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  1. I am not sure, but it might be the renderer. Don't use DxWnd on CnCNet as it doesn't work properly, you have to use the other one. Open the Dune 2000 Config and you can change it there.
  2. It's in cm's signature. But considering I saw you also joined the discord, just have a look in the Downloads center section, and then in the #tools channel, it's there
  3. There was a list of indexes somewhere around here on the forum. However all the ones above 7 are actually an overflow, technically speaking, so the game starts reading from another address section, instead of the dedicated colors address in the memory. This means that the high indexes can be pretty unreliable and might look different on different computers. The very high ones (like over 200) are all black because they are probably read from a zone of memory that is full of zeroes. You can, however, use the colours.bin editor to edit the original 8 colors and use those instead, but this me
  4. Well you are not obligated to talk there, you can just lurk around and see what we talk about, some stuff you might find very useful
  5. Feel free to join our discord server for real-time chatting, we talk a lot of modding stuff there Link is in my signature
  6. @Fey do you know anything about that? Sounds very unlikely that it's a thing to me.
  7. 600 was pretty big, yea. But with 30000 time for attack he should have built a ton of units, so maybe your BuildRate was low too. Hope it works for you
  8. From what I remember, that is a percentage, so you should aim for 80-90 for the AttackBuildingStrength. When I wanted big attacks I used 70 and 80. But you have to make sure you give them enough time to actually produce that many units, TimeBetweenBuildingAttacks and the FirstAttackBuildingDelay have to be big enough to let him produce the units. Try giving them a lot of cash, setting their UnitBuildRate to something low (which means its quick) like 100 or 50, and set their TimeBetweenBuildingAttacks and the FirstAttackBuildingDelay to 18000 and 15000 respectively. You'll have to wait for a wh
  9. I dont have access to the editors now, so I cant check your file, but I can try to help you off the top of my head. When AI determines their attack size, keep in mind they will also take into consideration their GuardGroupSize, which is essentially the amount of units they will leave in base to defend and patrol it. If you want him to send EVERYTHING, try setting GuardGroupSize to 0 (i never tried, might crash, idk, if it crashes try setting it to 1).
  10. You cannot go over 128x128. Just re-download the GruntMods edition or the dunemaster edition, whichever, they both have the vanilla missions included.
  11. Just download the GruntMods edition. What you are using is an extremely old and completely updated version of the hi-res patch. GruntMods has a much better version, much easier to use. https://gruntmods.com/dune_2000_gruntmods_edition/
  12. I also used the RA and Giedi Prime tilesets for my War of the Landsraad campaigns, but I think so far me and Cm are the only ones who used the RA tileset. Or at least I dont recall anybody else releasing missions on that. Actually I used a modified version of the RA tileset for Caladan that I edited myself, as I added two Allied Cruiser type of tiles to simbolize the Atreides Navy.
  13. They are similar but clearly not the same. There are many differences about how they work. For example, the way AI works is very different. The map and mission formats are also different, with RA1 having totally different conditions, triggers, also having Teams for AI production and reinforcements, while Dune 2000 has a completely different set of conditions, events, and the way AI trains units is based of a priority list of all units.
  14. Thank you for this, it's great that someone improved on those and added new tiles and stuff. At some point I'll be making another campaign and I'll definitely be using these.
  15. Then you probably did not select to install the videos. When running the GruntMods installer, there will be either a checkbox or some sort of dialog prompt asking you if you'd like to install the videos too. Make sure you select that. If you did that, and the files are still 0 bytes, the servers from where the installer downloads them might be offline. You can try to message @Gruntlord6 if the problem still persists.
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