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  1. ~ up ~ I'm back. Failed with that platformer project :( Also I've lost everything I had about this project. So starting from scratch. no, thanks. I'm not a fan of open source.
  2. Well I can't say that it's true. Because any Dune-related development is like walking on the knife's edge (also known as copyright). In case of Dune2000, there are: - many patches and fixes to the game; - amazing set of tools by mvi; - open source remake called OpenRA; What's the point of the old game remastering? In first post I wrote that there will be `surprise` after release. The surprise is 3D remake of the Dune2000. I've found a highly skilled artist with whom we've created a basis for future game develompent: At some point we had some misunderstandings in how team work should loo
  3. Hello guys! Sorry for silence for a month.After I've uploaded that early gameplay video, I lost my job. (Looks like my boss disliked it, but there no dislike on youtube though) lol. So this month I was in search. Just when I found new job, I also found this video: It's inspired me so fu*king high. Wanna be developer of that project. Currently trying to contact the author.So I have no idea what will be next. Not sure about this dune project though. Yeah, of course, lights should be added. PS. Really pleased to see you in this topic, Shaokhan - I love your vids.
  4. Maps definitely should be big. Because when playing with 800*600 as displaying resolution, you can feel that "8PLAY6.MAP" (which I am using for tests) is looked like it was designed for 1 vs. 1 battles. This effect looks good, however I had ideas about normals maps (and effects that can be achieved with it) in early 2011. It's definitely worth to try. But of course for early beginning of my project simple overlays/effects will be enough.
  5. To have a good visuals for such complex weather effects, I need to have normal maps for every game sprite. It's a huge amount of work. But I am mad enough to do that. athanasiosathanasios, I am changing tiles color in realtime. To have a better understanding of how it looks like, check out this vid: http://youtu.be/DRyOvqkJx8Y
  6. I am reading tile info from original .map files, and I can say that they are not contain info about used tileset. While was playing with passability, I realized that just changing tint color of sprites makes it possible to add 'night' mode to the game. Hehe. It's just need to add light sources to units and buildings. This is not a problem I think.
  7. Are you talking about this icons? They are in Data archive. Other icons (repair, sell, etc) are in UI_ENG archive.
  8. Thanks to mvi, passability is now red from original *.bin files.
  9. What about skirmish maps? So if you adding new maps to game, you need patch exe or mis files? :) Yea. When you writing program you're engineering. When you trying to understand how it was done — you're doing reverse engineering. more info.
  10. These would be extremely helpful. I am also wondering how game finds corresponding tileset for map — because map itself doesn't contains information what tileset it is using.
  11. Hello (: Currently, I have nothing to show. Pathfinding is not a problem at all. The main problem for me is the behaviour of units on path. You can start from Lee algorithm. No reverse engineering here.
  12. Hello First, I am really happy to see new facesnicks in this thread — thanks for support guys! Second, I have a little progress with pathfinding system. I've just added two pathfinding 'behaviours', one is for vehicle second is for infantry. The green dots here is the path for infantry, while the blue ones - for vehicle. Paths is not same because vehicle tries to use solid ground, while infantry have no difference in surface to walk on.
  13. Then thanks to you too (: Looks like I've just finished categorization of tiles for pathfinding. See how map treated by pathfinder:
  14. Hello guys (: A* pathfinding is ready to use. Red rectangles are restricted areas. Units will avoid these. Founded path is displayed by green dots. // THE AQIB and Shai-Gel98 — thank you for attention to this topic guys, I really appreciate this.
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