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  1. Hi guys, Decided to do some new fun video content for my Dune Games Website. I installed the latest versions of all the big Dune 2 fan remakes and created videos giving a brief tour of their features and then (badly lol) playing a skirmish match in each to put them through their paces. OpenRA Dune 2 Classic Mod Probably the most recent and rarely seen Dune 2 remake. OpenRA (a C&C and Red Alert engine rebuild) is extremely popular but because this mod only works with the Github development version of OpenRA it’s half impossible to get working. With some help from the devs my friends & I finally got it working. However our multiplayer match was over way too quickly so I decided to do a longer skirmish game to check out end game buildings & units too. Dune 2 Legacy By far the greatest Dune 2 remake of them all. Great graphical options, 3 sub houses (Fremen, Sardukar, Mercs), a map editor and loads of skirmish/multiplayer maps. They’ve added the Super Dune 2 Missions with new improved briefings so really the only feature still missing is support for Dune eXtended missions. Dune 2 Dynasty A very good Dune 2 remake similar to Legacy but it has been neglected for years now and is lacking some of Legacy’s features. However it DOES support Dune eXtended missions making it currently the only choice if you wish to play eXtended missions in HD with C&C controls. My skirmish match went longer than planned so the video is in 2 parts. Dune 2 The Maker No video from me but The Maker gets an honourable mention as to this day its enhanced, upscaled and sharpened Dune 2 graphics still beat all other projects. Unfortunately it doesn’t support high resolutions and was abandoned in 2013. HOWEVER it’s creator Stefan has returned in late 2016 and rebooted the project with a new java based engine. It’s still early days so I’ll hold off on doing a video for now. In the meantime here’s a very old video Stefan made. For Shai-Hulud!!
  2. omg.. the guild navigator.. I'm not even gonna post a picture here of her.. so dodgy bahahahahahaha (o) (o)
  3. dune legacy

    Epic job guys.. I'm utterly blown away by all the multiplayer and skirmish map options.. large map 6 player matches with the 3 extra factions.. umm YES PLEASE!!! I'm probably missing something obvious but I can't seem to turn on the new HD graphics?.. no matter what select in the scaler settings things just look like the original pixels stretched. Looks the same as my older version of Legacy too. EDIT: I now see that the HD scaling activated when I used 2x or 3x Zoom however it seems to switch off at 1x Zoom (the mode I normally play on as 1920x1080 already has a separate 2x zoom) which explains why I saw no difference. Bug or deliberate? Meh I'll go post this in your sourceforge forum. Its been a few years since I last tried Legacy so I love what you guys have done with adding Super Dune 2 Classic and improving/fixing the briefings. Any plans to add support for Dune 2 eXtended too? Being able to play original Dune 2, Super Dune 2 Classic & Dune 2 eXtended all in one game with HD graphics and C&C style controls is the only thing now that Dune Dynasty still has over Dune Legacy. Legacy is so much better and polished than Dynasty so it would be awesome if you guys added eXtended too. The ultimate all in one Dune 2 experience. EDIT: Might go post this question on your sf forum too lol.
  4. wow thanks guys. I've added these new projects to my Dune Games Website while doing the latest updates. Spad: Woah that Operation flashpoint Dune FPS one is really good. I stumbled a cross some awesome gameplay videos not from the authors. In this one the guy hides in the dunes and launches a missile assault on a Harkonnen base blasting vehicles, men and turrets.. and in this one he's a spice harvester crewmember desperately trying to escape a giant worm attack, it doesn't end well haha! Hmmm I notice this forum has changed and I can't seem to edit my first post to reflect the latest changes? Where's the edit button these days? Update - I've got one for this post but not the older ones grr.. Oh well while I can't update the list in this thread I've certainly updated my site lol, here's the latest changes.. New Dune related projects added: Dune FPS Mod – A really cool Total Conversion Mod for Operation Flashpoint Dune C&C3 – Good looking Total Conversion Mod for C&C3 Tiberium Wars. Dune 2000 3D – 3D remake of Dune 2000, doesn’t look like it got far sadly. C++ Dune RTS Remake – Added to RIP section as unfortunately I didn’t take snaps of his videos in time before he took them down. Changes made to existing Dune content: General - Contents menu added. General - All back buttons changed to utilise HTML bookmarks. Now users don’t have to re-scroll down the entire page constantly! General - Fixed some missing slashes in code. Dune Wars - Added new info about project revival. Dune Legacy - Added new info about 2016 HD graphics overhaul. Battle for Dune: War of Assassins - Added a new cool picture of sunset sniper rifle.
  5. Wow.. that is very cool! Will have to add this to my website's ever growing fan game tribute list lol.
  6. Looks really cool! I really love Dune 1 and point & click adventure games in general! Wish I could help but sadly I don't speak French! I've paid tribute to your project on my Dune Fan Games page though and included the link to your translation request so hopefully other Dune 1 fans will see it and help. :)
  7. Yeah my categories need some more work! Need a short version of your sentence descriptions though lol! I can write as much as I want in the individual game webpages but on the main webpage list I try to keep it 3-5 words to fit. Yeah I knew someone else had put PortableRA together but was pretty sure I'd seen that you did the lost files (I never even knew about psx Retaliation & the cutscenes until I saw your site!!) and that the upgraded config tool was either your work or based on your C&C gold work? Took me 6 months (around regular life lol) to play every single C&C & Red Alert campaign mission (original, addon, console import, secret) but it was an absolute joy. I always HATED those scan lines in the windows version videos so I was so happy to see you'd got rid of them! Didn't have much trouble with them either, C&C Gold crashed a few times over the months (sometimes when I was saving my game :O ) but RA never crashed once, was perfect! Rest assured when I make my C&C section soon I'll be telling every visiting fan to get their collective asses over to your site to get the required files haha!
  8. Hey everyone, sorry its taken me a while to get back you but its been a busy year! I've spent the last few weeks working hard on updates to my website and this week I turned my attention on to my Dune page. Thanks to your messages and old posts in this forum I've managed to almost double the list of Dune fan games/mods and located screenshots for most of them ensuring they're never forgotten! If there's any more out there please let me know. :) Games Added: Dune Dynasty - Enhanced Dune II ReconstructionOpenRA - Dune2k + C&C + Red Alert RemakeDune200XX - Total Conversion Mod for C&C3Battle for Dune: War of Assassins - C&C Renegades Style Dune GameDune - Raiders of Arrakis - Russian RPG TC Mod for Warcraft 3Dune Adventure Game - Point & Click Dune I Style SequelEmperor Chronicles: Rise of the Corrino Empire - Dune2k AddonPlanet Arrakis - Dune II Online RemakeDune: Evolution - Total Conversion Mod for C&C3Dune: War of the Spice - Dune Remake via Unreal 3 EngineDune Tribes - TC Mod for Starsiege TribesTotal Annihilation Dune - TC Mod for Total AnnihilationDune Returns - TC Mod for Unreal Tournament 3Dune 3: Return of the Guild (Formerly Return to Arrakis) - Amiga Dune II SequelOD2 - Dune II RemakeNeverwinter Nights Dune - TC Mod for Neverwinter NightsDune Desert Power - TC Mod for Battlefield 1942Dune 2000: Spice World - TC Mod for Warcraft 3 Back in January when I visited you were just another forum poster to me but now I'm a HUGE fan of your work!! I'm working on a C&C page and discovered I'd lost all my old 90s savegames for C&C1 & Red Alert 1 and so I decided to replay them and came across your C&C Gold 1.06c plus PortableRA which I believe you had a hand in too. Was so awesome to play all the campaigns, addons and extra console missions in high resolution and seeing all the extra RA console videos in the PC version. Was just brilliant! Sent them to a whole bunch of mates who all had a blast reliving their youth too. :) Ermm but anyway back to the Dune page updates I normally keep animating backgrounds to a minimum in other sections of the site but I went a bit overboard with the dune section so I've addressed some of them inserting long breaks at the ends. As you pointed out the main page animation really was too much and never equalled the image in my mind when I dreamed up the page and wanted to pay homage to the film but recently I had the idea that Dune games often have viewscreens playing communications or battle footage so I looked a various moments from each game and decided to take a Harkonnen army briefing shot from Emperor Battle of Dune and insert the original animation onto a holographic viewscreen (using my crappy drawing skills lol) so now only a small part of the background animates. Hopefully its less annoying! :)
  9. In all the years and all the forums that's the first complaint I've had lol.. guess it had to happen sooner or later. Yes as X3M said its VERY deliberately retro & yes it breaks a few of the 'what makes a good website rules' but the 'still in the game' atmosphere my pages try to create generally make most people forgive lol. I first started the site in 2001 (not 90s but close enough as I probably did start thinking ideas in the late 90s haha) and yes it actually was a Geocities site for many years funnily enough!! Now while I've moved the site and made many visual changes & improvements in the 13 years since I've always deliberately kept the retro feel (I talk about all that in my About the site section). The site covers almost entirely retro games and their fan projects, the only new stuff I generally cover is sequels to old stuff lol.
  10. Thanks man, it's a labour of love for me haha :) Yeah people have suggested that for some of my other sections on the site too but I generally purely concentrate on computer/console based fan games and mods as the list/page just get too out of control if I include all the fan literature and board games etc. Yeah I listed PredaNoob's dune mod as a dead project as I couldn't see any signs of life sadly. I had a look in that old pinned thread in this forum and saw 3 more projects I didn't know about that I'll have to add to my site: Dune DynastyDune 3: Return to ArrakisOD2 Dune 3: Return to Arrakis has a link to a thread here which isn't loading as i'm guessing you guys had a forum update since it was posted. Anyone know how to convert it to the new address so I can go have a snoop? I tried and failed miserably lol.
  11. Hi guys, First time poster, long time lurker here lol. I recently did an epic 'Duneathon' watching both versions of David Lynch's film, both the miniseries, mucking around with my old savegames from Dune 2 and Dune2000, and finally playing Dune 1 & Emperor for the first time! I like to tribute my favourite retro games and their related fan projects on my website so that fans never forget the hard work that went into them along with inspiring new talented modders/artists to do their own new projects, so naturally I couldn't resist creating a page for Dune games too! Plus it gave me a great excuse to check out the Dune fan game/modding scene and play some great stuff. I particularity enjoyed HD rez 6 player skirmish mode in Dune Legacy, the cool new campaigns in Dune Extended, and man do I have to get myself a copy of Civ4 complete so I can play Dune Wars! So far I've found and tributed these game projects below (links are on my webpage). Please let me know if there's more out there I haven't found and I'll tribute them too! Website: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dune Related Games & Mods list (Updated 2/1/2017) : Dune Wars - Total Conversion Mod for Civilization IV Super Dune II - Classic - Total Conversion Mod for Dune 2 Dune Legacy - Dune II Remake Dune II - eXtended - TC Mod for Dune 2 (& Super Dune 2 Spin Off) Dune Dynasty - Enhanced Dune II Reconstruction OpenRA - Dune2k + C&C + Red Alert Remake Dune II - The Maker - Dune II Remake (From the maker of Arrakis) Dune IV - Dune3 Sequel (Can't seem to find his Dune3 though?) Dune II Online - Dune II Online Port Dune II TBFA Online - Dune II Online Remake Arrakis - Dune II Style Game (Went on to D2 The Maker) Dune200XX - Total Conversion Mod for C&C3 Dune C&C3 - Total Conversion Mod for C&C3 Battle for Dune: War of Assassins - C&C Renegades Style Dune Game Dune FPS Mod - A really cool Total Conversion Mod for Operation Flashpoint Dune - Raiders of Arrakis - Russian RPG TC Mod for Warcraft 3 Dune Adventure Game - Point & Click Dune I Style Sequel Emperor Chronicles: Rise of the Corrino Empire - Dune2k Addon Dune II - The Golden Path - Dune II Remake Dune 2000 Grunt Mods - Rise of the Mercenaries (Dune2k Addon) OpenDUNE - Dune II Reconstruction Planet Arrakis - Dune II Online Remake Charge - Dune II Imitation - Java Based Multiplayer Dune Dune: Evolution - Total Conversion Mod for C&C3 Dune: War of the Spice - Dune Remake via Unreal 3 Engine Dune Tribes - TC Mod for Starsiege Tribes PredaN00b's Dune Mod - Total Conversion Mod for Starcraft II Dune Clone - Dune II Remake Dune 32: Strike Back - Dune3 Back 2 Desert Sequel Dune 3: Back 2 Desert - Dune II Sequel (went on to Dune32) Total Annihilation Dune - TC Mod for Total Annihilation Dune Redux 3 - Dune2+C&C+TA Remake Dune 2000 3D - 3D remake of Dune 2000, doesn’t look like it got far sadly Dune Returns - TC Mod for Unreal Tournament 3 Dune 3: Return of the Guild (Formerly Return to Arrakis) - Amiga Dune II Sequel Dune War - Dune II Remake OD2 - Dune II Remake Neverwinter Nights Dune - TC Mod for Neverwinter Nights Dune Desert Power - TC Mod for Battlefield 1942 Dune 2000: Spice World - TC Mod for Warcraft 3 Dune - C++ Dune RTS Remake