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  1. If it gives an error, how exactly did that lead you to the conclusion that the game can support larger maps? As far as I can see that only means the editor supports larger maps Uhh... no. RA's megamaps are an officially added feature, and as far as I know, it required a ton of the internals to be changed. All building foundation definitions use a wraparound value equal to the maximum map width to indicate which of its cells are on the next "line" on the map. Every single one of those had to be changed for the megamaps feature. If they actually defined that as constant in their source code and just used that constant in their foundation definitions, that means that to them that was a single value change. But once compiled those get calculated and stored as the final value, so to hack in the same thing, every single one of these values has to be adapted.
  2. Pretty! Never knew you sent these to other folks too btw, first post pics are b0rked.
  3. Dune 2

    I never suggested that, lol. I just meant Dynasty already has zooming support, so it might be worth looking at that
  4. My editor is loads more advanced than that one anyway. You can do stuff like changing the palette that's being used to view the font, and pasting symbols into it from the clipboard, which will then be matched to that palette. I've recently used that to make an adapted version of the C&C1 "Mission Accomplished" font. Making something like that, with the glow texture on the letters, would've taken ages in CTPAX-CHEATER's old editor
  5. The magnificent music of the magnificent series, RWBY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-B60ksqpip8
  6. Yes. Basically, the only thing limiting the AI's money is silo capacity. Uh, as far as I know from C&C, structure entries with coordinates outside the played map are simply never spawned in the game. I doubt this would be different in Dune II. If it would, it'd probably mess up the lose triggers.
  7. No idea on that, but I do know that Dune II has an odd bug that if you deploy an MCV if you got no buildings (I experimented with making missions start with an MCV instead of a construction yard) it immediately drains your money to zero
  8. That just looks like you put your game resolution larger than the Windows UI allows...
  9. You should post about this on the cncnet forum https://forums.cncnet.org/index.php?board=111.0
  10. Well, that's just the effect. The actual logic is just that it gives the AI a specific higher amount of money per unload tick compared to the player. Specifically, they get 708 credits per tick instead of 25, for 28 ticks for a full harvester, giving them roughly 20000 credits per harvester instead of 700
  11. I know in C&C, AI harvester unloading simply deposits like 20x more money into the refinery than player harvester unloading does.
  12. Dune 2

    Well, you can always look at the Dune Dynasty code. It may have changed the basic control UI, but most enhancements and fixes shouldn't be hard to port to the OpenDune code, since Dynasty's built on it. https://sourceforge.net/p/dunedynasty/dunedynasty/ci/master/tree/
  13. dune legacy

    Only thing that ever appeared on the old WW FTP was the self-playing demo, yea. But I don't see any issue with sharing demos; they're generally considered shareware, no?
  14. Ahh, pure sand-to-sand. Right. Does D2K actually have pure rock cliffs?
  15. What do you mean with "sand cliffs"?