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  1. it is definitely hard to be a good player, and spend time with family, because without playing everyday you cannot be good!
  2. I am a fan of your work, but this is not good for dune 2000. The one thing that keeps this game different from others is the skill it takes to constantly build, while having to mange bases and battles at the same time. It seperates dune from all other rts games. You might as well call this red alert now. Its the same thing. This is a bad move for this game.
  3. I wanted to thank everyone for your patience getting back online, been good to see guys coming back. Come on in and play, maybe my rusty ass will play some soon also. Feda where you at bro? You owe me a ordos rematch. riot www.dune2000online.com
  4. it is being mainteneced right now, files being reuploaded. Ill post a download link here as soon as its playable, chat is also down at the moment.
  5. Were back, wasnt as bad as i expected, actually ended up with a faster server, no bandwidth restrictions , and much more memory for a cheaper price. Chat is running already, hoping to have gameplay back up by tommorow night, for now i must sleep though, my boss is already pissed. There are no updates, your clients will log in automatically. See yall soon. riot
  6. New server is up, working on getting all services running, hopefully at least chat will run tonight, maybe the full game.
  7. The company that i paid for hosting services has been sold to another company. I am currently in the process of trying to migrate the server over to the new services, however due to the company i cannot access the server. I will know for sure when we will be back up sometime monday. I apoligize for this guys, they gave me no warning of their sale to another company, and it kindof screws all of us. Stay tuned for updates, if the migration is successful their will be no updates or anything like that, just simply continue playing as normal. Thanks to all of the new players and old friends for
  8. We no longer use hamachi, if your an existing user, simply open your loader, it will update for you. If your a new user click my signature, or visit www.dune2000online.com
  9. Well get your asses to www.dune2000online.com we are playing dune again, simply click the download link, its a completely automatic install, all you have to do is download. When the loader opens theres a chat option or play online option. Chat will bring you to alman, play online will alllow you to create an account in alman to actually play online. Hope all of you drop by, we need some old timers.
  10. CHecxk us out @ www.dune2000online.com

  11. Good news everyone, we are no longer dependant on hamachi, just open your loader and it will apply the new update, we chat in dune chat now, hope to see yall there.
  12. If you want tougher competition play online with us, youll forget all about the ai
  13. Hamachi does not suck, i currently run a pvpgn server through hamachi, complete with ladders. We still play dune 2000 everyday, and slowly are growing. Also most of the lag problems are due to westwoods coding as we have found a way over here to speed up the internet games. Hamachi is just used for the ip tunneling. I never cared for emperor battle for dune, but if y'all get it running ill pop in and help out if i can. Yall stop by and check out our dune 2k server. dune.cloudns.orgthere's a picture of our server with an active ladder, and here is the link to our loader. This file will instal
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