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What do you look like?


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Well Edric, I joined the socialist party last week if that makes you feel any better.

That does make me feel better, comrade. ;) Which Socialist Party is it, by the way? There are quite a few of them in the US... I'm not sure what their disagreements are.

That indeed does explain why you need that much for selfdefence....

He needs it for the revolution!

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Democratic Socialists of America, mostly because well I was raised in a Heavy democratic family with several of members of my family belonging to various unions. Pipe Fitters, International Brotherhood of electrical workers, ect. Maybe as I get older I'll swing more into full socialism, but for the moment that will do.

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I glanced over their FAQ; they are in the gray area in between social democracy and full socialism. They seem like an ok party, though I am concerned by their belief that the best course of action is to strengthen the left wing of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party can never be turned into a party of the working class... it is the graveyard of all progressive movements in the United States. I think the efforts of the DSA would be better spent trying to move the electoral system more towards proportional representation.

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Looking through the old pages, I see so many people that I miss, so much fed2k history. It's hard to believe how old this thread is.

Memories... Ahhh some more army pics for you all.

Um, me being retarded on down time in the barracks


Woot E-4 now.


Bam enjoy your IV.


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I agree on that part, however currently the democratic party is the leading one of the two main parties when it comes to social  reform. But we should continue this somewhere in PRP.

Well yes, the Democrats are better than the Republicans, but that's not saying much - practically every mainstream party in the First World is better than the Republicans. But you're right, we can continue this in PRP. I'll start a topic about "lesser evil" politics.

So over time the face would become my face?

That's a scary thought... but for the moment the face would be only 2.7% your face.

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No offense, Sandchigger, but that's just plain scary.

Because he looks like he might take offence. And seek us out. And hurt us. No, scratch that. Hire goons to hurt us while he stands by and looks bored.

I'm scared.

That's possibly the best compliment I've ever been given, Dante.

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What's even scarier is, Sandchigger didn't even have to Photoshop it, it was a weekend photo.

That's exactly right. Just out letting my hair down and it all hang out amongst the fallen rose petals.

Damn the neighbors for hooting and hollering, but it felt good! ;D

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