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  1. Sounds interesting. I might take a look in a few weeks, but no promises...
  2. I don't remember how did I get around this, but you will find the solution in my Fremen Campaign mod. I think it is in my signature. EDIT: I cannot see my signature, but you can find my very old mod here: https://d2kplus.com/fremen-campaign/
  3. I will search for my old AI files with custom building behaviour...you can research them.
  4. I am happy that my AI file isn't useless :)
  5. I remember that there is a file where you can change the music of any mission, I think we can even add the new missions to it and define a music.
  6. All my AI files are working, but only 1 of them can defeat the normal skirmish AI in 1v1.
  7. My 3 latest AI files. Read the txt file for more info :) lumai.v0.1.rar
  8. If the online AI is different than the skirmish AI, it is stored inside the dat file, because it is not inside the prac.mis file.
  9. I only have 1 stable skirmish AI, which will build light factory earlier.
  10. GTA series Jak and Daxter series (ps2/ps3) Rayman series Ratchet and Clank series (ps2/ps3)
  11. I never found anything like that. You have the latest version of the game?
  12. I think it is temporary. Maybe they are updating something.
  13. This is from google maps? Nice photo btw... :)
  14. Finally a solution to test AI files faster!!!!!! :)
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