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House KYA and House Setara War


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"I have become aware of your treachery my young officer," I say without looking back at him.

"Is that so my cowardly tyrant," sneered the officer who was holding a lasgun.

"It has become obvious I cannot flee from the attacking houses and I cannot stay hidden in foldspace which is why I'm sending a negotiator for a treaty of peace," I say somewhat wearily.

"Is that so, I think they want surrender," laughed the cocky officer.

"They may but I will hopefully not have to surrender and you will not be the one to deliver the treaty offer," I say suddenly spinning around firing a cluster of fletchettes from my fletchette gun into his heart.

In a few minutes a lowly soldier, one who is still loyal to me and not his officers comes in. He does not notice the body on the floor in the corner.

"I want you to take a scout ship back out of foldspace with a treaty offer," I say confidently," you are to take it in a visible scout craft without weapons of any kind. This peace must succeed or we all die."

"It will be an honor sir," said the eager soldier,"by your leave my lord?"

"Yes go now."

Minutes later a scout ship jumped out of foldspace in orbit of Kaitain thus beckoning the leaders of the houses at war with House Setara to come and at least hear what the negotiator has to say; in front of the Landsraad, The Guild, The Bene Gessirit, The vile Tlielaxu, and even the Padishah Emperor himself.

The scout ship lands and the envoy is flanked by Sardaukar terror troops and escorted to the Palace. Now they throw him down before Shaddam IV.

"What have you brought boy," says the Emperor in an all powerful tone.

"A request for a peace treaty in the war which is engulfing the glorius Imperium," says the envoy.

"Very well I shall put out a summons to the leaders of the houses to come to the Landsraad Hall and listen at least."

"Thank you your Excellency."

"Now be gone from my sight you sniveling slig," roared the Emperor.

The sardaukar gruffly grab the envoy and toss him out of the Palace. he heads for a hotel to wait until the leaders arrive.

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(ok why do I think House Picara is going to lash out soon. Anyhow if the peace accord fails I can just stay in foldspace or launch that whole doomsday assault that two people on AIM concocted for me. I never knew those two girls could be so violent.)

"Have the leaders arrived yet," I asked over a foldspace communication link to my envoy.

"No sir, but rumor on Kaitain is that an unassuming house called House Picara has stolen designs of all House veichles and have the funds to produce them," says the envoy over the communicator.

"Not good, do they even have our newest prototype vessel?"

"We believe so my lord, they may have the No Ship that is slightly larger than a hieghnlighner."

"We better hope they don't. Now cut the communication and await the leaders' arrival."

"Yes sir."

As I cut off the communications I pulled a lasgun off the wall and disengaged the safety. My officers want to kill me and they will not survive to attempt it again. I walk the halls of the ship walking into each room shooting my plotting officers in the heart until every plotting officer is dead. Now I activate the loudspeaker.

"ATTENION ALL HANDS I HAVE EXECUTED THE PLOTTING OFFICERS, YOUR LORD IS WATCHING YOU," I say calmly over the loud speaker. (sorry Gob its a loud speaker.)

Now I sit and wait...

(Hey Klob does this mean you surrender? Oh and anyone else think we should impose rules on this? Klob brought up a good point saying we could make ourselves more powerful and no one would win.)

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Yes, there should be rules to keep it fair. As far as making yourselves more powerful than each other you are keeping it within your storyline just keep it that way. I think you guys have kept this very enjoyable please continue.

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(oops I guess I need to get to kaitain, my envoy was there but not me)

"All hands prepare for foldspace jump to Kaitain or the biggest political problem since the butlerian Jihad," I say.

I have to pilot this ship myself because none of the surviving soldiers on board know how to pilot it. They just know everything else about the ship. I send an order to the rest of the fleet to stay in foldspace and make the jump to kaitain. I recieve clearance after half an hour wait and land the No Ship (now visisble I have the cloak off) on the Landsraad reserved spaceport's pad 5.

I walk down the ramp with my honor guard surrounding me. We walk toward the hotel and reach it in another half an hour. The envoy was at the door to meet me.

"My lord we have a problem," began the envoy nervously," there is a Guild representitive in your room. It seems that we are one of many Houses which have made them displeased by developing our own starships. You may want to be careful."

"Thank you for informing me I will meet this representitive...as if I have a choice," I say calmly with a little terror in my eyes.

I walk up to the room and leave my guards at the door. I turn to face the representitive, a failed navigator.

"What is it that you feel cannot wait until the Landsraad meeting," I ask irritated.

"You are banned from all Guild craft. You have developed your own craft, every house that has developed their own craft have been banned," said the failed navigator.

"Do you think it matters now, we have our own ships," I say smiling coldly.

"All Guild vessels will fire on any vessels not under our control of ANY House."

"You don't frighten me."

"I should."

Then he left me to ponder what this would mean in the long run. And to wait for the other leaders to arrive.

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Kaitidan huh? i asked

yes sir. the Captein responded

yes they wish to discouse a peace treaty.

ok.prepare my ship. i said looking out at the space port.

Um sir the guild have banned all trade with us and is warning to shoot down any no ships it finds. bring alonge 3 no-ship warships contackt katidan and tell them this. i dont want to be shoot down by the sadukar.

all so put the platary defenes on full alert. wne i'm gone.

um. the guild contack the leaders that this war concerns. i wish to have a privet meeting. honer guard only tell them it concerns the guild. at o 800 hours in two days

yes sir.

one more thing captin are the majority of our forces still on setara????

yes sir 25%.

nock that down to 10% bring the rest back home. keep them on alert though i dont want a bounch of pririts or another hosue taking atvantege of ous. yes sir.

my personal no ship was more for sight seeing then fighting it had a full asortment of weapons but not enough to take down a higliner. the 6 hour trip was boring at best.they arived at katidan. good no highliners in orbit.he took a shuttle down to the planet was escourted by sadukar my honer gaurd look un easy aroun the sadukar. i reached the throne room. there sat the emperor.

you arived he said. he was about to say something else wene a aid came in and wisperded something in his ear. i most go. he said

yes of course your highnes i said.

me and my honer gaurd were escourted by the saudkar to a ground car taking us to a local hotel.

now what? asked one of my aids

now comes the hard part.

i think klobe is quiting

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"House Setara, we would advise you to answer our request soon. If you do not answer in 2 days, we will have no chance but to aid the offensive House, House KYA. This will turn the tables on this war, so this is of the utmost importance that you respond within the time we have given you. Our prayers and hopes are with you all.", I said to all frequencies.

"What is the probability that they will agree to our request?", I asked a cyborg mentat.

"Sire, it is a 60% probability that they will agree.", the officer answered.

"Blast! If they don't agree, they will certainly be destroyed!", I exclaimed.

"Sire, we have reports that House Setara wish to form a treaty with Kaitan.", the officer said.

"Damn! If this treaty takes place, this could go the other way! I must have full reports every hour of the treaty situation. Make it so!", I hastily ordered.

"Yes, sire!", the officer said.

"I will be in the holoroom to test these new variables in simulations.", I said.

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-Sir, we are arriving at Kaitain.

-Ok, jump out of foldspace.

-Incoming Transsmision Sir:

-House Picara Duke Ship:

You have permission for landing in Landsraad reserved spaceport's pad 7. Proceed.

-Ok Kaitain.

The Duke

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I was siping my evening spice coffie wene a aid rushed in.

Sir 7 guild highliners have just entered the system.

are they pasenger ships???

no sir no civilinans on board sir.

have they detectid our ships yet???

not yet sir you want me to have the ships atack???

no no no. do not fire unless fired upon. we wont start this war but by god we will finish it. tell them that we are curintly undergoing diplamatic realations. ask that setara and Picara hold there firefire for now. also alert the emperor i dont think he want a fight at his front door

yes sir.

Any one else here???

House setra and house Picara.

did you give them the messages?

there being deliverd curenty sir.

good good.

things at home??

all is calm sir

good leave me now and hurry up and tell the emperor. dont tell him yet but perhaps we should incloude him in are little get together. add that qustion to the notes. i vote na

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I looked over some reports i just recived it apearded that there was guild wrecking the cleaners are well cleaning. in responce 52 guild ships have arvied. with enough fire pwer to blow up half the universe i al ready orderd a lutentent to bring 90% of our fleet here including some of our experimential ion cannon las gun hybred ships. with 95 legions of our best men.

House Picara acts as if our army is a joke. they think the note was about peace. i sent them a new note saying it was about the guild fleet. rather we should join forces and crush them or try to negotiate. i personaly feel the time for nagotiating is over and vote to fight. the emperor has mobilzed his fleet and is waiting for who ever makes the first move. us on katidan is no longer about peace but on the but about the future of the univere

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exatredie was once agine wine another aid wakd in.

yes i ask.

the last report you recived was a fake plated by the beni gesseret.

so were bring are fleet for nothing??

no sir more guild ships are ariveing but the emperor is still not doing any thing.

Why would the bene gesert do that???

we dont know sir.

what about the conference??? still no replys sir.

guess we will have to wait.

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"What do you mean the Emperor is doing nothing! A misunderstanding is not a new war. Also begin transmitting to our fleet to return home. (don't you love doing treaties on AIM) We will allow a small House Picara base there and treat our civilians better...much better. Prepare my no ship for launch...we're running the blockade set up by the Guild," I say.

"Yes sir," says the newly minted officer.

I board and then fly the no ship in its invisble mode up and out into space. Guild ships loom everywhere with shields on. I fire a probe full of lasguns. It fires at seven of the Guild ships as I escape back to homeworld in a foldspace jump. The Guild vessels hit are blown up by the lasgun shield interaction and the probe is destroyed as well. I come out of foldspace above Setara Prime, mine again thanks to the treaty with KYA. I send a message to Brignok Acriku of House Acriku, telling him I no longer need asylum and thanking him for the offer. Then I land the ship on the palace landing pad.

"I'm here to take back command of my planet," I say to the KYA Officer.

"Very well we have most of our forces withdrawn as you know and are keeping a small base outside the capital," says the KYA Officer.

"I understand," I say smiling and look up at where air defense platforms and no ships are taking defensive positions.

I look around after the KYA Officer leaves seeing my viechles and soldiers getting back to their old posts.

And turn on the planetary address system and speak," I am sorry for letting all of you be captured by an enemy. I am sorry for all the mistakes and atrocities commited in my reign especially those I ordered, I'm sorry for mistreating you and the bio chips will no longer be a threat. Once again I apologize and hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me." Then I crush the remote for the bio chips so it will never be used again, and destroy all materials about it...how to make it...how to even start research for it.

Now for the Guild pretty much declaring war on us. This could be bad. I sit down and watch the sun rise slowly over the mountains and take it as an omen of good things to come.

Now the true fight begins...or does it?

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"Interesting," I said to myself. "More chaos has ensued." Captain Johnson approaches and enters the palace atrium with even more interesting news. "Sir, our coalition of pirate fleets have gathered at a secrety waypoint. They are enthusaistic at your goals, whatever that they might be," said Johnson. "Yes, whatever they might be, Johnson, whatever they might be." I hand over an envelope to Johnson. He glanced at it, and then quickly left the building. After that, an Ixian contact as well as a Tleilaxuan one simulatenouesly called in, and appeared on the palace holographic mainframe. "Mr Jones, I see you have been patiently waiting for us," the two of them said. "Indeed, I have been waiting. Did you carefully examine my business proposition?" I asked. "Indeed, we have. Peace has lasted too long, and our weaponry manufacturing operations have soured. But, the incoming madness will certainly provide business. What a proper time for you to purchase our stocks," the Ixian and Tleilaxuan representatives replied. "Yes indeed. I understand that after this transaction, I will basically assimilate your weaponry operations on Ix and Tleilaxu?" I inquired. "Yes. Your proposition is to purchase 51% of our stocks, effectively giving you the ownership of our productions."


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Captain Johnson stood on the bridge, waiting impatiently. His impatience was finally solved when his fleet rendezvous with a small KYA fleet.

"Sup Jimmy, you got the ganja and e wit you on deck?" asked Johnson

"Yea, yea. Get on board and pick dis shit up." replied Jimmy, the apparent leader of the KYA freighter fleet.

However, to the surprise of Jimmy and his crew, a platoon of soldiers in powered armor teleported in instead of a merchant crew.

"What the F*CK is going on?!" screamed Jimmy.

"Business, man, business." replied the head sergeant. Then, before they knew it, the entire crew were captured and put back on Johnson's flagship. The rest of Jimmy's fleet was captured as well.

"Everything goes to plan..." commented Johnson. Johnson's men began loading up the empty KYA ships with high-yield explosives, and then programmed them to head toward Kaitain.

"Yo...don't forget the ganja." said the head sergeant.

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A KYA merchant fleet approaches Kaitain.

"Hey, whats you got there?" asked the Kaitain space patrol.

"Basic trade goods from the KYA provinces." replied the android.

"We're gonna have to search your cargo, we're coming on board." said the space patrolmen.

About 20 came on board, and the imperial guard began searching and trying to detect weapons. They reached deeper and deeper into the 5 ships of the fleet.

"Yo, nothing here, boss."

"Nothing here boss."

Suddenly, on the flagship, a imperial guardsman discovered something shocking...

"What the sh*t?! There is lasgun components as well as illegal atomic weaponry hidden inside within these amps and speakers!"

Then, all of the sudden, hidden face dancers emerged in all of the KYA merchant ships, and took out the imperial guardsmen. These face dancers then teleported back to the ships of the Kaitain space patrol, and assimilated their "role."

Johnson observed all of this from a considerable distance away.

"Excellent, everything is going according to plan. Androids of the merchant fleet, proceed with Phase III."

"Yes sir."

The facedancers drew away the Kaitain space patrol ships, and the androids began to install lasguns on the stolen merchant ships. Then, with the atomic material, they also began putting together nukes.

The KYA dummy fleet under Johnson's command now entered Kaitain, and blended in with the merchant traffic. However, they were obviously not there to trade, as they headed towards the Shaddam IV's palace with full speed on a collision course. As they approached, the lasguns fired, and the merchant fleet continue to fly, and reached their destination...

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Galatic News Network ---

Breaking News ---

"This is Moe Szzilak reporting live from capital city at Kaitain. Something horrible happened here today. Apparently, a suicide fleet from an unknown destination bypassed security patrols today, and crashed into the imperial palace today. The entire palace was destroyed, as well as anything in a 20 - kilometer radius. Shaddam IV has been found dead at the scene, as well as many leading characters in his regime. This will certainly add to the chaos in the galaxy."

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