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  1. Let's finalize my way through Dune 2000 with a few last things. - I did not know only Ordos could not produce missile tanks. For quite some time, Ordos was my most favourite house. When playing practice, I very often or almost always chose Ordos. There were several reasons why, most importantly because Ordos had Raider instead of Trike which was my most favourite unit in Dune 2000 (I even built one from lego), I liked visual appearance of their buildings the most, I liked they were coloured green in campaign and had mercenaries as ally, and for some reason I thought deviators and saboteurs were really cool units (but in future I discovered they were rather inferior to other houses specials). I knew I could not build missile tanks in heavy factory, but I did not understand it was because Ordos were not able to produce them. When I later played Atreides campaign again, I built a IX research centre and suddenly I could build missile tanks, but I was thinking it was because I had something like more power to be able to build them or that they were buildable only in campaign and not in practice. Took me some time realizing how it really was. - I did not know about v1.06 patch and new multiplayer units during all my childhood. That was my very latest discovery about Dune 2000 when I was already on high school or even university (something around 2010). When I downloaded and started using map editors (Domination first, then Shai Hulud), I was really wondering what BLOXXMAS tileset was. I could not find this tileset in the original game, neither I was able to play maps which I attempted to create with this tileset - I was really very excited about the bridges and strongly desired to make maps using them. Then some time later, we had more computers at home and I wanted to play network multiplayer with my brother. We tried to play the game, but very often it was crashing due to desync. Then out of nowhere, my brother came up with a 1.06 patch for the game, which was supposed to have improved network game code and not to suffer from desync problem. So we were finally able to play the game, but apart from that, there were three new multiplayer units I've never seen. Unfortunately, I was not really so much excited about that because I was rather adult that time and was not so much keen on gaming like a kid anymore. But that somehow revived my interest in Dune 2000, and not long after that, I started being interested in Dune 2000 modding and custom campaign map creations and visiting Fed2K forum, which resulted in making first version of my Campaign Map Editor, and then developing it further and ending up with version 1.3 which we have today. And that's all my story around Dune 2000. Thank you dude for sharing your experience as well! Nice to read through this discussion. Heh, for me, the second game where I was in exactly same situation (game only in english, no idea how to play the game and what to do there) was Caesar3. That was another strategy game, but you build a roman city there. My dad assumed I liked strategy games (because of Dune2000) so he brought me this one as well. I somehow passed through some first tutorial missions by "build whatever available buildings" method, but then got totally lost. Everything was burning, everything was collapsing, I soon got into dept as I had no idea how to earn money etc. But then again, after installing czech translation, I learned how to play the game and understood the mechanic, and eventually I became really very good at that game. I had a version of the game where I could simply skip this question by pressing enter without writing anything. Heh, that was absolutely nothing for me. You know, as a kid, I had almost unlimited time for playing computer games, so 20 minutes waiting? Nothing! I spent hours doing much more pointless things as I described in the other thread!
  2. Well, time to continue my experience and early story with Dune 2000, now about the missions where I got stuck. - During my earliest stage (basically before I got czech translation and discovered things I mentioned in my first post) I got stuck in Atriedes mission 5, Ordos mission 4 and Harkonnen mission 4. - I had absolutely no idea what to do in Atr mission 5. I was previously used to start up with a construction yard, however, in this mission I could not build any buildings, had only barracks and light factory and what was worse, there was a time limit! That was absolutely unseen before! At first I obviously thought the time limit was for winnig the mission, so I just built some light infantry and trikes as fast as I could, and sent them against enemy base. Of course I had no chance at all, and ended up thinking the mission was unbeatable. I expected the mission to fail after reaching the time limit, but only some message appeared, which I did not know what was meaning. Later, after discovering engineers and having czech translation, I finally figured out what to do, captured the starport and got a MCV, finally realizing how to beat the mission... or still not. I remember failing the mission after destroying Harkonnen barracks for the first time. Eh. - In Ordos mission 4, I beat the Harkonnen and was destroying all Hark and Smugglers base... until I destroyed the outpost. Mission fail. Eh, what? What the hell was I supposed to do? No idea about existence of engineers, not understanding instructions written in english, too bad. The story here was pretty similar like the previous one - after learning about engineers, I finally got past this mission. - I already wrote my experience about Harkonnen mission 4. I destroyed all Atreides base, and... no mission win. What? I had no idea what else to do and simply got stuck in this mission. Once I got an idea: "Hey, I did not build a radar outpost (I thought it was pointless, you know), so what if I build one and win the mission"? Eh, nope. No mission win after building that pointless outpost. Neither building 9 MCVs and discovering I needed only one for a construction yard, nor learning about the power of wind traps and the whole point of outpost helped me. But then finally, because of being bored, I played some Atreides campaign again, and I sucked in mission 4. I was so slow that Harkonnen killed all the Fremen (I think I was even watching them on purpose doing their job) and then suddenly they were attacking some cave which I had no idea what was, and after destroying that "cave", I suddenly failed the mission. And then my brain worked hard, realizing "what if I find those 'caves' in Harkonnen mission 4 and destroy them"? Not very surprised, I really found them (there were two in this mission), and then finally, in the world, I won that mission! How satisfactory that was. - Harkonnen mission 5 was quite funny and nice to play mission. In mission 6 it was the very first time when I started without a construction yard, but with a MCV instead. It was very strange to see I could build a concrete and wind trap before the construction yard was even standing after deploying the MCV, it looked really ridiculous. It was the very first time I built a starport, but I did not know how to use it. I remember it was my dad who explained me how starport works. Mission 7 was the second place in Hark campaign where I got stuck. The reason was simply because the mission was way too hard. I started building my base, but the enemy was just too much strong and killed me. And the enemy infantry and Sardaukar were approaching me from the other side, climbing the cliff. I screwed Hark campaign and went playing the other houses. Even not seeing how those "devastators" looked like which I was really interested in. - In Ordos, the mission 5 was pretty tough one. I captured the starport and started building some base, but too many Atreides infantry were coming they were killing me. But after some effort, I eventually beat the mission. The mission 6 was place where I got stuck again for the Ordos campaign. Same reason - it was too hard for me. Both Atr and Hark forces were coming to me from many sides and I could not stand their attacks before the time limit was reached. - Regarding Atreides campaign, it was actually my dad who beat it. I remember being away from home for many days on my summer vacation, then I returned home and saw my dad playing Atreides mission 8. I was completely mindblown. 3x3 concrete. Sonic tank - what's that? And... exploding buildings!!! Huh, what the hell happens? Why the construction yard just explodes and we are pretty fucked up? Obviously, those were Ordos saboteurs, but we were freaked out of them. That mission was tough as hell, we were trying different strategies, but still ended up being PWNed by Ordos and Harkonnen attacks. We somehow discovered the strategy to move to the top-left corner, destroy smugglers base, and start building our base on that tiny piece of rock. We just felt this place being more safe because of being more faraway or hidden, but that was rather a feeling. Or probably not. Then we destroyed and took over the small Ordos base which was near, spreading more buildings here. And from this place we beat the enemy. I also remember in this mission I saw the Devastators for the first time - my dad captured Harkonnen heavy factory and produced devastators in it. I remember when I first got to control those devastators, I clicked on one, and it exploded and destroyed also the heavy factory. I thought it was the devastator's way of attack for some time. Oh sweet childhood. Beating Mission 9 was challenging too, but I remember it was probably not as much hard as Mission 8. - During the time, I discovered the "Mission Select" screen. It was actually added by the czech translation - on the title screen bottom-right corner, where is normally written game version, there was a button with label "CZ version by Raptor" or something like that. For long time I did not click that, but once I tried it. It took me into a strange screen where I could click at any mission and start it. I simply could not resist, and looked at the later Ordos and Harkonnen missions, which I could not reach by normal gameplay. And I saw how the missions looked like. I was surprised I had actually an ally on Ordos missions! That was once of the best discoveries in Dune 2000. However, nowadays I regret I even discovered that mission select screen, because that broke my experience discovering those missions by regular gameplay. I feel that was a cheating, which in overall broke my gaming experience in many other games.
  3. I got Dune2000 when I was about 10 years old. The game was in english, and in that age, I barely understood some very basic english. I started playing the game along with my father, and I had no idea what the game was about - it was the very first strategy game I ever had so the gameplay and everything was completely new to me. Without any manual and with some help from father, who understood english a little bit, we were figuring out ourselves how to play the game and how some game mechanics work. There were many things in the very early times, which I simply did not know and was not even able to figure out myself, and furthermore, there were places (in all three campaigns) which I simply could not get past, because I just did not know what to do there. After some time period, my father finally found and downloaded a czech translation for the game. That was the greatest milestone in Dune2000 playing for me, because I could finally read and understand what different buildings and units do, and finally managed to get through places I was stuck in. In this topic, I'd like to share my earliest experiences with the game (which was the best time) and steps how I learned how to play it. - I thought concrete was pointless. Well, I actually understood when reading through the briefings, that buildings needed to be placed on concrete otherwise they would be damaged from the unstable environment. And during the very first play time I was even using it. However, soon I believed that building concrete was pointless so I built all the buildings directly on rock, because I saw the buildings were still working and did not collapse. Paradoxically, sometimes (remember doing that in O4V1) I covered all my base (rock area) with concrete, except the places where were placed buildings, so it was exactly the opposite what I should do. Later, I noticed myself, that I needed to repair my buildings even if they were not hit by enemy. Also noticed that the construction yard, which was placed on concrete, did not need that. And eventually noticed that whenever I placed a building, it had only half the health. Then finally my brain realized that using concrete is really wise thing. - I did not know I could upgrade buildings. In mission 3, troopers and quads appeared, but I was never able to produce them myself. The enemy was sending troopers and quads in mission 3 and 4 against me, while I was attacking them only with light infantry, raiders and combat tanks. I was thinking that the enemy thought I was stupid, hehe. I remember my dad even once told me to click Upgrade button, so I tried that, but then I saw barracks and light factory icon, so I just said "I do not need another barracks and factory" and did not care about that. Oh, how dumb I was. Then, finally later, I tried to upgrade a building, and I was mindblown as I could finally build those mysterious troopers and quads. And in mission 4, I could suddenly even build a repair pad, MCV and engineers. I had absolutely no idea what they were about because I did not saw them before (the enemy was not using them). - Figuring out purpose of a MCV and engineers was another short, but funny story. In briefing, we could understand that MCV can somehow turn into a construction yard. But I could not figure out how to use it. I somehow assumed that a construction yard is 3x3, so well, "I need 9 of them to make a construction yard". So I produced 9 MCVs and sent them out on another free rock area in the map, but it did not work. Finally, I randomly picked just one MCV which was on a clean area and cliecked on it, then construction yard appeared out of nowhere, I was mindblown and I still remember that feeling of satisfaction. - I did not know I need wind traps and have enough power. From the very beginning, I never built more than just one wind trap in a mission. I assumed it was a pointless building which was just needed to allow me build more types of buildings. I did not care about the power indicator or did not even notice units and buildings were produced slower. I also thought that a radar outpost was a pointless building, because it did not do anything. So I simply did not build it. Then later, after I finally figured out what was the purpose of MCV, and because I got stuck in H4V1 as I did not know how to win it (destroying sietch), just for fun because of being bored, I built a construction yard on ruins of destroyed Atreides base, and started rebuilding their base with my own buildings. I tried to mimic exact position of all their buildings, so I built all the wind traps and a radar outpost and... believe or not... the radar minimap suddenly appeared! I was mind blown again. Funny fact was, that I had lot of buildings in my own base, but the amount of wind traps in enemy base produced enough power to power both bases. And I was always wondering why enemy was so dumb and built so many wind traps.
  4. Oh yes, in the early time playing Dune2000 I always built buildings next to each others, without spaces left between the buildings, so I had very compact bases (or was able to build 4 refineries and other crazy things). But later, I learned to build bases with buildings scattered around the rock area with large spaces between them. I just tried to mimic how the enemy bases looked like. Not really for practical reasons, but pretty much for visual reasons. I just wanted my base to look nicely. Exactly same for me. When I first played Harkonnen Mission 5 I had no reason to build a regular outpost. Then, in Mission 6, after I built one, I got very surprised to see so many new buildings available (IX, Hi-Tech and Starport). When I played mission 5 again later I always built regular outpost and then sold it immediately. That is IMO a bad design from the game developers. Another bad design is the pointless Hi-Tech factory (except Harkonnen mission 5 and Atreides one from Mission 7). I learned very soon not to build it and use Starport to get carryalls. Not understanding this, can you explain what you mean?
  5. Dune 2000 was one of my most favourite game in my life (it was my very first strategy game I ever had) and as a kid in early 2000's, I spent really lot of hours and hours playing it. Apart from "serious" playing through campaign, where I really wanted to progress and win the missions, I spent many hours doing various pointless things, because as a kid I just could. Here I try to summarize it. - Building a base on every buildable rock area in a map. During my early time playing Dune 2000 I had no idea how to win Harkonnen mission 4. I just defeated all Atreides base and units, and I had no idea about Fremen. On the map I found some Fremen base and I killed the soldiers, but I absolutely did not know about Sietch and that I needed to destroy them. So I ended up in unwinnable mission, and because I got bored looking around the map and figuring out what to do, I just started building MCVs and sending them to all buildable rock areas in map (including former Atreides and Fremen bases). There I built up full bases with refinery, factories etc. I was also trying to figure out how to make "independent" secondary bases that are controlled on their own, something like enemies had in other missions (buildings owned by a different side but with same allocation index). It never worked for me. I tried to do the same thing in various different missions as well. - Related to the first point, I also tried to take over whole enemy bases with engineers (including every single enemy building). That was a bit challenging. Then I had fun building units specific to the enemy side. - Building a "Super-Base". In various multiplayer/practice maps, the buildable rock areas were enormously huge. So I decided to build a super-base there (I remember doing that on the lower area on map 4PLAY3). I killed all enemies (leaving Harvesters) so they wouldn't annoy me. Then I started filling up the whole rock area with walls. I just built a wall and placed it on every single rock tile. Eventually I reached the data limit, not letting me build any more - it was the very first time I noticed Dune2000 had such limit. However that did not stop me. After (almost) all area was filled with walls, I started building "tunnels" in the walls, connecting various buildings and factories. I left some bigger open areas for stacking up units. So my "super-base" was actually a big labyrinth. Eventually I realized my super-base had no sense because I had no enemies to fight against. So I started playing the same map again, but before destroying the enemies, I started building exactly same super-base, looking to my previous saved game, and trying to replicate it to be exactly same. Oh good memories. - Crate hunting and collecting bonus units. When I discovered crates in multiplayer/practice mode, I was mindblown because it brought tons of new possibilities to me. Indeed I spent lot of hours of fun hunting crates around the map, and colleting as many bonus units as I could. Stealthified raiders counted as well. I remember having collections of more than 100 bonus units. I was also very excited every time I got a devastator. Sometimes I had fun self-destructing the devastators, killing lot of other bonus units around them. Later, when I got a map editor, I created a special small map (32x32 was smallest I could create with editors back in the day) which was tailored for crate-hunting. Basically it was empty open map with a rock area only for parking the bonus units. - Playing practice mode on 2-player maps with 6 players. I just loved when 3 different players started up building a base on a single rock area, and then watching the strongest side eventually destroying the others and taking over the whole area. I was usually the strongest, and I liked playing around with the other AI players like "a cat with a mouse". For example I was blocking every place where they would build a building - they placed a concrete, then I moved my units on it so they were forced to a building somewhere else. Or I did not let them build any other building than a refinery and wind traps - always when they built barracks I destroyed them. Or letting them build barracks, but leaving my units contiuously shoot in front of their barracks, instantly killing every new unit they trained. I remember my most favourite map where I did this was 2PLAY7. - Creating stupid maps and playing them. Once I got a map editor for Dune 2000, I created a few "serious" good maps, but then I created also lot of pointless/stupid/crazy maps with un-realistic terrain. Like blank maps with plain rock area or big rectangle-shaped areas, too small area for an enemy where they could not build any buildings etc etc. I mostly remember about a map almost full of thick spice area, where I built hundred refineries and harvesters and tried to collect as much spice as possible. It was increasing so fast I even did not manage to empty silo capacity with the staport trick fast enough. - Playing around with the Trainer program. That is pretty self-explanatory. Once I found out about the Trainer, another big area of possibilities was unfold. I had obviously most fun with instant build cheat. You can imagine I believe. PS: I played Dune 2000 and did most of the things I described with my younger brother. What about you? Did you do similar things? Or anything else?
  6. It's pretty okay to keep the existing image. Thanks for upload.
  7. So I submitted Map and Mission Editor version 1.3. Hope I did it well and you will find the file uploaded. I included the Event and condition Manual provided by Cm_blast recently.
  8. So I will re-submit the editor 1.3. I want to add Cm_blast's events and conditions manual he created recently.
  9. That sounds good, I'm quite interested in it and would even like to add it to the official 1.3 release (which is not updated on D2K+ website yet) in case you finish it in shorter time. I'd also welcome if you explain something about adding conditions to events (what those checkboxes mean), how condition evaluation works, and how the flags work.
  10. Aah, I am sorry. I completely misunderstood D2k Sardaukar's question. The first idea that came into my mind when I read it, was that he was asking if there was a small update after the "final" release of 1.3. He was actually asking about updating link to the latest version on the first post. I usually normally do it, but forgot to do that as there were several attempts for "very final" release, and did not check it. But now I updated the first post with the proper link, thanks for clarifying my misunderstanding!
  11. I'm asking, because several months ago I submitted a new version (1.3) of my Map and Mission editor on D2K+ site (and even asked on this forum for updating it there), but I see there is still an outdated version of the editor there: https://d2kplus.com/map-and-mission-editor/
  12. Well, the editor does not preserve the "maximized" property of its windows, only the size and position. But (at least for me), when I maximize window, close and reopen the program, the window will occupy whole screen (exactly like how it would if it was maximized), it is just "not maximized". I was personally okay with this behavior, so did not implement preservation of "maximized" property, but it would be easy to implement this. However the problem is that I already released the 1.3 version, and there is not much chance there will ever be another version or update - there are quite few things for a next update anyway, and the problem is, I started with the Random Map Generator which was going to be 1.4 version or something like this, which I discontinued. But as 1.3 was still not officially updated on D2K+ website, I might try to modify the release yet. There is no way to specify default allocation indexes. But I think it's not a big deal to update it according to your needs when you create a new map, or you can save a blank tamplate map with such allocation indexes which you use as a base for a new map. There are no further changes in the editor after release of version 1.3. All the changes I made were related to creation of a Random Map Generator. However, I discontinued development of the Random Map Generator - you can see my comment and reasons in this post: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27507-release-dune-2000-random-map-generator/?do=findComment&comment=397317
  13. Heh, thanks. As a kid in 2000's I played Dune 2000 a lot (it was my first strategy game ever) and always dreamt of a mission editor for it where you could edit the buildings, units, events and other stuff. No one existed, and no one made one. Then, as adult in 2010's, I made one myself. And two more level editors for two DOS games of my childhood as well. Sweet. Well, technically it could be done, but I'm not going to put efforts into implementing this kind of feature. You know. But still thanks for the suggestion. Well, if I get enough inspiration and some life energy, I could even continue this, rather for fun. There's a small chance it would happen.
  14. Hi again there, I see there's some discussion about the random map generators. I'm sorry to say that, a few days or weeks after releasing the first preview version of my random map generator, I discontinued its further development. Things were actually going pretty well and I did not get stuck at some blind point, but I rather realized how much work, personal time and effort I would need to put into the project in order to make it good and usable. I just wonder whether devoting that much work would make me satisfied - i.e. it would be utilizable and used by enough people (nowadays there are still people actively making Dune2000 maps and campaigns, but it's not really many people, like something up to 10). The second reason is that I'm actively working person and work with computers during my everyday job, so I prefer doing something else than again programming in my free time. Still, I wonder whether you found the preview version interesting and useful and experimented with it, or even used it for making any actual maps. You may experiment with the .ini file configuration, like modifying some absolute weights of different types of blocks in order to change the appearance of terrain it generates. Since the preview version release I made some improvements, most importantly ability to undo whole area which you can generate with Shift + Num+, and ability to place blocks on rock and do "substractive" generation. I wanted to post another preview version once I make some more significant progress.
  15. Oh yes, that's exactly it! I even did not know it's called like this or did not read any theory before implementing it. I came up with all the ideas myself. And yes, I already saw your attempt for a random map generator. I agree with you. But as I said, I still have plenty of ideas how to improve it, so it will hopefully get much better. This is just the first version I came up with which is creating valid terrain (by valid terrain I mean that all areas - sand, rock - are properly enclosed and there are no tile errors). It just generates the terrain in blind way, not considering anything like size of rock area and other things. This is purely random, only based on fixed probability weight of certain block types (i.e. straight rock cliff block has 10 times more chance to generate than rock-to-sand cliff transition block, but there is no context and surrounding tiles considered). Anyway, I will provide a preview version of the editor, so you can look how exactly it works and better understand the algorithm and possibly give some suggestions: D2kEditor_randomgen_v1.zip Copy BLOXBGBS.ini into Tilesets folder before starting the program. Then create a new empty map and make sure to select BLOXBGBS tileset. Go to terrain editing mode and select any block preset (for example some rock cliff block). Place the block on map. By placing the block you place a "seed" block, which will then extend to more terrain in next steps. You can run manual single step by pressing "Num +" key. You can forcefully undo last step by pressing "Num -", then next step will generate a different block. If you place a block while holding Shift key, it will automatically run until it ends up by generating whole terrain. Press "Num *" to reset internal structures, so that clean map will be rendered without those crosses and marks. Have fun!
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