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  1. One would imagine the "parroting" you're referring to is either the parroting of the video or the parroting of sand's view on the video (that I've only seen 40 seconds of) that he only mentioned. If you're not referring to parroting of either of those views, then what are you talking about? Are you speaking about me parroting views that are not related to this thread? I don't think any normal person would think it was the latter case, since it'd be random. Also, the rude tone suggests this as well. Can you honestly say that you thought I didn't watch the video and support some crazy ideas? Chances are as soon as you saw my post, you thought: Oh, there's that naive guy who would just buy into things without thinking first and from that feeling all this arised. Ridiculous assumption located, my position remains the same on your ridiculous assumptions. Did you see what I did thar? Well I certainly don't really care that much. I just wanted to make it clear that I don't support any conspiracy theory and that I thought that people thought that.
  2. v (emphasis on "conspiracy theory") v The quote does not lie. Read above and below. Meh, if you say so. *shrug* Although, whether I wrote it or not shouldn't change your opinion. I admit, I did use "you're", it was supposed to be "your", but I'm afraid I can't notice anything else that's wrong with it. Evidently, the meaning was obvious enough to "translate".
  3. I'm not saying Sand is right (or wrong) so I am not supporting any conspiracy theory. I only listened to 40 seconds of the video, so I don't even know about any conspiracy theory that I am accused of supporting without evidence. However, I DID say that Obama is a puppet of capitalist finance. My evidence for that lies in the people he as selected to serve various positions in government (I don't know their names but I think they are "famed" {infamed?) for their dealing with earlier economic crisis' that severely worsened things) who are often considered to be capitalistic wa**ers. Almost every choice indicates that he wishes to pursue capitalist policy and that he is probably trying to benefit the corps. as much as possible. You would expect this, considering all the "campaign donations" he received from such. After all, with his overwhelming donations he was able to dominate advertising and that might have tipped things in his favor. Perhaps you should complain about and accuse me of things that I have said instead of things that I haven't? Requesting this is of me would only make sense if you assumed I had come to such a conclusion just in case. I READ you're post to make fairly sure of you're claim about what I'm claiming first before commenting. (Or rather, don't assume ridiculous amounts of things that I haven't said anything about) Even asking If I can and explaining that I'm parroting a view if I'm not also seems to suggest that you assumed that I would not be able to explain that which I never mentioned with no apparent reason for said assumption. However, I will NOT assume from this non-certain point that that is what you assumed.
  4. Well... Obama IS a puppet of the finance capital... (Although I've only listened to the first minute of the video so far)
  5. What's so cliche about them? Imo, they're the most original team in Red Alert. Well, I for one really like psychic school girls.
  6. I haven't, it's probably too powerful for my computer anyway.
  7. You should add Audacity to the list.
  8. I think it was Mame, but I might've downloaded a different emulator, unfortunately there are tons of different mames (a large amount of which suck), and my brother's friend had this CD with tons of arcade games as well as the (good) Mame emulator.
  9. Isn't the predator mask supposed to protect you from face-huggers? Because when I had it on, it didn't protect anything.
  10. Fighter jet games are super cool imo. :3 That game came out at the arcades, but I think you can also buy it for the PS2.
  11. Yes. I played that Mushihimesama game on an emulator, and I used "coins" to get past the boss. And the hulk game was kinda boring.
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