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  1. 'Nother question. I saved my game (Atredies mission #5) and um, it ain't there after Windows upgraded overnight. Does it still exist and loadable, or if it isn't in the load mission menu, it's gone??
  2. aw dangit! maybe I'm thinking of SimCity which I used to also play around that same time. Thanks for clearing that up. It makes me so happy that this message board even exits.
  3. Gruntlord! This is awesome! Thank you!!!!!!! Dune2k is pretty much the last real computer game I played, 15 years ago. Married, babies, you know the routine. I found myself, once again, up 'til 2 am playing "just one more mission"
  4. Stumbled upon my Dune 2K CD from, what, 15 years ago?, while getting the xmas decorations down. This is really the last game I seriously played and I thought I'd give it a go. I found the install I needed from this message board and got it up & running. THANKS GRUNTLORD!!!!! But, here's my question, I seem to remember being able to pause the game and scroll around. But I can't remember the key and can't seem to find it online. Am I mis-remembering or just haven't hit the right key yet? I seem to only be able to bring up the Options screen, but that doesn't let you scroll around. Thanks all you nerds!! ;)
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