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  1. Glad you got it fixed man! If you're interested in learning more about how to edit/create missions or modding in general, feel free to join our modding discord server. Link is in my signature.
  2. That's some sexy stuff man, looking forward to this! Didn't even know there's a "No AI" thing for units, I don't know what it does but this tool is great if it reveals all we know about the units. No more "damn lets look through the discord chat history to find that one byte I need"
  3. Well that's the problem, it cannot be done with the vanilla Dune 2000 and the IPX patch. Those are very old versions which were good enough for hamachi, but will not allow any of the new features. You actually need cncnet, there is no other way. Cncnet has a modified dune2000.exe that allows buildings in skirmish (the original game removed both buildings and events from skirmish maps). Note that in order to convert the original missions to coop you need to enable the "Use .ini file" option in the Mission Settings in the editor, and give it a name. This way the cncnet launcher will recognize and be able to load the map. It has to be placed into Data/maps. Be careful, yoy'll have to place 3 files: Test.map, Test.ini and _TEST.mis (assuming you named it Test). Cncnet doesnt read from _PRAC.mis unless the map you load has no mis file of its own. If there is a mis file with the same name, it will read that. This allows you to have multiple coop maps without replacing _PRAC.MIS. Please download cncnet and try these things out. If it still doesn't work then let me know and we'll look into it further, but that should be enough i think.
  4. We don't really have OpenRA modders here, I mean this forum is related to the original game and its modding. You can play as the Emperor in the original game, or even the mercenaries, actually you can play as any sub-house. If you want it only for OpenRA, you might want to ask this on the OpenRA forums though, if there is anything like this available they will let you know there.
  5. The issue with TibEd is that even what works currently is very poorly documented (actually not all all by the author). Right now Fey is the guy everyone goes to when it comes to how to use TibEd, since he spent the most time researching it and its bugs. There is no way to create a decent mod (which involves more than just changing the HP of buildings and basic stuff like that) without spending tons of time finding out what certain unknown bytes do, or understand what behavior really means, as it's a pretty bad word to describe that feature. A new TibEd, especially based on the screenshot I saw above, would be absolutely amazing. Even more now, since people can actually get into modding and have their files installed and uninstalled automatically. The fact people had to copy paste and backup files themselves used to be the main reason not a lot of creators decided to go for mods in their missions. Ever since the new launcher, there has been a significant increase in modding desire on our discord server. However, TibEd is really not the greatest program ever, so I really believe your tool would be a life-saver. I know for sure that I'd use your tool over TibEd any minute just by watching that screenshot above. Not to mention the preview of the building with animation support, which is huge Lemme give you an example: let's say I want to make the sietch selectable and repairable, then add a unit queue to it. I have a general idea of what I have to change, but I'd have to go over 1-2-3 pages of forum topics or search in a big-ass history of discord messages, or even PM Fey just to find out the byte numbers that I have to change, since I don't remember the actual numbers. Your editor can only be a serious improvement over TibEd, there is no reason anyone would use TibEd over yours if you get it to do all that TibEd can do + the better, more documented interface. Another reason: I am planning a sequel to my War of the Landsraad campaign pack, but I said I'll wait even 2 years if that's how much it takes to have some documentation done over all the unknowns and other TibEd stuff. I would really prefer to not have to deal with numbers, but with actual text organized in a very good GroupBox-style interface like in your screenshot. Maybe there won't be 100 people using it, since the community is small, but I can guarantee me, Fey and Cm would use this without a thought, and I'm sure the other modders like @Amander will also transition to it, as there is simply no reason to stick to TibEd if something like this becomes available.
  6. I do not have experience with YR modding and its file formats so I can't help you with this, sorry.
  7. The C&C remastered graphics, from what I've seen, are in DDS format and are locked inside some specific archive files. You could export them from the game's archive files (they use a specific EA extension and format that they have also used for C&C 3 and generals files I believe) as there are tools for that, but you'd have to convert the DDSs. One guy on our discord has created a RA temperate tileset for dune 2000 based on the remastered graphics. You should really join that discord server, it's easier to talk in real time about this kind of subjects
  8. Probably not, since nobody has really contacted the author about it lol. What I think is that either loval or Klof will create a new and better "TibEd" sort of program to edit those bin files.
  9. They can attack at the same time if you set the same TimeBetweenBuildingAttacks and remove the TimingRandomPercentage (set to 0, if it crashes the game set to 1, can't remember if 0 works on this variable). If you do not remove the TimingRandomPercentage, AI will either add or subtract that percentage from the TimeBetweenBuildingAttacks so you will never get simultaneous attacks unless you're like the luckiest person in the world.
  10. It should work too, but I tested it on GruntMods and gruntmods has the missions in the right place for sure. If the A O and H missions work fine, then the Sardaukar missions should work as well. There is absolutely no reason for them not working, you should double check that everything is copied properly and in the right place. If you can't get it to work still, maybe giving more information about the error can help, just saying "no map 53" and "tilesets arent working" is not really something I can use to figure out what's wrong. Maybe post some screenshots with the errors.
  11. @firefly101 You might be interested to join our modding discord server, its easier to get this info since you can talk to us in real time Link is in my signature
  12. Yeah, the issue sounds like what Cm said above. This is why GruntMods is recommended, I emphasized that in both the main forum post and the pdf manual
  13. Based on community tests & feedback, I have to launch a new hotfix: Bugfix: allied units no longer attack the Refinery you are supposed to reactivate on WOL Atreides Mission 2 Bugfix: Atreides Mission 7 does no longer crash Please re-download from the same link in the main post.
  14. New hotfix - fixed the game crashing when loading Harkonnen Mission 10 on War of the Landsraad - fixed small inconsistencies with the War of the Landsraad Sardaukar Missions While the Sardaukar fixes are minor and might have even went unnoticed, the crash on Harkonnen Mission 10 is a real bug. Please re-download the pack in order to play that mission properly.
  15. I have just fixed a small bug with the campaign, please re-download it if you already got it. The link is the same.
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