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  1. Dune 2000 1.06p - Game patching (bug fixes, new features)

    I will do some testing with it for sure! The most important thing for me is compatibility though, we need something works for everyone. I might even make my own, currently working on cnc-ddraw for C&C95 and red alert. You may want to have a look at the new release https://github.com/CnCNet/cnc-ddraw/releases
  2. Dune 2000 1.06p - Game patching (bug fixes, new features)

    Oh that's nice! I heard some dune 2000 players using DGVoodoo online now too, I only tested around with it a bit yet but seems to be a nice tool
  3. Dune 2000 1.06p - Game patching (bug fixes, new features)

    Not exactly, but you can get very close. Full HD as in 1920x1080 I guess? Get the latest dune2000.exe from the first post, start the game once and close it again to it generates dune2000.ini. Open dune2000.ini in notepad and adjust the following keys: [Options] GameWidth=640 GameHeight=400 CutsceneChangeResolution=No [DxWnd] EnableDxWnd=Yes RunInWindow=Yes ClipCursor=Yes ModalStyle=Yes GDIMode=Yes Width=1728 Height=1080 PosX=0 PosY=0 StretchToFullscreen=No This is the closest you can get right now. You can also try to set EnableDxWnd=No, then go to the official DxWnd site and try if the latest version got a working fullscreen "KeepAspectRatio" option. The version of DxWnd included in the patch is older and doesn't have that working, so borderless window mode is the only possible workaround atm. https://sourceforge.net/projects/dxwnd/?source=navbar
  4. DDrawCompat is a DirectDraw proxy dll just like cnc-ddraw, ts-ddraw, ddwrapper. It improved the performance dramatically for everyone who tested it yet (went over 14000 FPS in ra1 for me!!). It also solves the alt+tab bugs on windows 8/10. It should work fine on Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. (We had no one to try Vista yet) Even if you don't have any issues with the game, it's still worth a try. It prevents slow downs in big battles online or even in skirmish with AI. Give it a try: https://github.com/narzoul/DDrawCompat/releases Note: use the latest experimental release
  5. Dune 2000 1.06p - Game patching (bug fixes, new features)

    Oh right, I forgot about that. You know the MissionLauncher better than me (Didn't work on it for ages....)
  6. Dune 2000 1.06p - Game patching (bug fixes, new features)

    I guess we have to leave these out since they're more like a mod rather than a addon Hm, that's a good question. Maybe we just skip them for now and see if these guys might return so we can ask them about it. Will update the launcher with the new missions soon, probably today or tomorrow
  7. Black text on black back ground using playonlinux

    This should be fixed now, you can download the updated MissionLauncher.zip here: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/26661-dune-2000-106p-game-patching-bug-fixes-new-features/
  8. Dune 2000 1.06p - Game patching (bug fixes, new features)

    Updated MissionLauncher.zip - Should work properly now on Linux/Mac (via wine) BTW, if there are any new missions that should be included in the package then please post in here.
  9. Colours.bin RESEARCH

    I actually did that on purpose, I wanted to make sure the colors are easier to distinguish since the original colors were problematic (That's why windyQueen made the color patch). I haven't actually checked how it looks ingame, does it look bad like this?
  10. Colours.bin RESEARCH

    Looks cool Good idea, I added a reset button and fixed some bugs
  11. Black text on black back ground using playonlinux

    I have a fix for it somewhere (Had the same issue on a different program before). Will have a look, but you need to have some patience, not sure when I'm updating the mission launcher again
  12. Colours.bin RESEARCH

    My tool was actually completely broken... But not anymore! http://downloads.cncnet.org/Games/Dune2000/ColoursBinEditor.exe
  13. Rally points for buildings?

    Nope, that's not possible
  14. Dune 2000 1.06p - Game patching (bug fixes, new features)

    "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" sound extremely bad lol I guess it could work like this if you enable the "Force DirectDraw Emulation" setting in the config program. But better just update your drivers
  15. I've been playing a bunch of long online games (1hour+) on windows 10 64bit, never froze a single time. No one found out yet why some are freezing. Here are my settings (I don't use any compatibility modes) https://imgur.com/a/0OCy6 The game is doing a "timebeginperiod" winapi call, this one can indeed affect other programs too. Normally the game does a "timeEndPeriod" call on exit to revert the timing changes, but I guess this doesn't happen cause your game is freezing and you force exit. Other programs are doing the same btw (e.g. google chrome) https://msdn.microsoft.com/de-de/library/windows/desktop/dd757624(v=vs.85).aspx Try to disable the "Use improved FPS Limiter", it changes things a bit.