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  1. Can you record this or something? I don't understand much from the explanation and it sounds very strange, so a video would help
  2. It's saying that you are missing the missions, so you probably did not copy or extract everything the archive contains to your dune 2000 folder. You'll have to copy or extract everything for it to work, the missions for War of the Landsraad are included in this download too, besides the launcher.
  3. You're also using a very outdated version of the editor btw, just saying.
  4. The idea is that, for example, if I were to add Fey's voice overhaul now, I'd have to add every sound manually in SOUNDS.RS and samples.uib (because I dont want to import his entire unit, since he has different unit stats that I dont want, I only want the voice lines). There's also the fact that each unit has 18 sounds, so changing each one manually takes some time (if you do it for ALL units it will take a lot of time). Which is why I think a voice line separated import/export can help a lot, if it's not too much implementation complexity for it.
  5. Thanks for the update, there are a lot of nice quality-of-life improvements in there! And wow, finally the mysterious palettes can be changed/edited. Are you going to also add the Import/Export button for unit voice lines too, as we discussed on Discord?
  6. Yes. I modified the tiledata for it to work with the naval mechanics, but otherwise yea, it's yours, looks much better than the old RATEMP.
  7. I want to just show you how much the modding capabilities have advanced recently thanks to @Klofkac and his new version of the editor. These are fully working naval mechanics in Dune 2000, with a functional Naval Yard that can build the ships and with sidebar icons. Although the video is currently mostly a concept, and could use some improvements, I thought it might still be a good idea to just showcase it, as an example of what can actually be achieved now. Thanks to @KippD2K for the Naval Yard sprites and the house colors on the ship sprites. Thanks again, Klofkac, for the new editor.
  8. Just to note, adding entries to text.uib is totally fine. I added a lot of them at the end, after the rise of the mercenaries entries from the gruntmods text.uib, and they all show up properly and work fine. The naval unit names are there and they show up properly.
  9. I am not sure, but it might be the renderer. Don't use DxWnd on CnCNet as it doesn't work properly, you have to use the other one. Open the Dune 2000 Config and you can change it there.
  10. It's in cm's signature. But considering I saw you also joined the discord, just have a look in the Downloads center section, and then in the #tools channel, it's there
  11. There was a list of indexes somewhere around here on the forum. However all the ones above 7 are actually an overflow, technically speaking, so the game starts reading from another address section, instead of the dedicated colors address in the memory. This means that the high indexes can be pretty unreliable and might look different on different computers. The very high ones (like over 200) are all black because they are probably read from a zone of memory that is full of zeroes. You can, however, use the colours.bin editor to edit the original 8 colors and use those instead, but this means you'll have to use it with the original houses. This was also somewhere on the forum, but I can't really search now. It is available on our discord though, you could download it from there.
  12. Well you are not obligated to talk there, you can just lurk around and see what we talk about, some stuff you might find very useful
  13. Feel free to join our discord server for real-time chatting, we talk a lot of modding stuff there Link is in my signature
  14. @Fey do you know anything about that? Sounds very unlikely that it's a thing to me.
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