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What do you look like?


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His bald spot, I mean.

Till sometime around the middle of the sixth month, Kevin and I are the same age. He may be healthier (all that hiking, what?) but I STILL HAVE MORE HAIR! (Even if only just by a wee bit.)



<img src="http://www.hairyticksofdune.net/extimgs/barcoder.jpg" alt="Ha ha ha!" />

(Not utilizing the hideous comb-over means I naturally have a higher albedo...meaning I will be more likely to be spotted and rescued by any passing interplanetary craft. ;D )

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He could have simply migrated to Japan.

Yes, that nomadic, migrant wandering is the life for me!  ;)

The Bint and I usually winter down in the Palmeries with her people, but this year she had this wild urge to visit Old Earth. Has always had this thing about lacquerware and ceremonial tea, so here we are!

(Seriously, I'm from the States but have been in Japan this score and one years. :D )

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Heck of a commute otherwise, wot? ;)

Yes...I am gainfully (and legally) employed. ;)

Though I'm still trying to figure a way that I can snipe at KJA 24/7 and still support myself and Bint and all the little chiglets in the style to which we have become accustomed. ;D

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I'm sure a sniper knows his job in a verb.

I know the verb isn't that, it's just when I play FPS games, people usually say "snipering" (so I sometimes say it like that), although the real verb is sniping/to snipe.

He's still learning to read, so perhaps it would be better he started on the new books, before working his way up to Dune.

Hey, just because you only learned how to read recently doesn't mean I can't read.

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