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  1. Good suggestion, I'm not against, but I'm afraid I'm not able to do this. I'm not having the original resources to get tiberium graphics from. I made the Red Alert tilesets with use of EdWin HighRes (https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/2644-edwin-map-editor-patches-high-resolution-patch-and-more/) and taking screenshots from it directly. I don't have Tiberian Dawn game or editor where I could do the same (maybe I could try search for that, but didn't attempt yet). Other option is to take tiberium graphics from existing BLOXTD tileset, but unfortunately the color brightness there is different
  2. Hello all, hope you're all going well this year during the hard times. I'm back again and have some good new stuff for you: Another update for D2kEditor! This time it's relatively minor update (with nothing new related to structures editor and DATA.R16 entries manipulating as I promised last time), but still I'm bringing you a few useful and handy new features that are definitely worth it! There are important changes in loading of tilesets (loading tilesets from Mods folder is now supported, as well as using a tileset without having its configuration ini file), addition of debug window, i
  3. Oh, nope, I did not think about this at all. I just made everything based purely on original RA tilesets (except the concrete) and I used all available tiles in a tileset with no more space for anything else. I mean, if we would like to add RFG, we would need to sacrifice some other tiles and replace them. If you think RFG could be useful in RA tilesets, they can be still modified and customized for individual needs. Yea, I noticed there's a tileset BLOXSHIP. What I can see that colors in BLOXTEM and other tilesets based on BLOXTEM (including your BLOXSHIP) are brighter than in tileset
  4. Yeah, I tried that, seems to be quite possible, althrough requires some more manual work copying and shifting it tile by tile. Yes, very lot of work, worked on that mainly during my Christmas vacations. It was more laborious because I split the tileset into 5 sections and worked on each one separately. In order to elliminate ugly sharp edges which are caused by resizing the tileset image from 24*24 tile size to 32*32 tile size, each block needed to have proper adjacent blocks (i.e. a block with water on one side needed to have another water block next to it) and then I needed to r
  5. Happy New Dune2000 modding year! Finally, after long time working on this, I managed what I wanted to do for long time in the past - a new release of all Red Alert tilesets, which are much improved from the previous release made years ago. I'm so happy I managed to finish this in this year (2020), it's 31st December 2020, about a hour before midnight and I was working on this during last several hours today. Welp... Download: RA_Tilesets.7z So what is this release all about? - All 6 Red Alert tilesets (except the interior one) are available: Barren, Desert, Jungle, Snow, Tempe
  6. Thanks, yeah now I have the correct file. Hmm, generally I can see a "Red Alert temperate" tileset has a few duplicates around there. I'm talking about this, because now I'm working on improving .ini file of BXRATEMP to be supported by newest version of editor (previously I did not do that, and did only for Heighliner, Warcraft2 and Dune2 tilesets). While working on this, I ran into several duplicates of "Red Alert" or "Tiberian Dawn" tilesets (both games have same or very similar tilesets) so I'm now having hard time preparing .ini file for all versions which have slight differences a
  7. I was checking this and looked at which tilesets you use in your missions. And I have two questions: - Mission 13 uses tileset BLOXBGP, but you include tileset BLOXGDP in the package instead. I'm not able to load mission 13 because I'm missing BLOXBGP, I tried to use BLOXGDP but it was incompatible (there were some Heighliner tiles in it). Was it a mistake? - What is actually tileset BLOXTEM? It looks like a duplicate of my tileset BXRATEMP I made years ago, but there are some slight differences. For example there are no gems in place of thick spice but "thick ore" instead, east-faci
  8. I just looked at this problem, and found out what the bug was - editor was not counting units at all into the limit, it was counting only buildings. I remember testing this feature with 1000 walls placed on map, that's probably why I missed this error. Will be fixed in next editor release. Thanks again for reporting.
  9. Well, I believe adding units without replacing existing IS technically possible, we're just missing tools that can accomplish all what is needed. Althrough the D2kEditor CAN add new units at this moment, it CANNOT manipulate graphical entries in DATA.R16 file. When you add new unit, graphical glitches with building and unit icons will occur, because the graphical entries will mismatch. Once I implement the functionality to manipulate graphical entries in DATA.R16 (i.e. add new icon entry when adding a new building/unit), I believe adding new units will work like a charm.
  10. Thanks for report, I will have a look into it. Technically, a Worm Spawner behaves like a unit in game (not something special like player start or spice bloom), but editor does not count worm spawner as regular unit, but counts it separately. The total structures count displayed on Map Statistics window does not count worm spawners either, so if you have, say, 999 regular structures and one worm spawner on map, the logic that checks structure count during saving a map considers the total number as 1000 (total structures count + worm spawner count). Maybe the problem could be here, but will n
  11. Thanks for report, but I do not have sufficient information to be able to do anything with that. Also you seem not to be sure if that problem has anything to do with new version of editor, or it is just a coincidence. So please try to investigate what could happen, if some AI property was changed when it shouldn't or anything similar, and once you're sure it's a bug in editor and describe what exactly is happening, I will be able to look at it and fix it. Thank you.
  12. This might be because with this upload I did not include all needed files along with the editor (those config, tilesets... folders). You need to take those folders/files from the previous installation of editor, or replace the exe in the current folder where you editor is (and back up your original exe). I'm still working on further changes in D2kEditor and that ugly error you got is addressed and should not happen anymore (instead, editor will say meaningful error message that it cannot find a specific file). I am going to upload a newer testing version soon, so please stay tuned and tak
  13. Some update from me: During last week I was working on internal code changes in D2kEditor (some important refactoring which was needed to keep further development manageable and preparation for continuing with planned features). This has almost no visible effect for the users of program, it just changes how things internally work, so the only actual visible new feature are translated building and unit names, which I showed here some time ago. @Fey I'm uploading the current version here and I would like to ask you to take it and use it regularly for your normal work. Not because of new fea
  14. A small new feature: Translate structure names option! Building and unit names are translated by respective TEXT.UIB entries.
  15. There is no such functionality available. But I can extend the "remap tiles" feature to be able to remap special values as well. Btw I hope you're having fun playing around with Structures Editor. I hoped there would be possibility to edit every single byte in Templates.bin and other bin files, but there are still a few unknown bytes. Maybe you might discover what they do, but I was not able to see any effect in game when editing them. You might get lucky, but who knows.
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