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  1. It will use the whole .mis file, not only the tileset (AI vars, events etc) In skirmish / multiplayer it will check if the .mis file got events in it, if thats the case it will use the events, otherwise it will use the default behavior (game will end when all units of a player or team died) you can use _spawn.mis as template for "normal" maps
  2. Looks cool, very well done! Didn't thought it's possible to generate a random map that well Will play around with the tool a bit the next days good job
  3. dune legacy

    That's pretty cool, never tried the game out yet and didn't knew that. Does it use UDP or TCP?
  4. That sounds weird, can you show a screenshot of it maybe?
  5. It's almost impossible to help you with the information you provided What is the problem? Is there any error message? Does the game start up? Black screen or any other bugs? What windows do you have? Did you try with and without GDI mode?
  6. I think it needs to be in "GamePath/Data/MoviesEng/" in my latest version, if you use original 1.2 or a older version of my patch without multilanguage support then the path is chosen by Resource.cfg
  7. Mission Failed doesn't show up anymore because of the online spectator mode, it was very disturbing to look at that huge text while watching a game. Yes, the original missions should be restored, there is no need for the modified versions anymore map animations work only on 640x400, one of the last bugs of the high resolution patch
  8. You can always find it here: dune2000.exe was updated, cncnet5.exe, config and multilanguage There is also a cool color patch that wyq made, not sure if he posted it here in the forums. We are all using it already, it's neat
  9. I think it's time to enable DxWnd+GDI Mode by default in your installer. I have been playing with it now for some time, it works perfectly. Alt+Tab works too
  10. Could be anything... Are the updates even working on the insider preview? Can it download the needed components on demand? Error could be related to directplay and it fails to download the needed files. Can't you get the final release of win 10?
  11. nice
  12. Y U NO SPANISH CUTSCENES?! French ones are pretty popular already.
  13. There are some guys who have the tools, but they're not the type of persons that would share it. (Russian Translators) Not sure if there is any tool available otherwise
  14. Yes, this is one of the last things that are unfinished in the high resolution patch. It works fine with 640x400 though
  15. XCC can play .aud files, could take the code from there and make a .dll (or convert to pascal)