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    It's quite long silence here, so I'll break it by showing a progress from me: You would probably guess it right - it's a Templates.bin editor, a replacement of TibEd. This should be one level above TibEd, supporting all building properties including those that are Unknown fields in TibEd, crammed on a single screen, and most importantly, you can have a live preview of the building visual appearance, including animations. At this stage I am asking all of you who read this, for a comment and feedback on this question - will you ever make a good use of this feature? What I am concerned about is, that developing such functionality takes me really very lot of time and effort, and I want to make sure, that this won't be wasted effort, but there will be enough people that will actively use it and make a really good new stuff with this. At this time, we have TibEd, and people have used it for long of time so far and made really good creations and mods with that, and with some effort, it is still moreless still well-usable. I'm creating something that's going to be better and replace TibEd, but lot of stuff was already created with TibEd and I wonder if there's still somebody keen on modding that much who would create something brand new and interesting with the new possibilities. So @Fey @Cm_blast @Feda @firefly101 @Amander @X3M @azimovhaas8 @AZ-Stalker @lovalmidas @aarmaageedoon now you have opportunity to vote here and tell if you plan to use the better replacement of TibEd I'm currently working on. The more votes, the more I'll be into finishing this. Thank you.
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    So I finally did a research on SPEED.BIN file, because I wanted to make an editor for it. This file is really small and structure is pretty simple, so finding out what it does was a piece of cake. Here is the structure: - 32 floating-point numbers (4 bytes each) - 4 strings for speed names (32 bytes each): "Infantry", "Tracked", "Wheeled", "Flying" - 128 zero bytes (probably unused) All investigation was just about those 32 floating-point numbers. And, here is the tabular visualization of them: The rows are "Speed Modifier value" and columns are speed types. And numbers in cells are speed multipliers, for example, if the number is 0.5 it means that unit can move half its original speed. Now I will explain what does the "Speed Modifier value" mean. Remember tile attribute editor and those last three attributes that affect the unit speed? These three attributes are in fact Speed Modifier bits. Three bits can make a value from 0 to 7: Rock = bit 1 (value of 1) Dunes = bit 2 (value of 2) Rough Rock = bit 3 (value of 4) The speed modifier value is sum of those bits. If all three attributes are set, the value is (1 + 2 + 4) = 7, if no attributes are set, the value is 0, and for example if "Rock" and "Rough Rock" are set, the value is (1 + 4) = 5. Then for the speed modifier value, respective row from table is selected. So for example if "Rock" and "Rough Rock" attributes are set, then infantry will move 0.7 of their original speed, and both tracked and wheeled will move 0.5 of their original speed. And for example if you select all three attributes, surprisingly all the units will move their full speed.
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    Glad you got it fixed man! If you're interested in learning more about how to edit/create missions or modding in general, feel free to join our modding discord server. Link is in my signature.
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    Yeah I don't think it was a great fit, I just took it as a nod to Jodorowsky wanting Pink Floyd for his version.
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    I get to vote? Lol. Ok, I think that if you make an editor that does a better job than TibEd. Go for it!!! Who knows what kind of beautiful designs will come from it. Sometimes a different editor (wheter it is better or worse) will open up new options. I used to have 2 editors for Starcraft/Broodwar. Making the layout of the map, after altering other statistics. Most of my maps in those days needed 2 independend editors. I don't know if it is possible with TibEd and your editor. But seeing as how you are actively changing your editor. You can add stuff that others here request. That is a good idea.
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    My goal is to make editable every data within Templates.BIN, ARMOUR.BIN, SPEED.BIN and BUILEXP.BIN, so everything you mention. This is huge load of work to do, but hopefully we'll get there. Buildings and units are the most complicated forms, the others should be easier, I hope. Did not try that, so no idea, sorry. Yes, my editor will allow you select whatever building art, even those unused Harkonnen and Ordos turret and barrel sprite sets. It's actually a limitation of TibEd it doesn't allow you to select them. So you will be able to select up to 6 different turret and barrel sprite sets, meaning 6 different turret types without adding new image entries into DATA.R16. Same applies to Repair Pad and IX Research Centre building art.
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    Thank you all for your replies and opinion! I'm really very happy to hear you're interested in using the Structures Editor (replacement of TibEd) I'm currently working on. I will indeed continue on it! If there are even more of people interested in this, just put your vote here. Forgot to mention one thing, that the structures editor will be built-in into D2kEditor, so you will use just one program for all the stuff. The advantage will be that you can easily reflect the changes in the map you're currently working on immediately, and there will be support for CustomCampaignData and Mods folders too. Oh, it's really nice to see a new member here! Thank you for joining and posting here. Anyway, here's more progress: Unit editor!
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    I think the floating crates are just the ships coming and going? They seem a little out of place. I do like the ornithopter design. I don't know if the miniseries Sardaukar were all that intimidating either. And yeah that was the Baron. This was Jodorowsky's take on the trailer:
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    Hi Feda, Thank you for your reply. I downloaded CnCnet and put it where my Dune2000.exe is. I can launch CnCnet, choose a map and some options like IA, etc. but when I clic on "Launch Game", I have a black screen and... return to CnCnet. I selected different resolutions, different options like "DirectDraw", etc., but the game does not launch. I installed the Gruntmods Edition of the game but I have the same problem. However, when I launch the "MissionLauncher" of this edition, I can select a mission and play it. Do you know why does this happen ? I have a good PC (i9, RTX 2080 Super, 32 gb of RAM, etc.) and my screen displays 1080p natively. I wish I / we could fix this. Thank you for your help. Edit : It's okay, I unchecked "Disable Max Windowed Mode" and now, the game seems functional when I launch it in CnCnet. I thank you very much for your help. I have a lot of alternative missions to discover (alone and in co-op too), so I am happy. Thank you for all the work and the help given to the players about this really great game.
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    WOW, yes I would use this over TibEd any day! TibEd actually limits my modding like Feda said, one has to know all the unknown bytes and its a pain to remember or look every one of them up and some are only discussed on discord which some can't use like myself. Again, it looks great and would help others like myself mod more!
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    This is something bugged with your game then; this is what should happen. A) You start the game and harvest the amount of money requirement (no clicks needed). B) you get the Sonic tanks and destroy the windtraps C) Imperials get angry at you for doing that and then start with the attacks. And then only after the "C" part it's done, he will start launching attacks, but no before that. Did you play any modded campaign recently? because maybe my trigger it's "certain unit/building exist" but due you using a modded version, that unit/building arealdy exist (or don't) and everything trigger before expected. If you want to check this is the teaser I did for the campaign, I did move a bit the harversters (exploring a bit the area) for the sake of the video, but you can see how I am just calming doing my thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwE-hAQqKxo Just in case I recently downloaded the mission and applied/loaded with the mission launcher. Nothing wrong happened to me (That's the MCV landing). Harvesting the quota, doing the windtrap thing, receaving the MCV, no enemy unit on sight. In fact, the enemy it's made to be passive, and will actually waits until you fullfill the windtrap goal, when you do that, you get a MCV. When you deploy the MCV, the enemy can start producing units, and only when the siege tank it's produced (which will take some time as the AI will build other units befre), an enemy wave will trigger and launch a attack. It's true that you only have low tech to protect against combat tanks and so on, but it's just that, he is passive until you do that job (or if you let the game running for... dunno, maybe 3 hours, then he may launch an attack on you). Just be sure that you copied the file "tiledata.bin" provied (although I don't think this has anything to do with it), which path it's "data/bin", but if you already did, then you may need to rever whatever change was done on the game. Here, these are the usual 4 files that gets modded depending on the campaign, this upload are the originals I have as a back up. Template Original.rar They are in the folder "data/bin". So try to overwrite them. This should revert the game to the vanilla state and try again the mission. And again, the battle shouldn't ever start not until a MCV it's delivered, and even then, the AI will take some time to arrive (so your Sonic tanks have enough time to come back, you can build a second ref and barracks and group a decent amount of infantry/troopers to protect yourself). Even storywise you are the neutral faction, Imperials are not the attackers, you are the one that "attacked" a windtrap the emperor wanted and then retaliate because of that action.
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    The issue with TibEd is that even what works currently is very poorly documented (actually not all all by the author). Right now Fey is the guy everyone goes to when it comes to how to use TibEd, since he spent the most time researching it and its bugs. There is no way to create a decent mod (which involves more than just changing the HP of buildings and basic stuff like that) without spending tons of time finding out what certain unknown bytes do, or understand what behavior really means, as it's a pretty bad word to describe that feature. A new TibEd, especially based on the screenshot I saw above, would be absolutely amazing. Even more now, since people can actually get into modding and have their files installed and uninstalled automatically. The fact people had to copy paste and backup files themselves used to be the main reason not a lot of creators decided to go for mods in their missions. Ever since the new launcher, there has been a significant increase in modding desire on our discord server. However, TibEd is really not the greatest program ever, so I really believe your tool would be a life-saver. I know for sure that I'd use your tool over TibEd any minute just by watching that screenshot above. Not to mention the preview of the building with animation support, which is huge Lemme give you an example: let's say I want to make the sietch selectable and repairable, then add a unit queue to it. I have a general idea of what I have to change, but I'd have to go over 1-2-3 pages of forum topics or search in a big-ass history of discord messages, or even PM Fey just to find out the byte numbers that I have to change, since I don't remember the actual numbers. Your editor can only be a serious improvement over TibEd, there is no reason anyone would use TibEd over yours if you get it to do all that TibEd can do + the better, more documented interface. Another reason: I am planning a sequel to my War of the Landsraad campaign pack, but I said I'll wait even 2 years if that's how much it takes to have some documentation done over all the unknowns and other TibEd stuff. I would really prefer to not have to deal with numbers, but with actual text organized in a very good GroupBox-style interface like in your screenshot. Maybe there won't be 100 people using it, since the community is small, but I can guarantee me, Fey and Cm would use this without a thought, and I'm sure the other modders like @Amander will also transition to it, as there is simply no reason to stick to TibEd if something like this becomes available.
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    I always had in mind a big campaign where I go to edit everything, using every single tileset done as multiple planets so you face nameless factions (or random factions as I may give them based on wikis) with weird tech; although for the most part I am aiming with the graphics that exist already, but as Fey had several graphics here and there (and units) I may use them too. If I had that tool with those nice "cannot be sold" It's something I would prefer over reasking Fey or re-re-researching myself which bytes do what. I simply cannot say for sure "I will do it" because who knows if by when I am finish with my current campaign I am totally done with modding, or maybe not; I don't know; my "Dune Emperor final" mission was on my mind but I created like 3-4 campaigns before actually doing it. For my part, having some of these options more clearly (and not lying as Tibed does in some parts) It could be that future/possible campaign of mine it's more certain to happens. And of course, it is more likely to happen now that Feda Launcher allow using modded stuff more easily and with less limits for the user/modder.
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    the worm design is great, it reminds me of one famous illustration - https://cdn.onebauer.media/one/media/5d30/78f5/39e4/bc85/c544/bed9/dune-sandworms-schoenherr.jpg what are those floating crates? this seems to be some fetish motive of Villeneuve - https://youtu.be/n9xhJrPXop4?t=48 Atreides are Georgian? - https://youtu.be/n9xhJrPXop4?t=59 I also like the ornitopther, somewhat Dune 2-ish - https://youtu.be/n9xhJrPXop4?t=76 the white Sardaukar somewhat lacks intimidating flair of previous designs - https://youtu.be/n9xhJrPXop4?t=89 is that the baron? - https://youtu.be/n9xhJrPXop4?t=117
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    This is how it gets displayed in editor. I hope it's how it is supposed to be, didn't try in-game.
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    Hi! I don't check back here very often lately but glad you're continuing your updates of similar games. There are many seemingly good, innovative indie games based on classics these days apparently, but finding out about them is increasingly hard with so many titles (and frankly I've no idea how one can find something at the Steam Store unless you know what you're looking for).
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