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  1. Is there map files in the zip? i havent seen em.. Please check and reupload the missions..
  2. Cannot login from Facebook anymore...
  3. Hey guys.. Wassup? Life is cruel I know, last time I was here I almost finished emperor chronicles.. After that day my life went in a different way.. And I guess after all those days I might have a chance to step back into dune, again.. I just need help from my fellow arakians to get a know how of what all has gone down in the months I lost here.. Good to see you all again!!

    Naruto Gaiden

    Nah I still am watching shippuden.. Didn't reach there.. Thanks anyways x3m..
  5. I know that Dune 2K the last popular dune game is dying.. Real fast.. At least I can do is finish the mod I started.. My lil brother still has interest for the game.. There still are people who will play the game.. For this to happen we have to bring it to the world and not just for it here under the cover of the internet.. No one is organising anything and hence the use of this site is decreasing and the game fan base dwindling to 0.. We are to blame.. Although I wish we could somehow bring back the glory days of the Dune.. Will try for something new once I get more free time.. I hope everyone here will..
  6. Yeah spark of the new era..It is slowly fading away.. Our forum is dying.. Maybe ours will be the last generation of Arrakians.. If it goes real bad maybe might have to hold a dune convention on our own to bring the dune to the world..(Kidding) Well within few years maybe this site's use might be well passed.. Anyways to bring the future into Arrakis?? Mods ain't gonna crater.. We need something new.. OpenRA is a good example.. I saw CM_Blasts missions.. Well made.. During holidays we get free time.. During working days freedom should be bought at a hefty price.. Feeling good that at least some are active..
  7. I know.. I saw..My hiatus was not that noticed.. There was all that energy last visit.. And now it's gone.. Although I can't seem to understand all the new developments.. Especially as I missed em all.. It's cool watching others build mods/missions.. Good to see you to X3M.. (Well basically rebuilding RTS in another engine is hard.. Lots of errors..)
  8. Anyway to add this straight into a modified exe?? Maybe using IDA??
  9. I had a split acreen before in my game but not this.. Also 8-bit had some colour defects.. Using the same config.. Windows 7 x32..
  10. You added needed stuff.. Remade maps.. Created a whole new story.. That's well and good with me.. Well I added flamethowing units in mine way back.. And yeah it's same way you thought it would be.. You know what I think when I'm done with "Rise of Corrino Empire "maybe you can help me out in the Sequel?? Or maybe I can help you on something of yours.. (Just a thought)
  11. Impressive.. Mighty mod especially for Corrino House.. Remove useless units and bring in new units..(if you want) I replaced Ordos house in mine.. Cool ideas.. Will try when possible..
  12. Ah.. Davidu.. Nice to see you again..You are referring to the Mount and Warblade?? (Forgive me if I spelled it wrong) I liked it's progress although I couldn't follow up.. My mod is still stuck where I left it before my exams last year.. and this year is about to end.. Belated Merry Christmas to all by the way.. It's mainly due to lack of motivation.. I used the same mod in my moms laptop and I saw the background was disastrous unlike what I see in my PC.. Wonder why.. I wish you luck and may you succeed in this endeavour.. Dang.. I keep writing like Corrino in my mod.. :-p Only thing I'm mainly scared of is multiplayer.. and maybe some internal functions accidently got deactivated.. Noobiness shown here.. I can't show any progress because of that..
  13. So Far *Completed the main campaign.. *Units all ready.. *Resolution set to 1024x768.. *GUI half done.. *Separate Launcher built for all three executables.. *Practice Mission Switcher available outside the game.. *Preliminary bug tests complete.. *Basic graphics done.. *GUI designs done.. Problems/TO-DO *Music Doesn't automatically play.. *Misplaced buttons.. *Small backgrounds.. *LAN Mode only supported in Multiplayer.. *Challenge mode still under construction.. *Expansion still being bug tested. Although I am not fully operational on my mod.. I'll try again..
  14. Hey guys.. I was busy in securing marks for a long time and failures plagued me.. Although I wished to return back to Arrakis I was marooned by fate on the shores of reality .. Wishing one day I will return to Arrakis.. Although I have not yet gained my former momentum after seeing my unfinished game on my PC I thought I better complete it.. But between then and now progress had played it's part and I feel awkward to roam back into Arrakis(Read as Fed2k Forums).. I missed my comrades here.. The ones who answered my every doubt as a noon.. Ones who helped me back on the path when I fell of it.. So what should be next move?? Should I continue my quest and finish the game or should I call it game over and turn chicken?? It is a blog like post describing my situation.. For the time being I'll start from where I left and try as much as possible to finish it.. Jus keep on helping me out..
  15. How did you make the sub house patch..
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