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  1. This was on the subject of Dune II, but the answer probably applies to the first Dune game too, given it's a statement from the Herbert estate... https://www.pcgamer.com/gogs-10-year-journey-to-bring-old-games-back-to-life/
  2. If it's anything like what I had to do in C&C95, it's a few years of intensive research, and a lot of disassembling and programming in x86 asm bytecode. I did it mostly for the challenge, but it definitely produced a few very strange bugs before it all worked properly...
  3. Ah, I'd seen it around. It's an interesting one. And I love the fact there's Dune II fan art on the page, heh.
  4. That, and neural networks trained for images still have serious issues with text, lol.
  5. I found specs on the savegames, and... it seems the 7F thing is a simple flag-based RLE compression. https://sites.google.com/site/duneeditor/savegame-editing http://www.shikadi.net/moddingwiki/RLE_Compression That's not really something you want to handle with hex editing though. It's much better to have a tool to uncompress the data, and recompress it afterwards.
  6. I'll be looking forward to the day Spice Opera is added to this listing :D https://stephanepicq.bandcamp.com/
  7. Eh. It was a point that hadn't specifically been mentioned back then. Can't help it this place is kinda dead in general Blame the C&C Remasters project; it got me looking into Dune Dynasty again since the scope of both projects is really similar.
  8. The difference is actually that Dune Dynasty is not a remake of Dune II at all. It's an actual upgrade of the original game. If you play Dune Dynasty, you really are playing the original Dune II, only, enhanced. Unlike remakes, it will act and feel exactly like the original game.
  9. Well, as it says, it's a voc file in several chunks. Not sure what determines the size of the chunks expected in the format (beyond the 16-bit size limit per chunk), but the specs of the chunk format clearly say And it refers to the sound chunks as "sd chunks". So I assume you just have to read the whole file in chunks, then filter out all the SD chunks, and stitch those together to form the full VOC file. I'm not sure if Audacity supports VOC though. You may need to look into older DOS modding tools to convert those files.
  10. Were there ever entries for these?
  11. @UnicornGraveyard Haha, I showed this picture to someone just a few days ago, and it made me look up that old site, and I came to the exact same conclusion. https://web.archive.org/web/20121022015917/http://membres.multimania.fr/esteban/english/news.htm Let the countdown begin! Free Spice Opera!
  12. Nyerguds


    Yeah, but none of these tracks match their function, really. The one marked as "intro" is unrelated to the intro, and the "ordos" one isn't specifically Ordos in any way either. Here's the mapping of those, btw: d2intro2.wav - Rulers of Arrakis ordos2.wav - The Prophecy part 2 r22.wav - Humans Fall revenge2.wav - Into The Heat [edit] This is peculiar though... some sites have had these names for the tracks for ages... https://downloads.khinsider.com/game-soundtracks/album/dune-2 I checked archive.org; they always had them.
  13. Nyerguds


    Well, since I just linked to the midi files recorded from original hardware by the actual composer, I'm not sure if this is still useful 😛 We do have information from the .exe that gives some hints to what music is which track is which in the actual game files. Though do note, the actual track identifications (the sections between [brackets]) are done from personal identification by testing them in-game. Also note that according to the information on Frank Klepacki's website, the tracks generally called "ambient" (indicated as "idle" here) were apparently officially called "wander" instea
  14. Nyerguds


    Oh wow, you gotta listen to Faithful Warriors (Wander #5); after 1:45 there's a whole new background sound in it that I'm quite sure the original didn't have.
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