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  1. Yeah, it's purely about terrain affecting unit speed. The speed in low HP can he a hardcoded thing. Units in red HP moving their full speed might be a bug.
  2. So I finally did a research on SPEED.BIN file, because I wanted to make an editor for it. This file is really small and structure is pretty simple, so finding out what it does was a piece of cake. Here is the structure: - 32 floating-point numbers (4 bytes each) - 4 strings for speed names (32 bytes each): "Infantry", "Tracked", "Wheeled", "Flying" - 128 zero bytes (probably unused) All investigation was just about those 32 floating-point numbers. And, here is the tabular visualization of them: The rows are "Speed Modifier value" and columns are speed types. And numbers in cells are speed multipliers, for example, if the number is 0.5 it means that unit can move half its original speed. Now I will explain what does the "Speed Modifier value" mean. Remember tile attribute editor and those last three attributes that affect the unit speed? These three attributes are in fact Speed Modifier bits. Three bits can make a value from 0 to 7: Rock = bit 1 (value of 1) Dunes = bit 2 (value of 2) Rough Rock = bit 3 (value of 4) The speed modifier value is sum of those bits. If all three attributes are set, the value is (1 + 2 + 4) = 7, if no attributes are set, the value is 0, and for example if "Rock" and "Rough Rock" are set, the value is (1 + 4) = 5. Then for the speed modifier value, respective row from table is selected. So for example if "Rock" and "Rough Rock" attributes are set, then infantry will move 0.7 of their original speed, and both tracked and wheeled will move 0.5 of their original speed. And for example if you select all three attributes, surprisingly all the units will move their full speed.
  3. I already posted the meaning of bytes in the other thread, so building art is at position 20 and barrel art at position 24 (decimal). Turret base are values 10, 12, 28, 30, 46, 48 and barrels are 11, 13, 29, 31, 47, 49 (all decimal, you need to concert these to hex if you use hex editor). Only first two of base and barrel are used, othe others are unused and can be replaced by any custom stuff. No, this is not possible. Building and unit arts are strictly distinct. I already posted it in my unit template research, this is one of the many flags. This one makes the unit completely ignored by AI, the unit is not even in guarding mode if placed on map for some player with AI. There are some more flags, some of them also affecting AI, for example one makes AI always assign group 1 to that unit (so it is only in guarding mode and not doing anything else) and one turns the unit into attack mode (if placed on map, the unit goes to attack immediately). I'm not sure whether those flags can be reasonably used for any purpose, so I did not place them as checkboxes, but you can still enter them manually with Flags field.
  4. My goal is to make editable every data within Templates.BIN, ARMOUR.BIN, SPEED.BIN and BUILEXP.BIN, so everything you mention. This is huge load of work to do, but hopefully we'll get there. Buildings and units are the most complicated forms, the others should be easier, I hope. Did not try that, so no idea, sorry. Yes, my editor will allow you select whatever building art, even those unused Harkonnen and Ordos turret and barrel sprite sets. It's actually a limitation of TibEd it doesn't allow you to select them. So you will be able to select up to 6 different turret and barrel sprite sets, meaning 6 different turret types without adding new image entries into DATA.R16. Same applies to Repair Pad and IX Research Centre building art.
  5. Thank you all for your replies and opinion! I'm really very happy to hear you're interested in using the Structures Editor (replacement of TibEd) I'm currently working on. I will indeed continue on it! If there are even more of people interested in this, just put your vote here. Forgot to mention one thing, that the structures editor will be built-in into D2kEditor, so you will use just one program for all the stuff. The advantage will be that you can easily reflect the changes in the map you're currently working on immediately, and there will be support for CustomCampaignData and Mods folders too. Oh, it's really nice to see a new member here! Thank you for joining and posting here. Anyway, here's more progress: Unit editor!
  6. It's quite long silence here, so I'll break it by showing a progress from me: You would probably guess it right - it's a Templates.bin editor, a replacement of TibEd. This should be one level above TibEd, supporting all building properties including those that are Unknown fields in TibEd, crammed on a single screen, and most importantly, you can have a live preview of the building visual appearance, including animations. At this stage I am asking all of you who read this, for a comment and feedback on this question - will you ever make a good use of this feature? What I am concerned about is, that developing such functionality takes me really very lot of time and effort, and I want to make sure, that this won't be wasted effort, but there will be enough people that will actively use it and make a really good new stuff with this. At this time, we have TibEd, and people have used it for long of time so far and made really good creations and mods with that, and with some effort, it is still moreless still well-usable. I'm creating something that's going to be better and replace TibEd, but lot of stuff was already created with TibEd and I wonder if there's still somebody keen on modding that much who would create something brand new and interesting with the new possibilities. So @Fey @Cm_blast @Feda @firefly101 @Amander @X3M @azimovhaas8 @AZ-Stalker @lovalmidas @aarmaageedoon now you have opportunity to vote here and tell if you plan to use the better replacement of TibEd I'm currently working on. The more votes, the more I'll be into finishing this. Thank you.
  7. Eh, actually no - editor does not load building selection marker graphics at all, instead, it just draws diagonal stripes on its own, with a fixed color.
  8. New D2kEditor preview version is released! The great new features, as presented here recently, are finally available for you to happily use them! Download: D2kEditorv2.0pre2.zip Changelog: Added: You can select multiple properties in AI editor on Mission dialog and set same value to all of them at once. Hold Shift + Up/Down arrow keys to select a continuous range. Fixed: Units could not be added to unit list when existing event's type was changed from a different type without units Fixed: When changing from Reveal Map event type, there were ghost Light Infantry units added (same amount as Radius) Changed: The minimap colors in tileset .ini files are now specified in "$RRGGBB" format instead of "$BBGGRR" format. Major change: Editor loads building and unit graphics and configuration from game's files (Templates.bin, DATA.R16). Buildings and units are displayed in exactly same way as shown in-game, supporting mods! - The file "graphics\structures.bmp" is no longer distributed with editor. Instead, editor loads building and unit graphics from game's internal "DATA.R16" file. - The files "config\structures.ini", "config\buildings.txt" and "config\units.txt" are no longer distributed with editor. Instead, editor loads building and unit names and configuration from game's internal "Templates.bin" file. - Buildings and units should be displayed in exactly same way as shown in game. Editor tries to mimic the game's way of rendering graphics as most faithfully as possible. There's still possibility for minor differences and inaccuracy. - The building and unit names in lists and event/condition descriptions are taken directly from "Templates.bin" file and prettified (converted from ugly uppercase to easier-to-look-at lowercase). So instead of for example "Construction Yard (A)" there will be "Atreides Construction Yard". - On Structures tab there is a yellow stripe telling which building or unit version will be placed for selected side. - The "Use allocation indexes" setting was changed to "Use alloc. index colors". If turned off, players with changed allocation index will have building versions according to alloc. index, but color according to player index. - Full support for modded game's graphics and building/unit configuration, no need to modify any editor's files. Enjoy and let me please know about your experience, and issues, if any. And as I mentioned in changelog, I modified the color specification format in tileset .ini files from "$BBGGRR" to "$RRGGBB". Existing tileset .ini files need to be updated to reflect this change, otherwise minimap colors will be displayed wrongly. Here are some modified tileset .ini files, please use these with this new version of editor: tilesets.zip
  9. No, I did not really look into speed.bin, as I was fully concentrated at units/buildings game graphics rendering in editor and research about building and unit templates needed for that. What you mean by "in the red move faster than units in the yellow"? Did not understand this
  10. So I made a compromise - I'm prettifying the building and unit names that come from Templates.bin. I did not like how they were in all capital letters, so this it nicer to look at.
  11. Yes it would be possible, and I was also thinking about it. For example to make some translation table like "ATREIDES CONSTRUCTION YARD" -> "Construction Yard (A)" and others. However, on the other hand, I do not want to make things too complicated, and my goal I wanted to achieve was to get rid of additional explicit configuration files that come with the editor, and load as many things directly from game files as possible. I think the best would be to leave it as it is and try to work with editor like that, maybe you will get used to this. Just give it a try. I will provide another preview version (not final one), so there will be still a place for improvements and changes, if needed. I see. The reason is that the "Reveal map" uses the same byte for storing "Radius" as other events use for "Number of units". When you switch event types, the byte is not cleared. I can take a look at that.
  12. Exactly. I know this is not ideal. I was thinking about taking building/unit names from Templates.bin long time ago, but scrapped this idea because I wanted editor to have prettier names. But as now, Templates.bin can be easily modded and you would need to modify editor's buildings.txt and units.txt files alongside Templates.bin, which I consider being double work, which is IMO worse for the modding idea.
  13. This probably has to do with the unit behavior type. Since the editor is reading directly from game files, perhaps this will be the case from now on. Yes, this is the change done into editor: Previously the building and unit names and configuration was stored in external configuration .ini file shipped with editor ("config/structures.ini"), but now, editor loads all building and unit configuration and names only from game's internal files, like "templates.bin". The same applies to building and unit names in events and conditions, those will no longer be loaded from "buildings.txt" and "units.txt" files. This has a main drawback that the names are not so well-looking like before, but the advantage is you can rename the unit directly in Templates.bin (not sure if TibEd can do it) and then you will see the same name in editor. I was also thinking if it's possible to load "user-friendly" building and unit names from TEXT.UIB (so you would even see translated names if you use i.e. spanish TEXT.UIB), but I can think of a drawback that some types of units have same name (i.e. Stealth Fremen vs. Fremen) so it wouldn't be distinguishable in the list. This is actually dynamically done in the editor itself. Stealth units are drawn in solid color to be easily distinguishable from non-stealth units. This is the best I could come up with. And by the way one more thing: Unfortunately Outpost and Modified Outpost will not be visually distinguishable at all (even not by different antenna direction). The reason is that editor draws the structures in same way as game does, and in game both outposts use the exactly same graphics. The only way you can distinguish what outpost type it is, is middle-click on it and see which item in building list gets selected.
  14. Here you go. All units showcase, then row of devastators for all sides, then row of sardaukars for all sides.
  15. This is how it gets displayed in editor. I hope it's how it is supposed to be, didn't try in-game.
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