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  1. Ha! I was thinking about getting generals 2 but its gonna suck big time. They announced it was gonna be free to play (pay to win) if ya know what I mean. Funny, I just decided to stop playing the game and a few players appeared.... Hope your not like the rest of the players.... just a few days on and then disappeared from the face of earth.
  2. the problem is... is xwis supporting 8 players in a single game? we know RA didnt..... we still need to use tunngle in order to be able to know whos online ... especially because it has the chat sound feature. Another thing is the game performance... hamachi lags .. tunngle doesnt. Dont know about xwis
  3. You cant always get players in Emperor... most of the players has to go to work. You have to take in mind the time difference too, the majority of the players are Russians; the rest of the old players are mostly from the U.S. Theres also what I called a "period of inactivity" where the game seems dead and no one plays it. There are other days that you see suddenly a LONG list of players..... Dont know if you've done it but if your using Tunngle, they provide you with an IP... which is something similar to this: 7.xxx.xx.xxx......... you have to go to your game options----> Network---> and change the network adapter to the IP "7.xxx.xx.xxxx" Same thing for Hamachi, they give you the IP "5.xxx.xxx.xx" We use both of these programs to play over LAN.
  4. ur right it was ahead of its time... too bad westwood died... I would love to play co op with my girflriend too, unfortunately you cant do co op anymore. Theres no support for it now. Just remember that if you want to play something else besides co op ... there is hamachi.
  5. There are no support for co op ... you guys can play with us multiplayer skirmish if ya want; but we are not on xwis... we use both tunngle and hamachi
  6. Found the way to beat the Brutal Attacker AI under 10k settings, Guild subhouse etc during your long absence ... AI is AI no matter what... once u find the flaw, u got the whole game. It was challenging ( a lot ) and fun while it lasted... I was complaining about the mod at the beginning, but seriously you cant compare this to "serious" mod projects out there.... I was too focused in the Revival Project that I never got the chance to stop and think for a second. A serious mod would take time to do, and a team to introduce new units and re develop the game mechanics etc. This is was just overpowering the dumb AI we already had.... nevertheless it was a mod and the guild cannon although crazy as fack it gave us those moments of "SHIT THIS SUCKS! (RAQEQUITTING) "OMG WTF?" We kinda needed this mod haha.... you cant really get players to play all the time and this mod does it jobs to entertain you and train your speed a bit. I still have it.... Good job again Atom. As for Kines... if your planning to get your hands on modding emperor seriously, then you might need the people for it. Im waiting for that day to happen =D I can help on creating new units for the game, but I have not clue on how to put it in the game.............
  7. Darkd3th is back to Arrakis too. See if we can arrange a few games...
  8. Im glad ur back dark... download hamachi too... some of the players are unable to play on tunngle and vice versa. Most of the players in Hamachi are there (afk) but if you find someone available you can play in there too; it also allows you to check player's real IP (not possible in tunngle), as some tries to fool you saying they are noobs when they are not. By the way, most of the players now are Russians... so you know what to expect.
  9. You wont see anybody in the lobby if theres nobody in there. You have to tell others you want a game and then host; or let other people host a game. Is that simple =D Unfortunately... We have being experiencing problems with Hamachi lately. Only a few on that list of people are able to host; and those who are able to host games can see what people are typing in the lobby, but the rest wont. So lets say your the host and you want to tell whoever is in your game that you want them to hit ACCEPT and/or you want to tell them for example ME AND KINDJAL86 VS ALL; you will have to do that by chatting in hamachi, until the problem gets fixed. Dont really know whats happening really... quite annoying but we are getting use to it.. Hope this wont stop you from playing the game.
  10. u can try hamachi... by the way u need to go to ur game network adapter .... and select the adapter with an IP number like this; 7.xxx.xxx.xx simple....easy.... then instead of going INTERNET you go to LAN same steps with hamachi.... hamachi IP starts with 5.xxx.xxx.xx worth the try.... otherwise have fun with single player... people will never go to xwis, as it limits 4 players per game.... with tunngle and hamachi (virtual private network ) u can have 8 players in the same room we are all right now in hamachi anyways..... get the "Unmanaged" version .... and its only 3mb
  11. We play online.. but nobody uses XWIS anymore, we play using virtual LANs using Hamachi and Tunngle. We use both because some people have trouble with either one of these. For Hamachi http://hamachi.en.so...ic.com/download Room: 113-129-763 No password For Tunngle http://www.tunngle.net/index.php?l=en&pg=downloads Just look for "Emperor - Battle for Dune" under "Network Search"
  12. Everybody seems to be in holidays now. Emp is dead once again.... welcome back btw
  13. Welcome back Optiarb! I hope you can get games when your available to play. I have convinced many old players to come back, telling them we got a bunch of players online, but once they make it to tunngle all the players (most of them Russians) are offline... because of holidays, vacations whatsoever... such a coincidence! >=/ Im tired of staying awake all day trying to catch all players just so they wont feel that the game is dead. It is not a task for me anymore.... Im telling you this, just so you know that players get online at different hours. Since I am now in the San Francisco, US.... Imma tell you at what time I see players online in Pacific Time. Russian players are online from 3 or 4 AM to 11 AM... sometimes they go as far as 1 PM if we play good games. Newlords is available from 7 AM to 1 PM. Hes online all day on Sundays. Miles... you can catch him mostly on Saturdays and Sundays. Just like Newlords, Sundays is free to play. Viking around 6 PM to 3 AM on weekends. But we havent seen him for a while. Eastman around 11 PM to 4 AM whenever hes not playing Poker :D You can see that I have my PC on all day. Its easier to catch me in Tunngle than anybody else :D Heres a list of current players: Most active Moroz666 (Russian) Malyuta Skuratov, Ckurat, CKURAT* (Russian) Skynet_Igor (Ukranian) Centner (Russian) Newlords (US) Miles (US) Eastman (Canada) Viking (Canada) Roadkill86 (Russia) Shtorm86 (Russia) Kralizets, Fremen (Russia) Players who were online, now not Lastgoyo (Canada) Pearlman (South Korea) Calthazar (US) Kalony (Germany) The rest of the players you see online; mostly when EBFD seems dead as hell, are players playing under new logins or nicks, pretending they are newbies.
  14. Hey good good man .. we got another Korean player here =) Welcome back!
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