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  1. OpenRA was never an alternative to C&C. It's just a different game that happens to use C&C's graphics.
  2. Nyerguds

    Dune II micro is balanced?

    Oh, heh. Sorry, But, yes, you mentioned the helipad right after it, so I thought you referred to that. Yeah, harvester is 1400, so that's indeed 600. I confused it with the price of the helicopters.
  3. Pretty, but isn't this sort of irrelevant with Dune Dynasty building the same thing into the actual game? Uhh... Warcraft II did that, but C&C did not. In C&C, left-click is context-sensitive command; move when clicking terrain, attack when clicking an enemy unit/building, and select when clicking a friendly unit/building. Right-click deselects the currently selected object. Right-click commands weren't introduced into the C&C series until C&C Generals.
  4. Nyerguds

    Dune II micro is balanced?

    No... helipad costs 1500, and the helicopter on it is worth 1200. So the cost of the actual building according to the game is only 300. Meaning, it builds as fast as barracks or a power plant, and consumes five times as much tiberium in the process.
  5. Nyerguds

    Map seeds

    That's a whole lot of rough dunes, wow. As for the spice, I noticed it changed in Dune Dynasty's skirmish mode as I added more houses, and the author confirmed that the game somehow adjust that so more houses have more spice.
  6. So which game is your mod for?
  7. Nyerguds

    List of Dune II Editing Tools

    Woah, weird, SibGRem's site worked fine when I made this list :o As for the strings editor... yeah, good idea. I'm actually working on my own, but currently it can only read the simple format used in C&C, and at the moment my focus shifted to documenting the SHP formats on the Shikadi wiki. (two done, one to go!)
  8. Nyerguds

    List of Dune II Editing Tools

    I've been having loads of fun with that tool lately Oh... the information in your post says WSA contains "the frame rate at which the animation is played". This is wrong; play rates are determined purely by the program. The thing previously mistaken as being frame rate related is actually a buffer size saved into the file. I will release full specs of the WSA format and all SHP formats on the modding wiki when I got some time. Side note: the WW Font Editor also has a wiki page, here By the way, you should check the links in that post... some of them are broken, and some refer to threads on this forum from before the url format changed. The "How to set up XCC Mixer" link should go to https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/20363-dune-2-remake-development/?do=findComment&comment=342079 Siberian Strings Table Editor link is broken. GRem's official page for it is http://siberian-studio.ru/files_text.htm The domain hosting the Dune II Tile Editor is sadly long gone. I host a mirror of the editor itself, in my Dune tools folder. Note that there are two versions there; the original, and the one I edited to fix the fact the frame indices in the program started from 1, whereas the research we did in the exe for my Dune II Editor showed that the game references them as zero-based. The explanation page of the Tile Editor is likewise gone. The explanation on the forum should point to https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/19099-format80-decompression/?do=findComment&comment=337181 Ultraq seems to have removed his Red Horizon utilities. As the post already mentions, I got them hosted too, though to be honest the C&C64 File Converter is now vastly superior to these tools The forum topic reference of DuneMaps seems to still redirect correctly for now, but for the future's sake you may want to update it with the redirected url; quite old some redirects stopped working after a few consecutive forum updates. The link to the site of "Dune II: The Building of A Scenario" is broken... but neither archive.org nor the fortunecity.ws mirror have a trace of it, it seems. The download link does still work. The Dune Legacy/Doon Lunacy wiki page is broken, but the main dunelegacy.sourceforge.net page still works. The forum thread link to libeastwood is also broken, and archive.org has nothing. Did that lead to https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/20712-libeastwood-03-released/ ? EMC Editor link is broken; domain no longer exists. It's preserved on archive.org, though, and I have the script tools backed up on my site. Dune II Script Tools: forum link is broken. Probably referred to https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/23834-dune-2-script-tools-13/ Link to Team Bug explanation is broken. Probably this one? https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/20262-dune-2-team-bug/ Dune II Seed Map Revealer: another broken forum link. Seems to be https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/19229-instant-seed-map-revealer/ [edit] Seems this listing is a great help for finding old topic IDs... but sadly it doesn't have all that many of them. Could use the old forumn indices too of course and check all the actual topic links on it. https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://forum.dune2k.com/index.php?topic=* Seems a large part of these redirect problems was that between 2009 and 2010 the forum was closed to guests, and I think that's when a few consecutive forum upgrades messed up all old URLs... [edit] Found the one that redirects to the new IDs https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://forum.dune2k.com/smf.php?topic=*
  9. Nyerguds

    File Questions (a tour of Nyerguds' Dune II directory)

    @3371-Alpha Ahhaha. Sorry, I rarely document stuff in there, but I can help you with these two mystery files. The d2te_0-based_hacks.txt text is a piece of assembler code (you'll see more of that stuff in the Command & Conquer related folders on the site), and it details a bug fix I made on the exe file of the Dune 2 Tile Editor you'll find in the folder. You will notice there are two versions; one is marked as "zerobased". I did this fix because the indices used in the tiles editor started from "1", whereas the references to these tile indices I found used in the exe file itself actually started from 0. So all the numbers in the tiles editor were off by one compared to the real data. That's why I quickly hacked the exe file of the tiles editor and fixed that. There's another tool with a similar hack on the site, namely the Ingame Strings Editor in instr212_0based.zip located in the /tools/ folder on the site. The second file is actually referenced here on the forum, in the Dune Dynasty thread: So yeah, that's all that is; Me being silly with a microphone ten years ago and making custom house selection voice clips for the game I'm not sure if the clips work outside of a .pak file on the original game, though. But it works on Dune Dynasty. I have all releases of the game on my site. Whose lawyers, though? Nobody is even sure who owns the rights to sell Dune II. The game rights are probably owned by EA, but even if they are they can't sell it because the licensing from the Dino De Laurentiis company for the game has long expired. It's a large mess and it'd take an army of lawyers just to figure out which lawyer would have the right to sue me. It's uploaded on several abandonware sites, including Abandonia, which is pretty strict on its rules of what is considered "abandonware". Also, I'm pretty confident that if the rights indeed belong to EA, they won't care. They rarely do, unless it's costing them money. They didn't mind me uploading the expansion packs of Command & Conquer and Red Alert after they made the base games freeware, and the community managers have even given me several games for free as thanks/help for my patching work on C&C.
  10. Nyerguds

    Westwood Font Editor

    I created edited Dune 2000 fonts that can be expanded for language support: http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/project_stuff/2016/WWFontEditor/resources/Dune2000FontsFixed.zip
  11. Nyerguds

    Dune Dynasty

    Portable mode is activated by putting the dunedynasty.cfg file in the same folder as the dynasty exe file. This way, the program can be carried around on a usb flash drive without losing its settings, and without polluting the system you play on by putting stuff in its appdata folder. Personally I've always run it this way.
  12. Nyerguds

    Dune Dynasty

    Is Dune Dynasty running in portable mode (dunedynasty.cfg in the program's own folder) or does it have its config file in the default %appdata% location? Because if it's not running as portable, chances are that the Profile.INI also needs to be put in the appdata folder.
  13. That game kind of reminds me of Heroes of Might and Magic... only with larger graphics.
  14. Well, they're really nice maps. What's with the blocky spice, though? Or is that just an editor thing?
  15. Actually, while you may not fight the Emperor alone in Dune II, the same things are true there. I don't think they actually build Devastators and Sonic Tanks, but when you capture one of their factories those construction options are available for them when you own a House of IX, and their Palace indeed shoots the Death Hand. In fact, the only reason the Deviator isn't included in that list is because Dune II has the bug that any deviated unit changes the target to Ordos instead of the deviating vehicle's House. (I think the recent fan patches actually fix this bug though)