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  1. Planetary Description - Size (Earth = 1): 0.83 Diameter At Equator: 6580.24 miles Distance From Main Star: 88.3 million miles Surface Temperature: - 173 degrees Fahrenheit (poles) to 143 degrees Fahrenheit (the innermost of the deep desert) Orbital Velocity: 17 miles/second. Continental - 72% Oceanic - 28% Continental layout is similar to pangaea of ancient Earth. Coastal marshland/beaches - 3% Savannah (adjacent to marshland/beaches, more inland) - 35% Desert (deep in-land) - 53% Tundra and ice (isolated to the poles) - 9% This planet has 2 moons.
  2. In the year 2027, the entirety of the Earth was unified into a single entity, collectively ruled by a superior and efficient welfare-state government known as the United Earth Directorate (UED). Under this new leadership, mankind quickly expanded their realm throughout the Milky Way, and soon to other galaxies with the invention of star gates. The UED did not falter, however, and continued to provide a center of prosperity and unity for humans. However, in order to stabilize UED territories and making it easier for the UED to establish provincial governments in these massive territories, the U
  3. just for your information im going to start a new thread like this one but with a different atmosphere and scenario. i dunno about everyone but im starting to get kinda bored with being a house with immense productive resources in terms of firepower. the one im starting will have a stronger limit to power thus power will be more balanced in the new one. nonetheless, there will still be a lot of choices and options pending on ur imagination.
  4. "Sir, we have just came out of hyperspace, we will be on Arrakis in approximately 50 minutes." said Newman. "Good," I said, "any other news?" "Yes, sire. About all of the other major houses have arrived on Arrakis as well. The elders of the spacing guild has included them in the upcoming summit." "Interesting. I wonder what the elders of the spacing guild has to say to all of them..." 50 minutes later... "Newman, we shall stay on board until the location of the summit is announced. In the meantime, signal our smugglers that we are onplanet, and tell them we will rendezvous with them at the smu
  5. "JEEZ...4 legions of Fremen. House KYA must really want to kill something..." I said. "Well, Fremen are only good on Arrakis, and potentially other desert planets sire," commented Newman, "we are still heading towards Arrakis, sire?" "Yes, indeed. We must greet our smuggler comrades there. Our visit to Gurney Halleck the III will strengthen our ties with the current Muad'dib, thus also with House KYA. We will certainly be safe there." "I reckon, sire." Our janky flotilla of 3 mid-sized cruisers continued towards Arrakis. It was a fearsome journey, as our fleet was quite weak, even compared to
  6. i may be a pirate, but im not that savage to annihilate an entire planet. that would not only be unethical, but also economically unpractical. thats like killing off an entire planet of customers and clients. i am a pirate, which means i smuggle/rob stuff and sell them.
  7. oh. oops. but the sanitarium plague isnt supposed to destroy your planet. the point of the sanitarium plague was to delay your forces for a bit so i can pressure you into signing an unfair trade agreement. but oh well whatever.
  8. "Sire, it has seem that House Setaras and House KYA are both on Arrakis in trying to become the main supplier of spice." said Newman. "Interesting...spice. Perfect, I will go to Dune to meet my smuggler comrades, I think I will be safe there for the time being." "Sire, you do realize we have an alternative to spice melange? Our Tleilaxu factories have biologically engineered a new substance as they isolated genes from both the sandworm and an ancient plant known as marijuana. They then chemically engineered this substance and bonded it with MDMA, also an ancient substance known as ecstasy." "W
  9. "Johnson, how is our fleet building again?" I asked again for the thousandth time. "Sire, we are now at 72%. Sorry sir, but uhh, a large group of welders and nanotech constructors, they uh...they tripped and fell off one of the smaller ships as they were working on it." Johnson replied wearily. "Dam. Hmm...when we they get back to work?" "In about 3 1/2 week sir. No major injuries, just a bunch of sprained legs, ankles, and some broken arms and legs." "Dam. Hmm...oh well, nothing we can do, just keep up progress. Oh, provide every worker with gifts appropriate according to Ixian culture. I do
  10. u know what, im just gonna forget this happened. its too tiresome. im just gonna go on w/ the thread.
  11. ok so there wouldnt a need to clarify that if you spoke in english. all ur doing when ur speaking latin is causing a lot of misunderstandings and excessive trouble.
  12. yeah i agree we should get back to the war. on another point, ok alex if you grown past the stage of "psycho teenager", and perceive us to be a group of "psycho teenagers", why do you still remain? thats kinda contradictory isnt it?
  13. ok i perceive you are mocking ex. apparently, he doesnt have any grammarical errors aside from punctuation, only spelling errors. and yeah, thats what I assumed diccarionos or whatever would be. so what're you talking about?
  14. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...if we are psycho teenagers, why do you continue to remain in this thread? Dang, that's an awfully good question...
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