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  1. Ah I see, I understand now. Makes sense, thx for clarification. Could that devastator ai bug be related to the fact that you added more unit types or something, and the ai editor didnt sync with the newly added types? Or does it already sync? Didnt get a chance to have a look at how the ai editor handles new unit types yet.
  2. I never had it in my dune directory, I was setting the path the first time I run it and that was it, never had to move it in the same folder as dune and it always worked.
  3. @Klofkac I am getting an exception after selecting the dune directory (with the test version you last posted), with the first-time-run prompt. No idea why, the dune exe is the same I used for all versions
  4. I think it was lovalmidas. But that was for the vanilla campaigns, not for custom missions. It was basically recreating the vanilla map selection FOR the vanilla missions.
  5. Ah, if you're talking about mimicking the territory attack map from the vanilla game inside the launcher, then nope, I won't be doing that. Would take a considerable amount of effort to think and build a mechanism that can do this for custom missions, and in my opinion it adds to little to be worth the investment.
  6. Just showing a string like "Next map: C:/Users/Feda/Desktop/Dune 2000/data/missions/wol_a2" doesn't feel that immersive to me lol. Even something like "Next map: WOL_2" or "Next map: Wol Atreides Mission 2" still doesn't seem that makes any difference in my view. What would make a difference is launching the next mission directly from the score screen or something, which is indeed potentially nice but might not be worth the time for implementation. I had this idea a while ago, to somehow be able to have branching missions, where you'd be able to select the outcome of a mission that can en
  7. But what is the point of this? I seriously do not see the reason why it'd show up the next map lol
  8. It is possible, I can do it, although not sure if I will. I don't really see a good reason for the image. Showing the next map is not possible because... well how can the launcher know what map you're gonna play next?
  9. As I said, I don't remember the steps anymore.
  10. Then go ahead and invest time into finding that old video on my channel, I don't remember the exact steps needed for that old method.
  11. Why are you so much against using cncnet? You want to throw out an easy way to play your own maps to chase a painfully old method which is not used since 2014 or something. What we are recommending here is not some shady tool that nobody heared of, it's the standard way to play multiplayer AND skirmish (or Practice as it's called in the original game) nowadays. Why are you afraid to use cncnet? It takes literally like 2 minutes to set everything up, it is so simple. You are also making a confusion by thinking that Gruntmods doesn't work with CnCNet. They work extremely well together. If
  12. Please check my message from above and make sure you followed all those steps exactly. It does work, but you must use the cncnet launcher, not the in-game Practice screen. The cncnet launcher can be used for skirmish too.
  13. Make sure you copy a .map file, a .mis file and a .ini file into Data/maps, as Fey said above. You need all 3 files AND they have to be in Data/maps for it to work. The CnCNet client also has to be restarted if you copied the files while it was open. By the way, we are all assuming you're using the CnCNet client to play skirmish. If you aren't and you are asking about how to add the maps so you can access them straight from in-game's Practice menu, then the answer is yes, it can be done, but please don't, that is a very outdated way of adding skirmish maps to the game which is no longer n
  14. Thanks a lot for the preview release, can't wait to get some free time and try it out, sounds amazing! I also hope there will be a way to get around the DATA.R16 issue in regards to adding more units and buildings, we always thought this would be impossible without maybe exe modifications but from what I understood from your post it might be possible.
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