add Crate: Add any type of crate during game. "Ext. data": Extension data, have different meaning for each crate type "Respawns": Number of respawns of Spice Bloom Spawner "Expiration": Time in ticks after which crate will disappear or spice bloom rises/explodes Add Concrete: Add concrete for specific side. If "Tile bitmask" is zero, it fills specified area with concrete (only buildable tiles). If "Tile bitmask" is nonzero, it places concrete of defined shape (up to 4*4 size, only buildable tiles) and reveals the tiles. Spice Bloom: Simulates explosion of a spice bloom crate at specified place. Shake Screen: Shakes screen for specified duration of ticks Center Viewport: Centers camera view at specified place. If executed periodically, it locks the screen. Change Map Block: Changes tiles at specified place to different tiles. Maximum is 12 tiles in single event due to data size limitation (i.e. 4*3 area, 2*6 area). If the target tile is not buildable, buildings and concrete on it will be destroyed (except buildings which do not require concrete). If target tile does not have "drive on" attribute, vehicles on it will be destroyed. If target tile does not have "walk on" attribute, infantry on it will be killed. If target tile does not have "sandy" attribute, spice on it will be removed. If target tile has "occupied by building/unit/infantry" attribute, units on it will be killed in respective way. Tile attributes will be changed to target tile's attributes, but building/unit owner will be preserved. Transform Tiles: Similar to "Change Map Block", but you can globally change specific tiles across whole map into their target counterparts. You can specify up to 6 "from-to" tile pairs. Change Tile Attributes: You can change attributes of tiles in specified map area. Either set attributes to absolute balue, or add or remove specified attributes. Change Tile Damage: Manipulates with tile's "Damage" property. The rock and sand craters are driven by tile's damage property (the more damage the bigger craters). You can set damage of tiles in specified map area to specific value or add/substract specific amount of damage. The damage range is 0 (healthy) to 255 (biggest craters). 3) Bug fixes - When you change side you play as using Debug menu, it will restore to original after restarting map (does not work when you save game with the side changed and load it back) - Exclude OPTIONS.AUD and SCORE.AUD music tracks from random music rotation 4) Extensions and improvements - Preserve original tiles beneath spice, concrete and building skirt tiles after spice/concrete/building is removed - Concrete pre-paced on map using specific tiles having "concrete" attribute will be indestructible - Spice works properly in tilesets where spice and buildings can be placed on same tiles (i.e. Red Alert) (you cannot place buildings on spice but can place them where it was harvested, spice blooms won't create spice underneath buildings) First post edited and download link updated.
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